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September 07, 2011


bridget {bake at 350}

Oh my gosh...I had OnStar for a month when I had a loaner car. It.Was.Awesome. I'm not sure how I am surviving without it. You lucky duck!


first I have to say.........that video CRACKED ME UP!! I have a daughter that age, I can SOOO relate! haha

I would LOVE this in my jeep, especially since Allison will be driving it by herself soon.- peace of mind that would be!!

Robyn | Add a Pinch

What a great giveaway, but I'm really digging that mirror! Major, major peace of mind, but I LOVE the hands-free chatting feature. :)


Um, hello? OnStar would be great for our family -- with a teenage driver!




I tweeted!!/sallykelly1/status/111498384090742784


OnStar would be fabulous. I too have a stone-age phone along with a husband who's job doesn't allow him to always be available should something happen. That would totally give me extra peace of mind while running around with a baby in tow.

Caroline @ chocolate and carrots

Considering I have no idea how to change a tire and without my smart phone, I'd get lost everywhere...OnStar is made for me! :-) Thanks for the giveaway!

Britiney @ Consider the Lilies

I have 3 little boys who are always in the car with me. Having this peace of mind would be invaluable. Thanks for a chance to win!!


Hands free calling would be so awesome - and safe! Much safer!

Sylvie @ Gourmande in the Kitchen

My husband would love this, I think he would really get peace of mind knowing that extra security was there for us in case of an emergency, oh and the hands free calling is pretty cool too.


Hands. Free. Calling in a car with four kids? Priceless.

Sylvie @ Gourmande in the Kitchen

I tweeted it too.!/gourmandeinthek/status/111511500765671424


A couple of months ago I got into a car accident on the interstate (my car was blown off) and out of everyone who saw it (the interstate was busy) only one person stopped. It would have been bad if I had been hurt and that one person wouldn't have stopped. On Star would take care of that worry.


Peace of mind for those snow storms that are surely right around the corner!




I would LOVE OnStar! I have four month old twins who I am often alone in the car with--anything that does not require use of my hands or eyes is fantastic!!!


I need OnStar because I have 3-5 children in the van with me at all times. Nough said.

However...I also gave birth to my third child an HOUR after we arrived at the hospital. With baby #4 on his/her way...I might need help quick this time!

Emily Colletta

I would love this! I am usually alone in the car with my toddler and will be moving to buffalo soon...can you say snow?!

Angel Chang

Anything to make life a little more safe is always a plus!


I could use that! I'm always looking for ways to be a little safer when it comes to running the streets! ha!
I'm a danger to myself some days.

Angel Chang

Yes every little bit of help you can get is priceless nowadays. You never know when you'll need it better safe than sorry! I'd love one please

Becki D

Hands free calls via the rearview?? GENIOUS!!

Eat 2gather

I think I could benefit from the blue tooth. Sounds like a wunder mirror!

Kristin Smith

For our "new" Minnesota winters...this would be great!! :)

Eat 2gather

I twittered it!!/E2gather/status/111548946224119808

Rachael G

My husband is deployed to Iraq; having On-Star service would give us both a wonderful peace of mind to know that help is just a phone call away, whether it's for a car accident or roadside assistance. Add in the fact that I travel with my 2-yr-old and the peace of mind doubles... no, triples!

Kristi Erickson

I would love to have an On Star system, mostly because we live in South Dakota and the winters are very scary, I would feel great knowing that if I went in the ditch or crashed they would know about it.


this is so cool!! i definitely love the feature of the blue tooth sync up. it seems that i always need to call someone while on the road, but i never do (better safe than sorry!!) so hooray for that. plus, who wouldn't want to get into their car and feel like a housewife of someplace-or-another? ;)

sensiblecooking!/chand8 I twitted.

Suzy stewart

I love my onstar in my car only for the peace if mind...I've had out for 3 years and never had to user it....but my nieces and nephew like it for the built in phone that they like to use

Lenita Wall

I'd like to try it just to see what it's like. I think I'm the one most ignorant about new technology! I need to catch up with my youngin's.


I'm all about *safety first*!!!!!! This sounds awesome!


I'm often alone with the kids in the care and my husband works about an hour away so it's not like he can get to us quickly if I were to call with an emergency. This would give me piece of mind that someone would be there to help at the touch of a button.

Andrea Moore

I tweeted this awesome post!

Andrea Moore

I would love to have onstar because I have a newborn son! If anything ever happened while we were out I would have reassurance that I could get help quickly.


This would be great for my husband! I'm constantly worrying about him dialing his phone when he's driving. This would be a lot safer.



Diane {Created by Diane}

Oh my goodness I'd love all those convinces in the car, it would make me think I have a friend riding along with me :)yes speaking into it what I it!

Diane {Created by Diane}

I tweeted here!/createdbydiane/statuses/111587146527277056


I would love to have it because it would make me feel safer while I was traveling.

Jennifer Marie

My family does a lot of traveling and I think this would make me feel a lot safer while driving.

Jennifer Marie



I am a tech addict and would love the hands free calling and everything else! :)


Oh for the extra security for sure..anything to make you feel safer!


It seems like I'm always on the phone in the car! Not having to look to dial would make my life so much easier! :)


Tweeted the sweet giveaway too! @angibobangi


Would love to have the security of OnS
tar, living in a rural area with children it would give my husband and I a little peace of mind.

Nelly Rodriguez

Funny video! I'd love this for my Aunt, who has 3 little girls and this would be so awesome to gift to her!

Nelly Rodriguez

I tweeted:!/nella22/statuses/111616325532655617

Pat R

Because I have no sense of direction,I get lost all the time.


Would love this to help me a) not get lost and b) if (when) I do easily call my hubby to help me get to where I need to be! :) lol



I have 2 little girls and it would help me feel more secure - and I love the hands free calling!


I have 4 little ones on-star would be so wonderful! I'm going to have to check that out. :-)

Daryl Callahan

It would be great for me because I drive to work in the city every day and am fearful driving in rain or snow!


I can't imagine Onstar, can you have a conversation with them?! Great review!

Cyndi Dodson

I need Onstar because I've been known to lock my keys in my car!

Angie Mc.

Onstar would be great for me as much as I'm driving by myself!


omg LOL that video was hilarious! too funny! So many great features but love the automatic crash response & the road side assistance. Would totally give me a piece of mind.

Jennifer M

OnStar would be great for me because I spend a lot of time traveling around the area for work. I live in DC, which I recently read has the highest rate of accidents per person in the US! People drive erratically around here and it scares me, so I'd feel safer knowing I had OnStar just in case!

Jessica A

OnStar would be great for me...because well...Ive never actually had it.


tweeted about this awesome giveaway!!/WendyNoel72/status/111804437936340992


I've really wanted to get OnStar since we moved out here to the almost middle of no where. Where we live is populated, but we have to drive through a lot of empty deserted roads and we lose cell service a lot. I would hate to break down or have an accident with both kids in the car and not have a way to call for help immediately!


I would love OnStar ... My husband is one of those.. NEVER pulls over to ask for directions.. I have 1 toddler and 1 on the way, and he ALWAYS gets lost around our town, we just moved here recently.. I think it would be a great Surprise gift for HIM!




We have NO sense of direction! OnStar would save our butts for sure!


As a gal living alone in a big city, I'd love to have a bit of extra reassurance as I drive!


Oh my goodness...I would love that peace of mind when I drive with my two young children!


I could totally use OnStar for directions when I get lost (not that that ever happens!). :)

Katie C

This would have been great last time my friends and I got stuck in a snow storm at night! Maybe I'll get one for next time...

Stacey Johnson

It would be great because my family and I are constantly on the go!

chastidy S

I would love on star it would make me feel much safer driving around with litte kiddos.


Definitely peace of mind.

Anne Ayers

Congrats on the ONSTAR!!!!


Oh. My. Gosh. That looks so awesome! I've always listened to the OnStar commercials on the radio. I confess I've even cried a few times hearing them help people. I never looked into affordability, though, even though I know I'd love having one and would feel so much safer with it. (Not to mention the discount you get on auto insurance - at least through my auto insurance).

Would love to win that "peace of mind"!

Beth Anne

This would provide the ultimate piece of mind for any driver, especially one who often drives alone or with children! I wish we could afford one!


I would love an onstar because I have two little ones and my husband works a lot. It would make me feel safe and like I've got someone always there to protect us.

Beth Anne

tweeted the contest too!/NOLAKitchenCats/status/111836550119161856

Kristina Mansoor

I am a woman driver. need i say more?

Ashley R N

With a newborn and 19 month old- would be great if something happened in this AZ heat!


I always manage to get lost...on star would be great


I would like Onstar because Fort Lauderdale/Miami is a big place and you do not want to get lost.


Hands free calling and peace of mind in general!

Pat Rutledge

I'd love the peace of mind it would bring!


Maggie R

Why wouldn't it be great?! I am on my phone a lot in the car, so I think that the handsfree option would be amazing! Also, it brings peace of mind that if I ever break down, someone can know where I am!

Amanda Sakovitz

this would be perfect for when i get lost or in case of an emergency

Amanda Sakovitz!/aes529/status/111933821850624000


Hands free calling would be A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Thank you for the giveaway!

Crystal's Cozy Kitchen

I'd love to have the peace of mind it would bring, especially with the kiddo in the car!


OnStar would be great for the directions feature.


On Star would be great because I do home care and spend all of my driving time making phone calls.


tweet :)!/ShelbyJo85/status/111967398302728195


Onstar would be great for my husband and I. We live in the midwest and I often wish we had Onstar for our nasty snow and ice we get. We have to drive about a couple hours to get to visit lot of our family too, so Onstar would be a nice piece of mind on those trips.

Tiffany K.

Onstar would be fantastic to have as I'm the one who ALWAYS gets lost or misdirected, even with a gps!


I would love to talk on my phone hands free! I just hope that I would be able to figure out how to set it up!

Jessie C.

This would be perfect for my road trips.

Jessie C.



How would OnStar be great for me...? Well, I suppose I would have to say that it's because I worry about the safety of my daughter. Before, I didn't really worry about accidents, but after I had my little girl, I do nothing but think about accidents and how to avoid them. Hands-free calling would be great, as would the voice recognition. Once upon a time, I had a bluetooth. Can I even say where it is now? Nope. Far too many moves between colleges and homes have led to that poor little device getting lost in "space." So, Bluetooth and hands-free calling would help me keep my eyes on the road while still making or answering important calls.


I don't really know how to post a URL to a direct status so here's the link to my profile:!/NikkiNQ


Would love Onstar especially when I am driving around with one toddler and one infant.

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