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April 30, 2010



ooops. sorry didn't read the rules first before I nominated you. Oh well. I tried. You're so awesome for doing this. Fun, fun!

He & Me + 3

What a fun thing! I remember from last year!
Love your new profile picture. YOu are beautiful!


What a cute and fun idea!!


Um...I sort of just want to nominate you! ;D I still think you should win all the categories and put the money towards an awesome new oven!


Great Idea. Love your new profile picture - Beautiful Gal!

Don't know that I'll get around to nominating anyone today... It's "theater week" around here - my daughter is in the production Annie and I'm doing all the photography (or pretending to. LOL)... but.. I'll have fun reading and voting.

Blessings to you, Kari

sassy molassy

Baking blog...

Photography blog...


My nomination is for a photography blog.

Not only does Kate take beautiful photos, but her blog is truly inspirational!

Kat :)


we can nominate only 1, not 1 per category, right?


My favorite food blog is My favorite everything else blog is This is a blog by a preacher"s wife and her three daughters. I am a preacher's wife, I am one of three daughters and I have 3 daughters! You can see how I would relate to this blog. :)


I think my favorite baking blog is Sweetopia: :)


My nomination is for Inspirational Blog...Bring the Rain at I always come away from Angie's blog encouraged and challenged.

Katie@ The Baby Factory

Wendi @ Every Day Miracles

She is amazing, and encourages me to capture every single second with my boys :)


I nominate Color Me Happy by Maria Killam. I find her painting advice and photos to be invaluable.


Awesomest Parenting Blog - Because I Said So

Awesomest Inspirational Blog - Salt

Awesomest Food Blog - Sweetopia

Awesomest Photography Blog - The Pioneer Woman

Awesomest Overall Blog - The Pioneer Woman


Overall Blog-


Photography blog:



I LOVE this idea!!!


Best Overall Blog -
Photography Blog -


Oh're too sweet!
Can't wait to start reading all these awesome blogs that have been nominated! How much time can one justify in daily blog reading?

liz a

oh I love this...
photography blog:

overall blog:


What a super fun idea, I can't wait to check out all of the favorite blogs!...It's bed time and I think by the MN clocks I've missed the time sensitive deadline!

Happy Weekend! :)


проблемы, проблемы... вот думаю тоже создать себе блог


I was too late to nominate, darn.


wahooo somebody nominated me. i'm excited. :)


Well I have hardly been online at all, so I missed the cut off for nominating people. Boo.

Anyway, LOVE your new profile picture, and looking forward to reading your blog between feedings and diapers and two rowdly little boys!

bridget {bake at 350}

Well, I just re-read this and realized I was only supposed to nominate ONE blog. I nominated ONE in EACH category! I'm so you hate me now? I'll do better; I promise.


Congrats to all the exciting!

christy rose

Oh man! I missed nomination day. Oh well I voted for a few of my favorites! BTW, I love your new profile picture. It is beautiful! :)


I came over to vote for a friend. What a nice blog you have. Tonight I will go back and read some of your posts. I am so glad I found it. Blessings sweet lady!

Julie GM

Where can I find the URL for each nominee? My blog is Welcome to My World also. I just learned at BloggyBootCamp of another blog w/the same name!?! Would love to check it out. =)


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