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June 02, 2010



Congrats!!! It's a good book too. :) I posted the link to the cookies on one of her facebook sites, but not sure if it was her official or not, lol.


Wow! Great article on your cool pancakes! Totally cool that you got a signed book for your cookies to LC! Holy cow you will be having a great weekend it sounds, meeting Cat Cora?! Can you give some more hints about whatcha got coming up? I'm very curious....


You're like a celebrity and stuff! Can I play in your kitchen?

You're going on the photo walk too? Too bad we're in different cities 'cause I'd be tailing you the whole way! :)

Can't wait to see what you've got in store!


you got something back from LC....that is AWESOME!!!!! you really are a celebrity :)


I can only imagine how excited you were to receive the signed book and to have your pancakes featured in the Globe and Mail. All good is returned to those who *do*.
Congratulations Amanda!


What a great day! LC are some great initials! :)
Can't wait to hear how all the exciting plans go for you! Cat Cora...slightly jealous! Tell her "hi" from me!


Fun stuff!! So excited for you!


Amazing! Congrats on it all!!

The Lumberjack's Wife

You are kind of a big deal, aren't you? :)


How fun! And I can't wait to see what you are up too!


You get to meet Cat Cora? She is awesome! you amaze me!


I told you that you would be famous : )
My friend would be totally jealous that you get to meet Cat Cora!!


wow thats pretty awesome! Congrats! Your becoming your own little celebrity yourself! sweetness ;)

PS- if your excursion is the iheartfaces walk across America then yay! I am going to =]


Wow! I TOLD you that you were cool! Don't argue! You totally are so cool!


oh lucky you!


wow, good for you! i was going to say "when it rains if pours" but you've had a good little streak going for awhile now so i think it is just YOU! :) deserve it! and thanks for the link to iheartfaces...seems like a cool site! i love your photography, too...


You're totally BFFs with LC! AWESOME!


How awesome is that? Congrats on the LC book.


That is so cool that she sent you a signed copy of her book and those cookies are/were gorgeous. Love your post :) Have a great day! MJ


Uh-oh, I am a little antsy to see what this new project is!
Congrats on all the publicity! It is much deserved!


Wow. Those rainbow pancakes sure have been a hit! How fun to be in another article. *grin*

OK, I just got myself a little 'educated' on Lauren Conrad and Cat Cora. *Admitting I didn't know who they are. I am so un-cool.*
Anyway, I'm sure you'll have a blast meeting Cat Cora!
And I think I can definitely make out a heart and an L and C in that signature. *grin*


Awesome post!! Love LC and Cat Cora. We ate at her restaurant at Disney World, and OMG, it was the best ever! Have a great weekend!


I guess that's cool. You know, if you like Lauren Conrad.

Michelle M.

Congrats on the article! How neat! It seems like you started a huge trend :)

bridget {bake at 350}

OK, I don't really know who Lauren Conrad is (I'm old), but I am SO excited for you!!! That is SO cool!

And the article is so well-deserved! Way to go, Amanda!


that's awesome! i'm sure she totally signed it. and ate no less than 25 of those gorgeous and delicious confections.

Wheeeeee! Wheeeeee! Wheeeeeeee! LC like totally signed your book! (Clasp hands, jumping up and down... pony tails flopping)You're like so totally in!!! Oh my gosh!!! This is so cool!!! You HAVE to take me with you when she invites you to Aria!!! What are we going to wear?!


I mean...

Did you happen to catch that special on television this evening about creating your own laundry detergent? It was quite an excellent piece for mother's to learn how to make more frugal decisions for our families and stay on budget.


(Oops! That one slipped)


Girl, you are going places!!!!

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