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February 25, 2010



March 3rd is my sister's birthday...She's in Ghana so I should tell her she has to do something virtually nice for me :)


Unfortunatly I don't know anyone that is pregnant right now. Well I take that back, several of the ladies in my mommy group are, but its an online group and everyone is very far away from me. :( As for me, I'm not pregnant, just fat :P I wish I was prego, but we can't afford another now, if the time ever comes that we can I'll be to old I'm sure lol. I should just be happy with the 4 healthy kids I have...right?


How fun! I think this should be a National thing- twice a year so that it never misses anyone. I'm almost 11 weeks along with my first baby. Someone sent a bowl of soup to me last night and it seriously made my day!

Mandy Small

I'm due in 29 days and I think it would be fabulous if March 3rd was National Help a Pregnant Woman Day! Let's face it, at this stage in the pregnancy game, who doesn't want (NEED) help! Sadly, I want help, but don't like to ask for it. It's become hard to wipe up what's left of my kids' meals off the floor, lift them into their car seats, and lean over the side of the tub at bath time :)


Now I'm gonna wish I were pregnant. LOL. I need a "Be nice to the mom who is sick and who has four sick children and a sick husband" Day. :) It's our first sickness of the year, so I shouldn't complain......

Amanda Jo

I LOVE this idea!!!! Someone should make this a fan page on Facebook!!! ;)

christy rose

I had no idea that there was such a day. That is pretty neat really and you gave some really good ideas. I know a few people who are pregnant right now. :)

Melissa T.

I am in for it- I have three at my office alone. Great idea!


What a great idea!!! Can I repost/link this on my blog tomorrow? I am SO excited! When I was pregnant with our first baby, a friend randomly brought by a huge bag of Italian food and a baby blanket. It's still my favorite pregnant memory!!! Thanks for being so creative and thoughtful!


I'm in! :) Just kidding. It's a fun idea though. For a few of my good friends I gave them baby gifts as soon as they knew they were pregnant. It was a fun way to celebrate with them.


I better still be pregnant on March 3rd! Well, I guess technically by that point, I could have him, but I am kind of not emotionally ready for him yet. Either way, if I have him that day or not, I better be home in time to get together with you! THAT'S my prayer!


Can I just say, Thank you for posting this.
Oh how I need even just my husband to read this. That would bless me :)


I'm at the age where my friends and I are all about to be grandmothers (I kid! kind of) - but srsly there is nary a pregnant person around


Amanda, so funny you should post this today....come check out my post! :D


What a fun idea! And, though it is not public info yet and I haven't announced it on my blog or elsewhere, I just might fit into that category that needs help.


Wow, I was just trying to be less boring at 1am. Thanks! The follow-up could be "Help a Parent with Young Children Day" and then, "Help a Caregiver Day"...


Hi Amanda :) I think I already filled you in on the news that I'm pregnant. Will you make me some cookies??? Purdy please?! Just kidding. Sort of.

Hugs to you. This is a sweet post. I'm all about encouraging and uplifting posts :)


I don't know anyone who is pregnant but this is such a good idea! So inspiring of you :)

Cop Mama

How kind and thoughtful of you!

Jenney over at TheDrays Today is way preggo!

He & Me + 3

You are so sweet. Man, I wish I was pregnant...cause I would have you stop by and drop off some of your wonderful cookies. YUM!


You are so sweet, Amanda!
But, you know? The only pregnant friend I can think of at the moment is Gianna.
Hey, I know! Let's take dinner over to her on March 12. *grin*


I just created a Facebook fanpage for this! I thought that was a great idea from one of the other gals! Great idea Amanda! Can't wait to hear how many people pass it on and participate.!/pages/March-3rd-is-National-Help-a-Pregnant-Lady-Day/327253077225


Well, I'm way past the bein' pregnant years... and don't know a soul who is expecting. And even if they were, I'd be a-wonderin' about them, for sure, LOL!

But back during my pregnancies with each of my two sons, it would have been great to have people do helpful things for me { including the ex! }

Cyber cookies and hugz to all who are pregnant!

Doula Mama Pam

What an awesome idea!!!!!! I am not pregnant but I am a Doula. This is AWESOME!!!!!! I plan on doing a re-post!!!!!

Doula Mama Pam

Katie@ The Baby Factory

aww man! i wish I would've known that last year! ....oh yeah, and the year before ;)
ACTUALLY, I know lots of preggers right now, so this will be fun :)

bridget {bake at 350}

I can make a button for you. :) Do you have a picture you'd like to use? Email me with what you want. :)


That's cool! What a great idea!

Blessings! Heaven

Mandi S.

For the first time in about five years, I don't actually know anyone pregnant right now. How weird is that? But it's a fantastic idea, and I will pass it on when I do know someone that is. However, I think that we need more than just one day a year to be nice to pregnant ladies. I've been pregnant twice, but only once on March 3. Just sayin!

Jenna Polzin

What a clever idea! I'm due in 9 weeks and think that a national help a pregnant woman day would be amazing :) I might just have to post your link on my blog! And way to go to you for helping out Leah. I know she'll appreciate it!


I am not due until the 27th of March but will likely deliver in the next week or so ... not sure if I would be the pregnant one on the 3rd or the one that should be helping a pregnant one. :) Guess we will have to wait and see. After 6 weeks (so far) of bedrest I am all about someone saying "what do you need", but I also would love to help someone in a similar situation. God Bless you Amanda.


Do you think I could convince my husband to make me a pregnant lady (again) that day in honor of it? I doubt it too.. I guess helping out all my friends with child will have to do. ;)


I had no idea about this awesome day of the year! It's too bad...maybe I could have used it myself before now? ;-D I know some preggos right now and am definitely gonna use this as an excuse to do something nice for 'em. Thanks!!


Amanda, this is so funny. I just put up a pregnancy post (I am 32 weeks which is AMAZING seems how it seems like I just found out). I have a friend who is pregnant and I will try to help her March 3...she is our assistant pastor's wife and I see her on Wednesdays so that is perfect! Thanks for this post!


Great idea, wish you had thought of it several years ago. :) Found you from Lynette's blog and she is correct, you are funny!
Have a great day.


I'm not sure if we can just call it a "national" holiday ourselves, but why not! Hmmmm.... Do I even know anyone who's prenant though?


What a great idea!! How fun!


Oh, I wish I was pregnant :-)
My sister just had her baby, so she's not longer pregnant...
Hmmm, after the most recent baby was born at our church and I miscarried, there is currently no one pregnant there (that I know of...)
I have some bloggy friends that are pregnant, and I suppose I could send them a nice note...
Other than that, I promise to be nice to any pregnant ladies I happen to see at the grocery store on March 3rd...!!!


I just love it! What a fabulous idea :)


what a sweet idea! ;) I don't think I know anyone pregnant (outside of blogland that is!) hm... processing... nope can't think of anyone! how can this be! I am old! LOL!
Just Jenn~


I think this is such a great idea!!! I know there are preggo women at my church.


Oooh... I am so excited. As a preggo gal myself I will be sure to pass on the memo to everyone I know! Do you think that anyone will believe that it is a "real" holiday? You know, come to think of it... I am really craving some of your deliciously-decorated cookies! :) Plan on delivering to Fargo that day?

P.S. I finally got the nerve to try out my editing software yesterday. Talk about overwhelming! :) But I had a lot of fun and got a few "novice-looking" pictures... but still way better than anything I took before...


What a great idea! Can we include 'National help a lady who was just pregnant less then a week ago' day?? My friend had her baby on Wednesday and I'm thinking very soon I need to go take some pictures!


Michelle, I think the help a pregnant lady day should be extended to ladies who are still in the recovery (6 to 8 weeks....or maybe 6 to 8 years... lol) stage!


You know I love it, if only someone would actually do it, a pregnant Momma can dream.


I meant to write more! It seems so odd to me that there are people who commented that they know no one pregnant, go to any military base and they'd find a good portion pg always!! I couldn't even count how many pg women besides myself that I see on a daily basis, at least 20 every day!! Deployments do that, either get pg before, during (R&R babies), or after babies!

Oh no! I love this and I want to put a post up for it. I will put a post up for it. But even if I get it up by Monday that only gives readers 2 days to get the word out! Ahhhhhhh!
Too soon! Next time we make up a holiday lets set it for at least a month out or more. Please. I love jumping on band wagons, but this time I'm really running behind trying to catch up.
Love you Amanda.

Oh no! I love this and I want to put a post up for it. I will put a post up for it. But even if I get it up by Monday that only gives readers 2 days to get the word out! Ahhhhhhh!
Too soon! Next time we make up a holiday lets set it for at least a month out or more. Please. I love jumping on band wagons, but this time I'm really running behind trying to catch up.
Love you Amanda.


this is such a cute post. just came back from a baby shower for a cousin - will follow your helpful advice :)


what a great idea. Love it.

Ok, my "National Help A Pregnant Lady Day" post is up. Come check it out!

Oh! And I couldn't get the button to work but it's no fault of yours... It's mine. I'm still kind of new to all of this blog stuff. My Wordpress site wouldn't accept it. Maybe because it's a .gif and not a .jpg ???


I need to show this to my husband! I could really use a backrub!! :)


Being 37+ weeks pregnant I love this idea. I have to say though I'd feel a little bad promoting it on my blog though. Humm, gotta be tricky so I don't look like I'm groveling or something ;). I actually do have a friend coming over tomorrow to watch my girls while I go to my OB appointment. I'll let her know what she's participating in.

And on a completely different note. I've "heard" about you from MckMama but think I've only looked at your blog a time or two. This time I noticed your Simply Charlotte Mason link on the side over there. We're going to be following CM ideas as we begin to homeschool soon.

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