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September 08, 2011



No favorite cup...just the one nearest me!


My favorite coffee cup is a small purple ceramic stein I found at Goodwill for a whopping .59!! It's big enough I don't have to stay really close to the coffee pot, not so big my coffee gets cold, purple (my favorite color), AND it's fun.

Rachel @ Not Rachael Ray

What a great giveaway! I use a thermos mug because it takes me forever to get my coffee down for some reason (crazy busy, forget about it, etc). Keeps it nice and hot! And no chance of it spilling on my kiddo.


My favorite coffee cup is a beautiful yellow cup with tulips on the outside, and a painted tulip on the inside as well!


You didn't say to leave a comment for our second entry, but my twitter feed is protected (@mkgresam) so I thought I better let you know that I tweeted about this giveaway :)


My favorite coffee mug is oversized with cow spots and TEETS at the bottom to hold it up!


I've been drinking out of the same coffee mug since I was in high school -- it has a purple iris on it and reads, "All the flowers of tomorrow are in the seeds of today." I got it from the coffee shop I worked at for 8 years -- my FIRST job:)


I did have a favorite coffee cup. It was from Barnes & Noble. It was teal & brown patterned. I broke it at work. I have yet to find one I love as much. I'm also trying to find one NOT made in China. ;)

Kristin Smith

I am a hot chocolate drinker but I do have a favorite mug...nothing special, mustard yellow and BIG!! :)

Hello Kimmy

Yes, I do have a favorite coffee cup. It is a black and white heart cup designed by Jonathan Adler for Starbucks. Unfortunately it is starting to crack, which makes me very sad.

Kristin Smith

Tweeted with @kasmith03!! :)




I have a simple coffee mug that says "Good Morning" on it. Love it!


Yes, I have a favorite coffee cup. It's from a Christian Womens' Conference and says, "From Grace to Growth." -- and it's green, my favorite color!

John C. Gresham

I bought a giant travel mug about a year ago that I drink from every day...holds about a half a pot of coffee!

Before that, I used a Spider-Man cup, 'cause I'm a bloody child, lol.


I actually tweeted from @mkgresham, not @mkgresam...dang failure to proofread! :(


I love their teas - I enjoy it in a NASA-themed coffee cup. It's my favorite.


This is a great giveaway! My favorite cup is one that my husband n son bought for me, it say Mom, mommy, mama, madre, mom, ma, and a few other variations all over it in various pastel colors. I love it!


Love anything hazelnut. Yummm.


Tweeted about the giveaway @celinadeniseflo


Little known fact about me.......I'm a coffee mug junkie! lol.......but I'm very particular about my mugs.

So yes I have a favorite mug, but I have a few favorites.

I would LOOOOVE a Keurig and have heard a lot of great stuff about Green Mountain Coffee! would love to try it too!!


My favorite coffee cup is one I picked up a couple of years ago at a Starbucks-- it has this really pretty sea life design on it! :) The only problem is it's a little small for the amount of cream I require in my coffee!! :) Oh, and my favorite K-cup is Nantucket Blend!!! It's SO good! I only wish it came in decaf too.


I have a million coffee cups but my fav is this cupcake one I have. Keep calm and eat cupcakes. If I win, I'll make coffee cupcakes to go w it.


My hubby and I have mugs from our travels that we rotate through. Currently my favorite is a green retro-looking Niagara Falls mug!


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Mic @ IF Crossroads

My favorite coffee mug is this old pink Starbucks insulated cup I bought like 6 years ago. I wash and use it faithfully each day!

Debbie Caraballo

I love the Green Mountain Breakfast Blend coffee - in my blue and white seashell cup; a souvenir from Annapolis MD. Thanks for this great giveaway!




My favorite coffee mug is anything that has coffee in it!


Woo-hoo for give-aways! I love my Starbucks stainless steel mug (but I don't like their coffee!). My husband roasts our own coffee beans (oober magnificent!) but I'd love to win this for a friend!

Cyndi Dodson

I don't drink coffee, but I love a huge mug for my hot chocolate!


I tweeted! ;)


No favorite cup here...I actually don't like coffee. But I'd LOVE to win this for my friend!

hannah j

My favorite is my Starbucks Alaska mug. . .I used to live there but moved 3 years ago, and it always takes me home. Oh, and it holds a LOT of coffee =)


I definitely have a favorite work and at home! I don't drink a ton of coffee but I'm a HUGE tea drinker. Neat giveaway!


I love my Disney "Grumpy Mug"... compliment of my kids...

Diane Hutchings

My favorite coffee mug is from my husband! Bright pink with a heart on it-we call it the Love Mug!

stephanie m

My favorite is the nantucket blend! oh so yummy !!

Gabrielle K

No favorite mug, but my husband does, it's a French Press travel mug!


My favorite coffee cup I rec'd from my daughter & it says Happy Mother's Day with crayon on it. It's just the right size & weight.

Angie Mc.

My favorite is my red Starbucks cup. LOVE it. It's just a little bigger than the normal size coffee cup.

Jennifer M

My favorite coffee cup is one I received as a wedding shower gift/joke. It says "Mrs. Always Right". It came with a matching "Mr. Right" mug.


tweeted about this awesome giveaway!!/WendyNoel72/status/111801330330382336


before baby i just drank from our typical black and red mugs...but post baby, i'm always drinking from my "it's a boy" mug i received from the doctors office!

jo evans

My favorite mug keeps getting mailed around to family members who are in need of encouragement. It is a Flavia mug that simply states, "Everything is going to be all right."

Dorothy @ Crazy for Crust

Any extra large mug will do. My favorite is the one my daughter painted for me at a paint-your-own pottery place.

Caroline @ chocolate and carrots

Yes, it's just a plain white cup, but it fits my hands perfectly. When I hold it with both hands, my fingers fit perfectly in the holder and my fingers touch tip-to-tip. :-D Thanks for the giveaway!

Amy @ The Nifty Foodie

My favorite coffee cup is any cup with coffee in it! ;-)

Megan s

Hazelnut coffee, black!

Jessica A

I do have a favorite coffee mug (I collect them).
My favorite though, is an old mug that we got for my grandpa when we went to Niagra Falls (you know...the typical tourist mug!) After he passed away, I inherited it and now I drink out of the same mug that my grandpa once did.

Katie C

My favorite mug is a red travel mug from the NC Zoo with different animals cutout of the paper within the mug - filled with tea of course! (which the Keurig also makes!)


My favorite coffee cup is yellow with a black smiley face on it.


My favorite coffee cup is my husband's coffee cup! It is a bit bigger than an average cup so I get away with having a bit more to drink than one cup without the guilt of having two cups. But I only get away with it when he is out of town.


My Thermos travel mug. Keeps my iced coffee cold in the summer and my hot coffee warm in the winter!


i tweeted!/yanuzo/status/111803710342037504

Jessica A

I tweet tweeted!!!/Jmedwards13

Mary Lehman

I have several - all given to me by loved ones. When I hold the cup, I'm reminded of the love I hold in my heart for them.


I have been wanting a Keurig for some time, just couldnt afford it.. My favorite mug changes.. with season.. Right now im feeling fall so its Cinna/Nut coffee in my Fall Yellow BIG mug!..


We have a Keurig at work and I LOVE it...I've been meaning to buy one for my home as it is very sad to not have the yummy coffees two whole days of the week when I'm not at work! I have a favorite mug at work. It's green and white and tall so I can use the biggest button on the machine. Thanks for the giveaway...hope I win :)


what a wonderful giveaway! my favorite coffee cup is a thrift-store find that magically combined my paternal grandmother's cup with the decal from my maternal grandfather's dishware.

Linda K

My favorite coffee cup is one I bought the last time I was in Chicago. I bought one for me and my husband but I usually end up using both of them.


My fave is a tumbler with poppies all over it!


I want to win a Green Mountain Coffee K-Cup pack and #Keurig Coffee Machine from @jlmmomma

Meagan Korody

I do not officially have a favorite, but thats because my soon-to-be husband and I havent gotten our place yet! I plan on getting a winnie the pooh one from disneyland! I saw it there and its BIG and will hold a lot of coffee! Hope I win!


I tweeted!


My cup is Styrofoam..seriously time to invest in a mug!


My favorite coffee cups are the huge ones from Starbucks - my favorites being those I purchased during my travels in Europe!


My favorite cup is one that says "Sister" on it, that my sister got for me. Not only do I love thinking about her in when I use it and how much I miss her, but also that it holds a half a cup more than a regular coffee cup....just makes things easier in the morning, since I am not a morning person and my children happen to be!


I have a favorite coffee cup! It is blue and brown and says JOY in beautiful letters!!


At the moment, my favorite coffee cup is the one I got for finishing a triathlon this spring. I get to enjoy coffee AND bask in my success!

Emily S.

Any coffee cup that I can throw in the microwave 20 times a day is my favorite. I'm a slooowwww coffee drinker.


I do not have a favorite, but I do love the big, bowl-like mugs.

Emily S.

I tweeted!!!


I tweeted! @mrjackson09


my favorite cup is the one filled with coffee!


My favorite mug is the one my daughter painted when she was tiny.

My favorite coffee mug is actually one from my father's time when he served in the Navy. It has the Naval anchor, along with his stripes, his rank, and most importantly, his last name. My father was my hero and my best friend, but unfortunately lost the battle to lymphoma well over 6½ years ago. He's always remembered!


I just love my White Castle burger joint coffee mug. It's one of those old-fashioned short and thick mugs which I locve because the thick stoneware keeps the beverages hot so much longer.


I don't have a favorite cup, as long it has coffee in it, it's my fav :)


I have two. They are identical, and they're from 2002 when I was in college and working with people with autism. They were work paraphernalia. The best kind. The kind that holds coffee.


My favorite cup is one with a big monogram on it that I got as a wedding gift!

bridget {bake at 350}

My favorite coffee cup is one I never use from anthropolgie. I love it so much, I'm afraid I'll break it. ;)

Sarah Crosby

I do. my plain white big mug! Simple but perfect.

Lea Ann

I like a little coffee in my hot chocolate in a BIG mug. I don't have one favorite, but several.

Anna Richards

I do have a favorite coffee mug. It holds about 2 1/2 cups of coffee in it so I don't have to refill :) Black outside and burgandy inside from Zgallery :) love it!


Love my coffee cup from Disney World!


My favorite coffee mug is teal with a paisley pattern. It was a gift from my sister :)


I just use my coffee mugs that came with my dishes.


I LOVE my travel mug which I use almost daily since I take my coffee to go...on the way to work.

Amanda P

No favorite cup, but I did recently buy my husband a superman mug that I might take over :)

Kristen Whitmore

I love my coffee mug that was a gift from my sister-in -law with a "k" on it, so everyone knows it's mine!:)

Michelle B

My favorite coffee cup is my insulated Bubba cup from Wal-mart. It keeps my coffee warm Forever!! & it comes in lots of colors! : )

Kristen Whitmore

i tweeted it! (@mrswhitmore)


I have a favorite cup, it has ABC"s on it in all different sizes and colors.


Actually use an older version of a Starbucks cup, that I search for online, so that when I break one, will always have another ready to use.

Stacey Johnson

My favorite is a Contigo travel mug. I love it because it seals on the top so if any one of my kids bumps into me in the mornings, (which is a very common occurance!) then it doesn't splish splash adn spill all over me!

chastidy Shuck

I do not have a favorite coffee cup but I have been looking at the Keurig and lovin it for a long time now!


My favorite coffee cups broke...they were BIG...from Texas...and I LOVED new faves are the red starbucks mugs that I bought last December.


No favorite cup, since right now I only drink coffee when I'm out, but this Keurig would change that.


Do I have a favorite coffee cup? Of course! It is whatever cup is the biggest that is full of some delicious brew!!!

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