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July 08, 2010



Nicely done, they look much better!


you rock!! you bake, you blog, you re-purpose. you do it all! ;)


Very cute! I love to recyle stuff like that. Thanks for sharing. :)


I LOVE that cupcake stand! Who even knew there was a single stand like that!


Very nicely done! Love your creativity! :) And love your photography and baking.


Very cool! I love it...but I *heart* Tidymom cupcake. It makes me jealous ;D

He & Me + 3

Wow Amanda...that turned out awesome and woo hoo for being a guest on Tidy Mom's blog.

Kristin Smith

Very cute!! And the pics of your hubby and son fishing are ADORABLE!! I think that being with dad was the reason for the smiles!! :)

Have a wonderful Friday!


Your talents never end. Those all turned out great!


love that you were so resourceful! They are BEAUTIFUL! (oh and I loved the fish pictures! LOVED them!)

The Lumberjack's Wife

That is a great idea and an amazing tranformation! The cupcakes look great, too!

Amanda Sikes

I love that feeling of accomplishment when I can spend very little and end up with something so useful for myself.


I too, am a satin fan, but that semi-gloss looks yummy! (Not that I would eat it, just that glossiness, yummy!!)
And whoever happens ti email you the html for drum roll, see if they have it for sarcasm and whisper, then forward it to me.
Love your thriftiness.. oh, what the heck, love YOU! :)


wow i love it! I not creative in that way at all, so I love it when people post tips like this. I'm going to keep this in mind for sure, I could use some more serving dishes/photo props!

Joy Ellis

Very creative! Thanks for the ideas! I have looked for nice cake platters and they can be very expensive. Now, I know I can find and create something like this!


I loved this post. It is so satisfying to turn thrift store finds into treasures. Loved what you did, and yes, black does suit it...very well!


So adorable - and cheap! Can it get any better than that?!

I love those pics of your boys, too - wanted to comment but couldn't find the comment button. So yes, SO cute. :-)


I swear I absolutely love your humor -- the .html for drumroll :D :D

Oh, and your creativity is fantabulous too! I'm like Billy Bob Thornton when it comes to thrift shops, or else I'd visit them more often...


Okay, now I seriously want to go to the thrift shop by my house!!

Those look awesome!!!

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I must say that you have done a great job.Those cupcakes look so delicious and tasty.I like your creative idea for it.

ali @ an ordinary mom

SO cute, I love the single cupcake stands- almost makes me want to make some cupcakes... but I think I'll probably stick with some Blueberry Oatmeal Muffins!

Joy Ellis

Amazing talents and amazing encourager. I have given you an award. :)

Sorelle in Pentola

very beautiful cupcakes and compliments for your great blog!
if u want, this is our contest:

Chiara e Angela

Carrie @ Martin Manor

So fun...and they look great! Those cupcakes look delish too! {What do you mean I can't eat it right off that stand...haha! I definitely would risk it!}
Great job!


FANTASTIC Idea!! I was wondering about food safety- so I'm glad you mentioned the sealer- I'll have to look for that! Can't wait to turn some thrift store finds into treasures now :)

Magic of Spice

Great job, and such creativity:)

Janmary, N Ireland

I'm loving it too - simply stunning .... Just like you :)

Armando Codina

These cupcakes are looking so delicious. Yummy! great picutres.

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you are soooo clever. I just love all of those and the ones on your bake site too. I never would have thought about using candle sticks like that and sheesh I just donated a couple that would have been perfect!

Anu Menon


some of the links you posted of tidymom's blog arent opening up - jus thought i'd let you know...

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