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March 31, 2011


Julie @ Willow Bird Baking

CONGRATULATIONS, Amanda -- he is truly beautiful!!

Strawberry CAKE

Perfect in every way. What a blessing! Thanks for sharing.


Congrats Amanda! Eddie is so precious! And I adore that picture of him and Parker, what a great moment to capture on film. Priceless!


He is just beautiful!!! congrats!!

xxoo So sweet!

Jessica @ How Sweet

SO beautiful Amanda! Making me have baby fever!

Marian (Sweetopia)

So, so precious! What a little bundle of love. I'm so happy for you and your family Amanda!

Sylvie @ Gourmande in the Kitchen

Love the one of him with Parker and the close up of his little toes!

Myra @ The Casabella Project

Oh my gracious me. Amanda, he is GORGEOUS!!! Good job momma! Miss you! xoxo


Congratulations! I love how Parker is enjoying him in his 4 year old way! That is so awesome!

CM @ A Little Lilac

Oh my, I'm speechless!

Ok, maybe not...he's adorable! Love the brothers pic.

Congrats! Glad everything went well. Take care and get some rest.

Rhett Hoff

What a beautiful boy! Congrats!

Hilary Farm

He is so beautiful! I love his red hair :)
And before I even saw what you wrote I was totally thinking, "that's a big umbilical cord!" He must have been getting lots of good nutrients through it!

I'm happy everything went well and that you are a happy family of 6!


I absolutely love that picture of he and Parker. That is so, so precious.


awww so cute!


Awwah so precious. congrats!


CONGRATS! He's beautiful. Love the sibling shot.

Blessings to you as you recover,

Suzy Roberts

Fabulous photos of such precious moments... Have a restful weekend Amanda! ha.


He is such a beautiful baby. Congrats to all of you. Enjoy these precious first days. :)


What a dear. You are very blessed.


Baby Eddie is PRECIOUS~
Congrats Mommy Amanda!


Thanks for sharing the pictures! You are giving me baby fever! Haha.
He really is so cute with that red hair I just love it!!

Jamie @ Six Bricks High

Amanda, he is absolutely beautiful! So precious! Love the red hair, and nothing is sweeter than baby feet, I love those too.


Awwww.... I love the little wrinkled feet! He is precious. Love the photos, thanks for sharing him with us.


amanda i've missed your blog so much! i've also missed blogging...what a wonderful time for me to check back...i thought your adorable new son might be arriving soon and i should have known you would take such perfect pictures to go with all his perfectness. so, so happy for you! i look forward to keeping up with you may have already blogged about this but do you plan to come to blogher in san diego in august? i'd love to meet you in person! you could even stay with us! let's stay in, denise

p.s. don't answer that or even think about anything other than edie and your family for a LONG time...just keep it in the back of your head...


Congrats! our kiddos are 24 hrs apart!

Amy K

I hear the collective "awwwwww". He is such a beautiful little miracle! No doubt you'd be enamored by him. Sweet, sweet, sweet!
Blessings to you all....


He is simply heavenly. :) What a beautiful little guy. You are BLESSED. Congratulations! :)


He's precious! And I love the picture w/ him and Parker.
You're one blessed mommy! :)


Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

ali @ an ordinary mom

That brothers picture is so precious!

Congratulations on your newest blessing- enjoy this time!!


He is perfect! Congratulations to you and your family.

Michelle M.

He is so handsome! And, yes, that umbilical cord is huge :) I guess that how he grew so big! I love the little toes- just precious.

Linda Picazzo

What a blessing! Just awesome! Enjoy this precious time!


A Beautiful Blessing!


those pictures are priceless!!! and you are totally making my uterus hurt. i want one just like that!!!

Laura @ Our House Of Joyful Noise

Freshly blown from the hand of God. How blessed you all are. His red hair is really so sweet!


Eddie is so beautiful! What a perfect baby boy! I love the picture of the brothers--so sweet! Hope you are healing well and adjusting to life with four kiddos! :)


Oh Amanda, he's absolutely handsome!!! So glad the CSection went well (and crazy what you found out about your uterus! Glad they discovered it now before it got scary!) Rest well and heal quickly, and enjoy your expanded family!! Much love!!


Absolutely precious! Thanks for posting pics of your beautiful baby.

Judith Norman

O.M.Gorgeous. He is a blessing. Congrats.


Oh Oh Oh! There goes that darn baby fever again! What a beautiful family you have :)


Oh, he is so sweet and perfect!!! I know you are in love. Congrats to you and the whole familia! =-D


Hehehe, he wanted to get as much of those goodies as possible, momma! I wish I could hold him too :-)


Congratulations and welcome to baby Eddie! I love the picture of him and Parker together -- so precious.


Oh my goodness, he is PRECIOUS.


What a wonderful blessing from God. I hope you're feeling good!

Carrie Cannon


He is so beautiful...your family has been greatly blessed!


Love it!! (And such a healthy umbilical cord, way to go!)

Janmary, N Ireland

Adorable with a capital A!!!

It's Mothers Day here today, so may I be the first to wish you a very happy Mothers Day! :)

lizy B

oh my goodness! What is it about a newborn that just makes you want to pick them and snuggle forever!!! Love the picture of your little boys...enjoy your blissful baby days....Best wishes.


Congratulations! Enjoy that new baby smell :)

San Diego Mobile Notary

I love the picture of your baby and Parker. Congratulations!


I wrote a post and mentioned you. I hope you check it out, thanks!


oh! yippee! he is absolutely adorable!
and his name ... {swoon}. did you know that finn's middle name is edward and that we seriously considered naming him eddie ... but didn't because then we would have had stella and eddie and that was jeremy's grandma and grandpa ... and it didn't seem perfect ... so we kept it as a middle name instead. long story short? i love his name. congratulations, mama.

Amanda Jo

I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU GUYS!!!! He is ADORABLE!!! Congratulations, friend!!!!

John Monroe

odd as it sounds thats the firs time i've ever seen a real umbilical cord, had no idea it wassoo thick.


Thank you for sharing these treasured snapshots with us! Love those little toes.


He is so it!


that umbilical cord is HUGE. Probably why Eddie is so incredibly healthy and perfect. The picture of him and Parker is so cute - they are friends already :-)


congrats Amanda!!!! so happy everyone is doing great!!! i can't believe i missed your entire pregnancy.. but what a sweet sweet baby!


Congratulations, what a wonderful blessing. He is precious, thanks for sharing the great pictures.


Oh, he is here!! I have been out of the loop. CONGRATS TO YOU AND THE FAM!!!! He is just beautiful!!


I am a little late, sorry, but he is perfect.


Congrats! He is gorgeous!

Ultra Berry Blast

So cute!! it seems that it is just a newly born child.

kathy D

Oh.... your Eddie is beautiful!! What a great picture all bloody and beautiful!! Love it!! So happy to finally see him... now I want to see you!! Call when I can come over.... Hope you are doing well. Praying for you.

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