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June 23, 2011



How lovely that you all got away on a mini vacation! So happy to heat that little Eddie is more comfortable and that you are feeling better too. His big brothers and sister are adorable as always!


Well, i for one LOVE the mathcing sweater vests! And I am so happy to hear you and Eddie are coming to an "understanding" :) Makes my heart smile to know you are having some peace :) Your kiddos are GORGEOUS! And growing so FAST! HUGS!


So glad things are getting easier with Eddie, and that you're able to get away for a bit of a rest. Will keep praying for you! You have gorgeous children!

Kim @ Homesteader's Heart

I put all my kids on their stomach's. They just slept better.
And we've been of gluten for about a year now and believe me it gets easier. The more you learn the easier it gets. My son and husband have gluten sensitivities so I just adapted my cooking for everyone.
Glad things are looking up!
Oh and the picture is priceless. Too cute!

Kristin Smith

Until my oldest got too big I was all about the matching outfits! :) So glad to hear that Eddie is doing better - what a relief for you! Take good care friend!!
Blessings, Kristin

Brenda @ a farmgirl's dabbles

This is so wonderful to hear, Amanda. yay!! xo


Glad Eddie is feeling better, and the puppy dog sweaters are adorable. Gotta do that stuff before they're old enough to protest.


vacations are always nice! Glad to hear Eddie is doing better :)


Oh! I am so glad you found out what was bothering him! I know you read our blog sometimes, but I don't know if you know that my middle guy (Little MOnkey Man) cannot have wheat/gluten. We have a WONDERFUL cookbook that has been a big blessing called "Cooking For Isaiah". I highly recommend that you invest in a copy or at least check it out of the library and copy out what you want.
If you have ANY questions about what to buy at the store (what tastes like sawdust and what tastes good) please ask me!

Robbi C

So excited to hear Eddie is doing better! I have several friends who are gluten free and they all agree it gets easier as you learn more about it! I love the sweaters. I still dress my boys in matching outfits every chance I get, they are 7 and 12. :)


those puppy dog sweaters are awesome. It really is a cute picture :-) Audrey looks so mature the way she is standing.

Glad Eddie is doing well! Gluten free is tough. I'm trying to cut back again so see it it helps my stomach issues.


Love you amanda!
Your boys are awesome and your little girl is so chic (and as I would say it, CHICK!)


That picture is sweet. I understand your feeling, but as an outside viewer, it's a great "stage" picture. I'm glad you got to enjoy Father's Day and Woo-Hoo to getting stuff crossed off your list. Ahhh. That's got to feel much better.


Glad things are going well and that you enjoyed your vacation! Your kids are still as adorable as ever!

Amanda, I'm so glad to hear that things are getting better for you and Eddie. What a relief!

My oldest started out sleeping on her back, but I discovered during naptime that if I put her on her belly, she went from 1/2 hour naps to a long 3-4 hour nap in the afternoon.

I slept the rest of my babies on their belly from infancy on. Logically, I can't see much reason why it would make a difference, as long as there aren't stuffies etc in the crib.


I don't ever comment, but something told me I should, so I am. My son was *severely* colic to the point he was on prescription formula (no bf due to my medicine). The poor thing cried and cried all hours of the day and night and nothing helped. Until I put him on his stomach. I was chastised, yelled at, and basically told I was a horrible mother who was tempting fate. I did what I needed to do for my family and most importantly my son's comfort. There is nothing horrible in that. As a result we all slept a little easier and he developed neck & upper body strength earlier than my "friends'" children (who swore I was trying to kill him by doing so). Bottom have to do what is right for you and your one else has the right to tell you differently! Hugs to you and little Eddie along with my hope that he continues to do well!

Nancy @SensitivePantry

Kudos to you Amanda. You've made some wonderful choices for your family. I know (from experience) that going gluten-free can be difficult. So glad Eddie is better...and you are better, too!

ali @ an ordinary mom

I was wondering if you were going to share what was working and making a difference for you... and I'm so glad you found some relief so soon, while he is so young and new! I still have angst over my 2nd son's 1st year, how he screamed and screamed and screamed any time he was awake for most of those 12 months... I didn't give him any grain products at all, but I hadn't stopped eating them, and I can't believe it didn't occur to me that it could affect him that much, and that nobody around me knew enough about it to suggest that I stop eating wheat and all gluten, sigh... Well, live and learn, right?

For what it's worth, when he was about 3 yrs old, we started to slowly reintroduce gluten, and he handled it fine and was back to a "normal" diet by 4 yrs...

So glad to hear things are better, and that you've had a time for some sweet rest!

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