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February 09, 2011


Robyn | Add a Pinch

Absolutely hilarious, Amanda. I know what you mean!!!


lol. My husbands socks come half way up my leg

Becki D

Oh, the joys of pregnancy!

Hang in there, sweet lady!

Cookbook Queen

Is it weird that I wear my husband's socks alot? They're just so darn cozy.


I told my husband I wanted a prenumputual agreement with only one "rule" (I don't know the proper terminology, thank goodness) Anyway, it is that he cannot ever wear my socks. Ever. If he does they will stretch and never fit right again. You are so funny :-) I hope the rest of his goes quickly for u. I love my babies but pregnancy did not suit me, LOL.

bridget {bake at 350}

I don't think I could squeeze my fat thighs into my husbands jeans....and I'll NEVER try. Socks, maybe! ;)


Oh, the things my swollen up body won't fit into! Does it count to say it's swollen, even if I'm not pregnant? Maybe?


LOL! I Love this post, because I can so remember the last months of my pregnancy being able to wear my husbands socks and shirts.
Hang in there mama!

Diane {}

oh you poor thing. I remember how swollen my feet got being pregnant :( and sitting down and relaxing just isn't always doable. Sending you a huge hug! My kids put my husbands clothes on last night, hysterical! One got on the others funny and needles to say the clothes were huge :)

Mary C.

I also remember being one big swollen everything with my first daughter. It was so painful, but gone within the first few days. I remember getting so happy that I could see my ankles again :) Also, I sometimes think of trying on my hubby's pants, but know I would cry if they fit or heaven forbid were tight :(
Have a great day Amanda!!

Amanda Sikes

Oh you poor thing!! I can so totally relate and it makes my heart hurt for you. I was so very very swollen with Jeremiah. I was uncomfortable no matter what I did. Hang in there. That sweet baby will be here in your arms before you know it!


I HATE swollen feet. They HURT! How many more weeks? I can't keep you and Laura straight. :) Can't wait to meet this precious new one.
On the upside. At least they don't cut off circulation right? And - I'm making an assumption here - I'd think socks that fit are a definite plus. But I hear you - my ego always took a shot when I had to go buy bigger socks/ underwear while pregnant. The things we sacrifice to have our kiddos.



At least there is a very good reason why your body is doing what it's doing, right?


hahahaha i love this post! thanks for the laugh!


ha ha....hilarious! I love that you can laugh at yourself!
Sometimes, when its really cold (when hubby dearest turns on the airconditioner to freezing! There's no way the weather in chennai can get that cold)I put on my husband's nice thick socks. They're so much more comfy that mine!


Look on the bright least you are not me. I resorted to just making my hubby and I a joint sock drawer because when he runs out of socks he just steals mine anyway. So we share! :P AND when I was pregnant I had FAT shoes too! LOL!
Hang in there, sweetie!


reality is harsh.

My mom hung her jeans up yesterday on the indoor line I have and I almost thought they were my husbands :-O My bad for telling her my thoughts!


Oh, Amanda, you always make me smile. (And you say I always make you cry. Hmmm. How does that work???)
My kids are folding laundry now, and I often get my daughters undies in my pile. I tell my sons, "Thanks for the compliment, but these are NOT mine!" LOL


Oh no! Such joyful things we go through to bring these little ones into the world! I'm banking on eating tons of watermelon this's an old wives tale that it keeps your feet from swelling. I'm hoping!

The Lumberjack's Wife

Ah . . . the joys of pregnancy!

CM @ A Little Lilac

Hey, as long as you're not wearing his underwear, it's all good! You'll go back down after the baby is born, I promise! :-)

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