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July 24, 2010


Joy Ellis

To me, fried zucchini is the ONLY way to eat it!! LOL I love it! However, to make it even more yummy, I dip it in ranch dressing. hmmm..I think I may have to do this today!


Seriously? Chocolate and powered sugar on ZUCCHINI? You and my father in law would SO get along! :)


Hmmm - I should serve the chocolate/strawberry to Bekah and see if she eats it? lol I love zucchini bread - or in a spicy garlic stir fry. Have to say I have never had it fried! :)


We fry summer squash and oh my!! I just do it the way my Granny did: slice thinly, coat with salt/pepper, let set a few minutes then flour and fry. It's insane how much squash I've eaten this way in my lifetime.


Its GREAT with a cucumber type sauce. We used to get them at a fancy restaurant back when I was in high school.


Wow, we (as in all 5 of us) all love zucchini, but we've never made it this way before. I'll have to give this recipe a try. Looks delicious.

Jessica @ How Sweet

We love fried zucchini in our house. Seriously, it is the appetizer we order everywhere. I have only every made it with bread crumbs - not a batter. I need to. But then we may never stop eating it?!


I have a great zucchini muffin recipe and my kids LOVE them:)


I love wonderful treat like this, and I'm sure my kids will love this new recipes. Better try this on weekend. Thank you for sharing this :)

LoveFeast Table

Looks like a snack to me!!! YUM! ~Chris Ann


Insane! Like, in a good way ;-)

You are so creative. I think I would go for the salty ones too. YUM!


I had a garden several years ago and had zucchini in abundance. Found a recipe for Zucchini Lasagna - zucchini strips instead of lasagna noodles. It.was.wonderful!


Wow..That is pretty nutritious to be cook for my family. Thanks for the recipe. I'm going to try this one.


In the south, we batter up and fry anything...or everything. Can fried zucs be any better??
But uhm...I can't wrap my mind around the sugared/chocolatey zucs. (but they kinda did look attractive, didn't they?)


Agreed Fried anything is delish! And no you can never go wrong with chocolate. It all looks yummy to me :)

I do have a way that I LOVE zucchini, I cube up chicken and zucchini and tons of garlic (I heart garlic, not the best thing since I'm nursing) and just sauté it in tons of fresh squeezed lemons with some rice. It's low cal and really yum. Disclaimer: My husband does not like this. ;)


Oh my gosh, I love fried zucchini!!! When I was younger, we'd always go to Denny's after going out (LOL), and I'd always order that!!! The recipe is so easy!! I like mine with ranch dressing!


oh my gracious woman! don't tempt me!! i LOVE fried zucchini. Have you ever tasted Spaghetti Warehouse's fried zucchini. Oh it is heavenly!! Love your pictures too!


I've only ever had zucchini bread..but this looks really good! Well...not sure about the sweet kind...but it looks pretty : )


I can hardly wait until I have some to pluck from my garden! If it weren't Sunday, I'd be off buying some so I could make these.. yum!


I looooooove fried zucchini. But since I'd rather not die of a clogged artery at 25, I do like them grilled,too.
I've never heard of chocolate and zucchini. It sounds scary.

The Lumberjack's Wife

oh yum! i agree . . . frying anything is de-lish!


Oh my goodness, woman. You are one sheltered mommy. You've never had fried zuccini before this?? Now I need to know what else you haven't tried yet...

Peanut Butter and Banana sandwich?

Sausage and Potatoes?

Chili with Mayonaise?

Fried green tomatoes? (Actually, I haven't tried that one, so that really doesn't count)

Amanda Rettke

Yes, isnt it crazy?  Neither my husband or I had ever even heard of fried zucchini... I think its a south thing???  I have not heard of most of the things you mentioned!!! (cant believe I admitted that!)

bridget {bake at 350}

Aww...I remember my parents standing over the stove making fried zucchini with the zucchini from our garden. Oh, it's so good!


exactly why we haven't planted zucchini in years ;-)


My mom sent me this link today:

It has tips for preserving zucchini, and they sound delicious. I'm going to try the zucchini pickles!



I love this panko encrusted zucchini


I've already made zucchini bread from the garden. Now it's time to try fried zucchini!


That looks delicious Amanda. My mom would make fried Zuchini when I was little and I have to say I havent had it since but after reading your post I suddenly am craving it. I will deffinetly try the powdered sugar ones also. YUM looks soooooo good!!!!


Try grating it and mixing it in with mashed potatoes. You can also make a casserole out of it like you would squash. I like it just sautéed with butter and onion.

Heidi McMaster

I don't think it's a southern thing, since I live in Canada and it's a common appetizer in restaurants here too! My friend and I used to often get it at White Spot - yummy! For your house blend seasoning, do you use a coarse ground pepper?


I had the best zuchini cake tonight. I don't have a recipe yet, but you just replace bananas with zuchini. One zuchini replaces 2 or 3 bananas....YUM!!! My post today is about all of our garden produce! It is great this year. We haven't had to water at all!


Oh YUM! That is that is the most beautiful fried zucchini I've ever seen! I love your presentation! :)
I always have to eat it alone...Cody gags! My batter is similar but has a little cornmeal for extra texture.
Thanks for the sweet idea! Sweet Genius!


wow! i'll have to try that. i grilled sesame parmesan zuccini tonight from a recipe i found at yummmm.


omg that sweet version looks delicous, I want to eat the picture!!! My favourite way? just boiled with lots of lemon juice, salt, and a few drops of oil. I love zuccini's flavor, so cakes and complex preparations aren't my thing... I love zuccini bread, don't get me wrong, with cream cheese... yum... I got hungry =(

ali @ an ordinary mom

My favorite fairly unusual thing to do with zucchini is mock apple crisp! When my mom first made it I was so surprised, and pleasantly at that!


Well I don't like zucchini that much but my brother like it most.I can make this recipe for him.I must say that you are very creative with food that you made this recipe with different tastes.


I wish my kids would eat this. I love it but they don't. Although if I drizzled chocolate on it.. they just might.

I do love zuchinni bread and so do they for that matter. Otherwise, I grate it and it to a lot of their food like muffins and spaghetti sauce and they are none the wiser. :)


Mmmm, may have to try the fried zucchini. Give this recipe a try. I really like it but my family does not like cooked carrots.

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