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November 06, 2010



How sweet of you! Also, thanks for introducing me to a neat, new site! Those stickers and journals would be at the top of my list. :-)


My odds would be much better *if only* you just had five readers! :) I love this stuff! I have a thing for personalized gifts...since I never got anything with my name on it growing up! (Unless you count my mom drawing an O over the I in Linda. Nice, Mom!) Enough pity party! Have a wonderful weekend! Thanks for a fun give-away!!!


Super cute items! :) I totally can see you getting the stickers for your cookies - so professional! :)

Any free time or is life to crazy - would love to do a car trip up your way soon! :)


I love stickers!


I love the clipboard!! We use clipboards for school papers and their's are much cuter than the plain ones we use!

Have a great weekend!


You would think that I saw my sister's pain growing up, when she was unable to find personalized items in the store with her name on them From that experience, I should have named my child something that could easily be found in the store. But no, I went with the name that was set on my heart. This site is the perfect solution! Thanks for sharing!


Eeek--love the puzzles!! My big girl is a puzzle fanatic, so that's a must have! The coloring books are just precious, too--and what a great price!

Thanks for sharing Frecklebox--I've gotten lots of great (and inexpensive!) gift ideas. :-)


I wanna win I wanna win...for my kids that is :)

CM @ A Little Lilac

Oh how fun! I love the Zoo Animals puzzle!


Cute cute stuff! Love the books! :)

Holly Neaton

Fun, what great stuff!


Love them. I'll put my name in the hat, too.

Heather Y Vincent

I love this stuff, especially the job charts!!


You seriously make me laugh. :) I am a huge fan of personalization. We labor for weeks and months even for the "perfect" name so why not show it off abit. I think that the stickers would be great with your cookies as well. Thanks for the link!


Love personalized gifts. And since we went with an uncommon name for our son things like these are perfect.


I was JUST sitting here trying to figure out what I am going to get for my nephew's for Christmas, and then went and looked at this website! I love the personalized coloring books - this is definitely what I'll be doing for their gifts now. Thank you!


Love the stickers! I want some for myself!


That is just awesome! You are such a dear to think of your readers this way. Love the folders and journals BTW!

Michelle M.

This is such a fun giveaway! I'd love to get my kids some puzzles :) thanks!!


So enjoy your blog. Would love a personalized gift ;). I have a thing for personalized items too!

Shannon Mills

Things are 100 times better with a childs name on it. I am going to go check it out.


What a great site. Lots to choose from. Thanks


This is great! I have 5 kids so personalized belongings cut back on a lot of the arguing over what belongs to who around here. Thank you for sharing the site with me!


Cool. Thanks for sharing the website. I also love personalized items. Just might have to do some Christmas shopping there.

Or maybe I'll luck out and my comment will be chosen as a winner. :)

Thanks for the fun give-away.

Blessings, Kari


Everything is so cute. And I love to add personalization to everything ;)


How nice of you! I would love to enter. My son's name is Nickalaus, so it's hard to find anything with his name on it. I could never find stuff when I was younger either. xoxo Kassandra


Sounds like a fun giveaway!

Lisa Edwards

So very much enjoy your blogs...hope all is well! And thanks for the tip...what a cool website frecklebox is


Who doesn't love personalization?! Super cute! What a nice giveaway to host.


Awe, such cute things! My kiddies would love these.


How cute! I have 3 little girls and personalized stuff are a must for our house! Would love to get them those coloring books :)


I know a couple little girls who LOVE to color and would love the colorbooks. Perfect Christmas gift! :)


Those are really cute! My nephews would love it!

Kylie Barnes

Oh I love this stuff!! I would love a chore chart or a coloring book for my son!! I might have to do this for Christmas....well the coloring book. I don't think he would like a chore chart as a gift! Ha.

Jodie Cox

I love Frecklebox!!! There are sooo many things I would want. I love the puzzles! My son is obsessed with puzzles right now. I also love the chore charts. Definitely would help around my house! Thanks for the great offer!


my daughter has a unique name and loves anytime something has her name on it! thanks for sharing this site!


You are hilarious. 6? More like 60+. You are totally rocking this blogging thing. Your last few posts have been priceless.
I want to know how you find the time to get around online as much as you do. That is a sincere request. I really need to work on my time management skills.

PS You are pregnant, sweet lady. And you are beautiful. Hope your day is blessed.


that is so cool. i hope i win!

Amy K

Thanks for the link. I've just found the perfect gift for my niece & nephew. Very cool! Thanks for the chance to win.


Deb Barber

These are great ideas, especially to keep items separate. I know with my boys they always fight over who's is who's. take care and god bless.

marla {family fresh cooking}

Amanda, I am loving this giveaway. Thanks for turning us on to these cool gifts for the kids. I love your style & taste. Looks like a lot of people feel the same way :) xo


LOVE LOVE LOVE these!!!!!


Awesome stuff - I love how reasonable the prices are! My little ones are stealing my notebooks to draw in so I'm sure they'd love their own personalized notebooks!


Sooooo cool! I would love to get some of the coloring books, stickers and bookmarks to send my niece in England - lightweight to ship and fun too!

Lindsey Davis

How fun!! What a great site!


What a fun site ~ thanks for sharing it with us!! I would love to have some cute personalized stuff for my kiddos! When I was growing up, nothing EVER had my name with the correct spelling!! : )

Have a beautiful Sunday!

Aimee @ Justkiddingaroundatlanta


Thanks for the great gift idea! I needed it :)


Very Fun! Thanks for the giveaway:)


Such a sweet thing to do! And so cute too! :D I would love to get some things for my cousins~

By the way, I love your blogs! :D


oh, fun, fun, fun, Amanda! My kids would LOVE something like this!!!!


Hi Amanda! I LOVE Frecklebox! My son just recently re-discovered a cute little book I had gotten for him a few years ago from that site. I had kind of forgotten about it too!


I hate that fat feeling.
But trust me. You are the only one who thinks it, so stop it! Everyone else sees you and thinks, "oh, she is so beautiful!"

Annika Jones

How kind of you! I've headed over from Livejournal, I'm Annika_j over there :)

Carrie Knutson

very cute, love the puzzles!

Jennifer W

I will be checking this place out! I love personalized stuff!

Sarah P.

So cute! My daughter is obsessed with coloring books and stickers. This would be perfect for her!


This is great. I love personalized stuff especially the coloring books and puzzles at this site. What a great Christmas idea!


Their stuff is really cute and they have given me some great ideas for stocking stuffers.


I've been working on my Christmas shopping too :) Heading over to check out frecklebox now!


now that i have 2 new neices this year, i can't wait to shop for christmas stuff for them! hope you are feeling well!


I'm a sucker for personalized things and you are awesome!


I still remember when we started that bible study at your house and how you had beautiful personalized journals for all of us. I felt so special! Great idea:-) By the way, I still have mine~!


This stuff is great! Is it too late to enter the contest? Thanks for doing this, it is very nice.


I love this gift idea! What a great find!


Hope it's not to late to enter! I would love to win this all my kids have unusual names and I NEVER find them on anything this would be awesome!

Amanda Jo

Oooh! I hope it's not too late to enter!!! There's a lot of GREAT stuff on Frecklebox!!!!


I'm a big fan of the personalized folders and notebooks. My kids always seem to get their stuff mixed up at school. I also think the puzzles are pretty cool too!


how fun! love this give away!

sophia foley

How fun! Love your blog! Thanks so much for following mine..really made my day :)
you rock!


My oldest LOVES puzzles, that would be so cute for her!


I love being led to fun sites. Thanks!


never heard of it- thanks for the info.


I cursed my kids with names that you can't find anywhere so this site is perfect! Your amazing!


How fun - and generous of you! I'm making some gifts this year and I totally need personalized stickers, so my fingers are crossed. :)

beth cruit

Great ideas! Thanks!


I truly enjoy reading your posts. Thank you for all the help you've given me with them just being here. Your last few sentences made me smile & laugh. :)


Awesome giveaway!! And of course you are awesome for for having this giveaway! :)


so darn cute, love the chore chart :)

colleen haverhill ma

What a sweet gesture! Maybe I will buy one for a random friend with kids on facebook. :O) I love the storybooks w/ the childs name. My sons and I always make up stories at bedtime where they are are the stars. :O0


wow! love this site....thanks for the great ideas for gifties!


The stickers are awesome! Thanks for doing this!


I love the stickers too! So neat.

Rose in Ohio

Hello, stocking stuffers!

Gardner Momma

Wellll howdy!! Long time no see! I popped over from facebook to check out your brownies and lo & behold there's a contest!
Why I think I should win:

I've loved and read you since way back when, before your TV appearance and famous rainbow cake. We're like, old pals. ;-)

I have 4 kids & 2 foster kids to buy Christmas presents for this year (all on the single income of a school-teachers pay).

Ok, that's it.
see ya!!


That is awesome that you are doing this!!!! I love the stickers!

Kelly Dz

That site and yours are great. My daughter has an old-fashioned name so finding personalized things is hard.


adorable gift ideas! thx for the suggestions!


How sweet of you! I love the gift site!

rachel p

I love the personalized puzzle!! I need one for each of us (parents included!!) Just found your blog from a link on your baking site. Yay! :)

linda s

so many great ideas for gifts. thanks for sharing


Sounds like a fun idea for a gift!


My daughters love anything with their names on it!


These are so cute! And thank you SO MUCH for doing this out of the kindness of your own heart!!! The puzzles would be GREAT for my little nephew who's 1 1/2! Thanks! (and pick me!!)

Irene Alpuche

Hope It's not too late to enter! Thank you for all you do! You're amazing!


Hey, now! I'm at the bottom of wayyyy more than 7 comments! Great gift ideas! Thanks!


Awesome site! Thanks for sharing, and for the giveaway!

Valerie Ippel

What a great site! A personalized gift would be great for my neice & nephew (I've been going mad trying to figure out what to get them!).


I have seen them online but I don't have any products from them. They look so incredibly cute!


I love personalized things too!!

Natalie Locke

You guys are the best. I love those ideas. You gave me some good suggestions for my kids. These ideas are really going to help this year.
I have the best husband! Since I’m 5 feet and a half inch I struggle with having to reach.
I developed shoulder pain from pulling down the back door of my Caravan minivan.
My husband found a product that really helped. The wrapper said mom’s little helper handle. It’s a strap that hangs from the handle of the back door.
It’s much easier to close the van door. What a God sent! You can’t believe how much it helped with shopping! I hope this helps!
Happy Holidays!

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