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April 26, 2011



They are just gorgeous. You are a lucky, lucky mama.


Beautiful pictures of your beautiful children. Sunny warm days are the best!


We too enjoyed lots of time outside yesterday! We didn't have comfy chairs like you though, but we did have strawberries! :) We packed a picnic and the kids road their bikes through the campground to find the perfect picnic spot. We ended up next to one of the ponds where we watched turtles and frogs climb on the reeds to sun themselves.

Makes me wonder how we ever survived winter!

Glad you were able to soak up some sunshine and cute kids too!


Congrats on your beautiful baby!!! We moved and I fell very behind on all things bloggy. Just getting caught up!

cara @ the boys made me do it

What a sweet little picnic! Glad you got some sunshine!

Kim @ Homesteader's Heart

Oh it just looks relaxing! Love your pictures and I just want to kiss that precious little hand reaching for some popcorn.
Thanks for sharing your day!


Obviously your family is thriving and little Eddie is blossoming just like your beautiful Spring day.


LOVE the photos!!


How precious, I would be holding that blessing all day


Just beautiful! The weather looks nice too! :) I love watching the world come back to life each spring. How anyone can not see the Lord in Springtime is a mystery!


I'm coming over.


We're finally starting to enjoy some sunshine around here too.

Great pics!

Kristin Smith

Your sweet children are adorable and I am so glad you got to enjoy the nice least for a day!! We are rainy and dreary here today but I know that better days are soon ahead!! Take care friend!!


LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Your kids are so precious. Glad you were able to enjoy some sun. We've had a LOT of rain 'round these parts.

Blanca A.

loves it!! what a gorgeous family! the kids are positively glowing, what a beautiful day :)


You are so blessed - and what a great day you must have had!


YAY! I wait for you to post here. I check a lot, but I hate asking because I know you have enough to do. I love that the pictures are so good that I can almost feel what you are feeling. Beautiful day, and beautiful post! Smiling at my screen.

Cookbook Queen

You are the best mom ever!!


Looks like a great day. I love sun, picnics, strawberries, popcorn.... GORGEOUS children Amanda! Enjoy them!

Gramma Teetsie Thompson

What a BEAUTIFUL family. Congratulations.....


Looks like heaven on earth! Good for you for finding the time for moments like those!


pure perfection and priceless gifts Amanda

bridget {bake at 350}

so, so sweet! ♥

janmary, I'm in Galway!, Ireland

Very precious.

It is lovely to feel the first warmth of the sun.


That sounds simply delightful. *sigh*

Jamie @ Six Bricks High

Sounds like a perfect day! Those kiddos of yours are oh so cute!!!


that picnic looks absolutely enticing!!! Glad you are enjoying some precious downtime with your little ones :-)


has Eddie met Callie yet?

ali @ an ordinary mom

What a beautiful afternoon to share with your beautiful sweeties!


Okay - do you really have it all together - making yummy lemonade and taking great pics already? I don't know...#4 has thrown me for a loop - I feel like I've lost my mind! Lovely pics, btw!

Candace S.

What a precious post! Your baby's are adorable, and your picnic looks so refreshing!


I adore times like those! So glad that you are a momma who soaks it up [family time AND the sun!]. It's a perfect kinda day!

Judith Norman

Beautiful family. I love eating outdoors.

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