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August 30, 2010



Wow! Seriously amazing! The table and chairs are so cool!!! I love how everything was personalized! Pretty sure this needs to be published, Mom of the year!!!

Joy Ellis

Loved it!! Do you have any ideas for a soon to be 13 year old girl who is not a girly girl?? LOL You are really so creative!!


Wow!!!!!! Awesome party...I agree, this should be in a magazine. I've read party tips and none were this creative.


It looks spectacular! Well done Amanda & hubby.

Lisa (With Style)

amanda, wow! you continue to amaze me!! so talented and your creativity is quite impressive & of course, always inspiring!

Unplanned Cooking

Unbelievable! You should blog for Martha Stewart. I need you as a consultant to my LIFE :)!

Becki D

Wow, Amanda!! Have I mentioned yet how much I wish we were neighbors?! I can't believe you did all that...and economically. Awesome Awesome Awesome. I am so gonna pick your brain for Lauren's birthday in January. You're a domestic rockstar. ;-)


Wow!! I am sooo impressed. You are amazing! Those chairs are thr absolute best!! Looks like his party was a blast. What a great momma you are. :)

happy Monday!






ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!? I love, love, LOVE that table and chairs!!


And now you have really fun table and chairs for your school room! Ya we still don't have one of those eigther. Its kinda just school every room here. What a blessing to have such a tallented and willing husband!


gorgeous party! I love how YOU and of course your husband made everything!


You're such an amazing mom! And what a special birthday for a special little boy! I'm in awe of your creativity.


What a fun party! Think I will start planning Miss Evelyns 2nd birthday that comes in January! :) Great job.


Oh MY! What a fun party!! I love all the special details.
I bet your little guy felt so special! You are a great and talented mom!


LOVE the idea of table and chairs with chalkboard paint....I just may be "borrowing" some of these cool ideas for my very own 4 year old's party in October:)Thanks for the inspiration!!

Sarah Robbins

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that table! I totally want to build one now. And hello? Why aren't there more pictures of that ADORABLE Candyland cake up close?!

You did such an awesome job! This will be one of those birthdays your little guy always remembers. Although, that gives you a lot to live up to!


The table and chairs are incredible! I LOVE the chalkboard chairs and table -- I might have to implement that somehow. My hubby bought a can of that paint about 6 months ago and still hasn't used if for my girls! Thank you for sharing :)


I LOVE the table and chairs!! So smart and cute. I don't think you insane at all, just a great mom!


What?! No close up on the cake?

So does that mean you will do another big party for Parker and not the other's since their birthdays fall somewhere in between now and next year :)

I know, sometimes I'm difficult :)


Those chairs are Amazing! Such a cute idea! I LOVE the bright colors!
It looks like a really fun birthday party!


I have never left a comment before, but I have to say those tables and chairs are the most adorable thing I have ever seen! I don't have any children (yet!) but I get so many fun ideas from your blog!


You are absolutely amazing. Well done on such fun things! I bet the kids just adored it all!


You are so creative! You have a great husband too. Beautiful party...I know the kids had a blast!!


It was awesome to be there! Maya and Brin had such a great time playing. Oh, as did Dane! You husband is such a great sport! It was beautiful! And I ate a hot dog in NATURAL CASING!?! He he! I got over it! I'm fine!


SERIOUSLY?! Are ya kiddin' me?! I can't even believe how amazing this all is!! I am SO in love with everything you did!! You are TALENTED!!!


love the table and chairs! might have to show this to the husband ... what a terrific idea!

Amy K

WOW! All I keep saying is WOW!! I can't even begin to imagine the hours of preparation that went into this party. Your kiddos are certainly going to have some incredible birthday memories.
Amazing Amanda!!



Wow! What a great party! I love the table, chairs, the cake, the giveaways, and everything about it. My daughter's birthday is coming up in two weeks and I still have no idea what I'll do.


You are crazy (as in a Brilliantly, Amazing way!) talented! My daughter would absolutely love a Mommy like you! So to that end, every birthday from this point forward, I will make sure that aside from making her cake, I will also make an extra special effort to create a gift favor with her to give to her friends.

I seriously can't get enough of your creative imagination turned art whether it be crafts or baked goodness - you're truly Amazing Amanda!

Marian (Sweetopia)

I love, LOve, LOVE everything about this party! The table and chairs with chalkboard paint are brilliant and every little party detail is ADORABLE! You are so incredibly creative and talented!!

Amanda Jo

WHAT AN AWESOME PARTY!!!!!!!! I love the creative simplicity of it. I bet everyone had a blast!!!!!!!


I am blown away -- and how sweet of your husband to get in on the act...

bridget {bake at 350}

Well, that is FLAT OUT AWESOME!!!

{ birthday is in October.}


Silly me...I thought your earlier posts on what you did for Parker's party were outstanding. Little did I realize you still had this in store for us. It is nothing short of amazing what you have done here. Ingenious creativity. You are to be admired and emulated.


Way to show us all up :o)
Your party could be featured in a kid's magazine...very fun. what are your plans for the table and chairs post party?


Kids look so happy.All photograph show that kids had lot of fun.Hey I also like those colorful chairs.You and your husband have done a nice job.

Okay... that chair idea is soooooo incredible. I want a table and chair set like that for homeschool... if only I had a big enough school room to hold it. I love, love, love that!!!


OMW - seriously - with the amount of work you put into putting on a FOUR year old's party, I'd love to see what you could come up with for a WEDDING! Everything was just SUPER adorable! I will not let my soon to be 4 year old look at this, for fear this momma will TOTALLY let him down. Yikes! Great job - and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the table & chairs!


This party was AMAZING! And I need those chairs!!!


Like everything you've done & shared on your blogs - this is absolutley amazing... I only wish I had the ability. I would like to do some of the things you did (like the personalized water, and the loot bags... and a few others) do you have any estimates on the price & time of some of the projects? Other than it took you 2 months!!

You are so creative, you should be in Martha or other trendy home-type magazines - they got nothing on you!

Wow, you are so much more crafty and motivated than I am. I'm planning my 6-year-old's party and am not even decorating. But we'll make strawberry lip balm, play outside, and maybe do lots of artwork. Maybe al fresco? This party is really, really neat, and I just think you're even neater for doing it.
Thanks for showing us all the hard work you were able to give your son. Now, rest. ;)

Oak Furniture Bromley, Kent

I love the chair.. And it's so true that it always makes us proud to our children whenever they do some chores with us.. Thank you so much for sharing this... Good Job!

Wow, what a gorgeous project those are. I love it, the colors are great. Is that particle board that you used for the kids chair?

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