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March 04, 2011


Stephanie Meyer (Fresh Tart)

Oh Sweetie! Of course, of course, huge prayers for you. So sorry you're going through all of this, how utterly awful. Love you and hugs over the internet (not adequate).


Oh Amanda, I am SO sorry! There is nothing worse than a toothache--it so badly affects your whole body! Have you called your dentist to get some safe pain relievers? Even if you just took them for a day or two, I'm sure it would help the healing process along! I'd call for you if I lived closer! Praying it will start to heal quickly!


I have had dry socket and it hurt so bad, so I literally feel your pain! Call your dentist today. For me they packed the "hole" with a medicated gauze strip which they removed a day later and maybe 2 days after that it healed and I was back to normal. Sending you a big hug (and a little prayer)

Amelia Sprout

While I cannot offer a prayer (sort of doesn't work with the whole atheist thing) I will offer you lots of understanding. Nothing hurts quite like an exposed nerve. Talk to your dentist about what your options are. There may be something that works with being pregnant.

Jessica @ How Sweet

Thinking of you and praying for you dear Amanda!

Amanda Rettke

You felt better after a day or so??  That is so encouraging Sandy!  Thank you!!


I hope you feel better soon! Sending prayers your way! Hugs!

Lisa (With Style and Grace)

Absolutely, sending all my good thoughts a prayers your way! Now, (the mother in me) make sure you get the proper care you need and try not to stress - just know everything will be ok, seriously! *hugs*


I'm praying for you!
xoxo :)


I wish you a speedy recovery. I knw tooth ache is the worst pain to have in body, I had it aff late,it was miserable. Do ice packs and saltine gargles, just have smoothies. Use this break to come out with interesting recipes for toothpain !


Just came across your blog, [via i am baker via PW] and totally understand the tooth pain! I had double dry sockets when my wisdom teeth were removed several years ago, and I think it was the worst pain I've ever felt. My dentist stuffed the sockets with a clove-based compound, and the relief was almost immediate.

A drop of clove oil on some gauze in affected area works just as well - you can pick up clove oil in the dental aisle of most drugstores. Just make sure not to touch the oil to your lips or tongue, or it will burn a little. It sounds out there, but it really helps!!

Kristin Smith

Oh no I am so sorry Amanda!! I had dry sockets when I had my wisdom teeth out years ago and it was worse that the pain of the removal.I agree with Sandy's comment...I went in - DON'T WAIT - especially with a weekend coming up!!! They packed the holes up and it helped a ton. Please do something today so you don't suffer all weekend!! Praying for you!!


Whatever you do DO NOT use a straw!

Nothing is too small a thing for God or to ask for prayers for. Never think that you are not important enough for prayer!

Praying now!

*hugs* Amanda, so sorry to hear of the pain you're in! Praying for you for comfort and speedy healing. And pain-free childbirth to compensate for the pain you're in now (hey, one can hope, right?)

Feel better soon!!!

cara @ the boys made me do it

done! and I hope you feel better soon!


Praying, Dear Friend. Hope you are feeling better soon.

Bridee Schrier

Prayers for you Amanda!! Tooth aches are the WORST!!!!! I am so sorry you are having to go thru that!!! Get better soon :)


I do hope you find relief. I had a tooth pulled last January, and because I don't take pills of any kind, my dentist (who is also an herbalist) recommended I go to the health food store and purchase some black walnut powder, organic cayenne and an aloe vera plant. Mix a pea size amount of each and pack it in the wound. Cover with gauze. It stings at first, but my pain went away in a few minutes. It worked for me. I hope you find something that works for you. God Bless.


Oh Amanda! I am so sorry sweetie. I know this has got to be terrible for you and being pregnant on top of it. I will pray for a speedy healing. Hang in there!


Sending some old school Catholic "voodoo" your way and have asked for the intercession of St. Apollonia, patron saint of toothaches, on your behalf. Have you asked the dentist if you can use clove oil? Pain-killers make me ill and I've sucessfully managed pain from two root canals using clove oil. I imagine your pregnancy limits your options, which probably has you feeling pretty bad :(
Hoping you feel better soon!


ALL requests are important! I know how you feel and I will definitely be praying!

Barbara | VinoLuciStyle

Don't minimize your need for prayers and support. Pain can cripple our everyday life in a way we forget when we're pain free. Do see your dentist for help with it though; you don't have to suffer to the extent it sounds you are. Take good care.


Ouch! Any kind of tooth related pain is enough to cause misery. I hope you get relief soon!


You poor thing! How miserable! Sending prayers your way!

Dessert Darling

Oh my goodness. I am so sorry to hear it!!! One never really appreciates her great health until it is taken away. You are in my thoughts and prayers!!!!

Where are you located?? I recently had a window slam on my finger and it took my whole nail off and broke the bone. SERIOUS pain. A "Body Talk" practitioner did some work on me and within an hour the pain was gone. I couldn't BELIEVE it.!!! This is the person I saw
She can sometimes work on people remotely (I know, so bizzar), or she might be able to recommend someone in your area. It's all natural :)

Good luck with it!!!


am praying Amanda!!


Dear Amanda,
I prayed for you, too!
Greetings from Italy...


I'm so sorry to hear about your pain and sending a prayer for quick healing.


Oh my goodness - I will be praying! I had my wisdom teeth taken out in November and miracelously survived and didn't get dry socket, but my brother did (and I'm sorry to say his lasted for a month - I'm SURE it won't be that long for you. He didn't take good care of his mouth) and I know how painful it was for him and how it influences everything you do - praying for speedy recovery!!


Dios te bendiga a ti y tu familia, orare por ti

Judy Moyer

Oh man. Dry sockets HURT HURT HURT! I am so sorry this is happening to you. Prayers are on the way but you need to call the dentist or oral surgeon who pulled your tooth. Bless you!


I have had a dry socket and I am a-prayin'!! Two lessons I have learned in life:
1) Our problems are OUR problems. They are what is big TO US at that time, and no one else's problems can trump ours. They are all still problems.
2) If it is important to you, it is important to God. He loves us all, and He wants to help us, no matter what it is.
Still a-prayin'!!


I'm so sorry Amanda! Saying a prayer right now.


Yuck! I just had my wisdom teeth out and was so worried about dry socket. If you haven't gotten in to your dentist try clove oil. My sister had dry socket and that helped her. Your dentist can help and the pain relief begins almost immediately.
I'm praying!


Feel so badly for you Amanda. Praying that you find relief. Glad to see that some none-medicated options have been listed here in some of your comments. Hopefully you are able to try them and praying that they work.

Simply Dawn

OhAmanda! So sorry about the dry socket, nasty business! Praying that the homeopathics continue to work and that you are healed up quickly!

Janmary, N Ireland

Praying for you!

So sorry you are suffering .... I once had a dry bone socket ...... most hid-E-ous pain EVER!

Hope you get some relief soon.

Jamie @ Six Bricks High

So sorry! Said a prayer just for you. Praying that the pain goes away quickly!


Toothaches are the WORST! Sending prayers (and hugs too) your way. Hope you start feeling better soon.


Prayers going up. I hope you feel better.


Just now getting this, but praying for there to be no pain tonight while you sleep.

Judith Norman

I pray get well soon and that you and your family are continuously blessed.♥

Mary C.

I hope you are feeling better this morning! I will still say a prayer today for quick healing of your tooth (or socket!)

Kara Chavis

I just found this blog from your other blog, which I also just found this morning. Loving your "Child of God" headline too! I might be a little late in getting it sent up for ya' since you posted the request yesterday, but I'm praying for you none the less.


I once had two dry sockets at the same time (didn't listen to the dentist and sucked out of a straw). I will tell you, I would much rather go through labor times 2 than to go through that pain again. I promise the pain will subside soon. I kept wash clothes heated in the microwave for 20 seconds on both sides of my mouth and acouple of ALEVE's (Anti-inflamitory)in me and I was blessed with comfort. Hoping and praying relief finds it's way to you soon.
Take care,

Rowaida Flayhan

I hope you will fell better Amanda, I am praying for you.


oh my word Amanda, I know how a dry socket can feel and being pregnant you can't really take any super effective pain meds...*HUGS*
Have you been back to the dentist to have it packed? I had to go back 3 times within a week and have the socket packed..I think they just pack it with gauze soaked in clove oil because it didn't taste fantastic but in the end helped out a ton!

Best of luck!!



I am sorry to hear that you're in pain. I hope things are improving for you! I said a prayer and then scrolled down and found that you are doing a bit better. Instant answer :).

I am a new reader and I just have to say that I really love your honesty and your wit. Sorry you got a whole lot of grief about your rainbow pancakes. I plan on making them and I can't stop thinking about them! Hope you are having a wonderful day!



I tried but couldn't find my other comment to say thank you for visiting my blog and for your compliment re: my girlies. They are bananas! I've added you to my google reader and I'll be back! Praying for you!

CM @ A Little Lilac

Awww, what a bummer! Sorry I missed this post. I'm glad to hear things are better now. I had dry socket when I had my wisdom teeth taken out. It was a miserable week of pain, and then two weeks of achy-ness. Well, I'll still say a prayer for continued healing for you.


Amanda, I just came across your site while searching info on dry socket. Did it take you long to recover, do you have any hints or tips?? I'm currently turning 39wks pregnant and had to go back to the dentist today as I got dry socket from a molar extraction. She put a packing into it today(friday)and I have to go back Monday to get another. I can't imagine having to deal with this and labor together. Not sure at the moment to be praying for an overdue baby or for a quick healing miracle.

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