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April 24, 2010



YOU CRACK ME UP!BTW I love your MN accent!


LOL that was the PERFECT Vlog. Hey, you used my "toodles" closing :P

Linda @ My Trendy Tykes

You are so darn cute : )
I've been wanting to take up vlogging again but my Flip needs new batteries. Yeah, I have been sitting on my tail for months. You would think that I would just go to the store for batteries, right? NAH not me : )

Joy Ellis

LOL!! That was totally awesome!! THAT is the reason I love reading your blog so much! Thanks for the great laugh!




Gonna need another one soon. And by soon I mean tomorrow.


that was AWESOME! Before you started talking, I was like (in my head), "is she wearing pearls?" And as you continued talking, I thought, "Yep!"
You are awesome! That was GREAT!


I think that you and I could be friends in real life. That was worth watching.

bridget {bake at 350}

You are GORGEOUS...and hilarious! Oh my...that was AWESOME!!! (Those captions are my life!)


This vlog made my day perfect!!!

Debbie @ The Hip Hostess

Isn't it just amazing that you and I lead parallel lives? I mean, how did you know my life is perfect too? I knew there was a reason I liked you!
Thanks for the fun, I needed a good laugh today.

Diane {}

That was PERFECT!


You are too funny! Loved it!


LOVE IT! you crack me up. and btw, no bore induced coma happened, i was very well entertained ;)


You're great. Just great. Honestly. The very first second I thought you were serious and I almost died. Then I realized you were joking..and I really did die...laughing! These had better keep showing up :)


Oh Amanda! That was Awesome!!! I laughed right out loud. :) And I did not fall into a boredom-induced coma, FYI.


Finally, someone else with a perfect life just like mine!

Jeff Hickmott

Oh, that was good! funny funny! Not coma-inducing at all! Good stuff!


Ok, for reals?!? You are absolutely adorable and hilarious!! Best vlog I've ever seen! And psh, yeah, so glad to meet someone else with a perfect life ;) MAkes me feel, not quite so lonely :P


Loved it! :D I think this is the first time actually posting on your blog, but I've been following you for quite some time!

I'll definitely be back for more vlogs soon. :D


Ha ha ha. You are so funny.

Blessings from one mommy, who's also been punched in the eye as well as yelled at for offering dessert, to another ;)


You crack me up! Were you bored? I love the sarcasm.

He & Me + 3

Oh my girl you are crazy. I have that same life. Isn't it grand? Toodles to you too.


hahaha That was too funny!!!!!!!!!!

Carrie @ Martin Manor

;) You're so sweet! If having crazy, messy kids who hug and love you all day...that sounds pretty perfect to me :) { up poop is never much fun...but still...} Such a fun video!


Now that's funny!!!


Loved it! :)


Love the pearls!!

Love you!


Oh Amanda, that was a trip! I actually laughed out loud when the first little blip popped up on the screen. You are hilarious.. :)


You are a hoot Amanda! I guarantee I will not be vlogging. I have enough trouble getting the girls looking presentable for blog photos much less myself.

That was great!


HAA HAA HAA!!!!!!!!! You crack me up! :)


Ahahahah You seriously crack me up. :) That was great!


That was perfectly funny! I love it! It's hard to be perfect, isn't it?!?!? Oh the pressure...

The Lumberjack's Wife

Awesome! I loved it!!!
And look at you with your accent! :)
Who knew?!


You are SO lucky!! Your mom reads your blog?! Oh.. I get to go clean up poop now too. Looks like we have more in common than I thought! ;)


You are too funny!!


Poo!! I can't see your videos anymore now that we have this Internet protection software thingie on our computers! I am still figuring out how to use this stuff...
I bet your vid was cute! =-)


Full of awesome, you are!

I'm literally LOL'ing. Can't wait for more!

There will be more, right? Right? :-P


I LOVE this!!! We should compare notes on both of our perfect families!! ;)


Amanda, that was hysterical!! LOVED the energy and cheerfulness!


Finally, another perfect person out there to join me in the blogospere! Bahaha.. I just cracked myself up. That was a great video! Love the captions, they were very similar to my daily life. Although my youngest is now 10 so the poo part has been switched to kitty puke (sorry, tmi..but I just had to clean some today so it's on my mind). LOL.
Seriously though, I cant wait for the next installment. I vote for perfect cookie tutorials! =D

Julie in WA

Very funny! You tickle me! And just so you know, I don't know what "Elizabeth" commenter #1 is talking about. MN accent? What's that? EVERYONE knows that people from MN have no accent whatsoever. Not even me. Nope, my pastor does not mimic me every time he sees me. Nope, my Canadian relatives do not point it out to me.

I believe people from MN speak the clearest and most accurate English of all.

Honestly. I don't hear an accent.
I don't.


you crack me up girl! i've missed you, since I was off line for 3 weeks (moving from an apartment on post to a house!!) So nice to "meet" you in all your perfection and I noticed the pearls too!

Cop Mama

Someone mentioned an accent??? ;-)

At first, I, this doesn't seem like the Amanda I've gotten to know. But then I got it...Seriously, too funny!

Kathryn Harter

That is hilarious, I love your sense of humor!!


You're too funny! And you look beautiful!

Tami w

wow!! I really needed that! Thanks for the good laugh.


LOL, Yes, I too spend uncounted hours cleaning sadly only CORNERS of my house :)


I forgot to mention, so I had to stop in again and tell you that I really like your new profile pic!


You look great I love your hair and makeup. This was a pretty funny video. Thank you for doing it. It cracked me up, typically mom syndrome huh LOL.


I apologize I used a different name for the thread on breastfeeding because it I don't like using my real name for controversial subjects because I didn't want other people e-mailing me and harrassing me even though I am a supporter of it. But, oh well it is known now.


You're hilarious! I love the vlog!! Totally reminds me of my life! You just might have to make this a regular thing! ;)



Heehee, that was funny...thanks for reminding me that pretty much everyone has a 'perfect' life, just like I do. Sometimes more perfect than others! Good job, and nice new profile pic too :-D


Don't know how you managed not to crack yourself up throughout this. Not only should you write a book but you need your own show. You would certainly put the *real* back into reality! Thanks for the smiles.

Missy @ The Marketing Mama

You are too funny. You rocked it girlfriend! :)


I love it! I needed a good laugh this morning!


You are a riot! Still giggling.

Your accent rocks and the pearls... perfection personified!

Have fun cleaning up the poop.

Amanda Jo

You are my favorite. Seriously. That was just too funny!


Accent? What accent?

You look just like June Cleaver...pearls and all. Now go vacuum in your high heels, dress, and apron and make her proud!

Loved the vlog...keep them coming!


Hilarious! That made my day! Thanks for honoring your husband too! That really did make this perfect! ;)


lol omg! you crack me up!!! You are a perfect "vlogger" :) btw i started a blog myself recently so any input would be greatly appreciated... in a private message of course! oooh and i love your new pic too!


Amanda, I wanted to thank you for being a part of my first year of blogging! What a wonderful year it has been. I'm throwing a little party and as an honored guest, I would love for you to stop by and share a highlight of your year with all of us.

Cactus Happy,

Stacy Ness

Love it! Also lvoe your new "Who am I" picture.


"Colton likes to bite the furniture"
"After this I have to clean up poop"

Priceless, now I must clean my monitor.
Thanks for the gut blowing guffaw!


Oh my word! I am perfect too! I knew there was a reason we were fast friends!


So THAT'S what "perfect" means... I've been so misled! I get to call myself perfect too!
Thanks! Cute Vlog! I won't have the guts for a long time...


that was quite a fine job!! Parker doesn't like dessert - wha?????

Loved your makeup - and nice new profile pic too :-)


you crack me up. btw love your new profile pic. :)


so I finally got to watch this ... since I wa out if dial-up world for a little bit yesterday. :) Very funny. :)


ignore those spelling errors ... one handed typing has never been one of my gifts.

Jan Mayes

Love the accent, and the lies!

Welcome to MY world!

Don't think I will EVER be brave enough to vlog - but thanks for making me smile.

But excuse me - TWO readers - judging by all these comments alone I think that just might have been another lie!


Adriana PK

LOL This was hysterical. Thanks so much. I needed a laugh today.


Queen Mommy

CUTE! I'm so glad I don't have to suffer in perfection all by myself! LOL


This was hilarious! Thanks.


That was stinkin' hilarious!


Oh my goodness I was laughing so hard! I love it! Hope you are having a good night!


I really loved your vlog-you are so adorable! I like vlogging, though not sure I could do it. I'm too self-conscious and self critical. I prefer to be on the picture/video taking side of the camera, plus I hate the way my voice sounds. I wonder if it grates on other people's nerves, cause it grates on mine LOL! But again, I loved your's and hope you'll do more!

Off topic, wanted to share that about a month or so ago I followed your link to the story of 23 minutes in hell. I have never really believed in hell in the literal sense like that person experienced. It all started when I was little and having a panic attack over our unavoidable death. My mom shared the thought she had about not believing in hell, devil, etc. I don't know if she was just saying that to comfort me at the time or if she really believed it. Her feelings have since changed.

But I held on to that my whole life and based so many of my spiritual views on it. I am a Christian and I'm very much in love with Jesus (sounds strange, but it's the best way to describe my feelings), I am a compete wretch and without Him as my savior, I am nothing.

I passed on reading the book about 23 minutes in hell, but did read the book about 90 minutes in heaven. I turned away from the hell one because again it just didn't mesh with my beliefs. That one day, I was somehow persuaded to watch the link you shared, I watched all of it. I won't go into all of my beliefs in this comment, but now I have to wonder for the first time really ever, if I've had it wrong.

So I wanted to thank you for sharing that, as I likely wouldn't have heard the story without your link. It scared me, still does, and I continue to do a lot of thinking and praying about it.


vibram five fingers shoes

You're great. Just great. Honestly. The very first second I thought you were serious and I almost died

Renee (kudos kitchen)

Well, you definitely have more than two followers however, I don't doubt that your mom is your number one fan. This was so cute Amanda. I'm glad your 'livin' the dream' of a 'perfect life'. Glad to know somebody is. LOL


You crack me up, especially the part about ur kids!! I love ur blog!!

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