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February 26, 2011


Amy | She Wears Many Hats

You're not alone, I'm not even pregnant and I can believe how all over the place I am.

Hope your trip to the dentist goes smoothly and turns out not to be so pricey.


Wow! 35 weeks! You are almost there! Can't wait to meet this little guy!

I'm so sorry about your tooth! Tooth problems are the worst! (I'm also a huge pansy with pain!)

I've heard wonderful things about the homeschool material you are using. PLUS you a fantastic teacher of all things sugar, so I'm sure you are perfect in the "classroom" too!

Congrats on your new lens! Do they have those for the iPhone camera? (kidding!)

Have a wonderful weekend!


Dentist woes AND 35 weeks pregnant?! I will be sure and pray for you.
On a happier note - I LOVE your blog. Thanks for writing!!


I feel your pain regarding the tooth...I have really bad teeth. Wow, I can't believe you are already 35 wks pregnant! Time has flown by! I can't wait to meet him (via your blog). Do you have any names narrowed down?


I feel so badly for you with that toothache. Nothing is worse! Personally, I'd honestly rather delivery a baby than suffer a toothache. Are you able to take liquid Anbesol?

Your photo of you son is beautiful. Can only imagine the lovely pictures you are going to take of the new baby with that new lens.

Good luck with the home schooling. I'm sure there are a ton of on-line resources able to help you come up with some creative ideas to make it more interesting for Colton.

Enjoy the last few weeks of your pregnancy.

Lisa (With Style and Grace)

I'm happy to see I'm not the only one addicted to my camera! When my camera broke, I cried. and then cried some more. Thank goodness for loving (smart) husbands :)


Such a fun update. :) Can't believe that you are already (I know you will roll your eyes at that "already") 35 weeks! Babies are such a blessing. Sorry about that dentist business ... oh my how I don't love the dentist. Exciting about the new camera lens too ... have you even been told you are spoiled? Ha. Just kidding ... we are all spoiled in one way or another. Have a blessed day.

Cookbook Queen

Oh chickie,so sorry to hear you're in pain, but so happy to hear that you have a beautiful new lens!! Those kids of yours are too cute and deserve to be photographed!!

Hope you're doing well...I think of you often and am praying for your health and the health of your sweet baby.


I absolutely use my blog as an online journal! And I always have things hat I mean to post, but never get around to. If only blogs could be updated straight from my brain...okay, that would be a little creepy.

I'm so glad you got a replacement lens so quickly! Big props to your husband on that one!

Can't wait to hear more. :)


Do you love your canon? I am in the market for my 1st DSLR and looking @ the Canon Rebel XS.

Gage - my FAV boy name..but we had 2 girls instead so you can have it if you like ;)

Bediels & Co. (Jen)

Yay for 35 Weeks... You're on the home stretch! I hope you're feeling better soon! Nothing worse than a tooth ache.

Enjoy the new Lens


WOW. Love that picture!

I don't homeschool (yet...we'll see how kindergarten goes) but my friends who do a top-notch job of it and have kids who love being homeschooled are in homeschool groups. They do activities and have things like gym and music together.
Glad to see you back :o)


It's good to hear from you! Give yourself some time with home schooling. It takes a while to learn your teaching style and his learning style. Think of it as a new job. It has a learning curve to it too.
Can't wait to meet your new one. I'm so name crazy I couldn't handle not having a name. :)


yay- a boy! :) (Did I know that? I can't remember knowing that - lol - And I suppose I can't claim pregnancy brain when my baby is 2!) lol

Take your time on the homeschooling - you have plenty of time. You have done so much with him already that I am sure he is ahead. :)And you are WAY creative - if you want I can send you some of the teacher idea sites I've used or use now.


I'm 35 weeks pregnant too. :) I still think about a post you made a while back about how you were 3 months pregnant and felt huge. I was so relieved I almost cried, because it's my third and I. Felt. Huge! I'm still huge, but I've made peace with it. Mostly. Yay for babies! Not so much for dental work.

Simply Dawn

I love your blog! I found you at Christmas. I am 37 weeks preggo too and all this snow we've been getting (I'm a MN mommy too). I like Alpha Omega too, hope it goes well for you and your little one!
Oh, and I use my 50mm for everything too, but it's a Nikon...hopefully we can still be friends ;)

Carrie Cannon


I cannot comment at all on Alpha and Omega....never used it, but I have homeschooled for 12 years and have a couple of can take them or leave them...
I don't know you, but it looks like your son is pretty young...I would ease into it...especially with a new baby on the way...You are going to need time to adapt to having a new one in your home and having 3 small children is not my 4th and 5th came, it was SO MUCH EASIER because I had olders to help and who could work independently...but when they are all little and need Momma for so much it was really TOUGH, I would snuggle A LOT and READ A LOT and give yourself A LOT OF GRACE...
Again, I do not know how old Colton is, but he looks between about 4-6...I think I would be tempted to do something like Five in a Row or Letter of the Week (I have a link on that on my blog here: )
There are a couple of fun activities included with each week's lesson plans and I have used other resources to add more when I felt like we could and I have not done everything when I felt like I couldn't...we made your rainbow pancakes one week and that was A FUN ADDITION!
Another resource I LOVE are the Leapfrog DVDs or Handheld game thingy...the name is escaping this old brain at this time...but both of my younger two have learned all of their letter sounds from principessa learned to read all by herself from these.
Also, being a firstborn, he may do just fine with his school, but be prepared to change when something does not second really STRUGGLED with reading and I went through THREE programs before something clicked...what works for one may not work for another...
Have you heard about the Workbox system? I have a post about that on my blog too, but it is really old and it might be easier to check out the blog...I think it's called What's in the Box...I loved the workbox system for a couple of reasons, but am not currently using it...I love that it is SO SELF MOTIVATING...the children SEE their school work coming to an end...I LOVE that EVERYTHING IS IN THE BOX, so no waiting three hours until momma can copy that map. At this age, I LOVE that there are so many boxes (12) so you can put in really fun things like games, puzzles (although they might not fit), Play-doh, maybe even a movie, depending on what your family allows...that breaks up the HARD brain work and makes it a little more you may want to look into that...again if he is as young as he looks, you may only be able to do about 30 minutes at a time of the sit down and concentrate type work...Diana Waring, my homeschool hero once said, "If you do nothing with them but read, snuggle and have a relationship with them until 5th grade or so, they can catch up to where they need to be really quickly"...say in about 6 months or so. She recommends lots of reading, science and just being together...she suggested having a notebook full of the questions they Why does a ship float, why does a plane fly, etc and then take a week or so and find out...experiment, etc...have a garden together, etc, etc...lots of hands on things. A lot of people love Konos for that reason...very hands on, doing and discovering type activities...
Do you have a homeschool support group that you can do co-op or field trips with...that would be really great...we have a forum were we can post what we are doing and invite the group to join, etc, monthly meetings, and just chat or ask questions...that has been a great blessing for me personally...knowing others are going through the same issues.
I think I sound ALL preachy...sorry about that, didn't mean to...have fun!

The Lumberjack's Wife

Well, shoot! If this pregnancy isn't just flying by (for me-ha!)!! Congrats!
And I have not a clue what you are talking about with all that lens gibberish. But good for you!


35 wks :) You are on the downhill slope Momma! Keep thinkin' good thoughts and cherish these last moments between you and your lil' guy in the belly!! Prayers to you!

Carrie Cannon

I am glad you found it helpful...I really meant it to be that way, but sometimes when you get unasked for advice, it can be really irritating...feel free to email me or find me on facebook if you want to chat more about what I pict on fb is a sideways view of me holding my little boy...I offer that only if you are don't feel like you have to.
btw, about being pregnant and "fat"...I am sure that most people who see you think you look really beautiful...I know that is what I think...


Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy and it's awesome that you are so involved in your sons schooling! Have fun with that.

That said... Why didn't you get your tooth looked at when it first broke?! New camera lenses are cool and all, but you will be better served keeping your health up! You could have gotten an infection through the open wound, and as you are pregnant, why would you risk it. I must say "tsk, tsk!" with a firm stare!

I still hope you get better soon though.

Amanda Sikes

Welcome to the homeschool community!!! Learn through life and make it reflect your family! That's the only way to stay sane and homeschool!! Check out Abeka books too. My all time fav for the little guys. Bright colors fun pictures, and God's Word all included!

Mary C.

Thanks for the fun update on you! Sorry about the tooth, dentist and the pain of it all -- we are going through that here too.
No baby boy name? We never got to use our boy name, so if you want it you can use it(Joel) ;)
Have a great day Amanda!!!


awwww...a boy :-) Isn't life ironic with canceling the dental insurance - DOH!! We don't carry any either (knock on wood) - found that it was cheaper with there being only 3 of us not to get the plan - assuming we all stay healthy. Have not had one for 10+ years. Plus that way we can see whatever dentist we want to see.

Hope you can get that tooth yanked ASAP to spare you the constant pain...


when I look at your photos I'm convinced I need to get a "real" camera someday. The point and shoot with the red eyes/fuzziness just doesn't even come close!!


I really need to get on here more- 35 weeks already and you know its a boy! man, I'm behind with this stuff. But congrats! Cant wait to see him!


You certainly have had a lot going on! I hope your tooth feels better soon. (I so feel what you are going through... I'm having tooth/gum surgery next week. No fun!)
Hugs to you,
p.s. I'm sure you are a beautiful pregnant mama. :)


awwww! I feel your pain all the way! The same happened to me when I was pregnant (my baby boy is now 4mnths old) - actually two teeth started disintegrating. I'm afraid they'll have to put them out for me too. I'm still breastfeeding and I will be, exclusively, until he'll be 6mnths so I'm praying and crossing my fingers that the pain holds off until then. So I could get medication. I'm such a baby when it comes to dental things :(

Yeah, so about the name? one of my boys is called Noah. I still think it's one of the greatest names out there!

Hang in there! There's been a great journey and now you should enjoy what's left of it with great passion, you know you'll miss it afterwards! ;)

Congrats on your new macro lens! Spring is right around the corner so watch out for all those great bugs and buds coming out!


Yep, my blog is DEFINITELY my online journal!! And - we need a preggo pic!! =-D

I'm so sorry about your tooth. That sounds really painful and bad! =-( We had cancelled dental insurance and have treated stuff naturally, too...but haven't dealt with anything harsh. I am actually on the lookout for a natural-minded dentist in our area and want to take the kiddos soon. Just for a checkup.

Sorry about your old lens - but yay for the new one! That rawks.

And congrats on your HSing journey! You guys will have a lotta fun w/that!


Whoa, I stumbled across this looking at your baking blog! But I can relate, my back tooth broke off and since I am breastfeeding I don't want to get it fixed since I am avoiding drugs also. I actually did a filling that broke off without novacaine that is how obsessed I am but fixing a broken tooth or pulling it seems too much for me. I actually want to eventually have it pulled but dentist said crown. I am going to push for pulling it so it can be dealt with once and for all. In the meantime I am drinking LOTS of chlorophyl and the infection is sooo much better. And lots of prayer!


Aidan IS a really cool name. I'm just sayin'.

Alyssa P

I don't know your last name, but Geoffrey, Grady, Byron, Judson, Levi and Nelson are some options. They are all pretty classic boy names.

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