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April 18, 2010



I'm honestly grateful for Twitter and Typepad and Blogger and everything else on the web that has made it possible for me to link up with talented and real people such as yourself. We may never have the opportunity to meet in person but that doesn't matter. The written word can speak volumes and thanks to the internet our "conversations" are instantaneous :)

Margaret in Minnesota

I find this post so amusing that I'm going to go follow you just to feed your addiction.

Margaret in Minnesota

There. Done.


Hahaha I am so with you - retweeting IS better!! :) I am an addict...


Think I'll stick to my blogging and facebook addictions. *grin*


OMGoodness that's heeelarious - I didn't think I had a "problem" until I read this. Thanks a lot!

A personal favorite: "pound doityourself" - LOL and the re-tweeting someone's awesome blog - that IS fun & better than commenting!


I #loveyou and you are #hilarious.


#iagree with your previous commenter! You are #hilariouslyfunny and #iloveyou !!

Unplanned Cooking

My name is Jennifer, and I am an addict, too :)


Hehee~! +-D Maybe all I can do is laugh on this one because I can't really relate as much. That's the one thing I've told my hubby a lot lately is that I'm not attached to Twitter like some folks are. [I don't spend enough time on it?] I've noticed that whenever I AM on there, I tend to see a lot of the same people matter the time of day or night. How can they have time for that? Or am I looking at this wrong?


Oh great! And Michelle is trying to get me to join. I may have to re-think this strategy.

The Lumberjack's Wife

I don't Twitter.
Should I?
I don't think I could figure it out.


ha ha ha!! what a great list. I must say that I can identify with most of them. :)


I just can't get into the Twitter thing...nothing exciting enough happens in my life to Twitter about I guess.
This was funny, though!


Hehe, um, yep! #ihearya


Well now, See? Something to tell my husband he can be thankful for... I'm not even really sure what tweeter is.


you're funny. it's crazy as addicted as I am to facebook and blogging, I have never gotten into twitter. crazy!


oh by the way, YOU my friend need to add a winning button to your blog!! you deserve it.

Carrie @ Martin Manor

LOL! I don't twitter, but I can understand! You are so funny :) Boy, that # sounds a little aggressive? :)


I have a twitter account, but rarely use it! Just can't get into that mode. Maybe my age???
Anyway, funny post!

bridget {bake at 350}



I can't really get on the twitter train... my heart belongs to facebook.

who knows though... maybe overtime something will grow between twitter and i


I still don't totally understand twitter nor how it works, but maybe one of these days...

I love me some Ina Garten too!! :)


Loved the pound doityourself... you had me laughing. Thanks Amanda!


I'm a newbie and already I'm exhibiting signs in this article. I'm going to have to... uh... What's that? Oh, it's my TweetDeck...

'Gotta go!

I have an ancient cell phone that I do "Pay as you go" with and just use for emergencies. However, I have a laptop in my living room and being a stay at home mom, I'm on the laptop, off and on throughout the day like a lot of people are on their phones. But... maybe since I'm dealing with such a BIG screen compared to that of a phone, I'm partial to Facebook instead of Twitter, and I just can't juggle them both. I have a Twitter account, but it's set to automatically update from my Facebook statuses, so I never actually deal with Twitter directly, or follow anyone through it.

That being said... this post was still hysterical! Amanada... how I wish we lived closer and could have a girls night out! You crack me up. Maybe we'll both make to Blogher one year and can meet up. I've never been... have you?


That gave me a good laugh at the end of the day - thanks!


Have to admit...I'm just a twitter imposter! I haven't learned all the ins and outs yet. I love reading your tweets and finding all the cool people you follow!
I did just try something though.


So I have to agree with Karen since I am already addicted to the internet (according to Chris). I don't think it would be good for me to get into something else!
And I totally doing get the# or the@.
See I told you I so wasn't cool!

Cop Mama

#idontknowwhatyouretalkingabout :-)


This list is SO for me. Twitter adict myself


You're list made me giggle. It is just too fun and TOO TRUE! (I'm following you on Twitter now too....)


truer words were never #spoken. And I'm trying to ease up on my twitter contest addiction. Best to focus on improving my blog than on wasted tweets :D


ditto to every single one of those (I loved the meatloaf comment.)

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