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February 04, 2010



The internet is full of morons. If you put something online, you're going to get their short-minded, holier-than-thou, dustructive, hurtful comments.

This is something you need to understand, and expect. You should absolutely ignore them, but know that the bigger your audience the more likely you'll get the idiots.

The web comic, Penny-arcade, has summed this up very well.

BTW...I think your pancakes were very fun, creative, and inspiring. Food doesn't have to be the boring experience some of the haters seem to think it should be. Let them live in their lame, drab, lifeless, creatively bankrupt lives, and enjoy the happiness and bright colors you have in yours. :)

Daniel F.

Found this on Slashfood, the idea of serving those pancakes makes me want kids. Inspired.


Oh, Amanda...I'm so sorry. First, remember that most people who fritter around the internet think they can read ONE of your posts and know YOU. They can't, and they are woefully uneducated and emotionally devoid to think they can.

You keep doing what you're doing. You do it beautifully and with great humor and with obvious great love for your family. Ignore the negativity if you can. Those poor people have nothing better to do with their time.

We love you!!!



I just ran across your blog recently and find it creative, clever, entertaining, and delighful!!! Thank you for sharing yourself and your family and your creativity with the world!! I'm sorry you had to deal with rude nasty people, but I will be bookmarking you and coming back for more!!


Hi!! I started reading your blog for that post! I thogh it was a wonderfull idea. Don't let that kind of people get to you.
You look like an awsome mum and a great person. So, write for thouse who likes to read you, and don't worry for those who doesn't.

From Argentine with love =)


Yeah, you have a fan in Argentine!!!


My dad made these for us every weekend when I was growing up (sometimes with choc chips or sprinkles too!).

We all knew it was a treat food, not everyday...and we loved if we had guests over watching for the looks on their faces when he served these up!


It takes all kinds - and the pancakes are beautiful! Good for you for making them from scratch and taking the time and energy to add the flax. If your tykes ate all of them - they needed the carbs for a growth spurt! Other folks need to get over themselves already. Keep going mommy!!!! I applaud your creativity - especially with something so tame as food coloring.


Sorry 'bout that. Seems to come with the territory. Isn't it amazing how judgmental people are and how critical of others. Makes you wonder how they live with themselves amidst their glass houses and perfect lives.

Get real, right? You're doing great and wow! how creative!!


I think it's funny how people were so quick to criticize you for being what I would consider a fun mom; yet, when you show your human side on this post, not one has the face to respond, or apologize for the mean spirited comments left.

I don't know you, and I just came to the blog through a link on Their post wasn't a criticism and I thought it was a fun feature. Just so you know, although some of the comments there talked about feeding children healthier items, not a single person criticized you.

So, having been the relative of someone of the receiving end of these situations, I can sympathize with you knowing it hurts like crap to read something hurtful about yourself or someone you love. But you gotta pick up and keep going. Don't dwell on it b/c it'll hurt more. Whenever a negative comment lingers on your mind, come back to this post, and read how much all the people that have posted before me love you! These are people reading YOUR blog - OMG - that's amazing!!!! You must be amazing to get all these love from so many people... and if strangers can love you, I can only imagine your kids love you to the infinite power.

And at the very end of the day, the ONLY thing that matters, is that your kids love those darn rainbow pancakes - because their smiles should be the only thing you care about.

* hugs *


Wow--just clicked over from Tangled & True. I thought the pancakes were a good idea. And it's not like you'd feed them to your kids every day or anything. Well anyway, I thought it was a fun idea for something special. Now I think I'll click through your archives. You look like you have some fun stuff going on. Have a good day!


Don't worry,
The same peple who moaned are feeding their kids fast food every meal and never spending anytime with them, whats a little food dye in comparison!


Sheesh. I'm finally getting a bit of time to go back in time through your website a little bit (I had to step away and shower when the jealousy actually started oozing through my pores), and I saw the Fox segment and heard "hate mail" and "rainbow pancakes" and went "...wait, WHAT?" All I can say, having finally tracked down this entry, is that people are damn crazy, they really really really have too little to do in a day, and if they really think a presentation picture is representative of what you're actually feeding people in one sitting*, they're missing far too many brain cells to worry about a little food coloring doing anything to them. Every 'bad' comment I saw was full of stupid, so in the future, when you get hate mail - just laugh it off and remember that all they're doing is exposing their ignorance for the whole internet to see.

* Although remembering my childhood, I'm betting they did go through a good amount, and I'm betting those pancakes are actually the smaller sized ones. If there's anything as fun for kids as weird colors, it's having stuff made for you in miniature!

Ana Tereza

Every mom does what she feels right. Sometimes theory is awesome, and another ones is awful. Don't be sad with the bad and ugly comments. My son is refusing to eat salty food. I've tried it all and now I've decided to let it be. Tomorrow I'll make these lovely pancakes, maybe he'll eat. All the best for you.


Congrats on getting featured - you definitely deserve it!

And I know how you feel. One of my posts got picked up by a couple different blogs and - let me tell you - I received A LOT of negative feedback. So much that it nearly brought me to tears!

Please pardon my language (I have a difficult time restraining myself when it comes to using colorful words, and if this isn't an appropriate time, then I don't know what is!), but after a few weeks of being sad about it, I decided that some people just have some fucking big sticks up their tiny hoity-toity little asses and don't know how to take anything for what it is! You're having fun and making some seriously awesome stuff. If someone else doesn't appreciate it, then to hell with them. I know I sound like a huge jerk, but think of what kind of person would actually leave such a negative comment on your post. Would you really want to try to appeal to them in the first place?

Judging from everything I've ever seen you post, you are definitely a good mom. I mean seriously, I wish my mommy would make ME rainbow pancakes. I can't imagine how happy your kids must have been!!

Please don't let them get you down. Keep doing what you're doing, because you're a badass.


Anyone who says anything negative toward this really need to lighten up! Who's to say that she doesn't feed her children very healthy the rest of the days of the week and this is just a treat? I'm sure that the people who posted negatively only let their children have organic fruit for a treat! GET A LIFE PEOPLE! Seriously!


Well I'm not an expert in raising kiddos but I do believe we have to make memories when we can and make life fun when we can. I used to make green eggs and ham till hubby complained that the green eggs were freaking him out a bit. I even made blue mashed potatoes once - so there - I'm not perfect either!! My kids still remember that to this day and they are nearly 30. By the way they seem to have suffered no ill effects from eating the food coloring either. They are both health nuts!! I say keep it up!


You have to be kidding. These are beautiful and if the kids enjoyed them , all the better. Ignore the self-righteous creeps, you did a lovely thing!

(and food coloring won't hurt 'em. People need to get a grip!)

Crepes of Wrath

I've gotten some pretty insane comments on my blog, too. Don't worry about it! At the end of the day, they're still visiting your site, clicking your links, and you're getting paid for it! The pancakes are so cute and there's nothing wrong with treating your kids to fun stuff like that. I feel bad for kids whose parents don't let him eat fun stuff like rainbow pancakes! If they can't have a little food coloring, these poor kids have probably never had a candy bar, either! What a sad childhood.


Wow people are SO RUDE!!! Honestly, I think most of them are just envious they can't make something pretty and creative for their kids.

As for the pancakes and everything, for all they know, they could be all organic, natural food dye, and natural maple syrup. Sometimes I can't afford to buy maple syrup and have to buy Log Cabin, which we love because it doesn't have high fructose corn syrup.

Also, people who left you those rude comments are generally miserable and have to leave mean comments in order to make themselves feel better. Just like the mean girls in high school! In fact, those ARE the mean girls from high school.

And now it's lightning and I don't want to get fried so I'll be back to read more later!!!

Michelle Hose

I LOVE your rainbow pancakes, fun and I bet the kids loved them! But I do have a few questions and maybe those people that left a negative comment will back off: How did you make them? How much food dye did you use and I assume you didn't give your kids that many pancakes at once! How often do you feed them your rainbow pancakes? A good mom is creative and knows how to have fun w/ her kids and that's just what you've proven. Have you tried to create the colors w/ natural ingredients-blueberry juice, beets (yes, beets-can't taste 'em)? Finally, totally unrelated to pancakes, how do you get to heaven?


Dont take it personally - Like making Rainbow pancakes for your children instantly means you're a bad mother who's literally force-feeding her children diabetes. These rude people are quite obviously jealous and not to mention completely ignorant to think it's unacceptable for a Mother to treat her kids to a fun breakfast every once in a while!
It's all about teaching them moderation - I figure if I were raised without treats and fun foods as a kid I would've binged on all the crap food once I was an adult rather than learning that it's actually OK every now and again!

Tanya - The Chatty Mom

Amanda, I just read your interview on, I LOVE this idea for pancakes! My girls would flip (and only eat the blue & green layers though) if this was on the breakfast table.

Second, since it's your have the say on what you want to post. And I LOVE your blog!

Keep up the good work Momma!

Barb Shelby

I just read a post about you on "Somewhere over the pancake rainbow, making mommy memories" by Kiki Dahiki. The post is about the response on the 'Rainbow' pancakes and what readers thought...this is what I said:

I just saw the pancakes and immediately wanted to contact Amanda and ask her permission to use the photo for a 'Rainbow theme' on my website.
Adding a lot of food coloring to our food isn't the healthiest of choices...but hey! This is the type of activity that kids remember when they grow up :-)
Laugh, be silly, have fun...and yes, make 'Rainbow' pancakes! Lots of them!

B & M Hodges

I am a newbie sorta blogger too and let me tell you this. I have learned the hard way too. I think your pancakes are out of this world my daughter would love them and yes she would eat every one in that picture. You are a great mom (even I can tell and I dont know you in person). I was told by my daughter as I finished up a poodle skirt for a girl scout skit that I was a good mommy and when I asked her why she told me cause you make me happy and do things for me that other mommys would just go out and buy and cause you want to make me happy. Now as for you I can see that your kids must think the world for you and all the fun you things you do. And as I see it all the negitive people dont have a life and are jealous cause they didn't think of it first. Now for the healthy side of everything feed your kids what they like and dont let other tell you different :) I had a dr tell me to put my daughter on a veg diet plan and I told her where to stick it cause we love our chicken and steak. So hold your head high and keep blogging and passing on fun memories for your kids and tell the negitive people that you dont have time to read their posts :) Have a great day! ps I am glad I found your blog!


I will be honest that I have never visited your blog before today. I read about this at CafeMom. Now not that I am the best parent in the world BUT I am a mom to 4 (YES FOUR) healthy kids and we WILL be trying this the next time I make pancakes.


WOW! Girl I am so sorry this happened to you! People REALLY need to get over themselves! A little food coloring is NOTHING compared to the damage inflicted DAILY by foods with tons of chemicals and fast food! I'm not throwing stones! We eat prepackaged foods and we visit McDs and other fast food restaurants so I AM NOT ABOUT TO FUSS at another mom for how she feeds her kids! And especially since they were homemade! Hello...the prepackaged pancake mix has chemicals in em! How are those so much worse than a little food coloring! YEESH! I say GREAT JOB! VERY Artistic! YOU GO GIRL!


Those people who are being nasty are the same ones you find bringing their kids to McDonalds for lunch - which is worse? I vote the garbage from McD's. Gimme a break it's just pancakes, and while I would probably not make them - more than one color at a time, is because I don't feel like splitting up all the batter to make multiple colors :) But I'll definitely try doing one or two colors.

Chin up - people suck - remember, you also have the power to delete them :P


First, today is my first visit with you and your blog. I think you're going great. Second, it's your blog. If people don't like what is posted here, they don't have to come back.

But yes, I have been and am still scared of the thought of negative comments by anything I write. But I guess you have to take the good with the bad. You can't have one without the other.

But please know that there are far more people out there that appreciate your writings and what you share than there are people that want to tear you down.

Cindy Howe

The first thing is women who are bad mothers don't do things like try new, fun and inventive things for their kids to enjoy. The women making horrible comments are women who forgot what its like to be a kid and I'm sorry for the children that have to live such a rigid life. We have a tradition of eating chocolate gravy with biscuits on Christmas morning, I can't imagine what the lynch mob would say about my horrible parenting skills. Life is to be enjoyed so a little candy, mcdonalds or colorful pancakes are not sending our children to the emergency room but it does make life a little more fun when you can have fun treats. I would say you are going to have to toughen up though, you are a dedicated mom who blogs about her mom life and you are bashed because you put food coloring in pancakes, people will find anything to bash others for. People like putting themselves on a pedal-stool. Like Jesus said "Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother's eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?" If you are making everyone happy then you are not doing something right. Good Luck!


I have to say I see nothing wrong with your AWESOME pancakes. Number 1: They make natural edible colors that add no chemicals or extra fat/calories. Number 2: I see it no worse than the candy, soda, cake, ice cream, chips, cookies and other junk MOST parents feed their children. Number 3: For the parents who criticize you, F*&K THEM, they may not feed their kids these pancakes, however their kids are probably just sitting inside playing video games, computer games, watching TV and doing NOTHING, Apparently the parents aren't doing much to be healthy either because they are sitting here trashy you and your creative way to bring your family together, so keep you chin up and don't cry over the idiots out there.

Natalie @ Hope Springs Eternal

I came across this from the Heir to Blair and I have to say those pancakes are FREAKING AWESOME. And to the ones criticizing you.... It's FOOD COLORING. Not CYANIDE. JEEEZZZZ.


Hey - I know like a thousand people have already posted encouraging comments, but I wanted to add my two cents. You sound like a great mom, and the sheer fact alone that you made those homemade, instead of popping them out of the freezer, is one indication of how much you care about your kids. Plus, you mentioned somewhere that you used 2-3 drops or something, per 4 pancakes. That is such a negligible amount that the comments are ridiculous. Plus, you added flaxseed - good for you! I only hope that someday when I have kids I can be as creative and fun-loving as you. You get major props!


I am a subscriber to a daily newsletter that posts links to funny, cool, odd and/or snarky photos and stories on life, food, the digital experience and politics. As I know the writer personally, I can bet his addition of your pancakes to today's email is a tribute. They're gorgeous and look yummy. I can't imagine you do this every day or that one child could even eat all this in one sitting. (Just based on my observations of my own girls.)

If you get nasty posts today, know that they were not sent here to be critical. I applaud your decision/ability to have fun during the daily chore of feeding your kids.

Ashley Handlin

i know im a bit late to the party here but those bad and ugly comments are ridiculous. you made your kids a giant stack of colourful pancakes for fun. do you do this everyday? do your kids eat mountains of bad foods? probably not. one day you just woke up and thought 'hey, a rainbow of pancakes! what a great idea!' and made them for your kids who you love. the bad and ugly comments missed the point completely - you were having fun and being creative. lifes too short to get caught up on the details of how healthy food colouring is or how much sugar and 'empty carbs' are in pancakes. if you and your kids had fun making (and eating) these pancakes, youve succeeded.


LMAO seriously people. It's just FOOD. And I'm sure todays food colouring is NON TOXIC. Sheesh.

Rainbow Pancakes

I'm so sorry people were rude. Dont let them hurt you..


I think these are brilliant! I am putting together a list of fun things families can do together this summer while kids out out of school. Do you mind if I include this recipe? LOVE IT!!! :) And don't sweat the nasty people out there. If they have to put someone else down to make themselves feel better, then they have bigger things to worry about than food coloring!!! Hearts and hugs!!


I think you are doing a great job of being a fun Mom, and I know your kids will remember those colorful pancakes for years to come! I love the idea, and can't wait to surprise my granddaughter the next time she comes over; I think her eyes will light up the way your kids must have when you served them! Tell all those nosy people with nothing better to do to than critisize your creativity that they should get a life!


My mom is 48 now, and is reading your blog like crazy. So am I, and I'm 12. I love you! Your an amazing mother. Your children are lucky to have you.

also, i LOVE your pancakes. :D


As moms, we all do our best. And we all do it differently. Whatever feels right for you and your family, IS right. Trust in your instincts, and you won't go wrong.

Being in the "public" eye comes with judgment. But as a person of God, you know that there's only one who can really judge. And I think it's safe to say, you're doing OK! :-) Hang in there.


Haters gonna hate.
Man, my mom used to make me pancakes all the time. Seriously, ALL THE TIME. And I turned out just fine! Anyone who is that concerned about feeding a kid sugar or food coloring or whatever needs to take the stick out of their ass. You seem like a wonderful mom to me.


Wow. Some people are just mean. I think youre awesome, I wish I could get my mom to make me rainbow pancakes.


BTW, do you have the recipe?


some people are just basket cases! I stumbled upon your rainbow pancakes because i saw them in a digi site. I think they are a happy place.

-- dalis


Well, personally, i don't think there is anything wrong with food colorants once in a while. It makes life brighter. These pancakes looks delish. I make a rainbow cake, with a few drops of colorants in each layer. It's pretty, and kids love it ;) I might try the pancakes!


It's so easy to pass judgement when hiding behind aliases. Most of those nasty people would never say anything to your face and I bet they don't think in such extreme terms either, but once they sit in the safety of their computers and get on a criticizing roll, the flood gates open. It's them, not you. I enjoyed the sight of those pancakes very much and have bookmarked the recipe!


Hey there,
Just wanted to stop by, looking for rainbow ideas for my daughter's 4th birthday party, saw your pancakes. Let me just say just because you're a blogger and put yourself out there doesn't mean people have the right to treat you horribly. Unfortunately, I think it's so much easier being faceless and being able to say those things on the internet rather than in person. Anyway, I hope you are growing a thicker skin against attacks and realize that you shouldn't take anything people say personally. Best wishes with your blog!!



I just saw your picture in the Pioneer Woman Food Photography Contest. I wanted to let you know about some all natural food coloring I just found. I read that you try to feed your kids healthy & naturally, so I thought you might be interested. Enjoy! Great picture by the way, I would've loved some Rainbow Pancakes when I was a kid! :)


A year too late, but I just saw these adorable pancakes on PW's site, Googled "Amanda's Rainbow Pancakes" and found you. Glad I did. This is a great idea and don't let the haters get you down. It's a "treat" people. Treats for my kids sometimes include things WAY more processed like ICEE drinks. Gasp. ;) Take take!


Dude, I think the rainbow pancakes are awesome! And I'm pretty sure a little food coloring now and then won't make kids grow a third arm, or go blind, or (worst of all) turn them into the kind of people who spend their time leaving mean comments on other people's fun posts.

In fact, I think I'll make these pancakes as soon as possible. :-)

holiday snob

Wow! So I just wanted to let you know that we featured your rainbow pancakes and french toast on our blog:

But I have to say, people are CRAZY that think they can judge your parenting by your blog posts! And why do they feel the need to be rude to someone they don't even know! On my personal blog I tend to have friends saying I'm super Mom because of the crafts I do, or Halloween costumes and I always think that's crazy, they have no idea how often I'm reading to them, or screaming at them. You just can't judge people!


I think They look amazing and my kids would be so excited with it! I totally don't think badly of people who use food colors, however it is my personal choice for my kids to not give them anything with artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. Does not give people the right to speak to you like that. What makes me mad about people like that is they would never dare say that to your face but have no problems saying such things behind the anonymity of their computer. I think it was very creative, don't let your creativity be squashed by some twats. :)

~Karen St.

While I would not feed these to my daughter every day, I think these are really fun for special breakfasts. Sure, it doesn't look like natural/simple food, but who cares!?! It's fun and no one is going to get sick from that much food colouring unles they are allergic to food colouring. I know it's hard to ignore negative comments, but do your best. I love your blog and am sorry that something that should be a positive part of your life has briefly turned into a negative.


People are mean. I don't understand...if you don't like it, click elsewhere...Change the channel, turn the page...geeez!
Your pancakes are bee-yoo-tee-ful and effing clever. Negativity has no place in the baking/decorating/creative world! Dear mean people, go away.

In Katrina's Kitchen

Goodness!! I think you need a big hug! I came over here from one of those "big blogs" and I'm glad I stayed and took a peek! I have been blogging for about 2 months now and I just got 17,000+ hits the other day from my homemade Thin Mints. I think my higest number before was 200?!

It really made me stop and think about why I blog - how many people may click over to see a recipe I've made but then that is my chance to shine some Jesus love into their life. You just keep shining, Girl! :D ♥- Katrina


Lawd have mercy. Definitely comes with the territory. I'm a syndicated humor columnist and blogger and the larger the readership, the more crazies you are introduced to.

I used to lovingly respond to every comment, and had quite a few people apologize that way. I think they were shocked that they were held accountable. After one reader wrote me a particularly nasty email re: a column I had written about my kids' goldfish dying. ("How can you call yourself a Christian??? You should be filled with SHAME! blah, blah, blah) I have a new policy. Truly hateful comments get deleted, RIDICULOUSLY funny hateful comments get published on the blog WITH the persons email address. My readers don't like folks picking on me. I've also made it clear to readers in newspapers that any and all correspondence sent to me is free game for columns. And I haven't gotten an ugly letter since!!

Chin up! It really says a lot about someone that they would go out of their way to be ugly to you!

Jennifer Day

Just came across these fantastic looking pancakes. I love the technicolor hues!
Don't take all the negative comments personally. Firstly, I would bet most of them don't even know you and are passing judgement based on the one post. Second, they are assuming that you feed these to your kids daily. Seriously, with the stupid diabetes comment?! Third, you can actually color stuff without chemicals. Again they are assuming they know everything. I made purplish pancakes (accidentally) using GASP blueberries.

I am all for making the foods fun once in awhile. No harm in it. How boring would life be if we never had any sweets and ate only veggies and fiber. Everything in moderation.
Finally, some people are just uber negative in all parts of their life and are not happy unless they are attacking someone. Just try and ignore it...though sometimes you really want to flame them back ;)


I have never understood why some people feel obligated to post nasty comments. I agree with Robin above - you should publish the worst ones -- people like this need to be held accountable. Ignoring them would indeed be the noble thing to do, but I think it just encourages them to keep doing it. You don't have to be nasty about it yourself - just ask your readers if they think a certain comment is justified and let them respond. I love the Internet but it has given the nasty people another way to inflict vicious attacks.

BTW, I love your blogs!


This was my first visit to your blog. And LOVED the creative way you made pancakes a beautiful memory for your family. Why people feel compelled to write negative things...I'll never know. I'm so grateful 'WE' don't live in their world. Maybe their Mom never took the time to make them something this special.


People are nuts!! I would ignore them. My first reaction when I saw those pancakes were "Cool, gotta make these!" LOL. And I did! But my colors weren't as apparent as yours...they were the typcial light brownish pancake color on the top and bottom.

Claire Gregory

Wowsers. Those comments are nuts!

Your pancakes made me smile, and I know my little girl's whole face would light up in delight if I made something like that for her. This is, for reference, the same kid who, when offered a choice between chocolate and fruit, will always choose the fruit. Pancakes, though? She loves those, and there's so much worse she could be eating.

Good for you for bringing smiles to your kids and so many others of us out here. I love your blog, and I think you're awesome. Ignore the haters!

Michelle make your kids pancakes! How bad of a mother can you be for crying out loud? Ridiculous. I had a mother who was rarely home...when she was home, she wasn't cooking...she was doing drugs or having sex with strange men. I know that's harsh, but let's keep things in perspective, shall we?

kelly hoosier

I am one of the 20 million stopping by from Pizzazzerie. I stopped by because these pancakes look so fun. (and for some reason I've been craving pancakes all week anyways)Now normally I wouldn't be leaving a comment, but I'm so sad for you. I will not be making these pancakes as you have the recipe, because i can't feed one of my sons food colorings. BUT, with the research I've done because of my family's situation and beliefs, I will adjust the recipe to accommodate us. I see absolutely NO reason to leave you a comment putting you down for such an amazing imagination! Please don't take these discouraging comments personally. While I do believe in getting the word out about healthy food choices, just as with Christianity, hate is NOT the way to go!

kelly hoosier

Haha, I'm a year late, didn't notice the dates. Oh well, my comment still stands LOL


I love your blog and your creations are adorable! Who cares if it has carbs? Doesn't that come with the territory of anything "cake?" I think it is wonderful for kids to have something special every once in a while, unhealthy or not.
I know this post is from quite a while ago, but I hate it when people make rude comments. My mother always told me, "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all." I guess some people just feel better when they make others feel worse.
That said, I love what you do and I'm really glad that you share it with the world!

Jenn Erickson/Rook No. 17

I was so sorry to read that you were the victim of not one, but several trolls. Meanies and cowards have no place visiting and commenting on blogs.

Thank you for sharing your creativity, and your magical, colorful way of making a very special breakfast treat!

Jenn/Rook No. 17


You rock, and your first instinct is right--laugh it off! Your kids will have a fun life with their awesome, fun mom-- and they aren't going to die from a little food coloring!


people are always going to have their own opinions, if they cant present them in a respectful manner then thy should keep them to themselves, my parents always taught us if you have nothing nice to say dont say anything at all! love the rainbow pancake idea!!!!


I just saw your pancakes and LOVE them!!! I will make them tonight so my children can have rainbow pancakes for St. Patrick's Day breakfast.


I am an old grannie (former health and science teacher, natural food fan, gardener of veggies) and can't wait to make these for the littles. The nay-sayers are probably those who didn't have a great mom like you to add joy and fun to their children's lives. And, my goodness, no one is forcing them to prepare these if they choose not to. It isn't as if there is no room in a healthful diet for some fun! Bless you and your lovely blog.


I just came across your blog via another blog, so I'm completely new to your site. I have a blog, with a little under 400 followers, so I'm not a "big" blogger by any means. This is appalling to me on one hand and not surprising at all on the other. I cannot imagine leaving a comment like that on anyone's blog! I mean, if you don't like it there's this little button to close the window...
on the other hand, people have such a sense of anonymity on the internet. I think alot of people say things they wouldn't say to your face.
Luckily, I've never had a hateful comment on my blog. I think the way your handling it is great. By putting the comments up there for all to see, maybe you can help discourage this kind of behavior.
Best of luck to you!
{p.s. I think the pancakes are awesome. I wouldn't feed them to my kids every day, but I'm guessing that's not your intention! What's wrong with enjoying an occasional rainbow pancake? For reals!}


Hi Amanda! Love your rainbow pancakes so much, I shared them on my blog!



I'm way late on this but just wanted to tell you that you really don need to ignore it. I can't tell you all the hate mail or hate comments I get in a week. It is one of the draw backs of getting a lot of traffic to your blog.

I'm not quite sure what people gain from being so horrible but it must give them something because a whole lot of them do it.

Hang tough.


They are pancakes.... yummy, delicious, cover them in syrup and butter PANCAKES! the colors of the rainbow... (could anything be more full of happiness?) Anyone who has something bad to say about this miracle of food coloring and carbohydrates is angry at the world and just out looking for things to condemn. From one thin skinned girl to another, I am so sorry. Try not to take them seriously....

For what it's worth, I cannot WAIT to make these! If I could give you a gigantic hug to thank you and compensate for such silly and misguided comments I would. And then I would bake you a rainbow cake full of yummy bright food coloring.

Cindy Carnes

I had some very nasty comments left on my blog a couple years ago. I go to an online forum for my hobby. Some folks got angry with me there, they came to my blog (my happy place) and started to leave horrible comments. One was so vile I had to put a 'secret' tracker to get the IP address of the offender so that I could report them. I also do not allow anonymous comments anymore, sadly some people will take things too far with anger. It's easy when they can do it behind a computer screen.

Food coloring, really? I grew up without organic foods, we ate anything put before us because if we didn't we'd have to wait until the next meal. Nobody catered to our whims or made us separate meals if we didn't like what ws in front of us. 8 kids with blue collar parents. it was eat or go hungry. I survived all that terrible food coloring. Jeesh. Get a life. And I'm sure the photo of the pancakes was for appeal, you didn't feed 6 pancakes to your kids. Lord, some people have too much time on their hands!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cindy Carnes

One more thing, my mom used to put pancake batter in a squeeze bottle, she'd then make shapes on the griddle........bears, smiley faces, our initials (huge hit) and the best part, she'd make silver dollar sized pancakes for us. We thought they were the best! THat wasy we could have '4' was so great!!!!!

Mary Anne

Oh for crying out loud...silly silly silly people should keep their opinions to themselves. Hey, you did better than me, I fed my kid a pop tart...with milk for breakfast this morning. Guess I am a worse mother! ;) Thanks for this idea though, my kids are going to LOVE it! :)

Samantha Bailey

Growing up my mum taught me the old saying "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all."
I think that those who have had negative things to say about your pancakes should remember this saying and just be quiet.
I think that it is fantastic that you are trying to add a bit of fun to your kids days with something as simple as a little food colouring - and 6 pancakes, it's not like they are huge!!
Children grow up way to fast now days, I think it is important as a good mum to let our kids be kids and enjoy the fun in life rather then be consumed by all of the crap that is happening in the world. Thanks for the inspiration - I am now planning on making some of these for my kids. What a fantastic idea!!!
Please keep doing what you are doing.


If people are freaking out over colored pancakes, they obviously have WAY too much time on their hands--just saying. With that said, thanks for the creative recipe; I'm sure my son will enjoy these when I make them for him next weekend! Take care.


I love the photo! I would love to make the pancakes for my family. Do I care about what they eat? Of course, but in the grand scheme of things a little food colouring in a home made meal won't kill them! The drunk driver that 'you' just sent home from your party might (and by you, I don't mean YOU, I mean the idiots that think food colouring is going to be the death of us). The second hand smoke that class room driver is passing on to my kids on a field trip is not going to help, and apparently the fumes from my Ikea particle board shelving unit is giving off gasses and that too will kill me. But pancakes made with love, uh, no.
My mom always said "if you don't have anything nice to say, shut up!" I find the anonymity of the internet means we can all say what ever we want about things we know nothing about.

Carrie - Carrie's Creations

I almost started crying reading those mean things... I think your creations are amazing and it's evident to your followers how wonderful a mom you are!


The person who said: "this is so gross – to feed 6 pancakes to your kid?" is kind of stupid because the picture shows 6 pancakes on a plate to show the 6 different colors that were used. That doesn't mean the kid was eating all the pancakes.

tracer bean

wow .. really? people can be nuts, and hypocritical! don't let it tear you down! i thought your pancakes were totally adorable! if food coloring were so bad, it wouldn't be in absolutely EVERYTHING ... M&Ms, skittles, pop, juice, cereal, and we could go on and on and ON.

some people are just haters and only live to poo-poo on other people's parades!

BLOG ON SISTAH! ba-logggggg ON!

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