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March 05, 2010



1) I don't get tired of seeing pics of your kids!

2) You are making me hungry! Oh wait. I'm hungry all the time anyway!


Love those big eyes and darling smiles--don't stop plastering them all over!! Can't wait to listen to Karen next week either, should be fun!

Diane {}

oh you kids are so cute!
I'm sending you warm wishes :)
I loved you segment on twin cities live-fantastic job-you are a natural in front of the camera!

Kara Carlson

I may have a few questions that others may not have thought of *wink*wink*- OK, OK I will leave college days out of it :)

As always you will be great!


your kiddos are precious! i don't ever get tired of pics of kids either.


Of course we love to see pics of the kiddos!! :) Can't wait to see the vlog!!


Oh that little patch of grass has me all giddy! I shoved my kiddos outside today in all their winter gear and hubby asked me if I "made" them wear their HEAVY coats...well's still only 32 degrees! Silly.

And we love pics of your kids - goofy! Keep 'em comin'!

He & Me + 3

Amanda that was awesome! You are becoming such a pro. They are going to hire you soon. Great job!
I am waiting & longing for spring too.
Having an awesome giveaway today. Stop by.


You have gorgeous children! If you get spring though it means we have to get Autumn. I've LOVED summer this year here in Perth. Sigh. Hoping it warms up for you soon xxx


Where did you get that notion? You don't take offense at seeing anyone else's kids plastered all over there blogs do ya? I for one would love to see more pictures of your beautiful children. Comon' you got braggin' rights!


Gorgeous kids!
Hope Spring comes early this year!

Grandpa Dennis

Your children are beautiful. Keep the pictures coming!!!

Jessica @ How Sweet

I'm aching for Spring. I am hoping the snow is finished here. I watched your video and you are soooo fabulous on TV, Amanda!! You looks gorgeous and natural and not nervous at all! So proud of you! :)


As soon as I saw that picture I looked out my window to see if there's any grass visible in my yard. And there is! 'Course, it's all the way in the back and I'd have to walk through a bunch of snow to get to it - but it might be worth it! *grin*
And I'm in agreement with everyone else. Keep the kid pictures coming. They're beautiful!
So, so looking forward to next weekend! I need to check something out with Vicki and then I might be emailing you with a question...
Love you!


How can anybody possibly get tired of seeing pictures of your kids? They are so stinkin' adorible. Actually, I was getting tired of NOT seeing pictures of your kids. Love those pictures.

The snow... I'm living proof that you can walk/run/stand in the snow barefoot and live to blog about it. I say, make a run for it and stand in that patch of grass. You deserve it!

Have fun at your moms night out.


Overdose of adorable! Too cute. I too am super excited for spring to arrive! Our snow started melting this week and I've gotta tell you I was all kinds of giddy inside

Kristin Smith

We just saw a little spot of green grass in our yard too! I am so very excited for spring. I think you must be a TV natural! Awesome job!!



Aw, I feel bad for ya wanting to run barefoot on grass and not getting to just yet. If it's any consolation, I'm not getting to, either! [Okay, so maybe that doesn't actually help] - but I feel your pain! I am looking forward to that perfect springtime weather. In fact, I'm getting impatient for it!

And you did GREAT on TCL! Are you pro at this? If it were me, I'da been so nervous! You know, shakin' like crazy and all that jazz. Good job on the Scrabble cake (did she call them cookies?), too! Love you and all of your awesomeness!! <3


Ready for spring here too, but I can't say it's because of snow or I just love the smell of fresh cut grass and all the flowers blooming.

Your kiddos are just precious, Amanda.



you have beautiful kids!! their eyes! oh, their eyes are so beautiful. I can't wait for Friday either! YEEHAW!


I promise that I am not a crazy woman.. I just happen to love kids and seeing pictures of cute kids simply makes my day! (So thanks for making it today.) And I am with you on the chips and salsa.. if we went together, there would have to be two bottomless chip and salsa orders placed. ;)


I'm jealous that your patch of grass is so green...
...and I love pics of cute kids!


Pictures of your kids are always welcome...and they are so low-fat! When I read "I am Baker" I think I gain 20 lbs!!!!


Ahhh, your kids are so cute! Beautiful eyes! I'm on my way to watch your tv spot! Can't wait!

Mandi S.

Yay! I am so glad you posted your adorable children! Because they are adorable! And yes, you should post pictures of them more often. :)


Your children are GORGEOUS and I demand more pictures of them.

I am impressed that your sneak peek of grass looks so green - ours is trampled down brown stuff that resembles grass.

I miss Spring/Summer too. We're having very, very mild temperatures this weekend and I'm just soaking it up!


Post away!! The more pics the better. Remember to post what you enjoy posting, or it won't be fun for you!!

Carrie @ Martin Manor

Oh...chips and salsa from Chili's are the BEST...I might let you have one chip...but I might ask that you get your own basket, too, haha! Please don't EVER limit pictures of your super cute kiddos! I've never heard anything so crazy :) Plaster them up there! I love those sweet, cold cheeks...but I agree...I cannot wait to go outside without shoes {sometimes I still do right now!} and feel the grass! VEry soon!


I love the pics! Keep 'em coming!

Hopefully, the sun and it's warm rays will be here soon! Very, very soon.

Jamie @ Six Bricks High

Love the pics of your cute kids! That smile is precious!

I'm so ready for spring!


Spring will be there before you know it. :)

Can't wait for the vlog! Those are always fun to watch!

Melissa T.

Man you are growing like crazzzzy! Good for you-the kiddos are gorgeous:-)

bridget {bake at 350}

Your kiddos are too precious!!!

What a fun post, and what beautiful children. I understand exactly how you feel about the grass and spring. We're in Idaho, so it's really hard to wait until springtime.
Ana (formerly Nicole)


Oh man, major spring fever here too. We've had about 2 weeks of 40s and sun and I'm so ready! Bring on the mud!

And please keep posting pictures of your beautiful kids!

ellie and abbie

totally agree!
I'm ready for spring.

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