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October 09, 2011



Two beautiful ladies and an adorable baby! I have never made a cake pop, but I love looking at Bakerella's creations!

Erin LeFebvre

I have made cake pops before! So fun and fun to eat too!


Great pic of you, Bakerella & Eddie :) I have made a generic cake pop once, it wasn't anything fancy or pretty for that cake pop skills are lacking.

Kristin Smith

I haven't yet braved it and tried a cake pop but I may have to try them this holiday season!!


Such a cute picture!! Eddie is adorable, and getting so big!

I LOOOOVE Sur La Table! I discovered one in my area not to long ago and LOVE it!

And I've made cakeballs but they never look as good as the talented Miss. Bakerella! But I won't stop trying ;)


I am definitely cake ball challenged, which is all the more reason that I love Bakerella's work- takes so much talent and patience!

Kim Delaney

I made oreo truffle cake pops that were delicious. Can't wait to make some cute ones for Halloween!


Cute picture of all three of you!! I love making cake pops. My friends think I'm crazy, but I love them. :-)

Oh my gosh, Amanda! Eddie is adorable! He's getting so big too!

Anyways...on to the whole cake pop thing. I've not ever made cake pops. But I HAVE made cake balls. And they were delicious!


I've made cake balls but haven't made a cake pop yet. Maybe the book could help me get my courage up? :)


I have made cake balls but yet have put them on a stick.

oh magada

I have made a cake pop and it seemed ridiculously hard until I got a chocolate warmer! And my sister. it helps to have two sets of hands. :)


oh awesome! id love to win! yes i have. i've made santa claus hats. they're not as easy as they look! glad you had a good time with bakerella. She is a doll!


I LOVE cake pops!!!! I've made a lot of them: Pigs, froggies, Hello Kitty, Sesame Street, little chicken, cupcake pops… I'm a Bakerella fan! :D

Nicole (Life's a Batch)

It was SUCH a fun day! I just couldn't stop smiling! You are so sweet, and Eddie is so cute, and Bakerella is just so charming & sweet! It was a "great cupcake frosted with a fantastic buttercream and topped with an adorable cookie" kind of day! ♥


I have never made cake pops, but my sister in law brought them to a family dinner recently, and we all really enjoyed them. I think she got her recipe out of the newspaper. I'd love to share this book with her if I won it. Glad you had fun. You look so cute in the pic, Amanda! Nice to see your smilin' face! ~Sally


The three of you look great in this photo! I hope she is feeling attempt at cake pops was disastrous! I could really use this book!!! Haha :)


Yes I have made a cake pop..well tried to! Not as successful as Bakerella!


I have made cake pops before although I've found it to be easier to omit the "pop" part! :)

Kristin Morris

I have made "ONE" cake pop. That's it. It's intimidating, and hard,a nd frustrating, and now you knwo why I do cupcakes. LOL I would LOVE to learn how or to have a great book for inspiration! ;) Eddie is adorabe and I love his bib! ;)
<3 Kristin Morris
Kuppy Kakes by Kristin


Look at you three! Eddie kind of steals the show though. :) Although, holy cow, woman! You look fantastic! I would never believe you have a baby that teeny still. How you do it and bake all those yummy cakes I'll never know.

Nope, never tried cake pops. It's on my to do list. Just not close enough to the top right now. I was thinking about doing them for Bree's 1st b'day, but ran out of time.


I have made cake balls, that never look as pretty and smooth as Bakerella's, but never cake pops. There sure are some cute ones, and I would love to have her book for some inspiration!


I have made a basic cake pop, but have yet to try anything creative with them.


I made some christmas trees and santa hat cake pops last holiday season. They were a big hit of course :) ~Laura

Tiffany K.

i'm anxiously awaiting the arrival of bakerella's cake pop kit before i attempt a cake pop, but i'm excited to try!

on another note, on my google reader, i am mommy is right above bakerella, and when i saw the picture i had to do a double take because i thought i clicked on your blog, but then i wasn't sure! i love it when my favorite bloggers collide :) - Tiffany

Kim @ Homesteader's Heart

What fun! Now to answer your question. I have never "made" one but have eaten plenty. LOL!
Love me a good cake pop!
Have a lovely day.


I just found the website via Pioneer Woman...they look amazing!! LOVE this site!

Pat R

I have made cake pops and my grandkids LOVED them.
Pat R


Funny you ask!!! I just went to a cake pop class today at JoAnn fabric store! It's the first time I had made any. We made them our of ready made rice krispies! It was a fun class! And the teacher did mention Bakerella!!!!


Have never made one ( yet) :))
Maybe after I win :)

Jodi P

I have made cake pops! I prefer chocolate cake ones dipped in milk chocolate!!!


I've never made them but I eat them at least every other day. I need to win this book! :-)


That is such an adorable picture! I have made quite a few cake balls, just not a cake pop! I definitely want to try! I love looking at all the super cute ideas of different cake pops! Very inspiring!


how adorable are you guys? ACK!
I've made cake pops a few times - it's getting easier, but I am often reminded why I am NOT a baker...
in fact, I have two tubs full of cake balls in my freezer - I backed out just before the candy coating and ran to Costco & bought a cake for our last party - one of these days, we'll frost those babies and eat em up!

Miranda @ The Pinterest Project

Yes, I have! Mine were not nearly as cute as Bakerella's though ;)


Sadly, no! But maybe soon!

Michelle Andrews

I have ATTEMPTED to make a cake pop...several times. It must be one of those things that you either have the talent for or you don't. I obviously don't. So, unless I can get some one on one training from Bakerella herself I think I'll have to stick with baking the whole cake.


Yes the kids and I have made cake pops!


Sur La Table is one of my favorite stores EVER!!!! :)

Christina B

I made one following the recipe on her site mixed with frosting and also I made one with one of those cake ball gadgets that bake a literal ball which you then dip in chocolate. The one mixed with frosting tastes much better.

Heidi Hawyes

I have...because i ADORE bakerella! Its like my two VERY FAVOURITE bloggers in one picture! EEEKKKK! So AWESOME!!!!!


I have never made a cake pop. I have made candy pops though (winnie the pooh ones in a candy mold).


I tried to make chilli cake pops - ie. they looked like chillis, rather than tasted like them! They looked quite cute but you needed some proper imagination to understand what they were! I'd love Bakerella's book so I can learn how to make them look good!


I have never made a cake pop before, but I would love to win this book and try it out! Bakerella's cake pops are too cute.


Your boy is getting so big! I'm glad (and a bit jealous) you were able to meet Bakerella! I made cake pops my first (and only!) time 2 years ago. They were very good, but I'm terribly impatient when it comes to dipping them in their chocolate coating! :)


I have made cake pops (& balls) several times. Everyone loves them! I get requests for them frequently...I don't think people realize how much work they are. They are so cute & so very delicious :)


I tried to make a cake pop once and it didnt turn out well... oh well, the mess was still delicious!


Not entering the contest. Just want to say what a sweet picture of you, Eddie and Angie. Little Eddie appears to be thriving and you look wonderful. I'm sure it was such a fun day for all of you and I think it's awesome that you were able to meet Nicole. I haven't had the pleasure of meeting her in person as yet but I know she is an amazing lady.


I have made cake pops and they were a huge hit! I used some leftover rainbow cupcakes to make cakepops for on top of a birthday cake. They turned out awesome and were a huge hit!


I have never made a cake pop, but I'd like to...


Oh, LOVE this picture of you three!!

I have certainly made a cake pop, some on sticks and some just on their own. I have never braved the idea of making them into characters or fancy schmancy ones, just plain old cake pops.

Karri S.

I haven't made a cake pop yet, but my daughters are very interested in trying.

Kelly A

I haven't made one yet...but had had one at a baby shower once. Yum!

Betty Jo

I tried to make them one time, but I didn't do a very good job on them. They still tasted good though.

Alina Conn

Yes, I've made cake pops. I tried it on my honeymoon at a Farmer's market and then looked up the recipe. I failed at first but my second time was a charm. It conissted of chocolate cake and yummy vanilla frosting.

Sean Conn

They tasted delicious even after failing to have the lollipop sticks in them. I wasn't patient enough to wait for them to stick in place.


I've made the cakeballs about 3 times, but only last time did I put them on sticks. I made the reindeer cake pop. Super cute!!


I made cake pops once. They were pretty funny looking, definitely not as photo-worthy as the ones I see around the net ;)
However, the taste more than made up for the appearance!


Nope. Never made any. But my friend made gluten-free ones for Little Monkey Man the other day (it was HER daughter's birthday and she made the cake GF for sweet) and I ate one. Yum!

jeanette l.

Never made cake pips, but am looking forward to doing so... the girls will love 'em!

rebecca a

I haven't but I've wanted to! :)

Michelle Evans

I could really do with this book! My one and only attempt at cake pops was a serious disaster! Love your blog.


I've made cake balls before, chocolate covered in dark chocolate. :) They were kind of lumpy, but very tasty.


sure have! and failed miserably at getting them coated but they still tasted good!


Cake pop? No. Cake balls? Hundreds of them!


What a treat for both you and Bakerella! Yup, I've made cake pops, sometimes with more success than others. They always taste good even if they don't always measure up to Bakerella standards!


I made them once and they did not turn out well AT ALL. I will try again though!


I always make them, then freeze them, forget about them, then eat them uncovered!

Delilah Jane Phillips

I've never made a cake-pop with a stick in it. Just the cake ball! :)

Beth Ann

I've not made them yet; however I'm making them for a hostess party this year!! Exciting!

Jenni Gross

I have not made them yet, but am thinking about doing it for my neice's 1st birthday!

Anne M.

I was there on Saturday, too! I was so hoping to meet you, as well; but my husband had been patient with me long enough, and I didn't want to push it. :) I have made cake pops before, and lots of them! But I already have a book signed by Bakerella now, so if I win, give it to someone else. :)


**GASP!*** REALLY! What a GREAT giveaway. I have ALWAYS wanted to make cakepops, and have been chicken to try I guess.... I even have the sticks and the candy melts...


Oh what fun! You got to meet Bakerella! I have made cakepops. Usually at Christmas, my daughter and I try to make something festive. The trees turn out the best for me and you decorate with just sprinkles.=D

Claire @

I have made cake pops. I was inspired by Bakerella and the amazing designs she had in her book.

The first batch ranged from vaguely passable to unmitigated disasters! But fortunately I had willing family members who selflessly ate all the incriminating evidence. I kept trying and now I have learnt from my mistakes (there were plenty to choose from!) and made some pretty cute and tasty pops...

I've been charting my cake pop recipes journey on my blog at if anyone's interested!

Thanks for your post. x

Shannon Wilson

I made cake balls (I didn't have the sicks!) for my friends 17th birthday last month! I followed Bakerella's directions on her website, and they came out super-delicious! :D


I love Cake Pops! I rarely get to decorate them though. My kids always sneak them out of the fridge first.

Brenda @ a farmgirl's dabbles

I've made brownie pops. But not cake pops. Would love Bakerella's book!

stephanie bettis

I've never made cake pops, but is love to! I think they're so cute and great for sharing cake!


I recently saw cake pops in the supermarket and thought what a good idea. I have never made them myself though.

Meadow Mitchell

I invited two of my girl friends over and we had a blast making cake balls!!

Next time we are going to make pops. :)

bridget {bake at 350}

I already have the book, so don't include me in the drawing....just wanted to say....adorable picture!!!

Jamie @ Six Bricks High

How fun! Yes, my girl and I have made cake pops. We love to for baby showers and birthdays and just for fun. But I've never made cute shape ones - just round ones decorated with different sugars and stuff.

Alicia @ Treble Tart

I HAVE made a cake pop! I tried Bakerella's Turkey Pops for Thanksgiving last year! Super cute and delicious!


Eddie is adorable!!! Isn't it crazy how fast they grow?
I have made cake pops...back in the day of three kids. Why have I lost my baking mojo with four!?!

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Amanda! Eddie is adorable! He's getting so big too!

Anyways...on to the whole cake pop thing. I've not ever made cake pops

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Amanda! Eddie is adorable! He's getting so big too!

Anyways...on to the whole cake pop thing. I've not ever made cake pops


I've made cake balls but not pops...I'm planning to make some for my coworkers for Halloween though!


I've made cake balls before, but not as pretty as Bakerella's!


Twice - the first time was an epic fail. I tried to make the cute Easter egg ones for Easter. The second time worked much better but they are still a work in progress for me!

Andrea D.

I have never made cake pops but really want to try and make them. Thanks for the chance to enter.

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