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June 22, 2010



I have missed you! I look forward to your "real" posts. Thank you for sharing about this magazine. I've never seen it before! It does look and sound amazing! I look forward to perusing and enjoying it. :)


sounds like an awesome magazine!


I will always read your blog, whether I'm able to comment or not :P I hope when you have time you are still able to visit mine. Have a wonderful Tuesday!


Well, I will still come visit!!! I figured you were busy BAKING!!! ;)

But, I know you are more than just an awesome baker!!

And I've never heard of that magazine, but it sounds really awesome!!


I will always read your blog, Amanda! I am looking forward to the changes that you mentioned - I think your blog is wonderful now, but I will love learning more about you and daily life and your relationship with God.


I feel blessed that we met...though it was only briefly (at the Cat Cora Event) It is always a pleasure to read and look at all you've created with your God given gifts. Please keep sharing, and keep us posted on what you are learning. CAN'T WAIT to check out "Life Beautiful" It sounds like something I will love too.


Life Beautiful seems like an excellent magazine! Can't wait to read more about it! and thank you for showing that your family and that your faith is FIRST not a blog!

Becki D

Wow, Amanda! You are challenging me (in a good way) on so many levels. I'm still trying to figure out where I'm going with my blog and how I'm getting there. You've definitely given me some food for thought.

You're not gonna turn the comments off at the baking site tho, are you? I might explode if I can't e-squeal over your awesome goodies! ;-)


This feels like a goodbye then... But not really. More like "our future is now through a one way glass". I can see you, but you can't see me back, or something like that. I will read, and I will comment (in my head) and I will still enjoy the wonder of your creative mind. I look forward to whatever the future holds for you and your blogging.

The magazine does sound beautiful. I love that feeling of opening the mailbox and seeing a favorite magazine waiting for me...a special treat for the moment when life just needs to take a chill!


Good to see you again! The magazine looks fabulous. I look forward to hearing more about your real life. I tend not to be 'one of the masses'. Will you still be sharing your baking creations on i am baker?
Take care and have a great day!


So happy to see this new post from you. I have missed you and I'm happy that you are going to continue to blog. Very much looking forward to reading your new posts. I have always enjoyed what you have written and I'm sure your re-focus will inspire some very inspiring and motivational posts. I visit here because I feel that I have dropped in on a good friend and I am always interested in what she has to say. Until our next *visit* Luck & Laughter Always ~


I will always read you, whenever you feel the need and desire to share your words ... you are an inspiration on lots of levels and super duper fun. :) Sounds like a fantastic magazine. I was just telling my husband how I don't get a magazine anymore ... we budget one per person, but I have let them all go because they aren't quite what I want. This one though sounds like a keeper. Thanks for sharing about it! Have a blessed day.

Camie Coles

That's awesome. I love that and how simply awesome you are. I have really no words. Just keep it up. You rock. Thank you. For everything.


I have never heard of that mag before, but it sounds totally up my alley. Thank you SO much for sharing!! I can't wait to see it! I am going to check them out online, too!

And - I wanted to say this - but I sorta felt like a change of some sort was coming from you soon. I don't know why I thought that, but what you're changing with your blog is respectable and sounds like you are making the best decision for your family and yourself. I think that is awesome!

Also - I feel like your blog is about to get even better because of all the numbered reasons you listed above, but especially because you are shifting your goal. Can't wait to see where you go from here, friend!! Blessings to you and your family! <3


What an interesting magazine. I haven't seen it in any of our bookstores or retailers. I'm looking forward to seeing where you go from here.


Completely understand where you're coming from: blogging is such an involved process that it does take a lot of time away from everything else. You've made the best decision that you possibly could, with regards to your family and personal life.
Good luck with everything & will look forward to your posts - sporadic or not.
Ever since I discovered google reader, I don't visit blogs unless I want to leave a comment - but I'm still following all the ones I enjoy reading.
Have a great week!


Looks like a magazine I would love! I am a new reader of your blog and will definitely continue to stop by :)


well count me in! i love your blog and i was hoping you weren't quitting the whole blogging thing! you are an inspiration to me and i'm sure others! i'm glad you are sticking around!!!

The Lumberjack's Wife

I have been wondering what where you have been! Glad you are ok and glad you will still be posting. I am happy to have met you! :)
Magazine sounds great!!! Thanks for telling us about it.

Darcy Koski

The magazine looks like one I will have to subscribe to, and I don't like to get subscriptions! :) I only recently found your blog but love it! I love the baking you do and it has inspired me to do some of the things you have, just to see the joy in my 5 kiddoes faces. :) Love the colored foods and Cannot wait to do the 'memorial day' food for our 4th! Great ideas....Love them all!


You are truly a reflection of God's grace and love. Thank you for sharing your life with us.

Michelle M.

As soon as I saw this post, I thought to myself. Wow, Amanda hasn't blogged in a while. I am glad that all is well. This magazine does sound wonderful. Thanks for sharing it with us. I love magazines :) I am glad that you are going to keep blogging, too!


You have become an inspiration to me and your silence had me a little unnerved. I mean between your baking ideas and your every day you i was hooked and to not see you was like losing a dear friend. Anywho I'm glad you back and can't wait to see the "real" you posts! Oh and thank you for the magazine it looks amazing!


gorgeous! gotta' love a magazine that's not afraid to include the faith element. sounds like it's right up my alley! pick me! pick me! purdy please!


Ha, too funny, I was just going to send you an email and then I saw you posted this! Good for you, I think that's part of why I needed a fresh start with my new blog.

Well, turn off comments if you want, but then I don't feel like I get to talk to you, in a way...does that make sense??? I just don't have a ton of spare time to send emails all the time. But it's your blog, so you follow your heart and where God is leading you. I will still be dropping by when I can to see what you are up to, my friend.

BTW, it ME!


I will most definitely keep reading your blog. I first found you because of your baking, but I've kept reading because of your obvious love for Christ. He resonates through everything you write.

I do completely understand the route you're taking. Just this week, I've made a change to my blog also; a shift of goals, a change of purpose. I've felt more at peace with my blog than I ever have, so I can appreciate your transition.


Diane {}

I look forward to your "REAL" posts :) what a great magazine that looks like.
You are always inspiring!


I hope you haven't had a negative experience with comments. But glad to hear that you will still be blogging. I really enjoy your blog, from your awesome baking to your interesting perspective. I think you are really fun, too!

The magazine does sound really fabulous! =)


The idea of that magazine is so cool! I am a young newly married lady who is enjoying building our "home", and what a cool way to incorporate that with my faith! When we got married my husband and I prayed and came to the decision that we want our home to be a refuge (for ourselves, and others) and I have seen God provide greatly! Anyways, I've been following your blog (this one, but especially the 'i am baker' one! love love love it!) and I think it's great that you are adjusting everything in order to best serve your priorities. woohoo!


That magazine looks wonderful.


Good for you! It shouldn't be about trying to please others. That magazine sounds fabulous! I will have to look into that.


Love the idea of authentic blogging. :-) Good plan.


I will continue to read your blog. I've been reading if since before your readership exploded and I don't plan to change. :-) This magazine looks great, too! So calm and peaceful and I need that.


:) Glad to hear you follow your convictions. I will miss seeing your blog as much, but I truly understand. I will continue to visit.

bridget {bake at 350}

Whatever you do is wonderful! :) We have missed you...I just got an email today asking about you. :)

OK...I have never heard of this magazine, but if you say it's stunning, I believe!


Thanks for sharing about the magazine Amanda. Thanks for listening to God today, he used you along with many others to really speak to me today. Thanks for listening. Hope you are having a great summer.

Jennifer S

Wow, I have never heard of this magazine, what a lovely thing to put out!
Sounds great that you are doing such positive things for yourself and recognizing what you need/want to do.... Will still be following you on google reader! :)


I always love reading your blog and I look forward to the new posts. The magazine looks beautiful!

Carrie @ Martin Manor

Yay! I think you've always been true to your blog and yourself :) I will still be a loyal reader :) It's nice to take some time off and enjoy your 'real' life too! Hope to see LOTS more of those sweet little faces and your awesome photography! Hugs :)


Ahh...I was more hoping that you had just been on vacation! However, I totally understand and agree that when I stand before my Maker I want more than 8,794 blogposts to show for my life! I do feel blessed to have a dear, talented sister in Christ in you!!!
I'm going to check out that magazine even if I don't win! What an amazing and much needed publication!


I love your blog Amanda! I think your baking rocks and am always so inspired (even when I don't leave comments....I am still looking in awe of your talent.) The magazine looks fab. I love photography, food/recipes, lovely things and of course inspired by the Word of the Lord. Sounds like it is right up my ally. I say good for you for doing what you feel you are moved to do:)


just discovered you today. Love it. Sad to hear this, but I understand.

Joy Ellis

I can honestly say I know what you are talking about. I will continue to read your blog no matter what. You have been a true inspiration to me. A person, that has encouraged me. Thank you for everything. Have a blessed evening and may God bless you and your family.

Karen Levsen Giddings

The magazine sounds GREAT! I sure have missed your blogging. I have enjoyed reading your blogs very much. You are an inspiration. Blessings to you! :D


The magazine looks wonderful! Sorry to see your blog entries decrease, but I'm excited that you'll be focusing on what truly matters in your life!

Amy Roper

I'm pretty sure those are even more reasons TO read your blog - not to stop!


I will keep reading! Many blessings as you change your blog focus, good idea!

Kim @ Homesteader's Heart

Wow my friend. I think it's great that you are taking back your blog. I did that recently too. I am just posting things that I want. Faith, family and fun.
And as far as the magazine is concerned, that seems like it would be right up my little alley.
And I won't stop reading and I'm not great at always commenting any way so this takes the pressure off. LOL! But I completely understand your reasons.

Have a fabulous day!


While I understand the reasoning behind turning off your comments, I hope you reconsider for folks like me who'd just like to drop by and say "Hey" and let you know I've been by to see you...

Michelle Hankins

Not really sure how I found your blog, but here I am. I like what I saw and added you to my blog roll - since then you've not posted and then you did today... and I'm thrilled to start following you at this turning point!

Be bold in proclaim His glory to the nations!

Look forward to the encouragement.

And thanks for telling about that magazine, sounds wonderful!


I will keep reading! And I've never heard of this magazine before. I'm going to hop over to their website now and check it out!


Well I was wondering where you were. I kept looking in my google reader for you. Totally understand and I admire you!
On a different note: I've never heard of this magazine but it sounds awesome!


I get your blog via email, and don't often comment because I can't think of anything original to say that you haven't heard a bajillion times before - but I ALWAYS love to read what's going on in your world. You are making a bold choice, a wise choice, a very intentional choice - and I absolutely admire you for it. Thank you for not going away completely, and thank you for inspiring us all to be more.


im still going to read too! and i hope i win that cool magazine!!!


Hi - I've missed seeing you blog but I totally understand long silences (I am the queen of them). :) We need to schedule a play date soon! :)

Blessed Mom

Sounds like a great magazine, I will definitely check it out.


I'm glad to see that you've come back even though your changing things around and dont worry ill still read- your an inspiration I wouldn't want to miss it! And Ive never heard of that magazine but it looks wonderful!


I love reading your blog! The magazine looks interesting.


I was wondering if you were taking some quiet time or if maybe you were on a family vacation and just didn't hassle with scheduled posts or guest posts...

I'm glad you'll still be around :-)

And that magazine looks so wonderful!


Beautiful magazine, lots of inspiration

Mandi S.

It's good to hear from you again! I'm not commenting because I'd like to win a subscription, but because I thought your post was beautiful. And I missed you. I was beginning to think something was really wrong. I do understand where you are coming from, though. I have hardly blogged in the last 4 months. Mainly, because I decided that actually being with and experiencing my children was much more important than writing about them. I'm glad you are choosing to do what you think is best for you and your family, and not what is best for your readers. Good for you!


I was wondering where you were...
I'm glad you are rethinking the blogging thing & finding your own direction.
So many people are all caught up in blog ads, how many hits they get each day, blah blah blah.
I much prefer people to post about REAL things - when they have ACTUAL things to say.
Good for you...


Oh, I was already preparing to click over and order a subscription! How exciting- I would love this magazine. I have a Better Homes and Gardens subscription that just goes on and on, and I have a stack of them I keep only for cutting up and making my journal. How I would love to truly be inspired- and spiritually, too! Amazing. Thank you for this opportunity.

And the turning off of comments? I completely understand. It's something I've toyed with as well, and for specific kinds of posts I do already turn off comments... soon all, I hope.


Dana-from chaos to Grace

I've had to do this with my own blog. I fell into the HUGE trend of creating your blog to raise numbers, etc, and trust me, it just adds stress.

My first job is to give God glory....and I couldn't do that when I was running all over the place trying to please everyone so they would come and read MY blog. So I just have to keep it simple and keep MY focus. If people don't want to read me....that's fine. LOL

Sarah P.

I would love to receive this magazine... sounds like all my favorite things in one! I am especially curious to see how they balance the feel of a "martha stewart, home decor" type of magazine with the element of Faith and Christianity. I've often wondered how to balance this in my own home. I have always wanted to have an appealing "out of a magazine" look to my house without going over the top and becoming focused on the materialistic and over the top, as that certainly doesn't uphold Christian values. Sorry to ramble... would really love to win this giveaway!


Good for you! I used to LOVE comments (well, I still do), but I rarely get them. I was kind of disappointed and then I realized I wasn't blogging for anyone else. I was blogging for me and my family (although my children don't read it yet). One day my kids will read it (I hope) and know my heart and who I was striving to be.

I will read your blog ... even with no comments. :)

And the magazine looks great too.


Count me in among the folks who will always want to read what you have to share! I've never heard of this magazine, but it looks like one I'd truly enjoy. Glad you are back, and thanks for the giveaways!!


Glad to see you post again. I really enjoy reading your blog. I've always wondered though how people manage to update their blogs so often.. I can't ever seem to get to it. LOL. The pressure is too much for me! :) But I blog purely as a record for my kids and as a way for family to keep in touch... though I don't think my family reads the blog!

I LOVE reading your blog and I will continue to do so. I love kids and photography too, and I love to hear about all your baking projects. And, most importantly.. I love the Lord and enjoy learning by your example.

I guess we'll have to keep in touch via email. :)

Now.. I"m off to check out the magazine you just mentioned... I've never heard of it.

Blessings to you,


Does your I am Baker blog still exist?


Totally understand and will still read! That magazine looks amazing and I might need to kjust get it for the zest it will provide!


well, I will still get excited when I see anew blog post from you. Thanks!


I love you.
I love photography, and Jesus, and my family, and the amazing life I have been given, but also, I feel such a kindred spirit with you and your heart :)
I love the changes you are making to your blog, and I love you for being true to (not you, but)God, and who He wants you to be. I'm excited for the change in the journey...
your (little) sister in Christ...


You have been missed :) I am NOT going to stop reading your blog either.
That magazine sounds amazing!

Cindy Howe

Thank you so much for sharing, I will be looking to subscribe to this magazine. I always need encouragement in all these areas. Thanks again and Good Luck!


life: beautiful seems like a truly wonderful magazine. It sounds like the changes you are making to your blog are exactly where you are feeling led right now and that is awesome!

annalea @ our hartbeat

way to go in making these choices for yourself and your family! since this is my last opportunity to comment, i just want to say thank you for sharing your life, faith, and humor with us.

that magazine sounds amazing. can't wait to check it out.

be well sister.

Kathie Ratliff

I won't be going anywhere either... but congratulations on making such a good choice. :) ((HUGS)) & best of luck in all you do!

Jamie @ Six Bricks High

That magazine looks wonderful! I've never heard of it before.

I too have been in the midst of a bloggy absence. I have mixed feelings about you turning off your comments...I totally admire and respect your decision to do so, but you are one of my most favorite bloggers and if I can't comment how will I be able to tell you how much I love the stuff you write.


I appreciate your priorities! SO important. I haven't seen this magazine before- it looks fantastic!! God Bless!


Sounds like a great magazine!

Kristin Smith

Sweet friend - so glad to hear you are well. I will still be a faithful follower and I think your changes are great! I believe that God will use this to bring others to Him!! :)

Blessings today!


Missed reading from you, glad you're back. Looks like a great magazine.


I am so glad for you that you have found such inner peace. All your reasons that someone may want to stop reading your blog, are exactly the reasons I will continue to read your blog!!


awww, I think I am excited about the change! Glad to keep on reading, and the magazine sounds really neat :)Thanks for sharing!

Queen Mommy

I have been absent myself for about a week and a half, so I'm afraid I didn't notice your absence. Our family (including extended family) were away at a church family camp. Then a couple of days before the camp ended, my mother and father-in-law's house was hit by a tornado. Because they were with us, they were safe, and thank God everyone else in their neighborhood made it out safely too. Anyway, that's why I haven't been around lately.

As for this post, I absolutely LOVE IT! And, I completely understand all of your reasons. They are the very same reasons why I can't allow myself to get too caught up in blogging. My family and time with God would suffer.

The magazine looks amazing! I don't think I've ever seen that one before, or if I have, I know I've never flipped through it. Sounds like I've been missing out! :-)


Amanda I love this post, and love that you are putting your focus on what's truly important in this life...Jesus, your family, and simply living life! That's where you were when we first "met" in this blogging world and although I've loved reading your words throughout time and transformations, I am looking forward to seeing what you will writing about now!


Oh and I've never seen this magazine before, it sounds awesome!


I've missed you immensely but totally understand and am proud of your dedication to keeping it real, Christ-centered and focused on your family.

The magazine looks amazing and I could sure use some of that beauty, grace and inspiration in my life!!


I totally understand your decision. I have come to the realization that I won't be famous any time soon. And I am okay with that! I blog mostly to remember things that happen around home and to show relatives pictures of the kiddos! God bless you and your adorable family!


Looks beautiful! Sign me up please!


I really enjoy both of your blogs and I hope you keep at it.


What a respectful decision! :) I'll still pop in though...I always love your new creations, your amazing photography, and your love for Christ. Thanks for sharing!

That magazine looks amazing. I've never heard of it. Can't wait to check it out!


I have just started reading your blogs withing the past month and want you to know what an inspiration you have been to me. These books look amazing and I am going now to look into them. Thanks for always sharing your heart and what God gives you.


I really enjoy reading both your blogs. I figured, like me, you were just very busy. I loved getting to know you at the photo walk and look forward to laughing again at future events. I wholeheartedly echo your sentiments regarding the magazine. I felt like I had found a gift the first time I picked up an issue. Love, Love, Love this magazine! It's like a fresh breeze, isn't it? Blessings :)


I'm totally confused; please draw me a diagram!!


I love your blog. I have loved it since I first started visiting it last year. It's a great blog!! I changed directions on my blog at the beginning of the year and I don't blog as much and I have all of like 3 readers. But you know what?? I could care less. That is a place for me, to share my feelings, get things off my chest, blurt stuff out. And if no one reads its... oh well. I talk to myself a lot anyways so I am just carrying that to online as well. :)

p.s. Please don't ever feel like you *have* to comment on other people's blog because they did on yours. You would be here ALL day!

Tina Fisher

Back to basics sounds like a good approach. I have thought of turning off comments as well. I know a lot of people do it. Good luck in your new blog style!

The magazine you are offering looks wonderful.


i'll keep checking your blog... even with no comments =) i've been looking for a magazine to get a subscription to -- this may just be the one.

Julie in WA

I'm glad to see you are still around! And I look forwards to the change in your posts. I have missed the deeper, more challenging blogs from earlier days. And I have never heard of this magazine! I will have to go check it out.

BTW, I did start my own blog; it is sort of a generic quilting-gardening blog for my mom. (Nothing personal in it.) We email every night, but she always likes pictures, and a blog was the easiest way to show her what I am doing!


You're so right: that is a lovely, lovely magazine. So refreshing to see something so pretty AND inspiring on the newstands!
Hope I win!

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