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January 19, 2011



Oh man, that sounds rough! I hope the kids are feeling better by now. Audrey is so pretty, just like her mom.


I can't believe how old she is getting! And always so beautiful!


Oh yuck. Sorry your night was rotten. Hope everyone gets to feeling better soon.

She is a doll! And definitely not a baby anymore.


bummer! btdt, way too often to want to remember!(We just spent the last 10 days dealing with influenza) It's a good thing your little princess and two big princes (and a daddy) to chase off the boys as she gets older!!


I am not alone. This is prolly my fave blog. Thanks for being real...your daughter is gorgeous.

Stephanie Meyer (Fresh Tart)

Oh Amanda, how horrible, you must be so wiped! I'm glad you had a sweet day with Audrey, the pics are so beautiful. Dreamy, in fact. Have a better night tonight, hugs, Stephanie


Oh man I am so sorry. Why does this always happen when the hubby's are away??
I'm glad you and Audrey are fine!!
P.S. Her hair has gotten so long!! She's gorgeous. Adeline's hair is still in the mullet stage ;)It'l grow...


Oh my word, she is just beautiful. And what a night, ugh.

Jessica @ How Sweet

Wow. Amanda she is seriously one of the most beautiful little girls I have ever seen. I hope your boys are feeling better soon!


oh my gossssh she is gorgeous!! i esp love the last pic of her. beautiful pictures lady!


Yuck. We had that last week and I gotta say that cleaning up puke is something that nobody should have to do, especially alone. So glad that Audrey was ok ... gotta love probiotics! Beautiful pictures!


Praying your boys are well and you and your daughter don't get sick! Your daughter is just precious!!


Oh my gosh.... you must have taken some kind of fabulous photography workshop to take such wonderful photos. Please please tell me what it was....... those are spectacular! Hee hee :) Btw.. your story sounds like a nightmare.. so glad you survived. Throwing up of any kind is the worst.


Ugh, I hate puking and I hate when my kids are puking (yes, I used the h-word, because I greatly detest throwing up). I feel for you. But at least there was a positive, right?


Perfectly angelic! :) She is beautiful!
I sure hope everyone is feeling better now and that no one else falls prey to whatever it was. Nothing worse.


OH.MY.WORD. That second shot of her is a mirror image of you and she's BEAUTIFUL!

Sorry the boys are sick. :( I'm praying they feel better soon.

LindaSue Carter

I am SO SORRY to hear about your horrid night! That's the one thing I have a very hard time dealing with and leave to my husband...don't know how you dealt with it so far along in pregnancy, too! So much stuff is going around right now, yuck!

I take probiotics and am ready to start my kids on them now, too! We've bulked up on the C and D3, and I think that has helped quite a bit.

Hang in there, Amanda. You're in my prayers.

Your daughter is ADORABLE!!!!!


Sorry to hear about the boys but oh my STARS are those some breathtaking pics. Seriously.

Sorry I haven't visited in such a long time. I haven't been reading blogs for many many months because I just haven't had the time and got plain old overwhelmed by my reader.

I've missed you.

Love, Jo

Judith Norman

Beautiful little girl! Hope the boys (and you) are feeling better.


Oh no, I'm sorry about the boys...but the pictures of Audrey are so adorable!


I'm so sorry the boys felt icky and you had to deal with such an eventful night! I hope they are feeling much better now!
As for those pictures of Audrey. Oh my word! They are all gorgeous pictures but I am totally smitten with the 2nd one! Such a beautiful girl you have there and those eyes... sigh....


Oh... I don't like vomit... and vomit while pregnant is really bad. So sorry. I hope your boys feel better soon and I hope they don't share with you and your daughter.

I LOVE the pictures! Thanks for sharing!


Oh no! I am so sorry! Where do you buy these magical probiotics? I feel the need to stock up and protect!
Audrey has grown into such a strikingly beautiful little grown up lady! Love those pictures! They are perfect!


YIKES! I pray the boys feel better soon!

And WOW! Audrey is all grown up! I LOVE the coloring of her second shot! GORGEOUS!

Becki D.

She is absolutely beautiful, Amanda!

Kim @ Homesteader's Heart

Grossness and Preciousness all in one post. How do you do it? LOL!
I hope all are recovering well and I really do love those pictures. She is so beautiful.
Have a great day my friend.


All in a day's work!! And once again your spirit finds a beautiful silver lining to your morning!! Hope everyonce is feeling much better :)


Oh. My. Word. Things a pregnant mama should NOT have to deal with, but all too often, we do. So sorry about the icky bed. I hope the boys are doing better and daddy is on his way home.
You're so right. She has started to get that little girl look. I still see a little baby around the edges though. :) Those pictures are gorgeous.
I hope your socks are going on better. I can't imagine a MN winter without them.

Mary C.

I had chinese food once and was sick within hours! The only good thing about it being food poisoning for your children is that maybe it's over and not the flu!!! I feel for you having to handle that on your own :(

Your pictures of Audrey are amazing -- and no she isn't your baby anymore :)

Hope today is better for all!!


Oh no! Not fun! So sorry. We just got through it too. Love the pictures though! What an angel!


I am really sorry that your kiddos are sick, and I hope it wasn't food poison. But Audrey. Yeah, she is just too cute!. Too bad she isn't a baby anymore, you'll just have to get another one. Oh. Wait....

The Lumberjack's Wife

Oh boo for the sickies. Your daughter is too cute!


Wow, she's awfully cute! What a dolly! Hope everyone is feeling better very soon.

Amy K

Oh Amanda, that sounds like an awful sorry!
But, those pics of Audrey are gorgeous. She certainly does look grown up.
Hopefully everyone's feeling better now.


bridget {bake at 350}

Oh, Amanda....I'm SO sorry! You POOR thing, you.

BUT....those picture?!?! Wow! You have an angel there. ♥ Sweet, sweet, sweet!


I'm truly inspired and influenced on the way you take things that happen in your life. You always see the good part of everything. Your daughter is so pretty by the way. You know what, I'm even thinking of having another child in addition to my two beautiful kids because of you. More power!


I LOVE that last one where her eyes are blue and the rest of the color is toned down! I really need to learn my photoshop better! Also, I found your rainbow pancakes on a blog I follow referencing another blog referencing your blog. So proud to know you! :) Have a great day!


"In spite of it all"
It's good when we can see past the yuck to take in the beautiful. :o)
And your girl is definitely beautiful!


Hope the boys are better!

Your daughter is beautiful and getting to be a big girl! The pictures you took of her are wonderful!



Hi Amanda,

Inquiring minds want to know... Which probiotics do you use and where do you get them?

Love, Susan


Oh my goodness Amanda what on earth happened to that little baby angel of yours. Seriously, she looks so grown up. Okay, sorry, you probably dont want to hear that. I love the photo's you took. Aubrey is one beautiful little girl. It's a good thing she's got a couple brothers to watch over her. Because come another 10-15 years she's gonna need them. Sorry to hear about the whole sicky thing with the kids. Hope everyone is back to being healthy again.

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