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February 12, 2010


Amy from She Wears Many Hats

Maybe you should go on the hunt for some polka dotted underwear - or maybe your Valentine could get you some?


It'd be slightly creepy, but I bet if you posted your address, a lot of polka dotties would find their way to your house now! Or maybe someone could link a site to sew it up into undies! Hehehe...thanks for the laugh! It makes me feel much more normal with my crazy illusions--usually involving chocolate that I thought I had!


Ha ha!! Cute! Sounds like my oldest... I swear she has a button that she pushes each day that "resets" her brain.

I say just throw on the fabric... Tarzan style.


You always make me smile, Amanda.
Hey, maybe we can go shopping for polka dotted undies when I come out! LOL!


I think I see you making some polka dotted underwear in the near future. Or at least buying some :)


and I'm sitting here trying to figure out why you would have put fabric in your underwear drawer?
Thanks, now I'll be thinking of your drawers all day today...


LOL! That's funny. I just stopped by from Karen's blog.


You are too funny. :)

I love polka dots too!


I'm sure you can make some!! And you can show us the tutorial!!!

And I totally love polka dots too!

The Lumberjack's Wife

I think you need to buy yourself some polka dot underwear. :)

Cop Mama

Welcome to my world!!! ;-)

Jessica @ How Sweet It Is

Maybe you should make some underwear out of that fabric? Then you can wear it. :)


Awww I am sorry for your on going disappointment! Time to buy some polka dot underwear!

I wish I can say nothing like that has ever happened to me ; )

He & Me + 3

That is funny...but a pair of underwear with those polka dots would be cute. I do stuff like that all the time.


I'll NEVER think of polka dots without giggling.... Wonder how many people I'll have to explain why polka dots are so funny to me?


Too funny! But just so you know, i would probably do the same thing lol


Now you need to go out and get yourself some polka dotted underwear ;)


I think you've just found yourself a project: homemade, polka dot bloomers! Or not. :-)

Very cute.



maybe you were thinking that you need to make yourself a pair of polka dotted underwear?


That is SOOOOO something I would do. So if you are insane. At least we would be insane together!


haha that's hilarious! Thanks for the comment on my blog this morning. I totally loved the Rainbow Pancake idea! you are awesome. I know you posted it in Oct. but if you still want to "feature someone who attempts your recipes" I'd love for you to feature me!
I love your blog, and have thoroughly enjoyed reading it!



Before you go doing that tomorrow, it's NOT your undies!!!!
Or, you could put it in the sock drawer...or the bottom drawer where you know you never look.


The mind is a funny thing (or at least your mind ;-)

Amanda Rettke

Hey LIbby!  I do have a flickr group if you want to 'show off' an item!!  And you should show yours off.. they are so great!



Heehee. Lurve it!!!

Kristin Smith

I don't know if you can sew...but I agree that you probably need to make some out of that fabric...even if not to wear but to do for the sake of doin! :)

Funny post - thanks for the chuckle this morning!



Send me the fabric, I'll sew it into panties for you on my Sassie Susie and then you can wear them!


That title is certainly one way to catch attention. I, too, am wondering why the fabric is in your undies drawer. Was it a case of having to shove it away before your husband throws it out because it's laying out? Thanks for the laugh.

Kristin Kunoff



HA! HA! The next time I see polka dot panties I'm gonna think of you!


You could make yourself a pair of green polka dot underwear. Just sayin'! Or, you could send that beautiful fabric my way - that would surely take care of the insanity!! :)

mrs. b.

HAHAHA! this cracks me up! and we might just be long lost sisters or something. i mean, for realsies.


Polka dots are so happy! I can see why you would want to wear them. :D


Um....have I been spelling underWARE wrong all these years? I've spelled it underWEAR....great. Thank goodness for google! Now I better go look it up.

Oh yeah - and fabric in your underware drawer? You must have had some pretty important company stop by last minute! :-)I found a carton of milk in my pantry not too long ago. I blame the kids. Works. every. time.

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