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January 29, 2011



I did that once when I was little. I'm not sure of my age at the time but apparently I sat down on my mom or next to her while she was taking a quick nap and snip snip - away went my hair. I'm glad you were able to laugh about it. It'll be a great story to tell her when she's older! :)

bridget {bake at 350}

Aww.....she's so sweet! and you will always have the good story to tell. :)


Laughing, and she's still cute as can be...just thank goodness she didn't have a high pony. That's makes for an awesome mullet. My pre-k pics don't lie, :-)


You are right, her hair will grow back but you will not lose the grey ones you just got from this episode. LOL

Audrey is beautiful!

Molly Smith

Audrey is so pretty! You described the feelings a mom gets, perfectly. I think this is a normal process growing up. I never cut my own hair but I did snip bangs and sides of two neighbor friends.

Enjoyed the story, thanks for sharing.


:) I would have done all the same things you did I am sure. It is sortof a right of passage they say, so I am just waiting for our turn here. But I will be hiding those scissors as long as possible. Ha.

Diane {}

she is so cute, no hair needed :)
clips with bows, headbands and fun hats will help on days when needed. Some days I wonder how nice it would be to not have hair to worry about!


She's still just as cute as can be! ;-)

We've not had much hair-cutting around here--unless you count the Barbie's. Wow. They're a sight to see!

Wes did cut Hanna Kate some awfully short bangs once, but it didn't look too bad. :)


Ahhh memories...been there done this :) I think every kid does it at least once :) She's still beautiful missing hair and all.


My daughter did that twice!! She gave herself the Kate Gosslein peacock cut. It eventually grew out and it really is only hair.

Renee (Kudos Kitchen)

What a beautiful child! The pictures you took of her rival any of the best child photographers out there. Must be because you took them with such a great deal of love! Her eyes are amazing! She's a lucky little girl to have such an outstanding and talented mommy! Her fate is set. She too will be as equally gifted, as you, her mom.
Loved this post Amanda! I remember when I did that as a young girl (and then again as a young adult). Brings back such memories!

The Lumberjack's Wife

Still cute!

I have never had a kid mess with their hair . . . yet. ;)

Gramma Teetsie Thompson

Hair will grow back - I promise. But she will always have those beautiful eyes and beautiful smile. Very lucky Mom you are


Yes it will grow back. My kids have done this as well. I just took pictures to show them when they are older.
PS She still looks super cute!


AT least you didn't sit on her to try to give her a haircut like we did with Dane. his hair is already growing back and I think we are going to need to do the tackle him down and sit on him approach again. You can't wait for Audrey's hair to grow up, and I wish Dane's wouldn't! Maybe we could switch places! I love your stories!
I can't wait to see you after your baby is born. Wait! I don't want to wait that long! But I will be patient. Maybe by the time I see you, Audrey's hair will be all back to normal!Oh, I hope not!


Beautiful girl! Yes it will grow. Sounds like you handled it well. And it's still winter. Cute hats are always fun too. :)


Oh my goodness! But how on earth could you be upset with her when she looks at you with those glorious blue eyes??? I sure couldn't be! :) She's too adorable! And you're will grow.


Whoopsie!!! Lauren has yet to do this...I am waiting for it though. As of now the only one that has butchered her hair was my mom!


I did the same thing when I was four years old. My mom was in the hospital giving birth to my brother. I was at home being babysat by my grandmother. With a pair of kid scissors, I gave myself some bangs and trims here and there.
Apparently, it looked terrible. So, at a young age my dreams and hopes of becoming a hairstylist was through out behind my TV...much like my hair was.


Ah...bummer bangs! She is still so beautiful! I have been scared to death that my kids would do this, so much so that their teachers always encourage me to let them practice more on their cutting skills. Don't they know I'm one of "those" moms?
*The McCaughey septuplets go to our church and their mom tells many stories of when they were young, the girls actually took turns cutting one of the sister's hair and hid it in their toy box. It was very tiny chunks here and there and took the mom forever to figure it all out! That would be overwhelming parenting! ;)

Amy K

You're right, hair will grow back. To see her smiling face....awwww!
I think just about every little girl cuts their own hair. Both of my girls did it. Our niece did a "bang-up" job on hers...cut her bangs right to her scalp!!!! There was NO way to fix that.
Oh yeah, and our nephew cut another little girl's hair at daycare. That mom was livid!
I guess these are all things to look back on someday and laugh with our girls!
Your Audrey looks like such a sweet little soul, and is beautiful no matter what her hair looks like!



So funny, almost a rite of passage. I cut my bangs off the day before a dance recital when I was a little girl.

Carrie Cannon

My #2 son did that when he was five...cut off ALL the bangs to the QUICK...I wanted to cry...but since he was a boy...we got him a buzz cut. Thankfully he did it AFTER a scheduled picture appointment...
Hair will grow...most likely, faster than you think...most momma's who see it will smile and think...been there, done that.
THose eyes are AMAZING though!!!! I think you should kiss her crazy!


Whoops!! Yea...I think most kids do that either to themselves or someone else and it all grows back!

ali @ an ordinary mom

Aww, who cares about the hair with such a sweet face?!

My oldest daughter found a misplaced scissors when she was 2 1/2 or so, and took a huge chunk of bangs off of her full thick head of hair, like a square inch of hairline real estate, about a milimeter away from the scalp... It was traumatic, for me, I cried.

But it grew back, long and luscious, and she was no worse for the wear...

Ah, the memories!


Shes grown up so much!

and no worries about the hair, i think almost every little girl comes with a story of doing that when they were little. =]

Erica B.

OH NO!!! But that cute little face makes up for it!


We have not had this experience-yet. Oh yikes, I am so sorry. She is still super cute though :o)


Yes it will grow back and it looks like you gave her a new cute cut or did you just restyle it...either way, super cute!

Michelle Hankins

HaHa! I love it! Because it reminds me when of the time my oldest daughter did to hear and her brother. She was about 4 at the time and her brother was about 3, they are currently 19 and 17. It was funny to go in public and see the little smile on other moms faces as they recalled the memories. It's like a rite of passage - ha! She is still so beautiful! She could have shaved it all off and those lovely eyes would still shine!

Good... great memories!


Too cute! I will have to remember this IF it ever happens at my house, with my Audrey!

Mary C.

So sorry Amanda! Two years ago, my youngest daughter (now 7) went out to "help" daddy in the backyard while he was completing their birthday gift, a new swingset/jungle gym thingy. I hear screaming and my husband comes in carrying her. She got the drill stuck in her hair and the drill basically pulled out the entire right side of her hair. She wasn't hurt *Thank God*, but it did hurt when it happened and now my sweet baby had NO hair on one side of her head -- just a bald head. She got over it pretty quickly (we even had a group of friends over that night) but it took me quite a while :( It did all grow back and now she has a cute bob :) Hang in there mom!!

Kristin Kunoff

I have a good friend whose daughter cuts her own hair on a regular basis. I'm sure my friend is tired of it all...but I can't help but giggle each time I hear about it=)


This made me *giggle*. My girl once cut off half of one of her pig-tails. I got light-headed. But you're right. It grew back. ;)

You have such a cute-pie there!!


She is adorable and you are a patient, funny, realistic, wonderful mom. Well handled.


Oh Amanda I have to admit that I am laughing a little bit right now. I think every little girl has "chopped" their hair when they were litte. I'm not sure what the fascination is with cutting their own hair. And it's always in the worst spot imaginable. But you are right it will grow back. And she has now surpassed another childhood moment. At least she's really stinkin adorable so she can totally pull it off. Can you imagine if we were to do that?? It soooo wouldnt be as cute!!


Amanda - your daughter is absolutely adorable! Those gorgeous blue eyes just totally distracted me from her personal haircut.
I can't begin to tell you how many of my friends children have given themselves their own haircut. One went so far as to cut her brothers hair too! Fortunately that mom stayed calm, came over and we managed to smooth out their new look. I like that she obeyed you and still put the scissors away. What a good girl!

Queen Mommy

About a year and a half ago...when they were 5-1/2, Leah cut Lily's hair. I was in the laundry room switching out a load of clothes, when I heard my oldest yell "Mommy, my sisters are telling me that Leah cut Lily's hair." Calmly, I finished what I was doing, as rushing out of there in a freakish hurry wasn't going to change what had already taken place. Moments later, I walked over to Lily, took all of the 36 clippies out of her hair, and discovered that, oh yes, Leah had cut Lily's hair. It was cut to the nape of her neck in the back...and the layers were worse. Immediately I phoned Kid's Hair because there was no way I could even attempt to fix what had been done. In my mind I was picturing all those beautiful blonde curls chopped off into a pixie cut. Thankfully, we were able to do a wedge, which at least maintained some sense of girly-ness. And, it looked cute on her. Unfortunately, her curls have never been the same since, and that makes me a little sad sometimes.


hahaha. What a funny and cute little girl. You have the most beautiful and cutest baby in world Amanda. Im proud of you as a Mother. Belated Happy Mother's Day!

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