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September 07, 2010


Jessica @ How Sweet

Amanda! I have chills right now and tears in my eyes. Only you could write something so beautiful that makes me laugh and cry at the same time! I am so happy for you and your family!

And you have such a great outlook about feeling sick. Not that I have any experience but when it passes I am sure you will be back to your fabulous self! I am so excited to follow along on this journey with you!


Congratulations! :) I'm so sorry you have been sick though. :( Chin up and hang in excited for you!


Holy HAPPINESS Amanda! Congratulations! Such joyful news :) I hope the sickness eases up soon so you can enjoy the pregnancy a bit more. I'm so happy for you! (kinda jealous too lol). I was wondering why you were so quiet...thought maybe I made you upset for posting your pancake pictures with that ummm candy near it (sorry!). Hugs!



Joy Ellis

Congratulations!!!! I am so happy for you! If only I lived closer, I would come and help you out. Take all the time you need away from the computer. You will get back to blogging soon enough. Enjoy your fmaily and this new little one inside of you! Praying that your all day sickness will quickly leave you!


What wonderful news! So happy for you & your family.. hope you're feeling back to normal soon though! :)

Renee (Kudos Kitchen)

Oh Amanda, I am SOOOO happy for you and your hubby! You are truly blessed and it couldn't happen to a nicer mom!!! Congratulations from the bottom of my heart and I can't wait to hear more about your pregnancy and then baby news after he/she is born. Yay! Now, get your rest, eat right and have your hubby and kids wait on you as much as you can. ok?
p.s. I have actually been wondering where you've been. I've missed you.


oh hon!!! I'm SOOOOO excited for you but SOOOO sorry you're feeling so miserable. Hopefully that part will end soon. When are you due?

megan @ whatmegansmaking

congratulations! oh wow that is so wonderful. I don't have any kids yet, but listening to you describe it, I can't wait. (except for the whole pain/sickness/throwing up part). I just said a prayer that you would feel better quickly!


So so happy for you! What amazing news! I'm just crossing my fingers things get better and the sickness will go away. I know all too well about feeling ill during pregancy. With my twins I was sick pretty much my whole pregnancy. It can get the best of you sometimes. When I was feeling yucky I would keep reminding myself that it would all soon be over and we would have a new gift(s) in our lives.
Again so happy for you!! Can't wait to follow along through this journey with you.


i knew it, i knew it, i knew it! the title gave it away! how incredibly exciting mama! congratulations to you and the family! i was sick the first 5 months so i hope that will pass for you soon!


Congratulations ^_^


Congratulations! I am due the middle of March, so I just got past that first trimester. Although it wasn't nearly as bad for me, I still feel for you! Hopefully it will turn around and you'll be able to enjoy the rest of your pregnancy!


Congratulations! I knew right away when I read the title. What's your due date?


Congratulations!!! Hopefully the morning sickness will be over soon!

Becki D

YEAH!!!! Congrats, Amanda! How far along are ya? Just hang in there - the 2nd trimester almost *always* makes up for the first...but you probably already knew that seeing as you've been through this a time or two already. ;-)

I'll be praying for you, and thinking energized, non-nauseated thoughts for ya.

(sending long-distance, internet hugs your way!)


Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!! So exciting.

The Lumberjack's Wife

Yay! God is good! Feel better soon!


((((Big Virtual Hugs))))

Congratulations! Truly, truly happy for you and your family! Hope you start feeling better soon.

And PS, I totally have baby fever right now, and reading this joyful post just took it up another notch! So, thanks! :-)

Myra @ My Blessed Life

Congratulations! I'm pretty much on Cloud 9 for you. Hope the ickies go away soon. :)


Oh my goodness Amanda! Such good news to share with us! I'm so excited for you. I'm praying for you and your new little one and your whole family. Yay!


THAT is soo very exciting!
I'm thrilled for you!
Well, except for the sick part -

Carrie @ Martin Manor

Congratulations!!!! That is such joyful news! The beginning phase can be so tiring and draining and emotional and I hope you get to feeling weel so SOON! My biggest complaint now at 28 weeks is fierce heartburn...but it's going so fast...and I don't want it to end too soon :)

Take it easy and many many blessings for your beautiful family!!! ;)

bridget {bake at 350}

Oh, Amanda!!! I'm just THRILLED for you! What a lucky baby to have you for a mommy! :)

You hang in there....let yourself rest....we'll keep twitter going until you feel better.

Big HUG!!! YAY!!!


Congratulations, waiting for a new post from you was certainly worth it! Such wonderful news. Hoping that you start feeling better soon but even with all the sickness it is still such a joy to be carrying a new life inside of you. Best wishes to you and your growing family. Your kids will be so excited to have a new brother or sister!


Oh congratulations! I am so very happy for your family!!!


Congratulations! I feel for you with the morning sickness. Hugs. Can't wait until you're feeling better.


I knew it!!! yippy I am SOOOOOOO happy for you Amanda. Congratulations.


haha sorry ihave to write you another comment because I skipped down after I saw "I'm pregnant" and commented. I hope you feel better soon! This as you know will pass. Hang in there girl. I'll be praying for you.


YIPEEEEE!!!! Oh so happy for you and your family Amanda!! Congratulations!! I hope you feel better soon too!
Traci :)


Congratulations sweet friend! What a blessing this is, indeed! :) You let me know if you need me to come over and read your blogs to you, or if you need someone to play with your kids while you rest, or if you need someone to bring you lots and lots of ginger ale (the best morning sickness relief I found was the homemade ginger ale from Big Bowl!). I'm so happy for you all! :)

tammy vangstad

Congratulations Amanda!!!!! You and Chad make such wonderful parents(and really cute babies) So excited for all of you. Praying for you and hoping you feel better soon!!




congrats!!! I'm sorry you're feeling so poorly, though. :( I'll be praying that it is very short-lived.


Congratulations!!!!! Praying for the best for you-- soon to the feeling well, K?!


Yippee!!!! Sickness is a blessing as it helps us moms with ANXIETY know all is well with our little growing babe. Not that I'm clumping you in the "moms with anxiety/control issues" group. Seriously, I'm so excited for you and will pray the roller coaster or hormone induced sickness levels off soon. So happy for you! Congratulations!


Congratulations! That is very exciting.


HOW WONDERFUL! Congratulations to your expanding family!


OMG!!! This is fantastic news (the baby part - not the part about you feeling crummy ;-) )

Best Wishes :)


I am SO Happy for you and your family!!!
I'm sorry your feeling sick and tired. Boy do I understand! I am praying that part will pass and soon you will feel fantastic!
God Bless You Sweet Amanda!

Sarah Robbins

Congratulations! What a wonderful blessing. I pray you will be feeling better soon, but that Christ would fill in where you are lacking until then. . .


Being pregnant is one of the biggest blessings we can receive. Congratulations!


So, so, so happy for you! I remember those yucky early feelings well and the ideas that this would never end!! But it will end. And it will end in the most wonderful gift of all-- a baby.

By the way, our little girl was born 5 days ago. She arrived 3 weeks early and we are so thankful for her sweet presence!

Kristin Smith

When I saw your post title I was so hoping that it meant you were pregnant!! I am THRILLED for you!! What an awesome and amazing time. I am so sorry that you are feeling terrible and will be praying for you that this will pass quickly!
Sending much love from SD! :)

Unplanned Cooking

Sorry you're not feeling well, but CONGRATULATIONS (I say again :). It is so wonderful bringing a child into the world. So excited for you!!! :)


Aahhh! SOOO excitied for you and your family! Such great news!! Praying that the difficult part ends soon so you can enjoy your family, eating, reading, and everything else before you meet this precious bundle!




I'm really very sorry that you are so sick but.....YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYY!!!!!! I am SO excited for you! May God bless this time as a little one grows in your tummy, and may He bring you closer to His heart! I love you!


Such exciting news! What a blessing! I'm so happy for you. I hope you feel better soon. I pretty much feel awful for the first six months (though I never even get to vomit, I just get to feel ill and tired all day long). Love and hugs to you sweet mommy :) You are in my thoughts. I will be hitting thirty six weeks on thursday!!!


YAY!!!!!!! I am so excited for you! When I saw the title of your post I thought for a second you might be, but then though it was probably some fun blog related news.

This is the BEST kind of news. I am so so happy for you. I hope you are feeling better soon. Morning sickness is NO FUN!


Congratulations!!! I am so sorry that you are sick though. I am preggo too with #3:) I am due in late Dec. and this has been a rough one for me too:) I hope that you feel better soon and have a healthy pregnancy and baby!!!! I am with your hubby on finding out. I am waiting for sure!!!


YAY!!!! I'm so happy your being blessed again. It's in the bloggy water I'm thinking. ;) Hope you feel better soon...I remember all to well. I'll be praying for your stamina and this precious little one. :)

Michelle M.

Congratulations!! I was hoping that's what it was when i saw your title :) YEAH!!


Congrats, congrats!!!!


Congratulations! I'm a bit of a lurker :) Not in a weird way, I just enjoy your blog. Hope you start feeling better soon.

Margaret in Minnesota

Congrats, Amanda! I am THRILLED for you.

(If it helps...a little...try to just focus on getting through one hour at a time.)

(Oh, and Wint-o-Green lifesavers. Have you tried those?)

Margaret in Minnesota

PS. My kids love PBSKids and Starfall. :)


Congrats! That is amazing news. Good luck. Happy pregnancy. Hope it is nothing but smooth sailing.


Woohoo! What a wonderful way to start a Wednesday reading your great news. Congratulations sweet girl. Rest and get through this bit, I understand completely xxx

amber hurd

Congratulations! How exciting, the 2nd trimester is the best I think. I have about 2 months to go to meet our new little man.


Congratulations!! And, it's a girl ; )


I am so incredibly happy for you!! So fun, but not the vomiting part. ;)


Congratulations!!! I hope the sickies pass soon, they are no fun!


What great news!!!! I hope you feel better soon.


Oh, I have to say congratulations here, too!!! I am so happy for your growing family! (Plus I have two boys, so I'm going to root for another girl! :) )
Of course, I miss your wonderful bloggy stories and beautiful pictures, but take all the time you need to grow this perfect little person! Hope the sickness will ease soon!
(Big hugs!!!)


Hooray!!!! Congratulations, and I hope the sickness passes soon. Be kind to yourself.


That is such wonderful news! Congrats! Hope you are feeling better soon. I had a really easy pregnancy (aside from my swollen feet) with my little one and I have a feeling I will get slammed when the second time comes. Not looking forward to finding out. :)

Diane {}

Congratulations! Hoping you feel well soon :)


PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!!! I'm so very happy and excited for you and your family!

What an honest and beautiful post...all except the part where you had to use the "F word"

Packer Fan for LIFE!

Camie Coles

YAY!! I am truly so happy and excited for you! Love it! Sorry you feel so sick! That's the pits...but I have a feeling it will so be worth it!

Amy K

WOO HOOOOOOOOOO!!!! I'm so excited for you and your family (not the puking part though)!!!
I think I was literally holding my breath until I actually read the words.
What a wonderful blessing. Thanks for sharing your news, and I feel blessed to cyber-walk with you on this new journey.
Lifting you up in prayer...Many Blessings...


Congrats! "i am mommy" has a whole other meaning now. Hopefully you get to feeling better soon.


So happy for you ...(and just a little jealous - minus the sickies)! Wouldn't it be fun to be pregnant together again! :) We could go waddle around the zoo again! We could just be a penguin exhibit! lol

Hope you are feeling better soon. Can't wait to meet this little one! When is the big day?

PS My friend was super sick with hers and besides losing weight she lived on lemonade and ginger snaps! Just an idea! :) God Bless - Love ya!

Dana-from chaos to Grace

Oh that's WONDERFUL!!!! Congratulations!!!

Amanda Jo

AGGGHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! {this is the part where I'm jumping up and down for joy} I am so exicted for you and your family!!!!!


Congratulations! That is so exciting! Do you want it to be a boy or a girl?

And how did you sit in front of the screen that long?

Michelle Andrews

Congratulations, Amanda!


Praise GOD from whom ALL blessings flow!! I knew it as soon as I started reading and you are instantly added to my prayer list!! As I sit here 3 days overdue with our latest blessings, I can still feel so clearly those first few months of which you speak. Unbelievably hard but as you said a blessing in knowing things are "working right." Don't know why some, like us are "blessed" with this early confirmation of pregnancy, while others get bypassed and have perfectly healthy and full term pregnancies, never to stare at the inside of a toilet bowl! :)

Blessings, my friend!! You are highly favored!!


Ok, so everyone else is saying EXACTLY what is on my mind...but WAHOOOO from over here in Ohio anyway! You told me that Rosebud gave you baby fever...keep the fever going girl!


Spectacular, Amazing, Wonderful news!!! Congratulations on this beautiful, sometimes sick-filled journey! Wishing you lots of rest, blessings, joy and nauseous-free moments before your blessed bundle of joy arrives.


oh amanda i am so so happy for you! sea started kindergarten and our life is off on a new level the same time i learned of this wonderful blessing in your life. i know you will document so much of the pregnancy and early development someday but for now, i will be praying that you feel better, have peace and lots of rest and don't worry at all about readers or comments or updating...take care of you and your family as only you you! congrats again!

Amanda Sikes

That is such a blessing! Will be praying for peace and comfort during the rough weeks ahead and can't wait to watch and "ride along" with you as you grow this new baby and prepare to welcome them into your family. Much love and prayers! Amanda

Mommy Cracked

I'm thrilled for you and I hope the sickness gets easier for you soon. Congrats!!


Congratulations!! What a blessing for your family :)

Judith Norman

Congratulations! Take care.


I'm all sniffly with joy for you. Our babies can play together! *hugs*


Awww Amanda- yay! That is so exciting! I am so happy for you!! I have been wondering where youve been in blogging world but in the event of being hypocrital I had not asked lol

But I am just so excited for you! What a blessing. I do hope you get to feeling better soon though so that you can enjoy it in its fullness!


Congratulations! How exciting.


CONGRATULATIONS! I'm so happy for you all. What a blessing. I, too, was horribly sick with most of my pregnancies. I know how miserable it can be.... but also understand the feeling grateful that all is well with the little one.

Take care of yourself! We'll all look forward to hearing more from you when you're feeling better!


Yay for babies! Congratulations! I'm sure everyone is different, but in my experience sickness equals boys! But who cares, babies are awesome =D Hope this part of pregnancy passes quickly, and you feel wonderful again soon.

ali @ an ordinary mom

Such a blessing! I will be praying for you, hang in there (((hugs)))

Mela Kamin

WOW - Blessings to you! I was VERY sick with both my boys - was even on home IV for several weeks and my MIL had to come live with us to help with my daughter. Thank God I can't remember how dreadful I felt now ... but it feels like FOREVER when you're in it. Just pray and do what you can. Your health & baby's is far more important than anything else. I will be praying for you.


Congratulations! What happy news. I hope you feel better soon.


I am so, so glad to hear it, and I love your perspective on morning sickness. I feel the same way. :)


Congratulations! What wonderful news. I hope you start to feel better soon.

Mandi S.

Congratulations! And now when it's time for "Help a Pregnant Lady Day" or whatever eloquent thing you called it, we can do something for you! :)


Congratulations and I hope you will soon feel better. Wish I had a magic cure. I think it varies for everyone. What worked for me was pure coke syrup that the pharmacy stocks. Nothing else helped but that. Hope your find your relief soon. Don't let your body become hydrated. So easy to do in the heat.


Congratulations! So happy for you and your family. I hope you feel better soon.


Well congratulations momma! That (being sick) is, indeed good news - but no matter how many times people say that, it's still hard. I am 10.5 weeks - hovering over my throne right along with you. Today I had my first appt and you know what they have now?! (new since my #3) - a GENERIC Zofran. Oh no - I would not joke about such a thing. At $1/pill - THEY say that they are worth every penny. Jury is still out as I have only taken one. Next time you see your doc - you may want to ask for them. I'm just sayin'. Hang in there - what a blessing!


Congratulations Amanda!!!! Babies are such a blessing from God!! Hope you feel better REALLY soon!! God bless you and this wonderful journey you're on!!

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