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January 05, 2011



Yay! Love seeing all your pretty things on display! Doesn't that just make you feel good?


That is very fun. My aunt did that in her kitchen too. Nice job working on those resolutions! And we know that you did it in a timely manner since the bananas are still green on the counter. Oh wait?, did you say NOT to look below the top of the cupboards? My bad.


Amanda, there is a reason I consider you a good friend-I dream about cakes too! Cake is my favorite food and its the thing I strive most to do well as a baker.

Aside from that, the top of my cabinets look the same. Mine has more to do with the fact that I have a cakestand obsession and now have no where else to store them.

Shoot if we were neighbors we could trade food and props!


Well done, good for you keeping up with your resolutions :)

Amy | She Wears Many Hats

That's perfect! And I just have to say, if envy were acceptable of course, that cake on your counter has me a little green. Yum! I wish we were neighbors.

bridget {bake at 350}

Yay....WFMW!!! So glad you joined in!

I LOVE your cake stands....and Amy's kitchen. I was feeling a little green as well! ;)


That is a great idea :-) take out things that make you happy instead of keeping them tucked away. Just be super careful getting them down from that height so you can enjoy them in one piece :D


OMGoodness! I haven't heard anyone else type anywho. Or you know, I haven't seen it on anyone's blog. That used to be my favorite word of all time. Thanks for the giggle. :)
I love cake stands. My mamaw had a beautiful milk glass cake stand I always wanted, and my grandmother-in-law gave hers to me. I absolutely adore cake stands. I use them to serve sandwiches at lunch gatherings, cookies, cakes whatever. I think this is so cute.


I'm completely distracted by the coconut cake. What were you saying works for you?

Kristin Smith

I LOVE it...what a wonderful way to display those beautiful plates...although I hope you had some help getting them up there..being pg and all standing on a ladder is not advisable! :) I know because when I was pg with my Elijah we were doing some painting and at one point I found myself standing on our kitchen counters painting the space above the cabinets and I stepped off onto the folding chair I used and it started to fold in on itself...could have been bad news. But I am not to smart when it comes to safety like that! :)

Have a wonderful day!
Blessings, Kristin

Jen @ My Kitchen Addiction

Oh my goodness! I was having some kitchen envy when I saw Amy's kitchen, too. I love your solution for the cake plates. I might have to steal that idea. But, that would force me to be brave and discover what might be living on top of my cabinets. I am frightened by that thought.


My mom uses that space to display her cookie jars, of which she has MANY!

I think you and I have the same stove, except I'm sure yours is much cleaner. :0)


I can't be sure -but I think you and I live in the exact same house...well, not the exact same...
but the same 'model' if you will -
I would recognize that lack of cupboard space anywhere!
The cake stands look great!

Becki D

*sigh* I have cake stand envy. I've gone to Goodwill a couple of times to try to find one or the parts to make one like you do...but I just don't have the cake stand eye like you do!


LOVE it Amanda!!! week tell us about shooting your cakes on that counter! {wink}........I'm so jealous of you girls with kitchens with light and lots of room!!


This is my first time commenting, though I found your blog a few months ago--forgive me for stalking :)
That's exactly what I do with my cake stands! Of course, if you leave them up there for 5 years, they get coated in powdered sugar dust and then don't look so pretty. I do, however, wash them before using them :) I love your green walls, too!


I love items with dual purposes... cake stands and home decor work very well together. It looks fantastic!

Tina Fisher

Very nice's you and it looks pretty!

Was the cake a prop bonus?


I love it, I love your honestly. I really like where you put your cake stands

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