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December 20, 2010



She is beautiful Amanda. Love the precious pics.


What a beautiful child and a lovely tribute!


So precious!


Beautiful little girl in a beautiful birthday dress with a lovely little pink cake: perfect! Happy Birthday!!!


Happy Birthday Audrey!!! Wow does time fly and look and that super blonde hair!! Such a sweety!!


Those photos are precious! Happy Birthday, sweet girl!!

Jessica @ How Sweet

She is so beautiful! Happy birthday to her.

So sweet! Happy Birthday sweet child! :-)


i love love love the photos of audrey...she is just a little angel and we love her so much!


Wow! Look at all that hair. They grow so stinkin' fast! Happy Birthday little girl!


First things first...I thought my husband would cry he laughed so hard at your last post. I had left it up somehow and he sat down and read it.
Secondly, she is SO big. Wasn't she just a baby? Beautiful.


Honestly Amanda she is so gorgeous!
Happy birthday to your sweet little girl!!


Happy Birthday Audrey:) She is just beautiful. It is my oldest son's birthday too!! He turned six yesterday:) My cake was less than impressive but I did draw an Ironman face on it:) Also wanted to let you know I had my baby on the 14th...he was 2 weeks early and we just love him. I don't have any pics on the blog yet but my friend gifted me a photo session as a baby gift and just put pics up on her blog today. You can see them at
Anyway, I hope that you are recovering from your trip...laughed at your last post and are feeling better:)


Such a cutie. Love the pictures. Hope you are feeling well.


Beautiful girl! Beautiful pictures!
Happy birthday, sweet girl! You are loved and blessed beyond comprehension. Hope you had a wonderful day.


Happy Birthday sweet girl! (2 days late)


aww, how sweet! Happy birthday to Audrey!


What a beautiful little girl! she is sure growing up though! wow. Love the pictures Amanda. They are gorgeous! Happy Birthday Audrey

Amy K

Happy Birthday Audrey! Gorgeous photos of your sweet girl.

Dave The Shoulder Monkey

She's so adorable! Her manners surely comes from you. You're so lucky to have them all!

ali @ an ordinary mom

Wow, what a smart little sweetie!
Our youngest is 26 months and tries to count a few numbers with me, but he doesn't yet sing his ABC's...

Happy Birthday to your precious well-mannered little girly girl!!


I can't believe Audrey is 2 now!!! I love the pictures!!!!!!

Heather Y Vincent

AWE....what a sweet little girl you have! Precious! My little preemie just turned two on the 17th...such a fun age they are at. Happy (belated) Birthday beautiful girl!!!

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