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February 04, 2010



Sweet goodness, there's exactly 100 comments on here before mine! Ok like a couple other commenters said, I want IP address's, home addresses, and I'm ready to kick some rude commenting butts and honestly that's as NICE as I can be. They rude, probably the most boring mom/dad out there and they suck.

You're an AWESOME Mom, Woman of Christ, and some people need to get a life.

Love you girl and love the pancakes!!


Unfortunately, it seems to go with the territory. Some people like to pick at every little thing and make a huge ordeal out of it.
You know what a good mom you are, you know what is important in life, and you have loved ones that will always have your back. As for the rest, ignore them. <~~being nice for your sake, because that is sooo not what I would normally say about people like that : )


I think you have GREAT ideas on how to make food FUN and TASTY for people of all ages! I think those pancakes and every other food you post about would definitely make my husband and three month old (if he could eat yummy things like that) DROOL! :) You are extremely talented. Don't let people that are jealous get to you.

stephanie - paisley petunia

Mean Commenters Suck. Really sorry you had to deal with this...those comments were insane. I am glad that you posted them for us all to see.
Your blog rocks, I love the pancakes idea....I'm adding food coloring to EVERYTHING from now on bwahahaha


Hey Amanda...everyone has an opinion, eh? Some folks just don't always know how to express what they want to say...and perhaps didn't mean to be rude. And then, there are those who meant to be rude. No one can please everyone, so don't worry about it. Keep doing exactly what you are doing...making colorful pancakes and colorful blogs and being the best mommy you can be.

There will always be mean folks, but you have the power to delete or to make fun...or laugh it off...or ignore...or...


Why people have to be so ugly at times is beyond me. Like you, I have trouble taking that kind of reaction. I mean I don't expect everyone to agree with me 100% of the time, but I DO expect them to be respectful in their disagreement. That's expecting too much most of the time. I'm sorry you were attacked that way and I do hope it won't make you fearful of posting what's important to you.


Awww, that sucks :( I'm so sorry you had to endure that. I love the pancakes, they look gorgeous!


I found you through Tasty Kitchen sometime before Christmas and this is my first time commenting. I couldnt let it go unsaid that I think you're terrific. Those nasty comments you got were said by people who have nothing better to do than pick apart someone who isnt like them just to make themselves feel better. I guess I dont get how someone with a different opinion can't say 'hmm, this isnt for me' and let it go.. no need to be rude about it, just move on people. Mean people Suck.. that's all there is to it.
By the way, I made your sugar cookies this year for Christmas and got lots of great reviews! Now I just need to perfect the art that goes into the decorating, I'm always amazed when I come here and see your new designs! Awesome work!


You are an EXCELLENT MOM! Don't listen to haters! Of course you don't feed your kids this everyday... who would? I'm a mommy and I consider myself a healthy mommy and would still LOVE to make these for my kid on a special ocassion... who wouldnt??? Who in there right ming passes judgement on someone they don't even personally know?
Your blog seems awesome and so are your rainbow panckaes!!


Probably so. I mean the blogger that recommended you gets persecuted quick frequently for every little thing too. But remember what counts the most, are you living your life the way God wants you to? Because if you are then thats all that matters. AND that life will always come with persecutions, but the only person you have to worry about impressing at all is Jesus.

You're doing well, my friend. Let the naysayers naysay, because they have nothing better to do. You have a life worth living - LIVE IT TO THE FULLEST!


Dear Amanda,
Mean people suck.

the end.


People will always take the opportunity to lambast others when they have the cover of the internet. Don't take ti seriously! Sorry to hear that you were attacked so much. Keep your head up!


I just wanted to let you know that I am another visitor from ohdeedoh that just came to see your pancakes. I'm very sorry for those comments you received- it really is a very lovely site!
I think I agree most with what Tauna said in the comments...
I am honestly a bit of a health nut, and admit that the food coloring turned me off to them a bit, but would happily eat these pancakes if someone made them for me as an act of love.
I think that some people don't realize that health is much more than the food that you put into your bodies. Worrying about what a stranger lovingly cooked for her children can not be healthy (do they know how many children eat fast food? and this bothers them so much?).
It sounds like you are a great, caring mom.


I just found your site and I think those pancakes are wonderful! Not only my kids would like them, but the Rainbow Brite in me also jumps up and down at the sight of them. Thanks for brightening my day and I hope you don't take those rude comments to heart too much. Thanks again!


If people don't have anything nice to say, they should skip along and take their mean-asses someplace else! You're definitely not "fair game"...if you're willing to put your thoughts out there, it shouldn't be at the risk of getting your feelings hurt by meanies! They wouldn't say it to your face in the street, because most people know common decency - it's a shame this doesn't always translate onto the web. Love your cute blog, I'm usually a lurker but this has really made me mad! Grrrr!


Hi there - I, like the thousands of others, have stumbled across your blog thanks to some rather technicoloured morning munchies... And I think they're fab. Certainly not something I'll be cooking and eating every single day for every single meal, but you know, that's common sense.

However, the bad [and ugly!] comments that you are receiving stating that "OMG the colouring the artifice think of the children OMG" are ridiculous.

Looking through your other posts, you seem like a great mum [sorry, English here!] who is unlikely to be pouring these pancakes down your kids' throats 24/7. They are pretty to look at, no doubt yummy and a lovely treat.

So know that you are in the right, the uneducated masses are just desperate for someone to bleat at and, all in all, 1/2 the internet think you're a really cool person for coming up with these pancakes ;)

Carrie @ Martin Manor

Wow! I had no idea people feel so strongly against rainbow pancakes...who knew?! :)

I guess some people are just perfect and don't eat anything fun! That sure was hard to read for me, too! that's definitely discouraging...but I'm sure that's only a small handful of people who need to make themselves feel better! You are so awesome, creative and fun...and your kids will make those for their kids someday :) I love all your confections...Keep it up! {but if only I could taste them too!}


I think the pancakes are great...I think your a great mom!!!! You wanna make mealtime fun for your kiddos!!!! I would make these and stack them high and take a picture too!!!! They are cool. that being said if my kids wanted to eat 6 pancakes that mmoring I'd let them!!!! They would have a very healthy lunch and dinner and very few if any snacks...

Unfortunately we live in a society where everybody thinks the can say anything they want anytime... Just remember your a great mom. You have a terrific blog! and nobody can make you feel anything...unless you let them!!!!! Tough if others don't like whatever, they don't need to come back!

I one one am happy to have found you on Tasty Kitchen!!!!!!


Sorry you got so many jerks posting comments. I thought your pancakes were a super fun idea and I made them for my 3 kids this morning. You should have seen their faces light up. They loved them! And to me, that what life is all about. Thanks for a really cute idea. Ignore all the a**h***s!


I'm not a blogger, just a blog reader and I stumbled across your blog the other day by way of McKMama. When she featured your rainbow cake a while back, my first thought was this....'Wow! That's incredible.' Then I grabbed my kiddos and showed them and said 'Wanna try to make it?' and of course the response was 'yes!!!' we did.

I am like you, not thick skinned at all and any harsh criticism is hard to take. I think some people get on a computer and say things they would NEVER say to a person standing in front of them. Another thing is, people seem to judge others easier when having a computer screen to protect them. I personally have no idea whether you are a good mother or not and neither do the ones who so harshly criticized you for GASP! using food coloring???? God will deal with those that are not being like Him and you should just say a little prayer for strength, for those that are your harshest critics and the ability to ignore (it's hard, I know!) and keep on keepin' on. I personally think my kids would LOVE coming to your house and let you be there momma a time or two if it included rainbow anything. I don't gamble but if I did I would gamble on the fact that those that were so harsh grew up eating stuff with food coloring in it.

Oh and by the way, after reading your blog the other day and remembering the rainbow cake I was putting my kiddos in the tub and realized we were out of tub colors so guess what we used instead? Yep, that's right, food coloring. My kids had a great time and are still alive and breathing today. Post that for your critics!

I'll say a prayer for you today and I hope you keep up the blog!



oh my! It's crazy how cruel some of those comments are over something as ephemeral as pancakes. Personally, I love the idea and wish my mom would have made me some when I was younger. I'm sorry you've received all of those terrible comments, but for what it's worth I love your blog and think it shows how great of a mother you are by trying to even make breakfast fun for your kids :)

Jody Ferlaak

You did add flax seed and love, so those comments were unfounded. =) I'm a busy mom of 6 and one on the way and have hard time making healthy meals. It's nice to have "fun" with food once in awhile! I also have a blog that has been subject of controversy more than once and it is hard not to take them comments personally, BUT those have been opportunities for me to learn to be more gracious and humble and to let God work in my heart.
I hope you continue to find the good outweighs the bad and keep blogging. AND cooking and having fun!!


122 comments!! Me thinks you done hit the big time!! BTW, my free magazine pic has not skyrocketed me to fame as yet; not one person I know IRL has commented. emailed it to my parents and never heard anything back either, but that's par for the course....

I am so proud of all you've been doing :-)

Samantha @ Mama Notes

my blog isn't "popular" but I get some comments that are mean too. I don't get it. I always say, if you don't like my blog (or anyone elses) than why are you reading it!?!?

Yep... sadly I think it does come with the territory. I don't get it... but I think that's the truth.

Not that I know from experience. My little blog doesn't get ton of visits and it gets even less comments... but I have gotten one mean comment that really threw me for a loop.

I just don't understand people who feel the need to comment on blog posts or blogs they aren't fond of. I guess in the case of the "rainbow pancake" post they thought they were saving the lives of children everywhere by making a public service announcement about chemicals in food dye.

To those people I say... All things in moderation. Have a little fun and creativity once in a while. One day of rainbow pancakes every now and again isn't going to kill anyone's child.

It's funny to me that people don't just move on to other blogs they like or agree with, but instead they feel the need to stop and post a comment about how they hate this blog, it's author, or the post.

I guess maybe these are the kind of people who feel that their negative comment on a random blog is their contribution to fighting justice somewhere, somehow.

Sad for them!
Not you.
Learn to laugh.
And... learn to delete negative comments. Hey! it's your blog... you should keep the comments you like and ditch the ones that really upset you. If it's negative but you like it's contribution to the conversation or you can laugh at it, then keep it. But ones that keep you up at night... just get rid of them.

Love ya Amanda!


meg, from "whatever"'s rainbow cake!

amanda - you ROCK. you're a fun mom. and i don't judge you at all for having a creative, fun morning with your kids. everybody else just shhhhhh.


Please, please, PLEASE do not stop doing fun stuff for your kids because other people have no imagination! I am sure that you didn't hog tie your kids and force feed them fun, colorful pancakes! For pete's sake, that is just horrible that people left such mean-spirited comments about something so fun in spirit.

I have never had people leave mean comments on my blog(I don't really have followers.. haha) but I can see where it would be hard to take.. please don't be discouraged, though! I am positive that you are a great mother, if you went through that much work for your kids to have something fun...


I'm not a blogger, but I did work on a project that was covered online. It won two awards, had fantastic reviews, and received 90 negative comments. The commenters didn't know what they were talking about.
Thanks for bringing a great idea into the world.

Jeff Hickmott

I just wanted to say, awesome looking pancakes! I used to run a daycare so I am totally behind you 100% on these. Don't listen to the nervous nellies and the haters. Pancakes are yummy! And don't worry about getting feedback on your site and things like that. If I worried about getting comments on my blog, The World Of Jeff! ( I'd go nuts. I'm putting a link to your blog on my site, by the way. Keep on keepin' on!

Jeff Hickmott

Just noticed a typo in my previous comment. My URL is Sorry.


Well, I for one think it's a genius idea adding food coloring to pancakes! Sure, it might not be THAT good for you, but does EVERYTHING have to be so serious in life? I. Think. Not. Ufda.

I'm gonna copy you. I'm just sayin'.:-)


Boy, some people are WAY too serious! Don't they know how to have fun? You sure do! :) I love these pancakes! (I made a layer cake doing the same thing.)I would not take the negativity personally because they don't even KNOW you! Keep up the GOOD work as a wife, mother and child of God!!! :)


Hey- it's your blog! Say what you want to say, and if people don't like it, they can feel free to move on! I don't often comment, but I'm a faithful reader. I LOVE to see what you're up to. And remember- your value isn't based on what others think of you! When your Heavenly Father looks at you, he sees Jesus' redemption. So it really doesn't matter what other people think, does it? :-)

Jamie @ Six Bricks High

Those were some pretty harsh comments. I know everyone is entitled to having their own opinion, but don't they know they don't have to share it. So rude! You are one of the kindest bloggers I know...seriously! You always say the nicest, most encouraging things. I'm sorry you got those mean, undeserving comments.


Hi there,
I have followed a picture that I saw of these wonderful pancakes all the way to your site. I have just had my first negative comment and you know what if they don't like it, your blog is obviously not for them is it. You would not want these people reading your blog anyway. Who wants judgemental people who have nothing better to do with their time viewing what you have to say. After all, blogging should be enjoyable and a pleasure to share your family's experiences. Pooh always floats downstream anyway. xo


Luckily (knock on wood) I have not received any negative or nasty comments, but a lot o bloggers do. Don't take it personally. Besides, you can always delete the comment. There are a lot of unhappy people out there.


I think it's fantastic that you've posted such a great idea. I read somewhere recently (can't find the source, now) that trolls are more likely to respond to an article/blog/etc. than the gazillions of us who think a post is fantastic, so they are waaaay over-represented in the comments section. If you figure you get 15,000 hits and (how many negative comments?) that's a ton more who love your idea, including me.

Hey Amanda, thanks for coming to read my blog, and thanks for commenting! You are a great writer too! Oh and by the way, I used to live in Washington, and I loved my local Papa Murphy's too!

Allison Krongard

I was so upset when I saw those nasty comments on ohdeedoh below your fabulous picture that I had to add my own comment in support of your loving efforts in the kitchen.

I think you're incredibly kind to share your talents with this universe of strangers on-line. I'm inspired by you and very happy to have found your blog.


as far as i'm concerned, these are FABULOUS. thanks for the great idea, and i'm really sorry there are so many debbie downers out there.
can't wait to feed these to my little beasts! ;)


These people have obviously never had to feed children. Ever.


Mmmm, great idea! We made pancakes using food coloring yesterday morning and it was a huge hit with the kids! Thanks for the great idea.


You know? I don't think my skin is thick enough to take comments like that one after the other. But there comes a point when you've got to wonder, how perfect do these other people think they are that they can pick apart a fun and special (i.e. not EVERY DAY) thing you do for your kids?

Funny timing - just made my menu for this coming week. We're having pancakes for dinner tomorrow night! As I wrote it down and thought about the relative non-health of it (I AM going to use whole wheat flour. *sheepish grin*) I thought - So What??? We don't eat pancakes for dinner that often!

You're a great Mommy, Amanda.


I think it's great that you feed your kids rainbow flag pancakes. It's a sign of what a great mom you are that you're teaching your kids to accept that LGBT pancakes are just as sweet and buttery as all the rest!

Heather Forrey

I am so sorry that you had to go through that. People are just awful sometimes. I personally think your pancakes are great & anyone with an issue can just go jump in a lake.


You should just ignore them. But this is coming from the person who would probably cry if anyone said that stuff to her. Yeah, I'd cry. I'm sorry people are mean.


I think that the people who posted nasty comments probably don't have children. Otherwise, they would realize how incredibly happy those rainbow pancakes would make your children and the sunshine it brought into their day.

I'm going to make some for my 8 year old son, who will be CRAZY over them! Thanks for the great idea.

Adventure Mom Janna

They are probably neglecting their own children while being on the internet, and that's the only reason they have time to tell you how horrible you are for doing something so fun for your children.

And you seem VERY successful to me.


I think your rainbow pancakes are an adorable idea! I used to be a preschool teacher and we always had a colour week, learning about all the different colours. And for lunches, when they had their milk I would let them choose what colour they wanted their milk. It not only taught them their colours, as well as learning to mix to make different colours, but it made it so much fun for them as well. There will always be negative commentators in the world of blogging, and outside of it as well, don't let them get to you! Keep having fun with your kids! :)


Hey, at least you're in good company--in the way of rainbow food and ugly comments.


blog trolls.

I swear (and I do) that if people took the amount of energy spent on writing hurtful/hateful/mean spirited comments on other people's blogs...and used it to do some, I don't know - holding the door open for little old ladies at the grocery store or recycling something...this world would be a better place.
I'm not very thick skinned either - but for sure - do your best to ignore them...
you are a GREAT mommy - and soon, very very soon - I will be making these for my kids...


Some people just feel the need to be nasty and make sure that everyone feels the way they do.

I thought your post was fun and creative. Something tells me you don't serve rainbow pancakes everyday.

Kristin Stephan (Krissy your neighbor ;)

Wow! That's what I have to say to the negative comments people have left. It's amazing how some people like to hear themselves talk and don't even realize what comes out when they do! To all of the people that wrote negative comments with things like " I would never feed my kids stuff packed with food coloring" I say.. get a life! I thought the rainbow pancakes were a cute idea not a death sentence to your children:) Keep on blogging girl!


oh my gosh! i can't believe how mean people are. do NOT worry about it. a little sugar and (GASP)color dye, never killed a child. PLUS, anyone who takes the TIME to make their children a FUN breakfast is a great mother.


btw, making your rainbow cake for my husband this week. SUPER excited! hope i don't screw it up. please email me with any helpful hints!!! :o)


Just seeing your pancakes made my day.
To hear that people could have anything bad to say about them utterly blows my mind.
I try to be healthy like everyone else, however being pissed about rainbow pancakes is stupid.
People shouldn't be so anal about everything and try to have a little fun.


Don't get discouraged. It's encouraging to see creative parents out there. You know your kids...and I know your kids will remember rainbow pancakes (and how cool their momma is) for years to come.


Unfortunately, if you're a blogger, a mommy blogger in particular, it does seem as though you are fair game. People hide behind the anonimity and lack of accountability that the internet has to offer, and run free with criticism, insults and drama mongering.

I'm a mommy blogger, and you would not BELIEVE the things I have been insulted over. You would not believe the insults that have been flung my way. You would not believe the insinuations made, the things that have been taken out of context and run with, etc. It's freaking ridiculous.

Personally, I think your pancakes are adorable. They're so cute! I definitely plan on making some rainbow pancakes for my own children, who are five and three. Thank you for the lovely idea. :)


I would take it personnally! But that's just me being me.

It's ridiculous that people are that mean! I hardly think that you feed 6 pancakes to your children. My daughter only eats 2 if that, depending on how big I make them. And I hardly think that you make pancakes like this every time and that often. People are idiots to jump to conclusions such as that.

I'm going to try the pancakes and my daughter LOVES rainbow things, so I'm sure she'll get a kick out of these!!


You are a great mom! Trust me, any mom that pours that much love into making such a cute, fun breakfast for their kiddos is a mom that truly thinks of her kids first. I was thinking that the pancakes were a fun treat and wished that I had the gift of baking and cooking so that I could make those for my son - he would love them! (But that is not my talent and I have totally come to accept that!)

By the way, this is Katie - I met you at the PhotographerMAMA workshop. You may remember me as the novice photographer that had never edited a photo in my life... and then had a breakthrough moment (with tears) in the kitchen! I have been keeping up with your blog ever since that weekend and absolutely love your sense of humor and honesty. You are such a real mom. Thank you for opening up to all of us!


There are always, always, ALWAYS going to be haters out there on the internet. Its easy for people to be mean when there is no one on one contact. (If you still arent convinced, check out some of the comments on - those kids are vicious)

You cant take it personally, and please continue blogging cuz there are so many people that think you are creative and inspiring. Keep your head up :)


Thanks soo much for visiting my blog! Every time I recieve a comment, it makes me feel like going on...I am still trying to get a foothold amongst food bloggers!


When I saw your pancakes, I thought three things: 1)wow!! these are SO pretty to look at! 2)a very thoughtful mother made these 3)I can't wait to have kids.

ps--I'm one of your 15,000+ visitors who saw your post from the apartmenttherapy blog I follow...thank you for posting this!


Crap, some of those were mean. I don't usually leave comments (I guess I just don't think what I have to say is that important...). After reading some of those , the best thing I can say is pray for those folks. They obviously need more love in their hearts.

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Wow... crazy that so many people would actually take the time to comment and say something mean.

My kids would LOVE the pancakes! I might just have to make them...

Thanks for the great idea!


Oh, and I should have also mentioned that in our house, we eat our pancakes with peanut butter and syrup... Ha ha. Take that, mean people.


I didn't read all the comments left here for you so if I say some of the same things as others, sorry. People that are mean are just insecure with their ownselves. They have to pick on others to satisfy themselves. Sad really. Yes, I to would probably take it very personally if those comments were being made about me, BUT your true "followers" are who you should spend your time on and not the ones just looking for attention. Seriously, I am pretty sure you are not feeding your kids those pancakes every single day! And on that note, those people who say they only feed their kids healthy foods and their kids never eat junk food, well I am here to say unless they are homeschooling and their kids never leave the house, they are eating junk food at some point during the day. Secondly, I jave never in my 34 years have ever heard of anyone dying of FOOD coloring! It's food coloring not paint people!


Hi again Amanda- I just left a comment on your other blog about the Petit Fours. Anyway, I recently had an "anonymous" comment that said a relatively mean thing not only about me, but about the blog in which the had used to find me. And not only that, the comment was untrue. For a while it really bugged me but than I thought, you know what, if you don't like, don't read it, don't look at it, and in the case, don't eat it. Seriously. This is for fun. People need to lighten up and not use the internet to hide beyond and be rude. So, you go girl! Tell 'em to stick it (well, not really b/c that would be rude...)


From one little blogger to a former not so big blogger, I totally understand. It is amazing what the anonymous nature of the internet enables people to think they can do and say. Keep being you and keep being strong.


Amanda, have you ever gone on a newstation or newspaper website where they have it set up for comments on the stories??? UNBELIEVABLE the things people will say!!....I've read comments on a few stories where a car accident happened and people died or were badly injured......and there will be MORE comments of people criticizing SOMETHING or SOMEONE.....not offering sympathy or condolences.

It's just sick....I didn't read thru all your comments here - but I do agree with what some said, people seem to think they can judge you and SAY what ever they think when they sit behind a computer!!

Just know, these were probably not other mommmy blogger, they don't know how to be respectful and their mothers never told them "if you don't have anything nice to say...then don't say any thing"

You are a BEAUTIFUL, loving, caring mother! ♥



15,000 hits? and i was excited today that i got 12! yay for me! LOL! i got a comment once that my blog was more intersting now than it used to be...instead of thinking it was a compliment, i'm STILL rehashing it in my mind....what was wrong with it before?? who said that? why do they think that?? crazy what a drop of negativity will do, isn't it? just reminds me how important it is to let my words be thoughtful and kind at all times.


Like so many others are saying, people can really be mean, and I don't understand their need to be so.

Everyone has something that they are passionate about. We are to love God above all things, but many choose something else in this world. I choose to be passionate about Our Lord. I don't want to live forever and I don't want my kids to live forever. I want them to keep their eyes on the prize, and to know that we are just passing through.

Being a homeschooler myself, I see these kinds of people who have made food into a god. Everything that they talk about is food and how artificial colors and flavors are the devil. I have no problem with trying to feed my kids more healthy food, but making these fun pancakes sounds like a really fun thing to do. I wouldn't feed these to my kids every day, but once in a while as a treat - I can't wait to try them.

Everything in moderation, except our love of God. When you realize that this life is very short and we are made to spend eternity with our Creator, things of this world really don't matter too much.

That's my two cents on the matter.

God bless you!


I'm sorry you've gotten some "negative press" I've just started reading both this blog and your baking blog and I enjoy them both immensely. As for rainbow pancakes, is it a good idea to feed your kids rainbow pancakes for breakfast lunch and dinner? Of course not! But you never said that was your intention and you're being crucified as if you put food coloring in everything that your children put in their mouths. Some people would rather make negative comments and criticize other people, than to take something neat and personalize it to fit their personal standards. (Let's face it. That person who made the comment about your parenting probably doesn't even have children....and neither do I but that's besides the point.) I only know that I hope to be a mother that cares about what my children eat, and if I'm not a fan of chemical food coloring, I hope that I will find natural food coloring or just will say "gee, that's neat but it's just not for me." It's tough to be in the spotlight and it's hard when you're a caring person to let insults and judgements roll off your back. Just keep on keeping on. You're doing a good job and we all love you, and those people who left negative comments probably won't ever be back by again.


I'm sorry! I'm not a big blogger at all, and truthfully that's just fine with me. I write for enjoyment. In my opinion though, those pancakes look yummy and fun!


I love your rainbow pancakes, don't take the bad comments to heart; there are always people out there who can only express ugly thoughts and disdain. I am sure some eco-warrior-princess out there will come up with all the alternative ways(aka non food colouring) with beets and spinach and all those good things to make the rainbow with their pancakes, so whats the big deal? I look forward to reading more of your blog now...


I think your children will remember this always, and a happy childhood memory is one of the best gifts you can give your child.


I would ignore the rude people, unless they offer constructive criticism. Unfortunately, people who want to offer criticism usually only want to tear you down, not help you out. I recently found your two blogs and I absolutely LOVE them! Your heart cake looks great and I fully plan to try it...when I get the courage and a real oven! I also watched your interview and thought you did an excellent job. Way better than I would have - my voice would have been shaking so badly and there is NO way I could have stood up!
Keep up the good work!

r4 dsi

I am really sorry that people were so rude and mean.I must say that I like you have written that the good and the bad.You are a great mom.Thanks for this nice post.


I don't think you should take it personally. These people making them comments obviously take life too seriously and can't see how fun the pancakes are meant to be.

They do look fantastic btw!

Patty Montpetit

All I can say is WOW. These people need to lighten up already. Give me a break. My boys are 30 and 20. They would have loved that colrful cake. I'm sure they would still love getting it. Seriously in my opinion a little fun and sillyness in this world is what we need. And if you aren't eating cake for every meal (although it sounds good to me : ) ) it's not going to harm anyone. Keep up the beautiful job you are doing.


Can I just say "ditto" to all the above comments (I think I scanned them all!) lol

I am learning that there are some people that just have to have something to complain about and sadly we all take our turns with them.

Have a great V-Day!


I personally love these pancakes!! And your kids loved them too! That's what's important!

I couldn't take all those negative comments, either, girl. Some people are so callous.

Way to hang in there!


Your pancakes are beautiful! I don't think I've ever used that word to describe pancakes before. Don't let anyone get you down!

I don't understand why some people can be so mean or get so worked up over something so small in the scheme of things. You food-colored a plate of pancakes? Whoa, doesn't get much worse than that . . .

You keep on doing what you're doing, and keep your chin high, because I think you're awesome!


wow! lots of comments don't know if you will see this or not. loved this post. got here via Jody Ferlaak. enjoyed the blogging "not to's" as well as the rainbow pancakes!!!
thanks for all that you share!


i LOVE your pancakes!!!
I hope you don't let the mean commencers get to you, they're just sad because nobody ever makes them rainbow pancakes!


Remember what you wrote on my blog about my experience with the New Yorker? You just have to shrug it off. People will think what they want to think. Just remember on the Web--ANYONE has access to it, including crazies and people who don't agree with you. For the record, I think the rainbow pancakes are cute.


Hello Jessica,
I think you need to ask yourself just one question.... Are your kids happy? Yes they are because you go out of your way to create memories that will last three lifetimes if not longer. Memories/recipes/crafts that will be passed to your grandchildren and to your great grandchildren.
Take no notice of the nay sayers of this world. You are an amazing mother and I am an expert on them because I was raised by one.



Sorry I meant to say Hello Amanda.....I don't know where my head is today. But I still stand by everything I said above.


Ms M

I have not had this experience but I know people who have popular blogs, lots of comments and YES they do get plenty of whingers, critical people and rude comments.

If you are going to continue (and you should) I would suggest that you train yourself to apply blinkers to those sort of comments and also to NOT view them as a reflection of you - you are not necessarily what a commenter writes or suggests.

I'm sure many of your supporters have said this but just because you feed them rainbow pancakes for fun one day (or occasionally) does not suggest that you are doing that on a regular basis or that highly coloured/unhealthy foods are a mainstay of their diet.

It is tiring having to explain yourself in situations where you shouldn't have to. That, I do experience on a regular basis. :)


I can't believe how mean (and ignorant) some people can be! I think the rainbow pancakes are a great idea! You could easily use whole wheat pancake mix, to which you could add shredded carrots. There are also all-natural food colorings available. I'm assuming that the people who commented with negative things to say about this idea do not have picky toddlers they are trying to feed!


Don't you LOVE the internet! Full of great people but also full of complete whackadoodles! :P

I found your blog (and now a subscriber) because I saw those pancakes and LOVE them!

They are one of the coolest things EVER!


Oh, PS I feel sad for their kids that they will never know the joy of rainbow colored pancakes!


If my mum ever made me these pancakes i think i would cry with happiness. Your kids are so lucky that they have a mum who loves them so much to dye pancake batter with multiple colours. They made my day brighter :)

Taylor Van Valkenburgh

Those people that left you rude comments aren't looking at what it means to be a mother. I am sure you feed your kids the best food possible on most days of the week but sometimes its nice to take a break from being healthy and splurge and have fun with your food and your kids. Bring a mother doesn't mean being perfect, it means making memories for your kids they can look back on and enjoy and say, "Yeah, I loved when my mother made those awesome rainbow pancakes :]"
Don't take what they say too much to heart, they obviously take themselves too seriously and too much serious is worse for one's health than any deep fried burger.

Queen Mommy

I'm going to say that chances are the more people who read, the more likely you will receive negative comments. Luck of the draw, I guess. I've only had one negative comment on my was anonymous, and someone was ridiculing me because my previously potty trained 5 y/o was having accident after frustrating accident, and the other 5 y/o wasn't potty trained yet. Apparently, they didn't look hard enough to realize that the un-potty trained child didn't walk until she was 3-1/2 and was also suffering from gross motor delays. Either way, I am not very thick-skinned, and it bothered me for a long time, until I finally had to give it up, let it go, and put it away.....each and every time I thought about it.

And, even though I would have a hard time adding a ton of food coloring to my kids' pancakes, that doesn't mean I think you're a bad mother because you chose to. Just the opposite, actually. I think it makes you a fun mom.....and I have a feeling you try to feed your kiddos pretty healthy otherwise, so a little food coloring every now and again isn't going to hurt.


I just want to say that I just found your blog this evening (because of the pancakes) and I absolutely think they are such a fun treat! Your children will always remember that their Mama made them fun things like this! I remember my mom dying food green for St. Patrick's day (green tuna doesn't look appetizing btw;)
I just wanted to comment on this post because I think it is so sad when other people judge so harshly. Didn't their Mama's ever tell them "if they don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all!"


#1 I love the rainbow pancakes, they just lightened up my day. It's hard to please kids, and this is a meal they will never ever forget!

As for negative comments, I have received them before (and I've wanted to fight back as well), but we have to remember that these people are just bitter in their own lives and are just trying to bring us down with them. Don't let them!! Stay true to yourself!! Your blog is great! Your blog is YOU, so keep it that way!

Julie S.

Awesome idea!
Me and my daughter make rainbow everything, but we've never tried pancakes. Awfully cute. I cannot believe people have nothing better to do with their time then comment about the "wicked" dye used in the making of the pancakes. Guarantee they do not have a picky 3-5 year old that won't eat anything but french fries unless you jazz it up. Just so you know this is my first comment on any blog site ever. But I had to let you know real moms out there appreciate your effort, as do your kids!!


Okay in all honesty I hate to use a lot of food coloring. But I myself love to make rainbow cupcakes. I could see if someone was eating food coloring items every day how that would be bad, but really? I think sometimes people's opinions need to be kept to themselves. I think this is such a cute idea and can't wait to try this when I have kiddos! :) Love it. Like I said in moderation. Everything can harm you these days. No reason to deprive yourself on fun! :)


Don't fret, darlin', there are negamaniacs everywhere. Yeah... that does seem to be a LOT of food coloring, but -after all- the primary ingredients are water and Propylene Glycol (not to be confused with its deadler cousin Ethylene Glycol) which is found in concentrations as high as 15% in some food seasonings. Sooooo, from a chemical standpoint, it's probably just as safe to ignore those idiots as it is from the practical standpoint of making dining a fun adventure with mom. Your kids will probably grow up to be well-adjusted solid citizens, not food cops ::chuckling::

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