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May 21, 2010



Audrey Hepburn!!


Your daughter shares her name with Audrey Hepburn, star of Funny Face!

Holly Neaton

Charlie has that same skirt and boots!


I am the 1st...... Well if you can just look at the last picture you posted. Any chile who can hold 3 fingers in her mouth and hold that kind of face at the same time hold some serious is she adorable. Kendra had boots just like thise when she was little.......brings back memmories


I don't know but I love those boots and they look adorable with her skirt!


So stinkin' adorable! Such a cute little girl. Love the boots and skirt :)

Billy Coffey

I love those boots!!


Because in the time she was making the funny face she was making a mess for you!! LOL

Jessica @ How Sweet

I didn't know the answer, but I read the few first comments and now I get it, even though I have never see it. :)

She is SO adorable. Really a beautiful child, Amanda. And I love her all decked out in pink and boots!


Beautiful girl! Love the last picture!

Have a blessed weekend,


She's so cute! Love the boots, they remind me of my little girl's brown boots with pink details she had when she was littler.


She's so stinkin' adorible! Too bad people were quicker then me in guessing Audrey Hepburn!


Those boots are the coolest! Do you think they come in my size?


She's just ADORABLE! What girl wouldn't wanna strut her stuff is thos cute boots? And I can't believe how big she's is! They grow so fast :)

Erica B.

Could she be any cuter. The boots, the skirt the hair...I LOVE it. I can't wait to have a little girl of my own!


Her eyes are heaven!!

Kristin Smith

Those boots are adorable!! And what a sweetheart Audrey is! :) Did you sell the big train table and set at the rummage or is that a permenant fixture in your front yard?! :)


I think it is due to the 5th picture, the one with the pony on top...kind of a cute, funny face?

christy rose

I do not know the answer but I do know that she is on adorable little girl. And those boots!! Oh my how cute! Especially with that pink skirt! :)

ali @ an ordinary mom

I admit it, I'm a devoted Audrey Hepburn fan, but I'm not the first person to read or comment on any of your posts, so, well, oh well.

She is a super cutie, definitely a keeper :-)


Those boots are awesome! As is your little one.


She's a cutie pie! Are the boots from Target? Hanna Kate has the same ones. Love them--they go with everything!


Can I just have a million bonus points because I'm your friend? Please?

My mom would be SOOO jealous of Audrey's boots. Yes, she would want her own granddaughters to have them, but mostly she would want to wear them herself. Seriously!

Carrie @ Martin Manor

Hmmmmm...I don't know the answer...but she looks super super cute! I regret not getting Emily some boots like that at Target once...the are adorable! Nothing like a great pair of shoes to give you some sass! :)


LOVE those boots!


Audrey is soooo cute! Love that cute little face and adorable outfit!


Very cute! :)


Abby has those same boots!
And LOVES them.
Audrey is so precious with those beautiful blue eyes!


Leah has the same skirt, I LOVE it! Now I'm going to salivate over those boots...but Leah's feet are only a size 1 still, so I will have a while to wait before we can get a pair, I think! lol


lovin the boots haha too cute! and I LOVE her wild hair. She's just precious!


Your Audrey is PRECIOUS!! Love the sweet little boots too! :o)


Love, love, love the boots! Audrey is such a cutie! It makes me want to have a girl someday!


What a sweet child. Her outfit is so cute. What a cool Gramma to buy her those boots!


DO those boots come in a Woman's 9 1/2???? Just wondering....


Of course...belated commented as ever- but (and I'm so excited that I know this when many of the older commenters don't..which makes me happy that I'm helping keep the past alive! :)) but it's AUDREY HEPBURN thankyouverymuch.


the boots are cute but no match to your daughter...look at those deep blue eyes and biting her lower these shots...


Those boots are adorable, as well as her little ponytail, and those blue eyes - very sweet!


She is absolutely adorable! Enjoy her- they grow up so, so fast!


She is so lovely! Gorgeous boots!

bridget {bake at 350}

Oh my gosh! PINK boots...with a pink tu-tu?!? See, those boots are PROOF you need to move to Texas. I'll teach ya to say, y'all, I promise. have beautiful kiddos! :)


She is too precious! My daughter has always had pink boots too. As you outgrows one pair, I order her another.

Your daughter is so cute!


Janmary, N Ireland

Obviously WAY too late but your daughter is just so gorgeous - especially the last pic

I loooooove those boots! Hot pink is awesome! Even more than that though... I love little kids who ADORE their own boots and just want to live in them. Little cowpeople at heart.


Too cute pictures and those boots are so cute :)


she's a cutie pie! The pictures are so clear, what camera do you use?

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