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May 18, 2010



That sounds so good---and with chicken! Yum! Going to go check my spice cupboard! Thanks for the recipe!


awesome!! sea salt with some dried herbs works great too!!


Thanks for the seasoning tip!


I need to do this. It's not only a great space saver by combining into one jar, it's a great time saver! Thanks for the tip! :)


look at you! awesome! is there anything you can't do missy?


This is great. I make my own taco seasoning.


I have never mixed them together, tho I use salt, pepper and garlic seasoning on meat. I need to mix them together first!

Kim @ Homesteader's Heart

Sometimes the simple and basic are the best. My family has really enjoyed the Mrs. Dash Chipotle Seasoning. We put it on eggs, popcorn, and I use it a lot in cooking mexican food.
I make my own blackening seasoning and taco seasoning and I think it tastes WAY better than store bought and it doesn't have MSG in it.


Yum!! I love how it looks stored in that cute glass jar.
My favorite is making my own blend for taco seasoning. I'll never have to buy one of those packets again! I wanted tacos one day and it finally dawned on me to find a recipe for it. Who knew?! :)


Never even heard of a house blend but it does make sense....In your case two less jars of spice to mess with. =)


...or is it two fewer? LOL

Kristin Smith

Sounds yummy - thanks for sharing!! :)


I almost wet my pants ~ I love the comment "I forgot my moms birthday, what can you make with crazy glue and olive pits"! You make me laugh. My favorite house blend is all of the above with a 1/4 tsp. of onion powder added. Yumm.

May God continue his blessings in your life, today, tomorrow and for always, my friend,

The Lumberjack's Wife

Sounds great! I love stuff that is simple and you can do yourself!


OK, this is me, feeling like a cooking dork. Because you say you can't cook, and I didn't even know I could 'make' a house blend. *sheepish grin*
So, does it have to be something you put in a separate container in order to be a house blend? Or does it count if you just throw some spices together and put them on chicken? Cuz I know how to do that. Of course, I couldn't give you the recipe, because I never really do the same thing twice. LOL!


i use the same blend only i add onion powder and parsley in mine! i LOVE it!


okay so i don't mix mine together either! but if i did, it would probably look like yours!


YUM! I have several "blends" I use. Each meat earns it own. :) My favorite for pork is Sage, Thyme, Rosemary, and Garlic with EVOO. So, so yummy.


Not really, but I do use a lot of seasoned salt and basil. And garlic, I use fresh chopped garlic and the pre-chopped stuff a lot too. I guess that's why me and my kids don't get a lot of bug bites :)


Paula Deen (love her and her butter addiction)...uses this blend when she cooks and at her restaurant.

Dana-from chaos to Grace

Well....since I am crappy in the kitchen too, I'll just steal this idea! LOL

He & Me + 3

Sounds like something I would totally love. Thanks for sharing. I can't cook either. Darn.


oh sounds good..and easy!! Tommy sure started a trend with the Mario cookies huh?? looks like they are quite the hit!! but you are right..would not be good with garlic salt..ha


p.s. did you add something else to your chicken? looks like an herb or soemthing else besides just pepper on there..looks great!


That is similar to the Paula Deen House Seasoning, but she uses Garlic Powder instead of Garlic Salt (perhaps because you are already using salt??)

I tend to throw a little of that on everything I make. Then add a few more spices so it doesn't all taste the same. :/

I am amazed that you make all food look delicious!!!!


:) Our "house blend" is Mrs. Dash table blend and fresh crushed garlic. Got to try yours.

Cate O'Malley

A little House Blend is a very good thing. Very similar to Paula Deen's mix. Salt? Garlic? I'm so there.


You could puyt some in an old salt shaker and put it right on the table to use whenever you want too! I'd just have to omit the pepper, because I swear I can tell a mile away if someone put pepper in my food EWWWWW! :o)

christy rose

Wow! What a great idea! Pretty darn good for a person who is such a bad cook! Yah right!! :)


I put basil and oregano on 90% of the things I make, which may or may not be a good thing


Oh yes, I love making my own seasoning mixes! It is my intention to never buy another packet of taco seasoning again, or ranch dressing seasoning... but you kow what they say about good intentions... so we'll see, but I've been doing good for a while :-)


Looks good. Just wondering, do you use cracked pepper or ground pepper?

The lady of the House

awesome seasoning idea and made for a good pic too :)

Toodles, The Lady


Those are the best seasonings to mix together!!!! And your pasta looks awesome!

bridget {bake at 350}

You are so smart. I think that's all I need to say. :)

philippines homes

Hmmm This is awesome. Thanks for sharing the seasoning tips.

Deirdre G

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That's awesome! Audrey doesn't NEED more pink clothes


Oooh - I was just making some of my own 'house blend' last night in some pretty jars for little Christmas gifts for friends and neighbors...

I'm hoping they're well received :)

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