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June 06, 2010



Is that Carrie, Mama Bear in the picture??
Do I get 1,000 bonus points?!


house hunting, a bday party for a 3 yr old cousin, church and stress.....


The little one and I went garage sale hopping for pillowcases (we are making pillowcase dresses for a ministry in Africa), spent way too much time shopping at Whole Foods, church, a bridal shower for my sis and now I'm packing for a trip in the morning. Actually, right now I'm spending time reading blogs, but I'm packing in theory...

Jess :)

I see Carrie!!!!!!!! :) Love that you got to meet Cat Cora! She always seems (from TV) that she'd be one with lots of spunk and personality!!! How awesome :)

Oh, and I spent some time with my mom, did some nannying, had Master's class, went to church and have now, for the past 5 hours, been putting off homework! Fun times, huh?!?! ;)


Looks like an awesome weekend for you.

We didn't do a darn thing here, other then hit the basement for an hour because of a tornado warning (one hit in a town about 40 min. from us). And today we went to a park for a bit. Thats it. Boring weekend.


you ... are ... a ... superstar ...
you make me look like a slacker considering that i was only at the photo walk. (AND not in the picture. though i'm not celebrity enough to be recognized anyways!)
and i told the husband that we must have a datenight.
can you babysit next saturday? ;)


Looks like you had a very busy but very fun weekend. I love I Heart Faces!

Blessings to you!


Wow! I wish I had your energy. I slept and played and let my hubby take me out to eat all weekend.

Oh, and we made it to BOTH Sunday school and service at church! BONUS! :)

Trust me, I know my life is lame. But if I hear another person tell me that "I thought you looked ready to pop." after asking when I'm due I might just do soemthing not kind. 'Cause I'm tired. (And cranky) :)

Tracy P.

Dang! I wish I had been in your group so I would have had someone to not take pictures of the models with. I was just trying to get out of the way of the people who knew what they were doing. But way to tell Jen to go on a date with her husband. Because she totally should!

Another MN blogger not in the photo and not famous anyway ;-)

P.S. But hey! I have no idea who any famous MN bloggers are in the first place. Besides you. Because you are like Bakerella the second. Only more diverse. So clue me in. I am now putting you on my blog roll so I will see that post when it comes out.

He & Me + 3

What a cool event. Will they do something like that here in Michigan. One can only hope.
You were super busy that day. But what a fun day of running to and fro.


WOW! You are much closer to being an "actual photographer" than I'll ever be to being a "model". Just saying! I think you take great pictures!
We had a schedule that didn't quit this weekend: mini-golf, surprise b-day party, 3-D movie, Sr. PGA charity golf tourn, amazing church, graduation party, soccer game...what am I still doing up?!? Oh yes, summer vacation starts tomorrow!!!


so cool! and i thought i was busy! so happy your life is filled with so many wonderful and fulfilling activities...i love living vicariously through you...


That is so cool that you got to meet Cat Cora!!


I'm totally fine with being out of focus. :) All I could think of when I was "modeling" was how many times I've told my daughters "no vampy pictures on Facebook" and here I was being told to be vampy - so totally OUT of my comfort zone!!! Loved meeting you and I love your blog. Wish I could've joined in the fun meeting Cat Cora. Hope to see you at another MN event soon.


how fun that you were able to participate in the iheartfaces walk! i'm hoping they do another soon! i would love to join in {we had plans this past weekend.}

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