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December 30, 2010



All very good thoughts -- I especially want to work on reducing clutter. I used to be so good at that and then 17 years later? not so good :-( It is true that life functions so much easier when you are free of clutter.

Lisa (With Style and Grace)

Beatuifully said & quite inspiring!

Amy from She Wears Many Hats

I might just adopt all of your resolutions too. It's a fantastic list.


Lots of great ideas Amanda......many which I'd NEED to do myself!!

Happy New Year!!

CM @ A Little Lilac

I really like your one about actually writing notes to people on paper with pen. I need to do this more often myself. Hope you have a wonderful New Years!

PS. Oh, I'm so jealous I'm not "local." I bet your police LOVE your cookies!


Your meal planning goal hits home for me- I resolved to do this last new years and, although I havent followed through 100%, the large amount of time I HAVE made a meal plan. I have been able to incorporate new recipes and its FAR easier to make a grocery list. It REALLY REALLY (i cant stress it enough) makes dinner time easier. Which actually makes your whole day easier- no wondering what youll make with what you have- you just have all the ingredients because you bought them with the grocery list you made after you planned your meals. AND you know WHAT you are making WHICH day- and can put the meat in the freezer a day or two adhead of time to be sure its thawed for the day you need it. We end up eating out FAR more often if I dont plan because the meat wont thaw in time for dinner!

bridget {bake at 350}

I love #2 especially! :)

Happy New Year, Amanda!


Lofty goals, good ones, but lofty ones. Remember not to berate yourself if you forget someone's birthday, etc. but to move forward instead.

Otherwise, you go girl! What a great way to bring in the new year - with a game plan! I've been arming myself with a plan too and it helps, except when I forget to do that, then I tend to get frustrated.


Wonderful goals!! My suggestion for the cards is to build a stash. There was a great Hallmark commercial once (ok there are several but I'm referring to one) where a woman needed a card at a moment's notice for a friend who'd come over, and she went into her back room, opened a drawer, and voila, had a huge organized stash of them. Brilliant! I've tried to live up to that in a small way, by having the basics (birthday, congratulations) and a lot of pretty cards with blank insides. Oh, and buy the forever stamps so you don't have to send out envelopes with 3 stamps on them becuase you're still trying to get rid of your old ones. Not that I know anything about that. :)

Have an Extraordinary Day!


Very nice resolutions Amanda. I have no doubt that you will strive to meet every one of them (with a new baby on the way the #7, getting lots of rest, may be tough at times so be sure to nap when you can :)
Happy New Year!

The Lumberjack's Wife

A perfect list! I really need to like exercise more. But . . . I just don't. :( Boo, me.

Cookbook Queen

You are such a kind hearted person, Amanda... I truly hope that you are as blessed in the new year as the rest of us are just for knowing you.

Mwah!! xoxo

Kristan :)

Janmary, N Ireland

Great, and typically caring of you :)

I tend to avoid resolutions but maybe one should be to stop reading and commenting on blogs at 3am when I can't sleep!!!

Hugs from Ireland for you and yours this New Years Eve. :)

Jen @ My Kitchen Addiction

So many great resolutions... We have many of the same goals for 2011 :)

Hope you have a blessed New Year!


Awesome list! Happy New Year...a little early. This is the first year we may let our little stay up until midnight. Could be interesting. :)


What a beautiful list!
I love it!
And I resonate with it, too!
Especially the exercise. HAve fun with it. And use it to play with your kids.


You're a lovely person.


A wonderful list - and so much to do! I abandoned resolutions long ago - and started with a different approach to New Years. Mine isn't always on New Years -

Come by, bring a cup of coffee and enjoy:

May your new year bring you blessing and joy!

Louise Metcalfe

Towards the end of this past year I have been diagnosed with lymphoma and as a mother of 3 young children, and at the age of 35, it has been a life-changing and monumental time for us as a family. I can relate so much to so many of your list - and just want to remind myself and all of us that everything we do can have such an impact on others, even the way we look after ourselves, in doing so, makes us more able to look after others. I have been thinking alot about that quote "When it rains looks for rainbows, when it's dark look for stars," and the fact that even in the depths of such a diagnosis I have the ability to look for the positives, to dwell on the blessings and be thankful, and to not just think of myself, but to focus on what I can do during my illness that would be of lasting benefit to those around me, my family, friends and community.
Thank you again for such a timely reminder and such a thoughtful reflection at new year.


Your words, intentions (and baking blog!) are all inspirational. Thank you for sharing yourself and your heart. The Maya Angelou quote is just about the perfect statement to launch the year. Peace & joy to you and yours.


You make me feel happy there are true spirits like you in our (sometimes) cold, cruel world. Happy New Year to you and your family! :)


I'm currently working on mine Amanda so it was really timely for me to find this post. As always my sweet friend, you say it so clearly for me. Blessings x


Okay, this is exactly why I consider you a great friend-your a great person with the best heart.

Cheers to 2011. Happy New Years to you and your family!

JDaniel4's Mom

Stopping from My Cup to Yours!

I love the quote you selected. I am going to be ruminating on how I make people feel for a while. This is a great goals for me in the New Year.

Becki D

Lovely resolutions!

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