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May 25, 2011



This sounds yummy. Think I'll give it a try. Thanks for the inspiration.

In Katrina's Kitchen

Perfect! It's like homemade Summer!!

Amber | Bluebonnets & Brownies

Amanda, I love this. We have a soda stream at home, so we're usually using that and some combination of either concentrated fruit juices or the syrups provided by them (which have no HFCS and decidedly less ingredients all around) to make our soda. My husband loves making his own sodas, and is quite proficient at making ginger ale at this point. He's going to love this recipe - especially for summer. And Audrey is TOO cute!

bridget {bake at 350} this. It looks so refreshing!

B...."it is completely normal for middle aged stay at home moms to get stoked"...I just found a new word to add to my vocabulary.

C....those PIGTAILS!!! Total cuteness!

Sasha @ Global Table Adventure

Love this drink and the adorable pigtails make my ovaries twitch... sigh.

Sylvie @ Gourmande in the Kitchen

Oh geez don't say middle aged, we're the same age! I think we've got at least another two decades before that term applies to us. Your daughter is a cutie pie!


Great recipe Amanda and super cute photos of your super cute little girl!

Michelle! Little miss Audrey is so beautiful! I'm so guilty of neglecting my favorite blogs! Where has the time gone? When did she get so big?

Brenda @ a farmgirl's dabbles

This looks like it's made just for me - I love cold bubbly drinks with fresh citrus. What a sweetie your little Audrey is!!


Refreshing! What a fun activity for summer!

Lucy Lean

so adorable - and love the pic of the lemon too -


Looks refreshing and easy! Thanks for the info, I'll have to try this!

Robyn | Add a Pinch

Oh my word, I know we'll love the soda, but Audrey's pig tails are my very favorite part of this post. I could just squeeze her! Too precious!!!

Michelle (What's Cooking with Kids)

There is an awesome Puerto Rican restaurant in our town that serves a homemade lime-aid - I bet this is how they do it! It's my favorite :-)

Renee (Kudos Kitchen)

This looks simply light and refreshing. Your photos had me drooling and your little Audrey had me smiling from ear to ear. I love her hairstyle. To me it almost looks like she has two little butterflies on both sides of her head. Could NOT be cuter!


I love to make homemade cream soda. It is SO good! And of course the kids love it too! :)

Jamie | My Baking Addiction

What a great idea! I don't drink much soda, but this homemade version looks so fun!


audrey looks so adorable...i miss her!


What a fabulous idea!! I am not really a soda drinker either (I usually prefer it flat also), but this looks like a perfect treat on warm day. Definitely adding sparkling water to my shopping list.


Not that weird! I let mine go flat too... it drives my husband insane...



Megan {a dash of megnut}

looks soo good! and i just cut a lemon to make strawberry ice cream and i have half a lemon left. so i'm half way there with the garnish! yippee


You so can not be middle aged! I've got 2 and a half teenagers and a few years on you and I still won't admit I'm old- I still like load music ;)And how dare you try to take a soda from that bundle of blond cuteness?! Seriously, wasn't she just learning to crawl the other day, boy does time fly!


OK - I'm sorry but your sweet daughter stole the show here. I was about to comment on your gorgeous soda pics then got to her sweet face. CUTE!


I could see my son becoming addicted to that very quickly. Audrey has good taste :-)


I am from Mexico and when you order lemonade there you can choose between "natural", with bottled water or lemonade with sparkling water. So next time you are in Mexico just say "Limonada con agua mineral";)


I am the same way! I prefer my sodas flat. My husband thinks I am crazy! I have never heard of anyone else who likes them the same way.


Audrey is so beautiful...and BIG. Where did that chubby thighed baby go? Cute pigtails.

And no way are you middle aged. That would make me middle aged and I'm living in denial as long as I can.


A perfect drink for summer!!! I am with you - I love fresh lemons and limes - in fact I find I cannot cook without them!!
Bet this would be lovely with strawberries too!


We make home-made maple soda...a little high quality (real!) maple syrup and any carbonated water and viola!! instant yummy goodness (if you use a high quality lighter amber syrup, it tastes like cream soda). My kids adore it!


Wow. I can't wait to try that sometime. OK lady, how DO you make the whole set-up look so professional? I swear I was reading Country Living when I looked at your lay out!

Allison @ Alli 'n Son

This is such a great idea! I never considered making my own soda.

I'd like to invite you to share this recipe on my weekly link-up, Sweet Tooth Friday.


Amanda, your daughter is sooooo cute!! I am also not a soda drinker, unless I make this kind of thing at home. Simple & perfect :) xo


Your daughter is so ADORABLE!!! Love this recipe! Perfect for summer and with the base recipe you can pretty much make it any flavor.


I have to try this I love aything with lemons.


Thanks for linking up Amanda! I featured your post in my wrap up Hope you're having a fabulous holiday weekend!


I am so inviting myself over the next time this is made. extra and let's get together?

Robbi C

We made this last night to go with our grilled hamburgers and it is absolutely delicious! I am going to make more today with dinner. So easy to make and oh so good! Thank you for posting it!


Great recipe!! This will be perfect for our lemonade stand!


Awesome recipe, it tastes so refreshing!
Have you tried carbonating your own water, too? I found this blog also:

There's some great fruit recipes there and some instructions on bottling it to save for later. Absolutely wonderful, thank you


This sounds tasty! Gonna try it. Pinned it over at pinterest

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