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October 11, 2010



I can't wait to hear more, but enjoy your kiddos! I am off to check out Alice's blog!


Oh these experiences are so overwhelming, aren't they. But you know what? You are right. Even if one of the big takeaways is "I like to be home" that's a perfectly legitimate takeaway, too.

I am proud of you for going. I love that you like to eat. And I look forward to hearing more about it.

P.S. And cut it out, you look adorable and your eye looks completely normal. :)


Thank the Lord for people like Alice. Amen.

bridget {bake at 350}

*SQUEE!* Oh, I wish I could have been with you in that lobby. The socially awkward girls could have hung together! :)

So, so happy you met Ree! Love the picture!

Would have LOVED to have been there for your panel! I know you rocked it, Amanda! :)


Sounds like a great weekend, despite the missing home part. I can't wait to hear more about it :)

Welcome home :)

Amanda Rettke

I second that Amen Sally!!

Jen @ My Kitchen Addiction

You look so cute with Ree.. Glad you got to meet so many great people! Alice is one of my favorite people - I just love her. :)


You look beautiful in those pictures Amanda! What a wonderful moment with Alice; I knew there was a reason I love her blog :) Thanks for taking the time to share a bit with us. Have a great day!!!

Becki D

You met Ree! AND GOT YOUR PICTURE TAKEN WITH HER, great golly gee willikers AWESOME.

But you know what's even more awesome?

You found someone (or someone found you) and reached out with a hug and a prayer at a blogger's conference. You have no idea how encouraging that is to ME! WOW!!!

You're the best, Ms. Manda! ((hugs))


I am so glad that you got the courage up to talk to them. I saw your tweets and knew you were thinking about how to do it! :)


I am so glad you had so much fun. You are Ree look adorable.


Amanda, you are far more precious than you realize. So glad we finally met. Would have hugged you regardless... it was on my list one must-dos.



I can't imagine attending such a large event! So proud of you that you were able to stretch out of your comfort zone to not only be on the panel but to meet some of the women you admire most.

Looking forward to reading more about your weekend.


I'm so glad you did it even though you were not excited to leave your family! i love your pictures! and your sensde of i feel stupid! like i did at your house!

Kristin Smith

So sorry that you had a tough time being away...but all the more reminder of why you love that family of yours so much! Can't wait to hear more!!

Jessica @ How Sweet

ah how I wish I could have joined you!!

Joy Ellis

Even though you had a rough time being away from family, I am glad you had a wonderful time! :)


LOL (for real!) about your left eye twitching.

The Lumberjack's Wife

I am no longer worthy enough to look at your blog. ;)

sooooo exciting!!!!!!!!!!!


Oh sweetheart! I can imagine just how you felt. You were very brave in my opinion. And yayness! meeting Ree. I think she's fab. x

Amy K

My heart ached for you while reading this post. Your pregnancy hormones were probably in overdrive as well. I'm thankful that your kindred spirit Alice was there for you...that's a God moment!
Beautiful photos! Can't wait to hear more about your trip.
Always remember, that you are an amazing woman Amanda!



Look at you beaming in that pic with Ree -- I love how your honesty comes through in everything that you do. I'm also a homebody and can be a blubbering idiot in social situations. You are not alone. Alice sounds like an angel!

Deliciously Organic

It was so great meeting you this weekend! You have such a sweet heard and quick wit! :) I'm sorry to hear you were out-of-sorts, but I'm glad Alice swooped in and greeted you with open arms. :)


Yeah, San Francisco is always interesting...

You did better than I would I think. Although at moments when I'm forced to step out I do, but I do not like it!

Glad someone was there to pick you back up again! I tell ya it's too bad I couldn't have popped over the bridge and said hi, but then I might have been star struck and tongue tied :)


Oh man... I LOVED that story!


You say awkward, I say charming. I knew NO ONE and you made me feel, well, less strange in the presence of strangers. Hope to see you next year with your bundle of joy.


Ah man, I knew I should have snuck along with you! :) You looked beautiful! What a fun experience--but yes, I can imagine overwhelming too! Glad you're home with your babies! Can't wait to hear more!
(Praise the Lord for Alice, too!)


What a blessing to have the right someone right there at the right time.. reminds me of what I need to know, God loves each of us. He puts the right people in the right place at the right time to tell us over and over again! SO happy for you to be home!!


You look gorgeous girl! I'm so glad God put people in your path to bless you and I'm sure there were people there blessed by you!
Can't wait to hear more. :)


Could you be any cuter? I don't think so. When I met you at breakfast and you gave me your darling card with the ghost cake photo and paper for notes I never would have imagined you to be feeling all of those things! You were bright and bubbly and fun! Congrats on the prego part too! Can't wait to get to know you better! :)

Sandy a la Mode

oh wow!! i would LOVE to go to blogher food one year!! that's soo awesome you got to meet ree!!!

Stephanie Meyer

Amanda, you made the conference for me, I LOVED meeting you and having the time to chat. I feel terrible that you had a mini-freak out, although I certainly understand. I personally needed lots of breaks from the conference and kept my cool because my husband was there - without him I likely would have had the same reaction. Honestly, you were a superstar, running around and chatting with everyone, presenting, all on little sleep while pregnant - I was blown away by your energy! Knowing that you collapsed a little makes you seem more human. If you were feeling awkward, it didn't show for even 1 second. You were fantastic on your panel, so funny and real and charming, spot on. I can't wait to get together and rehash the whole shebang because you live in MY town, woo hoo! Glad you got home safely, bet it felt great to sleep in your own bed, ahhhh. Take care & talk soon!


Loved this post. You're "voice" comes through loud and clear in your've got the touch. Keep up the good work. Such a cool story about Alice, I immediately looked up her blog, started following her on twitter and found her on FB. You've inspired me to go to this conference next year :)


Amanda you are one of a kind and I absolutely adore you! You made me smile this weekend and talking to you I felt comfortable! Like you, I love my kids and being home and just blogging to blog and nothing more. Being BHF was a bit overwhelming so you weren't alone in that boat at all. And this story, well once again you made me smile but my heart also ached. I'm so thankful you had that moment with Alice and she was there for you. I think the moment happen for a reason too. Because at that moment you needed that hug despite the place and where you were.
I loved reading this and again it was so nice to meet you. Sorry I didn't get to say goodbye but you were in a deep conversation as I was running out the door to catch the bus back to the hotel. I'm sure you, like me, are happy to be home with the things that mean the most. :)

Janmary, N Ireland

So glad you were provided with the perfectly timed hug and prayer :)

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