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January 21, 2011


Cookbook Queen

MMM...I LOVE tomato soup!! THis looks amazing :)

Brenda @ a farmgirl's dabbles

This looks delicious and SIMPLE! And perfect timing with this frigid cold. We love a good tomato soup around here - I'll be giving this a try.

Amy | She Wears Many Hats

Yummy! What a comfort food.

CopyKat Recipes

Man, I am going to have to step up my game, sometimes my favorite tomato soup is Campbell's straight out of a can served up with a velveeta grilled cheese sandwich. I am certain this would be better though!


This is so exciting! My husband just called a while ago and asked if we could have grilled cheese and tomato soup for dinner tonight! I have all of these ingredients on hand, and this will be far more exciting, healthy, and I'm sure delicious than boring canned tomato soup! Thanks!


I really should try this sometime. I am missing 2 ingredients or I'd do it today.. My kids all enjoy tomato soup. I've always been afraid to try making homemade, but this sounds simple enough!


I have never liked tomato soup, however, i would be willing to try this. It looks delicious!

Jen @ My Kitchen Addiction

Yum yum yum!! I just love tomato soup. It's going to be cold here this weekend, so I will have to pull some of my tomatoes out of the freezer and get busy making some soup.


Mmm...seriously one of my most craved pregnant meals! Can't get enough dipped grilled cheese in tomato soup!!! Your recipe looks delicious!!! (it's a balmy -1 here this morning! Maybe we'll reach 2 by lunch! Brrr!)

Amanda Rettke

Uck!!  I think it was -14 when I published the post... the overnight low was below -20!  Seriously, thats too cold even for me! :)

bridget {bake at 350}

I'll have to try this. Mr. E LOVES tomato soup, but I, um, don't. But I have a feeling I'd like YOURS!


Yum! I have been looking (well ok, in my head I have thinking about looking! Really looking would take lots more effort) for a new recipe. Ours is a little bit "less than ideal". Might just have to try this one today since I have been craving tomato soup. Have to admit though that I am kinda freaked about the bread part ... I have issues with "wet bread" but I might just have to step outside of my comfort zone. I'll just repeat "Amanda said it would be ok ... Amanda said it would be ok!". :)


It's still very warm here, but all I'm craving lately is soup. Sounds great, especially with your adventurous grilled cheese ;)

Mary C.

This is the tomato soup I make too!!! I have tried two recipes from Cooks Illustrated and they are both wonderful :) I make a huge batch and then can quarts of the soup to have on hand.

Michelle (What's Cooking with Kids)

There is something about the combination of tomato soup and grilled cheese. Pure heaven! xo


Oh it looks so yummy! Perfect for a cold day!


Mmmmm. Tomato soup. I made some yesterday for lunch. It's sooo much better with home canned tomatoes. And it's frugally satisfying too. (Can you say that?)
Today it was Cuban black bean soup. One of these days I'll be back to eating things that crunch. Until then, I think I'm going to be finding some new soups. :)

Kim @ Quit Eating Out {Recipes to Make Dining Out a Choice, Not a Chore}

I am currently over run with a horrible head cold and THIS post looks fabulous. I'm thinking this is what I need to make this weekend. Thanks for sharing. The perfect idea for this weather. Have a super weekend Friend!!!


That sounds delicious! Can't wait to try it!


This sounds heavenly!!! The sharp cheddar grilled cheese is the perfect add-on.

Jamie | My Baking Addiction

I loathe fresh tomatoes, but I love me some homemade tomato soup...I am also have an affinity for ketchup, go figure. Your soup looks incredibly delicious.

LindaSue Carter

oh Amanda, this sounds great! Another thing to use my home canned tomatoes on! Thanks for sharing...

Diane {}

Looks delicious, and yes would be especially good with those temperatures. I'm sending you sunshine right NOW!!! Hope it arrives quickly and warms things up a bit :)


I wish I had a big bowl right now!


This sounds amazing Amanda. And I just love the grilled cheese cut into strips for dunking!


tomato soup is on my meal plan list for this week. i am going to try yours! looks yummy!


I have never loved tomato soup, but yours is tempting me! May have to try it again.

Amy K

Thanks for the recipe. I'm definitely going to try it.
This family loves tomato soup & grilled cheese. And, we can relate to those lovely high temps of 2 degrees/lows -20 here as well.



Love homemade tomato soup, and yours looks just divine.


We always have grilled cheese and tomato soup in our house! So delicious!
Jess : )

foodies at home

YES! My favorite way to eat tomato soup! Perfect comfort food!

Judith Norman

Would love to learn more about your gardening and canning experiences. Soup looks delish.


I found your blog through the idea room and I LOVE it! I am now a new follower. I do have to say those rainbow pancakes are to DIE for- and I know all the colors are probably terrible for you, but endulging in some fun every once in a while is A-OK in my book ;) I'm going to make this for Valentine's Day, I think. :)

Oh- and the candyland cake- SO cute! I did a rainbow cake for my daughter's first birthday (Yo Gabba Gabba) and it was SO STINKIN CUTE! I just never thought of doing pancakes!!! Thanks for the idea :)

Semalee @ Nailing Jello to a Tree

Melissa@Pink Paper Peppermints

This sounds delicious. I can't wait to try it. Your photos are beautiful too.

Loved reading through your blog today (followed you here from Oh Amanda). I subscribed. :) Look forward to reading more!



Mmmmm. This does sound great.
But I don't HAVE a tomato masher.
OR a blender.
I have a can opener, though. So for the time being I think we'll be eating 'store brand' tomato soup.
Do you still love me?


That looks so delicious. that's it, I'm inviting myself over for lunch!

marla {family fresh cooking}

Amanda, love this soup! Could have used it on ski days. Dipping grilled cheese in it sounds like a dream. So does the brandy ;)


This looks wonderful! I cant wait to try it. I found you through The Idea Room.


:D I was think of you and your tomato soup when we were eating some the other day, before I'd even read this.


I made this yesterday it is O-SO-GOOD!!!!! and now I have this huge container of soup in my fridge that I'm sure will be gone by the weekend, especially since I have some wheat penne pasta in the house! =o) Thanks again, as always!


I had to share the blogs featuring your soup recipe =o) Here's the first:
and here's the sandwich I paired with it:

thanks again! =o)


Tomato Soup looking good and mouth watering.


What size are the cans of tomatoes?


Love this recipe. Linking back to this in my next post :) Want some now!

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