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November 16, 2010



I love it! Cute and edible and a perfect reminder.

I just silently hide and hope no one wants to talk to me at my in-laws. We come from two different worlds, and they hide their dysfunction. My family airs that out on the lawn. This is a problem when they ask me how life is. :-p


I love it! Cute and edible and a perfect reminder.

I just silently hide and hope no one wants to talk to me at my in-laws. We come from two different worlds, and they hide their dysfunction. My family airs that out on the lawn. This is a problem when they ask me how life is. :-p


Great idea!


Awesome idea! I love going around the table telling each other what we are thankful for. However, this will work for those who are a little on the shy side. :)


Very creative idea. Your in-laws are blessed to have you in their family :)


We also did this, we would go around the table and tell each other aloud what we were thankful for. Hubby's family doesn't do this, and they also don't make the normal Thanksgiving meal, but my husband I promised to start our own tradition once we have our own children :)
I think these cookies are adorable and such a clever idea!

Kristen@High Heels and a Hammer

I LOVE these!!!! Enough said!

the urban baker

I love this! You are way too cute!


YOU ARE AWESOME. THIS IDEA ROCKS! Go you! tradition is so dumb...but it also isn't done at my in-laws which is hard. We ALWAYS went to my aunt's house for Thanksgiving. And we ALWAYS had a pickle/olive/cheese tray. And my cousins and I ALWAYS snuck pieces off of it before the meal...and snacked on it all afternoon. I miss it.


very creative. :)

Becki D

looove it!!


We don't have a thanksgiving day as such in India, but my family does this (sharing what they're thankful for) at Christmas. This is a great idea, and I plan to incorporate it into my family's Christmas celebration this year.

P.S This year, my parents have invited us and my in-laws over to their home for Christmas. Praying and keeping my fingers crossed that all goes well!

Archel Bernard

I love your blog! I write a completely different type of page ( from a completely different perspective, but I love reading about your life. I mean I'm a black college student in Atlanta who only cooks in a crock pot and never wants to get married, yet your themes still appeal to me. Bravo!

Jessica @ How Sweet

Wow, these are amazing! You are such an inspiration.

Amy K

What a wonderful idea Amanda! This idea is what I'm making and introducing to my family this year. I'm not going to limit it to Thanksgiving. I'm going to take it to every gathering, and have a prompt question for everyone to answer that would remind us of things from our past. We all have stories in our memories that need to be told.

marla {family fresh cooking}

Amanda, thanks for reminding us about the true meaning behind this whirlwind of a holiday. These cookies not only look like they taste great, but the interactive quality is spectacular! Who would pass up this opportunity to write on a cookie??!


What a fun idea Amanda!!!


Ah! I made those exact cookies yesterday--in the same colors and everything! My favorite tradition is tonight! Our church has an annual Thanksgiving dinner where sweet ladies and a young guy chef cook turkeys at church all day and the rest of us bring the sides. Then people share thanksgiving for how God has blessed them through the year. When we first went on staff at the church, it was going through a rough patch and we prayed that 200 people would come. This year, ALL thanks to God, it's set up for 450 + overflow! We are so blessed and I couldn't love these people more!


So creative and fun!

bridget {bake at 350}

I love, love, love this idea, Amanda! LOVE!

Renee (Kudos Kitchen)

Brilliant idea Amanda! Brilliant!

megan @ whatmegansmaking

What a wonderful idea! Love it! My family does the go around the table and say what you're thankful for thing as well. And truthfully...I roll my eyes(I'm shy and self conscious and not one to speak in public - even in my family!) :) But you're right - when I'm with my husband's family I miss it! These cookies are a wonderful idea. :)

Chris @ theoeche

Such a smart, fun idea. I think our young kids can even get in on the fun and would love to draw/scribble on their cookies before they eat them on Thanksgiving.


Very fun! I just did a similar thing with "thankful muffins!" It's such a special thing, being thankful, and sometimes extending out of ones comfort zone makes it even more poignant.

Erika - In Erika's Kitchen

I love this idea!


Amanda, what a GREAT idea!!! I love it. Now I just have to get my icing right to do some cookies.


Before I ate those sweet little cookies of yours I'd have to write that I'm thankful for having found you through blogging and twitter. Great idea!

Judy Kingston-Smith

What a great Idea this is! Never thought about it before. Thanks!


What a brilliant idea!!

Judith Norman

Excellent idea! My family had the same tradition (going around table saying what we were thankful for) when I was growing up. We also read a passage from the Bible. I plan to do the same when I am blessed with my own family.


What a fantastic idea! I don't think I've ever heard of anyone doing that before.


i love this idea!!!!

Amy K

I just had to stop by and congratulate you on your cookies making the top 50!!!! Yeah!


Cookies really do solve all problems!!!


What a grand idea! Good way to 'compromise.'

Kylie Barnes

This year we are starting the day off with an 8k race in our town. I hope it becomes tradition! I love your cookie idea.

Ashley Pichea

I have NEVER seen the Food Writer pens before. Where did you get them? I *LOVE* this idea!!


This is WONDERFUL! And just the reminder I needed. I am thankful for a heavenly father that has always loved me and has given me the best in this life. Even my temporary stumbles he makes into great things. Thanks for making me remember.

Amanda B

We have the same tradition to say what we are thankful for before eating. We are going to my aunt's house this year, and I think it will be fun to make these. I saw these pens recently, so I can pick a couple up and take them over there. I love this cookie idea.

Anthony Kimber

Love your stuff.........Very original, visually pleasing. Your site has a warm, cozy feel to it , as well....Kudos, Anthony.

He & Me + 3

Love these cookies...what a great idea. You are so talented. Miss you.

Very creative with a great message!

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