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May 29, 2010



Oh your feet look awesome! *goes off to see if they have Sally Hansen in Australia*


I just bought this the other day too!!! I bought Pat on the Black and Back to the Fucshia! LOVE IT!!!!


OK, now I want to go get that nailpolish- the flat brush is awesome!


Ooo...I love red toes and love your pic of yours, so I'm going to have to go out and get some too!


I love it! I learned something new, I had never paid attention to the brush before! yippee summertime! Sandals! pedicures!!


I, personally, LOVE the picture of your feet since you can tell that you just leaned over and took a picture! I LOVE IT!


I love that color of polish. You shouldn't worry, your toes look fabulous!

Becki D

I'm a little out of the know in the beauty department myself, but I've never seen a flat brush before. AWESOME!

oh, and kudos to you for being brave enough to post your feet! Not me, not me. Yours were born to be foot models compared to mine. ;-)


Very nice! Next time I need polish I'll have to check it out thanks to your review :) Most of the time I use my 16 yr olds polish...and I make her polish my toes for me! Right now each foot is a rainbow, purple, pink, blue, red and green. I'm kinda funky like that.


I haven't painted my toes since my husband was in a wedding....last October. Oh dear, i cannot believe i just admitted that. There is a teeny tiny bit of pink left on the very end of one big toe nail. Obviously I spend quite a bit of time on my nails also :o)


cute little tootsies! i so need to take care of my feet! they shouldn't even be allowed out of the house right now:)

bridget {bake at 350}

Love that color!!! Your toes look beautiful....and I feel the same way about my feet. :)


I would guess that you are most likely on your feet the better part of the day. Baking, cooking, cleaning, playing with the kids etc. Never say it though. Your feet look great in this picture, almost as if you had a professional pedicure, and your polish colour choice...great!


That's funny...and if it makes you feel any better, I heard that if your 2nd toe is longer than your big toe, that means you're UBER smart. :-)Happy Memorial Day weekend to you!


You brave girl! I hide my feet at all costs! I do love a good pedicure though! I do like that color on your cute piggies!


That is great ... it has been years and years since nail polish has hit these digets of mine. Someday maybe ... someday. :)


I'm not super into any kind of beauty product, but I have found that Sally Hansen nail polish is always a good one. Never seen the flat brush though!


Your feet (foot?) looks so lovely and ready for summer. I'm dying for a pedicure!!

Posting a pic of your feet reminds me of another big blogger that posts pics of her feet. Mck something.


you are far too kind amanda.....and the toes look great :)

The Lumberjack's Wife

You are rockin' the tosie-polish!
Rockin' it!


I love pretty toes! I always keep mine painted, even in the dead of winter. It is like a little pick me up when the rest of me is feeling gloomy!


I knew I knew somebody who didn't like feet! I printed out that pictur.e I have of the three little girls' feet and putting it on our living room wall but wondered if some one who didn't like feet would find that totally repulsive.

We all think it's cute so it will stay for now.


I just wanna say what great photos those are. Impressive... you must've taken some an awesome photography workshop or something. (nice feet too.)


There are some people who shouldn't show their feet in public, fortunately, you AREN'T one of them! I've seen the flat brush before, and I love it too!


Ooh I love finding new things that make my day! I should go check this out - but only if they have it in some more funky colors ;)


You are cute as a button and your nails came out great. I'll have to try that sometime. Hope you are having a relaxing weekend.


amanda you are so funny! and what awesome photos! i love the close-ups of the brush with the bottle out of focus...i've always loved those sorts of shots and haven't gotten savvy enough on my fancy camera to figure out how to focus what i want and unfocus the rest...someday when we are sharing your yummy cookies and having wonderful conversations while our children play, you can show me! :) i think your toes look awesome by the are too hard on yourself!

He & Me + 3

Great review. You have adorable feet. silly.
Love that color too. totally one I would choose.


Gorgeous color! Your feet don't look bad! We are always our own worst critics...

vibram five fingers shoes

I have of the three little girls' feet and putting it on our living room wall but wondered if some one who didn't like feet would find that totally repulsive.


I'm really jealous of your foot..

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