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January 07, 2011


Jessica @ How Sweet

Aw! Congrats Amanda. That is so exciting!


A wonderful bundle of boy, to bring your family a lot of joy. :) Can't wait to 'meet' him on your blog when the day comes. Congrats! Do you have a name in mind yet?

bridget {bake at 350}

Yay!!! Congratulations, my dear! Can't wait to "meet" him! ♥


Little Audrey is going to love being a big sister to this newest brother! Congratulations Amanda.

Amanda Rettke

No names in mind yet... any suggestions??? :)

CopyKat Recipes

Let's just pray for a healthy baby and mommy! Babies are blessings to us all!

Amanda Sikes

Very exciting! Congrats! Such a fun and exciting time. It's getting closer to welcoming your little one into your arms!

Becki D

Congratulations, Amanda!! PTL all is well with your new little man!

megan @ whatmegansmaking

yay!!! Congratulations! :)

Amelia Sprout

After seeing a lot of girls when my daughter was born, I have been hearing about a lot of boys lately. That doesn't bode well for M's request for a sister, but she'll have to deal with it, I did.



Aww congratulations Amanda!


Wonderful news! Congratulations Amanda! wow, and names? well there are so many-picking is half the fun! Good luck with that, keep us posted on your top choices. At the school I work at we have a sibling group named----Tuseday, Cricket and Ranger!


I have a baby boy and he is wonderful. I'm sure Daddy must be thrilled! Look forward to reading more developments!

Katie R.

I love baby boys. :)


Beautiful! So that makes 3 boys for you then? A trifecta!


Awwww....congratulations!! Baby boys are simply so precious! I'm so excited for you!!!

The boy name we chose when we were expecting Gracie was Caleb. ;-)


Oh boy! So exciting! If you'd like, you can use our "top" baby boy name: Luke Skywalker! I'd be willing to sacrifice for you, dear friend, and let that name be "taken" so we'd have to find another name! (FYI, don't let your husband give naming rights to 5 year olds!). Congratulations!!!


Woohoo! I love little boys. Maybe you'll let me come and play with him.

cara @ the boys made me do it

Congratulations! There is nothing like little boys!


Oh, yay! Audrey is going to be so well protected. It'll make Daddy's job a little easier. She's going to need some watching over. Are the boys excited? I can't wait to meet your little one.


YAY! i never realized how wonderful it was to have a baby boy until i had mine! i'm so excited for you! i was thinking of you when i went to Forest Lake for lunch wondering what you found out. i know that sounds weird but it's true!!! lol

Grandpa Dennis

That is great. I love my Grandsons....and Audrey will be even more special!!!!


Yay. Three boys are fun!! (I know.) :-)


Congrats! I'll be watching closely as the name suggestions come in.....we have zero boy names we both like.

Lori @ RecipeGirl


Kristin Smith

Congrats- 3 boys and 1 girl works great for me! :) Thank God for tiny miracles like new babies!! Hope you are feeling ok!
Blessings, Kristin


Congrats! That is so exciting. Yeah for boys!


YAY! So happy for you and your family!
Audrey will just be the princess and well looked after! :)


Yay!!!! Congrats to you, Chad, Colton, Parker and of course little Audrey. Audrey's going to need all the brothers she can get to fight off all them boys some day. Cant wait to meet the little guy. Such a Blessing!!

Tina Fisher

Congratulations and God's blessings to you & baby for the remainder of the pregnancy!


Love it!! Love boys. GREAT news!


Congratulations! I am so happy he's healthy! Sometimes in the excitement of finding out what I'm having, I forget I'm there to find out if he/she is healthy!

Renee (Kudos Kitchen)

Wonderful news Amanda! Congratulations! I am so excited for you and your family!!!


A busy, busy household you will have! Wait! You probably already do :)


Yay for boys:)Congratulations!


Yay Congratulations!


Congrats! As a word of warning, when ultrasound technicians are wrong, it's almost always saying it's a boy when it's really a girl (sometimes the umbilical cord can be deceiving).
It's unlikely she's wrong though!


Congratulations! I love little boys!!




Congratulations!! I had to come over and take a peek! My guess was wrong but that's alright. My Twin Boys are super special...They made me "Mommy" first! Enjoy every crazy moment!


Congrats!! Boy babies are more cuddly than their female counterparts for some reason. I posted these names on your other site already but just in case you missed them these are some of my favorites Gabriel Ryan, Samuel Carter, Ethan Charles, & Charles Ryan :O) My 2 boys names are Harrison Thomas & Cooper Henry


I forgot to ask how you are feeling? I hope your not too exhausted and feeling well. Remember to take naps when possible. :O)

Mela Kamin

Wonderful! We have a Simon (after my Grandpa) and a Max. We were also thinking about Chase (because my Dad is Charles) or Benjamin. You can't go wrong with a Biblical name - lots of options there!


congrats again!! I too hope you are doing well. :)


great news! hope you are feeling well

Aimee @ Simple Bites

Boy!! Yay!! Wonderful news, Amanda.


a boy!! congrats!!!


My boys are Joseph and Ethan. My nephew is Cale.
I also love Liam, Levi, Matthew, Declan. :) I wish you
All the best of luck.


Hooray for baby boys!!! I'm 29 weeks with a baby boy :)
Congratulations again Amanda!


Congratulations! So thrilled for your family!!! Boys are just too sweet!!!! I have a girl and a boy....we are celebrating my little guy's THIRD birthday tomorrow!!!! Can't believe it has been three years since we adopted him!!!! God is sooo good!! Hope you are feeling well....and your peeking baby cookies!!!!!!


Haha..I totally guessed right!!!!!

Yoohoo!!!! Congrats, AManda!!!


so excited either way, babies are awesome


Congratulations on another boy! It seems we're in the same boat - only flipped! LOL. Isn't it HARD coming up with a name after you've already used two of them?? Ufda.

Amy K

Congrats on another baby boy! He will be blessed with such great big brothers and sister!


Congrats Amanda!! my hubby would kill for a son! haha........he tries to adopt all of my friends you may not want to bring yours around my house! lol

So excited for you!!


AWe not twins ; D a boy. I have a Noah and a Luke...I like the Bible names. I guessed a girl on your other blog ; (

Kristin Morris

Congratulations Amanda!!!!! He will be gorgeous and such a great man in the kitchen! ;)


How exciting!! Congratulations! What a beautiful boy he will be and a total blessing!!


Congratulations. I'll tell you secretly -- I love little boys!


Congrats! I'm excited for you and your family!
Do you have any names picked out?


name suggestion: Jaxson. I love the peeking cookies!


Beautiful news!! I like the name Marston, very different. It is Hugh Hefner's son's name as well as his being his own middle name. I know weird, but it is catchy. Well, Beth wouldn't work now would it?

Mary C.

Oh Amanda, I am so late, but congratulations on another boy!! :) I only have two girls and I really think God blessed me with girls....not sure I know what to do with boys! But I think you must be a natural (along with your hubby) for boys. We cannot wait to see (a picture) of him when he announces his arrival.

Judith Norman



yayyyy!!! congrats!

Heather Bealonis

I like these lovely boys names, Bailey, Cohen, Braxton, Emerson, Jenson and Elliott!!! Congratualtions!!!


Oh wow - Congrats Amanda!! Are you so excited? Woo-hoo!


CongratS! We are partial to the name Travis...

The Lumberjack's Wife

Congratulations, Amanda! Looking forward to seeing your little man! :)


i've been painting the walls of our new house this past week and that gives me lots of time to think...i thought of YOU! i think you left me a comment recently, right? that got me realizing that it's been forever since i've been blog reading. just too busy with new move and job and house. i was wondering if you had the baby yet. not yet, i see! you are a sweety and i hope all is well. let me know if you are ever in the Sacramento, CA area! i saw the names above suggested that i love: luke (my brother's name), noah, liam. those are sweet yet cool names, i think.

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