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May 10, 2010


Sarah Robbins

Too slow? Maybe not?!


Pick me Pick me!


Those are super cute!


Oh, for real? #4? Looooser, me! Still super cute!!!

Account Deleted

Super duper cute =D I feel sorry for you, though. You know...for ALL the labor involved =P Thanks for the suggestion. I'll do it for my friend's bridal shower next month. Awesome idea =)



Then again, I will love to have one, but I won't be able to go there to pick it up :(
So, I wish the lucky ones enjoy it!

Keep the good work here, you're awesome!

bridget {bake at 350}

Oh, darn...I missed being in the top 3! How is it you can bake AND craft? I really thought you had to be deficient in one or the other. (Guess it's just me!)


Super cute. :)


Cute idea and so many applications. This is one upside of your oven breaking had time to make a lot extra and even give away some. Your tutorial is great now everyone commenter from #4 on can make their own :)


Great Idea - Now I just have to be able to find them in my purse and find a pen....any solutions for that??? :)




I am SOOOO going to do that! What a fantastic idea! you are BRILLIANT!


Congats to the first three! I'm certainly going to try making them!


Wow! That's a cute idea. I just might halfta try it out.


Figures I'm #1,456,897 to comment. I WANT ONE that has your blog name on it so I can wave it around so everyone in the world knows I am your biggest stalker. FAN. I meant FAN.

I LOL'd at "Challenge accepted grasshopper". You can be pretty funny sometimes. Usually it's me that's the funny one so it's nice when you pitch in every so often.

Cop Mama

I am always late!!! Oh well, they are adorable!


Such a cute idea!!


Very cute Amanda!

Joy Ellis

Just awesome and so easy! I have all necessary materials to make today! This would also make an awesome gift to new moms!!!

Have I said awesome too much?? LOL Well it is an awesome idea!!

Thanks for sharing!


Those are so cute. I would love to make some for my family members.


I was so hoping you would write a tutorial for these and you finally DID!!! Yay, breaking out my scrapbooking supplies later, maybe.


Cute! I love how creative you are. These would never surive the disaster area known as my purse! Sad, but true. :)

Do I remember you saying Chad got your oven fixed? Ours was broken...for three months. The upside is I finally found a steal of a deal on a dual fuel range!Hopefully you get back to baking soon!


Really cute, but I am not crafty at all.

ali @ an ordinary mom

So cute! I've been making these as little gifts and as little mini coloring books to keep littles occupied at church or waiting for an appointment somewhere. Sometimes I stamp each page with one of my bigger stamps that the little girls like to color in. Then I also carry a little colored pencil or crayon roll, and voila, little people preoccupiers!

And, just so you know, I read your grasshopper line with the proper accent in my head :-) as the flashbacks came on...


Sorry but you are not allowed to be an awesome baker, incredible photographer AND super crafty. Sorry. We know someone else made these. Can you send me her/his email address? :P
Just teasin'...great idea! We do "lapbooking" for school and have done matchbook folds for years but you, of course, bring it to a whole new level. Have you seen this website ? Go there and find yourself a free lapbook under the preschoolers section. Super fun


Love these! I'll be linking in my week in review post on Saturday!


Ohhh man, I need to like watch your blog all the time so I can win one of these days lol but those are real cute! What a great idea!

Someday Crafts

These are darling and so useful. I am featuring them at Grab my "featured" button.


Hi Amanda - what a great blog you have!!! I wish I would have had such a resource when my kids were young. You cover just about everything here, don't you?!! :)

Thank you for visiting, and thanks for the lovely comment. I really appreciate it!!

Many blessings to you as well!



These are way too cute. And you're FUNNY !!! :)

Kristin Smith

Those are adorable! So have you replaced your oven yet?? Are you having baking withdrawls?! :)

Have a super fabulous Tuesday friend!!


I would love a hand-made matchbook. Too cute!

Dana-from chaos to Grace

Those are too cute!


Love it...and so doable...I'm a co-coordinator for our MOPS group...I think I have an easy inexpensive craft for the fall ;) THANKS!!!

Janmary, N Ireland

Great idea - and definitely lots of potential for my daughters for their craft parties etc.

Now when you said the first 3, you really meant the first 3 from IRELAND, didn't you? Never mind :)


Aww, these are SO cute! Thanks so much, I'll be linking.


Hi! I'm visiting from Someday Crafts and I'm so excited to find you. I can't wait to break out the supplies during quiet time to try these. I might even link back here from my blog (only if I don't screw them up!). Such a great and simple idea. Thanks for sharing! I'll definitely be coming back again.


They are super cute! Too bad I'm not one of the first 3. I'm too lazy to make my own. *sigh*


Great idea! Am I too late? Kidding! I am comment like 40 or something.
Oh, well!

Those are great!


Those would make great little gifts or party favors! SO CUTE!!


oh my goodness i lost track on over 40 comments in and the crazy thing is you probably follow and comment on all these blogs. i remember you posting about these matchbook minis before and i love that you shared with us how easy they are to make...i just get worried about losing things like just store them in a box? do you ever display any? date them? the obsessive organizer in me needs to figure all this out to incorporate them in my life but even though i carry a journal with me everywhere, i don't get enough "little things" down (daughter has usually drawn on every page for example and i can't bring myself to write on them) i really need to include these in my life and then link back to this know i'll be doing that around xmas it takes me so long but thanks for the inspiration!!! love you!


you've got those way undervalued :D

well done as usual!!


now I've gotta visit Denise's blog - she appears to be uberorganized and a good planner/researcher.


I wanna win! What a super cute idea.


thanks for the tutorial. I am really terrible at craft, but i think i can do this too! :)


Oh, these are cute cute cute!! Thanks for the tutorial!!!


Super cute idea!! Thanks for the tutorial. I'm always looking for crafty things to do with my tons of scrapbooking paper and to do instead of cleaning :)


What a great idea!! One of my favorite baby shower gift ideas is a cute glass jar that you can write down your baby's milestones and just keep them in the jar instead of a baby book (or until you get around to putting a baby book together). These would be really cute to put in the jar!!


Great idea! I think I'm going to use it for little business cards to sell my cookies! Thanks!


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Great Idea - Now I just have to be able to find them in my purse and find a pen....


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