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February 17, 2011



That's so sweet! Made me smile and think about my dad. Happy birthday to your dad.

Brenda @ a farmgirl's dabbles

Beautiful, beautiful. What a blessing for you and your family this man has been. Happy Birthday to your dad!


Awwww - love this post. (and that is just the sweetest picture)


Happy Birthday, Amanda's dad. I hope your day is FULL of blessings.

Amanda, this that picture melts my heart. And a great-great grandma?!?! Huge blessing. I'm so happy for your kiddos. :)

Rowaida Flayhan

This is so beautiful Amanda. Happy birthday to your dad. God bless.


So special! Happy birthday to your dad.


Aww! What a sweet post! God bless your dad! He looks like a very gentle person here.- kind of like my dad.

And that is amazing- that your children have seen their great-great grandparent!


:-) I'd kinda imagined you were the perfect kiddo. Touched me. I was that kid too. Kinda hard to live but dad never gave up. Happy birthday to him.

My birthday-itis applies to me. I stopped at seventeen. Sometimes I still can't believe how long ago that was. Seems like yesterday.


Such a sweet endearing picture. Happy Birthday to your Dad!


I have Birthday-itis too! So bad that I forget how old I am!

Your Dad is a very lucky man :)


What a sweet post!! He sounds like a wonderful, loving father!!! Happy Birthday to him!


this post makes my heart happy. :)

and don't worry i can't remember any birthdays either. i can barely remember mine! ha

Gramma Teetsie Thompson

What a wonderful tribute to your Dad. He obviously raised a wonderful child who turned into a wonderful woman. Happy Birthday to your Dad.


Very sweet! You are so him up!!! I hope he had a fabulous day!


I'm sure he loves that you don't remember.

Hmmmm. My next birthday is a 'significant' one. Does that mean you'll always think of me as 40? Or as 38, cuz that's how old I was when we first met? *wink*

Janmary, N Ireland

I LOVE that amazing photo.

My grandparents all died before I was 7, so I never really knew any of them, so for your kids to have their GREAT grandmother is a wonderful gift.

Haven't been by here in ages, hope all well with you and yours,



Hey! How are you??? Where did you go??? Everything ok???


sweet that you and your dad are so close and that your mom's grandma is like his too. Man, you guys must have some awesome longevity genes in your family!!


I think that picture pretty much says it all, although your description of them was very touching.


Aw, your dad sounds like a really great one! Happy bday to him! I also love the pic. It's a framer, for sure!

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