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March 11, 2011



That looks so good! I was just thinking yesterday that I should try to make some homemade granola to mix with yogurt & must have read my mind!


So well done and so beautifully photographed. oh, i have to find some of that coconut oil!

Katrina @ In Katrina's Kitchen

OKay okay! I have been making granola for years and I've been so frustrated recently...JUST TODAY EVEN! LOL My granola was clumpy (good!) but the end result was chewy (not so good). I was about ready to give up...but you have inspired me to press on with this! Besides, I have a lovely bag of dried blueberries, cranberries, and pomagranite seeds that I REALLY want to use in some granola! ♥- Katrina


I love a good homemade granola.

Diane {}

looks delicious

Amehlia Digital

Hi (oi) Amanda!
I love (eu amo) granola ...=)
Happy day for you...
kisses (Beijos),
Vinni - São Paulo/ Brasil

Amehlia Digital

Ps: Your cake is a hit! God bless!


Ooh, between this recipe and the granola bars from Smitten Kitchen, I am set!

I'm one of those people that's really hungry but only ever really feel like snacking in the morning. I would definitely snack on that granola!

Allison [Haute Box]

I love the way my kitchen smells when I make granola! Now I am inspired to make some :)


Looks yummy!

Best wishes to you as you're in the home stretch waiting for your little one to arrive. Take care of yourself.

Blessings, Kari


coconut oil also pops the tastiest popcorn!


Loved the granola...take care of the little one !


Yummy! Saving to give it a try. Thanks! Kerri

Gale Reeves

I use coconut oil in my granola and love the results. Granola is pretty stored in a jar on the counter (I did this for several months), but I find it remains crisper if stored in the freezer. Thanks for sharing your recipe.


Hi Amanda!! I'm new at blogging, I started "following" you the other day. I love reading your posts! Beautiful pictures and beautiful spirit! :)

ali @ an ordinary mom

granola is one of my very favorite food groups! :-)


Your photos are stunning and a granola worth crying over? I'm totally going to have to try this!


I want to try this recipe so bad! Where in the grocery store can i find the coconut oil?


I LOVE LOVE LOVE GRANOLA! I probably stand alone, but I'd put dates and means in mine. I love dates SO MUCH!


Yum! I've been hearing about coconut oil. One of my friends puts it in her girls hot chocolate. Have you picked a name yet? I can't wait to meet this little guy!

In Katrina's Kitchen

What general section of the store do I look for coconut oil in? I've never purchased it.


Oh yuuuuuuum!!! We LOVE homemade granola around here! So tastified~! And thanks for turning me on to Sylvie's site, too! It truly is fantastic!

BTW, you are so funny about your end-of-pregnancy nesting thoughts! =-D Can't wait to hear about your baby's arrival and see pics!!


Thanks for including a gluten free option. I love that you did that!

Amanda Rettke

In my grocery store we have an organic/natural foods section, and that is where I found it.  I know Amazon sells it as well! :)

In Katrina's Kitchen

Oh great! That's where I'll start. My grocery has a large organic section so I'm hoping I can find it there. Btw, I've become a huge fan of coconut lately! I love Silk COconut Milk. I've been using it as coffee creamer. It's only 90 cal per 1 cup and it's a sweet treat. ♥- Katrina PS- SOO EXCITED TO WELCOME YOUR BABY!! :)


HI Amanda!

As a person who comes from the original land of coconuts - Kerala. Let me caution you on coconut oil. Pure organic coconut oil spoils easily if not stored well. It gives out a rancid smell and tastes funny. This is why most coconut oil brands add some kind of preservative. If your coconut oil doesn't taste funny in a months time or maybe a little more since your place might not be as hot as South India, then you will know for sure that it is not as organic and pure as you thought it to be.

p.s As a kid I used to help my grandma dry our coconut on the terraced roof and take it to the mill to make oil.


Looks Yummy. Great recipe - thanks for sharing some of the culinary delights.


This is cool! I'll definitely try this and add up to my breakfast meals if it will be a success. Thanks much!


I absolutely love homemade granola! I'll have to try your recipe :)


That looks delicious and I LOVE granola. I'm starting to feel like myself again and really want to get back into baking. This is definatly going on the list of things to make!

Kelly Crawford

It's just so amazing how coconut oil works in many ways. Aside from the fact that it can be used in cooking, it can also be applied on skin and hair. I really love coconut oil! I got mine from By the way, thanks for this granola recipe. I will surely try it this weekend!

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