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March 06, 2011



I love how you cleaned up! Looks great, and kudos to homeschooling! :-) Glad your tooth is feeling better!!

CM @ A Little Lilac

Wow, good job! What an awesome place to learn.


very, very nice Amanda!!

Cookbook Queen

Girl...I don't know HOW you do it!! You are truly a supermom, and I am inspired by you every day.

Love you and hope you're feeling better!! :)

Bediels & Co. (Jen)

Great job! You must feel terrific! I love the feeling after organizing something ...not that it happens often. :)


What an awesome area to do school in! Our area looks really messy. Amazing how messy it can get in just a short time. Now that we are finally getting over the sickness, I plan on doing a lot of cleaning and purging. Thanks for being so honest and true!


Awesome! We had an "area" for awhile and now we've gone to the dining room table. Homeschooling - not unlike parenting - is constantly evolving. Enjoy these sweet,sweet years.

I love your alphabet poster. Did you make that?

Rowaida Flayhan

Great job Amanda, neat and very organized


It's very cute! Is that a ruler glued to the end of the desk? Terribly clever!

I'm glad you're tooth is feeling better....and I'm sorry I forgot to catch up prior to this. I had dry socket once's not pleasant. At all.

You homeschool? I am in absolute awe of your patience. Can you teach me a thing or two? My 2 year old nearly got us kicked out of the library yesterday because he was acting so bad.

The Lumberjack's Wife

I am jealous of your nice school area! Glad to hear your tooth is feeling better!


LOL, I love it that you posted a mess. I have a hard time with some of my messes and I do the whole guilt thing...I think we all do! Love your arrangement, it is actually making me rething out homework area, It wouldn't be bad to add a place for myself!

Glad you're feeling better. I believe wholeheartedly in the poswer of prayer. It's never failed me!


Good to know about ur home schooling experiences...really inspiring !


I love the new area! Isn't it an incredibly refreshing feeling to clean out and start fresh with something new in your home? It's one of my very favorite things!

Missing you, dear friend!

Carrie Cannon


WOW...what a great space for your schoolroom...the beauty of having a place to go is that work in progress can be left out...we work at our dining room we have to clean up matter what we are in the middle of. LOVE all the cubbies...what I wouldn't give for a few of those. Looks like you're nesting! Or maybe you did that a while back?
Glad your tooth is doing better...I am sorry you cannot do much to get relief....

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Judith Norman

Very nice "after." Good luck with homeschooling. Maybe I missed the post, but would you share why you have chosen to homeschool vs. traditional school? Just wondering. Thanks.


first time here... did a long journey through ur blo.. u have lots of simple n delicious recipes.. i loved ur baked oatmeal post..


Awe! I remember when you painted that desk! IT looks terrific in that room! So glad you all have a place to be together like this!

Dedra Mason

Great job! Love the ruler on the edge of the table. Great idea.
Another website we use is
There are games to play while you learn your spelling list. Then you get to test at the end and can even print out a certificate.


What a great schoolroom! I was homeschooled but we did not have a cool room like that...just the dining room table! Had to make it work somehow! Enjoy is a great experience!

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