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April 28, 2010


bridget {bake at 350}

Well...THAT is so cool! I nominate YOU!

$250 in prizes! Woo-wee! You're turning into a regular Pioneer Woman!

Janmary, N Ireland

YOU are awesome ..... Can we nominate you?


I think the first couple of comments say it all! Keep the $250 for yourself and get you a STOVE! ;D

You are awesome!

The Lumberjack's Wife

Goodness! You are full of fun today amidst your stove crisis! Love your new picture. :)

Cop Mama

You are too funny! Now, who do I nominate?

Oh, by the way, can we nominate YOU???


Looking gorgeous honey! LOVE the profile pic!

Kristin Smith

Oh fun!! Can't wait to see who wins! :)


wow so much fun! You should win something!!


So fun! And I love your new profile picture...very pretty! :)


Sounds wonderful. Exciting. :) would you be able to consider an "Awesomest Craft blog" award. :)?


I love your profile picture, too! So professional! I'll have to think on this awesomest blog thing... Who to nominate...???

This sounds like a whole bunch of fun! I've never participated in any kind of blog awards thingy-ma-bobs, but I've seen a lot blogs with Awards. See you Friday!

Katie@ The Baby Factory

I am totally a loser.....but I'm so nominating myself. Probably not for the food blog thing. You've got that pretty much wrapped up ;)


now you know I am much too bashful to every think of nominating myself ;-) I'm shooting for awesomeest food blog :D

Tara Bucci

Ohhh so fun! I know exactly who I'm going to nominate. And no it's not me :p


Get out! That is a serious prize package! Can't wait.

Ooooh oooooh ooooo! How about a category for "Awesomeist New Kid on the Blog"? You know... to vote for one of the best new blogs on the scene. I only have 7 months of blogging under my belt so I don't feel I have enough material to qualify in any of the above categories, but I'd love to get some exposure to more blogging readers and friends, if I could put myself into a "New Blog Category."

Just a thought! :) See you tomorrow!

ali @ an ordinary mom

I love that you just came up with your own contest, you go girl!


You SO rock. I think I'll nominate you. :-)


Oh, and I TOTALLY love the reason you're doing your own - some of the other "winners" out there are awful.

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