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May 05, 2010



You know how to reach me, I think we are connected on every social media site on the Internet! :)


oh, I'd love to win a small video camera.
hersoccer4 (at) aol (dot) com


I know exactly how you feel! You can email, me call me(just not during my final exams, but I'd call you back if you left a message) or even send smoke signals!!!

Joy Ellis

awww..Cheer up!!! I don't like it when my friends are gloomy. Smile! God loves ya!!! and so do !!! :)

Joy Ellis

I meant, so do I!! LOL Something else that will make you feel better, chocolate!! I just ate some chocolate pudding with my kids and I feel a lot better now! :)


You can find me at my blog or email me. Although the perfect cure for your funk would be to come visit me in Guam. I'm sure some white sand beaches would make you smile.

I'll even do the baking since I'm making black bottom cupcakes for the PTO's teachers breakfast. :)


Chocolate makes it all better. Trust me.


You know how to reach me because you stalk me every day.


I should win because no one loves you like I do.


You know what else would make you feel better? Sending me a dozen of your beautiful cookies.


Awww, I'm so sorry you're being a gloomy gus. But cheer up! Because you're awesome and the next cake will just as awesome as you are!! Unless you burn it again. Which doesn't take away from your awesomeness, it just means it's not as awesome as you are!


Aw man, I don't have a great aunt named Ethyl :(


Oh, and here's comment #2. Cheer up girly!


I'd love to win a gadget, heck I'd love to win anything, luck hasn't been on my side lately :P You know how to reach me, email, FB, twitter, I'm all over the darn place. I hope your day goes much better tomorrow! If it makes you feel any better, I over cooked a batch of cookies today :(


I also twittered about it, but... well... maybe I should be fired from twitter.


@manda2177 is giving away something awesome, but don't go check it out because the less comments means better chances of me winning it! :)

Michelle D

I hope you have a better day tomorrow!


Me again, I tweeted about it, just because I want an extra chance to be lucky :)

Judy Moyer

Oh sorry you are feeling gloomy! I come to your site and read your recipes and look at your beautiful cookies and cakes when I am feeling low so see you do good things and don't even know about it! Hope your day gets better and better.


Sounds like my day too :) lol I'm laughing now, wasn't laughing when things weren't going right though.
Hope you have a better day tomorrow :)


Hmm I don't have an aunt named Ethel, but I have one we call Aunt Toot toot, that should count for a chance to win ;) hehe


Comment #2 for me ....
thanks for this awsome giveaway. I love your blog and your sense of hummor :)


Hey, girl!
Sorry to hear you're feeling gloomy. :(
But you know what this giveaway has got me thinkin' about? You need to dig out that web cam of yours and dust it off, and read the instruction manual, and all that stuff.
Cuz you can't be gloomy when you're having fun with a web cam. Especially if it has the fun effects that make your face silly. Even on a rainy day, you and the kids will have a blast INSIDE.
Love you! *grin*


I'm gloomy with you, 3 of my 4 are sick and 1 has a super high fever. Anyway, praying for a better tomorrow.


Shared your awsome giveaway on Facebook :)


this looks so cool! i hope you smile again soon (:


My wife would love this .


just in time for mothers day. THANKS !


hmmm. I thought I had a pretty darn cool give away going on....and then here YOU come along and blow mine right out of the water!
pretty darn cool if you ask me!

Jess :)

I've been in a total funk, as well. I'm kinda getting tired of it, but am just not feeling an "OUT" coming anytime soon. :( However, winning this neat little Pocket Cam just might do the trick!!

You can reach me on: my blog, twitter @Jesslyn42, or jesslyn42(at)gmail(dot)com :)

Jess :)

Just tweeted!!!!!

Jess :)

And no aunt named Ethel. Actually only have 1 aunt named Janalee. However, I'M an aunt to my most wonderful 1 year old nephew...does that count?!?!?! ;) :)

Chloe Ford

Sometimes we are just out of sync!

Reach me on email -


Gloomy days can be SO tough! You can reach me at Thanks for the generous giveaway:)


I shared on FB")


I tweeted:)

Kara Carlson

WHAT- you are giving it away!! I would LOVE that camera- plus I know your secrets that I will reveal if I don't win- ok maybe not- but at least it is a fun to remember those days!


If this works, and you feel all better...let me know! I might try it the next time I'm having a really off day.


Awwww, I'm sorry you're in a funk. :( That's no fun. Hope that giving away something makes your day better! ;)


Tweeting, too! :)


I really do have an Aunt Ethel! :)


Kara Carlson

AND I love you more that ANYONE else... ok except Chad, the kids, your mom, dad...


Ooh, please pick me! I may be reached via my email addy :) Thanks for an awesome giveaway!


Hi Amanda, new fan of your blog here. You have inspired me so much and you can read all about it at you can also reach me there. take care and remember, there is a reason for everything in life.

Linda L

What a great giveaway!
Hope you pick me :-)

Linda L

Oops! Got so excite I forgot my contact


I would love to have one of those!


I was just coming to check on you 'cause I hadn't seen you around in a while. Besides the crazy blogging awards thing. :)
I linked you up in my last post. I'm hoping to send Mimi over the top. That girl deserves it. Hope your day gets better. Dark chocolate is a cure all. :)


Well what a great giveaway!
Thanks for the entry.

On a different note, I hope you are feeling better. I had a day similar to that today. I've been an emotional wreck!
I pray we both have better days tomorrow!! :)


Sorry to hear you're in a funk! Hope this giveaway helps :)


I'm eating GOLDEN Oreo Cakesters right now and that reminds me of you. I remember you saying if I ever see the golden ones, I should buy like 100 boxes (OK...maybe not that many. I tend to exaggerate! ) Anyway, they are readily available in Ohio. sorry :(


Oh, and one more thing...please pick me!!!! :)


No aunt named Ethel, but I did have an Aunt Edith. :)


I have really wanted a camera like this for the end of the school year functions. Hope I win!

pamela ponder

I would love to win this, thanks for the chance!!!


Would LOVE this video cam.


No Aunt Ethel but, again, would love to have this. Thanks!


Girl I need that video camera. Do you know we never had one growing up and I have never owned one in my adult life either.


Oh but you know why I really, REALLY want it.... I want my hubby to document some of his travels out on the road. Wouldn't that be awesome to see the places he has been??


That is one funk-o-rama type of day! I'm so sorry! Too bad you don't live closer! *Everyone around here is raving about your amazing sugar cookie recipe!* You're a modern day cookie hero! :) Hope it's okay if I blog about them...again...and link back to you!
Joy comes in the morning! :)


I also RT'ed your tweet about this giveaway

Now CHEER up! Have a blessed day!

Stacy Ness

Would so love to win that!!!!!

Stacy Ness

#2 because I love you!

Stacy Ness

#3 because there is green on the tree!!

PS. I was going for a ryhmying thing there but forgot to do it for #1 so here is goes

#1 because I want to say I WON!!!!!

Dani Lee

sounds like my week. it can only get better, right? i hope :)


I love it! I have been wanting one of those mini cameras so I can follow my kids around and start my vlogging career!!

(Hope you feel better soon)


And I am tweeting about your giveaway... :)

Stacey @ Say Something Stacey

You're generosity is making me smile, hope that helps your gloomyness.

Katie@ The Baby Factory

Seriously, you do the best giveaways!


Well.. hopefully this cheers you up. :) I'm sure you'll cheer someone else up..... like everyone else, i hope it is me... well, I'm sure everyone else doesn't want it to be me, but i'm sure they all want to win.

Have a blessed evening, Kari


ali @ an ordinary mom

Oh, we all have those days. I know I have way too many actually, and the overcast skies don't help... but, there is always something to be thankful for or "glad" for, just like Pollyanna told us there was! :-)
Sorry about the cake, aside from the timer issue, are you liking your replacement oven? (I still can hardly believe that crazy oven explosion ever happened!! How freaky!)

Anyway, I say "Bake on!"

Kim S

I am just breaking my blog fast and stopped by this evening (I knew I couldn't stay away ;) Sorry to hear about your day. Wish this darn river wasn't in the way of me popping over to bring some chocolate. Don't suppose they think a bridge is too important for up here. Looking forward to hearing that tomorrow is a new day and His mercies are new for you, too =)

Rachel Watters

Wow! What a nice thing to do! (Entry 1 :)

Kim S

I do have to add that I agree with Miss Kate - you don't need expensive giveaways with us -- just send cookies ;D

Rachel Watters

I noticed you put up a new profile picture... it's very nice! Professional. (Comment 2 :)

Rachel Watters

I'm glad I read I am baker. Otherwise, I would have never learned about this wonderful giveaway- or seen your new photo!

Hope Jesus helps you feel better!

(Comment 3 :)


I'm having a gloomy, cruddy day, too. :-( Maybe watching you give away something will make me feel better, too.

You can reach me on twitter or at my blog. Hope you feel better soon!


What a nice thing to do! I hope it helps cheer you up!

morgenstar20 at hotmail dot com


I tweeted too!

Julie in WA

I hope by now you are all tucked in bed and sleeping quietly...and when you wake up your funk will be defunct! I must be waaay behind the times...I had no idea what it is that you are giving away; I am glad you mentioned it is a video camera. And you must have gotten a new oven? Where's a picture of that?!!!


hi there! i loved your video on icing! i'm trying my first batch of cookies tonight. wish me luck.

hope you feel better!

Diane {}

I'd love this! What a fun giveaway. I hope you start to feel cheered up soon, you sure put a smile on my face when I saw this-See you're so sweet. I hope the sun is shining tomorrow and your day is wonderful!

Diane {}

I tweeted about the giveaway here

Doddie Householder

I tweeted it, too!

And it is also on my Facebook page.

Hope your spirits lift up soon.


Playing outside in rain can be amazingly fun (but lots of wet clothes)!


Appreciating the little things and throwing myself into a project always cheer me up.


(when all else fails I put on the food network and eat cake)


Ya know, I also feel SO much happier when I give things to people. It makes my heart smile :) I hope this helps your funk! <3


Oh yeah - I don't have an Aunt Ethel... but I do have an Aunt Muggins! Close? No? Well, hmmm.


Sorry to hear of your funk and your burnt cake, but on an upbeat note, you must've gotten your oven fixed!! :)
Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!
Sending smiles and cyberhugs your way...


I have a baby coming, so a video camera is going to be a requirement. Would love to win :)

Leslie Jackson

I would love to win! want my email? home address? phone? We could be besties! lol :)

Glad the stove is fixed. Are you going to have to go to therapy for the time you spent with a non-working stove? :) (I'd totally be in therapy if my phone or computer broke!)'s how to contact me.... or on my blog at


Glad your stove is fixed - or new? I have been having many of those days lately - for me I think it was due to some wonderfully fantastic nice days out and I was all ready for summer and now it feels like fall with the chance of snow this weekend! Grrrrrrrrr

Anytime you're grumpy feel free to give me a call - I'm a great listener! :) Hope you're feeling better soon!


PS - if you ever are feeling funky again feel free to call and we could meet somewhere - most days I'm so free it's quite sad! :) lol

May you have a Thrilling Thursday!!! :)


Hope you feel better soon, Amanda. I know how those funks go. No fun.


Can I still enter to win this funky video camera? I know how you feel, too. Yesterday, my son asked me why I was grumpy. He's 3. I snapped out of it pretty quick after that comment.


Well, you are just the sweetest! I had a really down day too....but didn't think to do something nice. Next time!!

Hope today is wonderful for you!


One more...did I mention I hope you have a fabulous day?! :)
Did you fix the oven or get a new one??


Another new fan here...okay not so new, I've been pretty obsessed with your I am baker blog for a while, but I'm new to comment! I sure hope this giveaway relieves your funk, I know it would relieve mine if I won!!

Blue Eyed Pixy13

Sorry about the glum day... Hope that it gets better. You can contact me at :)


I wish I was...Closer!!!
Sadly send that tome if I were the winner it's gonna cost you some money jajajaja.

Anyway, it's great that you do this, goood for you! You are an awesome persona Amanda.


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