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February 04, 2010



Aw geez, I'm sorry girl. :( I'll be honest, I have not received any very negative comments before and have been dreading the day I do. While I love blogging and do it because I want to do it, I don't have the thick skin either. I take things way too personally. I think there will always be those negative people out there who would rather say something not-nice than keep quiet. I would feel the same way and be bummed out, but you shouldn't be at all - you are so creative, talented, and a fabulous momma! :)


i think your an awesome mom who is trying to make this world a little more cheerful for her kids. ive only started reading your blog and already i have learned so much from you. dont take it to heart what some mean people say. I think your great! Keep the little smiles coming.


Amanda, this is YOUR blog. With YOUR ideas. YOUR talents! You are a fun, caring and wonderful mother, baker and all around crafty person. The meanies have nothing better to do than to be jealous of all that. Don't let them get to you... you are so much better than that.

God bless you sweetie!


Oh hon, I'm dreading the day I get negative comments, like you I will take it personally. Fortunately my blog is pretty small so it hasn't been a problem.
Let's focus on the BIG picture 15,000 HITS wow! and I guess you can't please everyone. I mean, I for one am VERY upset that I can't actually get you to bake me one of your yummy Valentine treats because you know, I live in Australia and all.
See? you can't make everyone happy!
We can only do our best.
keep doing what you are doing, it's BRILLIANT! xxx


Wow. I don't even know what to say. Why do people have to be rude? Nothing wrong with sharing an opinion or disagreeing, but to be outright hurtful and rude really says something about the commenter.

You ARE a good mother, Amanda. You do not need validation of that from a bunch of strangers.

Stacy Ness

Don't let them get to you. Easier said then done I know.

Those people were down right mean and I am sorry but to be that mean to someone you don't know over a few pancakes, it makes you wonder how much GOD they have in your life.

So look at it this way be grateful that they are coming to your site. That way they are reading things from someone who knows GOD and is not afraid to show it. And you never know a little of you might just rub off on them :)

I hope that made sense to you :) Love you Cuz

Stacy Ness

Sorry forgot to add



Oh.My.Goodness... You are one of the sweetest, kindest, loving, humble bloggers I've met. The fact that people would judge you for having fun with your kids just shows how much the world needs Jesus.

You are a wonderful mommy. You know that, they know that, and the ones who are important know that. You don't owe them an explanation at all.


Sweetie, unfortunately people feel completely safe to be as rude as they like when they're protected by a computer screen. After Jennifer linked to my blog a couple of times, I had a LOT of traffic my way for awhile. What made me so upset was the fact that these people, who didn't know me or anything about me beyond what's on my blog, were choosing to judge me. I got a LOT of judgement for the timing of my marriage, for the fact that I married an older man, for the way I'm raising the kids, etc. etc.

It hurt. SO BADLY. It's almost like people think that, because you're saying this to someone in a computer, that you're not going to truly hurt someone by spouting your unwanted negative opinion. I got some wonderful advice from Jennifer when that happened. She told me to delete the comments (this prevents you from reading them over and over again and starting to wonder about those lies yourself), not respond to the people who wrote them, and to remind myself every day that I am a child of God, created in His image and that I am doing the very best I can at the job He gave me to do.

It's not always easy. I have broken down and have written back to some people who have been rude. However, I will say that it gets easier when you choose to just walk away from it. Delete it completely from your mailbox, from your blog and as much as possible from your memory.

You are an amazing woman and anybody who knows you IRL knows your beautiful heart. I wish I had the ability to make food like that for my kids - keep it going, mama, keep it going! :)

Cop Mama

Um, Hello people, she also posted a picture of a precious Winnie the Pooh book on that same post!! That's something only caring, loving mothers do!

Sorry Amanda. Unfortunately, as you become more popular, I'm afraid this might happen sometimes. Just ignore them. Only focus on the positive or if there is negative, only the constructive critiques.

On my blog, I've had a few questionable comments, but I just approve them anyways and figure, Whatever! God Bless Them.

My friend, You know who you truly are! ;-)


aww girl! I am so sorry you are having to go through this! I am new to your blog but think you have fantastic and fun ideas. You do these type things for your kids because you ARE a great mom!

Dont let these people bring you down! I know its hard.. I dont have thick skin at all either! Just know you are doing what is best for you and your family and thats all you can do! Chin up! Praying for u :)

Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog ealier as well :)


2 things:

1. I think you should change the name of your blog to "i am a GOOD Mommy".

2. Only famous people get negative comments so you have arrived. :)

PS I feel like a GREAT Mommy when I make pancakes for my kids for breakfast (sometimes I even make them as their after school snack). I had no idea they were "full of empty carbs, etc. etc." Too much time on their hands those people! :) Hang in there!


Love ya Amanda! and I gotta say...
"So I gotta ask... does it just come with the territory? Is it a safe assumption to make that the more people who read your blog the more likely you are going to be persecuted... for any and everything?"

Yes, Yes and Yes.

I think it's inevitable that you'll get negative feedback, how you deal with it is the key.
IMO these people aren't thinking rationally. A: It's not like your kids eat 6 colored panckaes for breakfast EVERY morning (well I don't think so anyway) and a little (or alot) of food coloring once in a while isn't going to hurt anyone.
B:I doubt your kids even eat an entire rainbow in one sitting.
C: I think they look yummy!
D: I'm doing a spin off of your rainbow cack for my son's birthday this week, I'll let you know when I post pics of it.
Ok so I got a little off track with D but you get my idea.
I would have a hard time blowing it off too, maybe it just takes practice.


I'm thinking so. There are so many quacks out there- SO many!! Don't question yourself! People will say what they want, and they will come and go. Who cares. At the end of the day, what the Lord sees is all that counts. Some people are just out to criticize. Don't feed their negativity. Just continue to be who you are!! :) xo


Oh you poor thing. I definitely DO NOT have the skin for that sort of "feedback". I don't know how Jennifer puts up with that. I hope you don't have to continually deal with these sorts of people!

bridget {bake at 350}

OK...#1....let's have the emails (and home addresses) of these people so we can deal with them appropriately.

#2...these are the same people who will send their kids off to collage and those kids will NEVER EAT ANOTHER VEGETABLE or TOFU BURGER again. I promise...these kids will BINGE on sugar and junk because they've never had it. My kiddo has an gumball machine filled with M&M's in his room (*gasp*). Does he ever eat them? Nope, because he's around them all the time. His friends come over and eat them by the handfuls.

#3...I would much rather my kiddo eat HOMEMADE colored pancakes than processed "health food" for breakfast.

#4...I was out-of-town for a few days. I missed this blog feature....who featured you, please? I missed out. I need to leave you some love!'re awesome, Amanda! Keep loving that food coloring! ♥


Just recently started reading your blog, already loving it and those awesome pancakes. I just don't understand some people it's like they get some enjoyment out of making people feel bad. Anyways your great at what you do, keep it up.


Give me names...names and IP addresses. I'll fix them good for you.

Hehee...kidding (mostly).

Anyone who has ever met you knows you are the bestest most loving mama EVAH. If they are too mean-spirited to know that then to H-E-double hockey sticks with them!


Don't make me send another sternly worded e-mail people. I will...I CERTAINLY WILL.


Amelia Sprout

With traffic comes trolls, but you are too good to stoop to that level. Ignore the criticism and delete the really trolly nasty ones. It is your blog, not theirs.

Not all successful bloggers go to BlogHer, but if you want to go, it can be a lot of fun. Even for not successful bloggers. I had a lot of fun, and I get like no traffic.

It is a stellar photograph. Seriously jealous because not only is it a fun idea for kids pancakes, but it is beautiful. I sort of want to make it my background image I love it so much. Or ask you to have them printed. (no seriously)

If someone things THAT is a lot of coloring, you should see what is in any number of things you can buy at the store. That has redeeming nutritional qualities that more than make up for any perceived issue. Good grief, if you want to pick on artificial stuff, try having fun with how they put high fructose corn syrup in whole grain crackers. That is a real tragedy. I loved those darn things until I saw that.

The people who professed their love for the photo, and the post, really do love it. I've had the pleasure of working with some of them. Just bask in the glow of being adored by 15,000.


Wow...those negative comments just blow my mind. I guess some people get off being super critical of others...but I guess that's what this whole blogging thing is about. You put your life out there and wait to be loved or loathed.

Seriously do people think you are shoving these down your kiddies throats everyday??? Nothing wrong with a little self indulgence every now & then.

I love your beautiful rainbow cakes! Just keep on doing what your doing and being a fun mommy...because in the end all that matters is the love you get from your lil' ones!


Hugs! Remember who you are in Christ (child of God, daughter, redeemed, loved unconditionally, accepted, chosen, adopted, forgiven, complete, secure, annointed, hidden in Chirst, free from condemnation, gifted with eternal life....) and try to ignore and forgive those who condemn you. I think the suggestion of completely deleting comments so that you can't reread them is a good one. Truthfully, I'd FEEL crushed by comments like that and would have to "dig deep" to remember the Truth.

Chin up, gal! Love your blog. Love your recipes. Love your photos. Wish I could meet up with you in person...

Blessings, Kari


Well... if it means anything at all to you, I think you're a good mom.

Do people actually think that a drop of food coloring is harmful?

Do those same people actually think that you're feeding the entire stack to your kids? Then again, my kids would probably eat the whole stack.

"Non-food" HA! That makes me laugh!

I hope you have a wonderful day!


Oh gosh, I am sorry people were so rude. I am pretty darn sure it would bother me too. Even though I would not make them for my kiddos, because Grace get nutso when she has too many food colorings, but I would never be rude to someone for it. You know what was going through my head? I wonder if I could color those with pureed fruit?
But to purposely attack someone is out of line. Sorry, saying some prayers for you.

I once had a blog a few years ago and made one post about troubles in my marriage and got attacked. I deleted my blog, shouldn't have because there was no getting it back. Don't let a few rude people get you down girl. You are a great mom and a great blogger!

Joy Ellis

I say ignore those bad comments. You are having fun with your kids. If they love to eat pancakes, let them eat pancakes!! Some people need to grow up and get a life if all they have time for is to cut someone else down. You have done nothing wrong. I just found your site and I LOVE IT!! Please don't stop or change a thing. You are a very funny and classy mommy with a lot of talent! My kids would LOVE to get rainbow pancakes for breakfast. Because it is fun and would be a wonderful treat. I don't cook homemade stuff all the time from scratch, but this one would definitely be work it! Keep up your good work and keep your chin up!!

If anyone does decide to visit my site, I am not going to worry about what they say. I can always delete their rude comments. I write for myself and no one else.


I am one of those that was directed to your blog after seeing these pancakes posted on ohdeeoh. I love the pancakes. The pancakes made my day. The pancakes will eventually make my son's day and even my husband's, who will pretty much think I rock for making these pancakes. I bet even Jesus likes the pancakes.

It's pretty crazy for people to assume that just because you feed your family some pancakes sometimes, even these wacky ones, that they aren't fed a well rounded and nutritious diet in general.

I am pretty sensitive to what people write to me online as well. If I were to a blog that suddenly became popular, ESPECIALLY among moms (it's like the uber-mommy hormones make some of us wacko about things like... food coloring), I would probably do what a previous commenter here suggested and delete the bad ones. Maybe not even really read them. Maybe skim all of them and delete if something smacks of mean and then go back and relish in the useful and positive comments.

I am very sorry you had this experience that left such a bad taste in your mouth - much worse than food coloring. They're saying "the evil chemicals" are poison, but we know that the tongue can be poison, it can bring life or death, and that in a multitude of words sin is not absent. Better to serve up some tie-dyed pancakes with a sweet word and a gentle smile than to preach nutrition from the mountaintops with all the disdain and condemnation of the world pouring from the mouth.

All that to say that I appreciated your post. Hope you keep it coming! :)


I just started reading your blog a few weeks ago and I never was able to see the pancakes the first time around. You are just so clever--those are SO much fun! AND you are a good Mommy!

I used to work in a bank call center years ago and like Kami said, like blogs, people don't realize that their are real people on the other end of the phone, or blog, in this case.

Unfortunately, as hard as it is, you have to TRY and let it roll off. I worked in the call center for over eight years and the mean comments still stung. :(

Hang in there--there are way more people who think you are wonderful than those who don't! :)


What kind of blog did these people come from? wow they are harsh. You should send all those negative commentors the recipe to your blueberry smoothie!

It is unfortunately part of the territory but it does not mean it is right. I would highly recommend that you do not post anything on you tube. A lot of those people are super rude and gross and nasty!

I love your blog and see nothing wrong with occasionally giving your kids fun looking food.

It is not personal at all. These people don't even know who you are.


Holy cow, some people are harsh...and over such pretty pancakes?! Come on people. If you don't like them or if they are so bad, simply don't make them. No need to be mean. I'm sorry you had rude comments, try not to let them get to you (easier said then done I'm sure). I think the pancakes are cool. I was thinking of making them for my son when he visits next, but for a whole different reason...rainbows are the symbol for what he is, so he would think its cool.


I think the pancakes look fabulous! I am not a regular commentor and I just starting following your blog. I can't believe people can leave such mean comments. There is a person behind the blog and that person has FEELINGS! I say delete and try not to even read. Try to brush it off. I have heard other larger blogs complain of the same things. Stinks, but must come with the territory. Great blog- keep it up!

Marian (Sweetopia)

Don't even let it affect you! I know that's easy to say and hard to follow, but the negative comments are just not necessary! (I had one racial slur about a cookie I made on my blog; can you believe it?!)
You provide such an uplifting, educational and aesthetically pleasing blog experience, I'm new here but am hooked already! THANK YOU!!


How did I miss these pancakes??? Have I been hiding under a rock or something???

You know, next time you should just do it completely organically. That would be hilarious. Use India Tree Natural Food coloring (Bake it Pretty sells it - and whatnot. And make them silver dollar sized.

Or not.

Don't let it get to you, my dear. You know what's true and what's not true. You know your kids don't eat enormous stacks of rainbow colored pancakes every day. Just every other day. Just kidding.

Besides. No mommy is perfect 100% of the time. If it was a bad call - and I'm not saying it was - it doesn't mean you will do it over and over again.

Will you tell me who posted about your pancakes? I'm so curious!


This is the first time I'm seeing this and I think it's great!!! As a person obsessed with photography, I have to say, I love that photo!!

I wouldn't worry about the negative comments. You were just being honest and I think that's great. You can't just write about things that you think will be safe. Keep at it!


I don't take negative comments very well either. They kind of sit on my mind for a bit. I shouldn't care and neither should you. We just are not that way so it bothers us.


You also need to take into account that most of the naysayers weren't even brave enough to enter a link to themselves. How childish.


I personally would make them and I think this would be a fun idea for a St. Patrick's Day breakfast. Last year I made rainbow jello jigglers and I am sure if I had a wide audience, I would have gotten slammed with the same criticisms too.

I think it comes with the territory. The more popular something is, the more extremists, critics and outright trolls it attracts. Don't take it personally; they do not know you - it is just their opinion.

One trend I am seeing with the bigger blogs is that they are developing a comments policy and while constructive comments and suggestions for creativity sharing and ones that are not, that are spam or are mean spirited would be deleted.

An example of a constructive suggestion would be if the person was opposed to artificial food coloring and never used it in their daily life, they should indicate what natural alternatives they have used instead to achieve similar results. If they objected to contents in the pancake or syrup, what would they have used instead. If someone had an idea to use a natural fruit or vegetable to use as coloring that they have used successfully, that could be useful and something we all might want to hear about and to try. Constructive suggestions are something that can and should inspire us; they don't tear us down.

However, destructive comments such as the "ugly" comments above are nothing but sarcastic and mean spirited and serve no useful purpose and add nothing to the creative spirit of the blog and I would delete them.


I never understand why people have to get nasty. Didn't their momma's teach them if they don't have anything nice to say then don't say anything at all? sheesh! I love the pancakes, super cute. And it's not like you are feeding them that every day, just as like a fun special occaission thing so, who cares? Go for it, live big. Let the nasties go. :)
We'll be eating these for breakfast on St. Pat.'s day.


I demand that you stop reading those comments immediately...There is always somebody out there ready to pounce on someone else to puff up their chest and make themselves feel superior.

Brush it off and enjoy the day with your beautiful family.

The Lumberjack's Wife

Oh, for the love of Pete. People are ridiculous. The pancakes are cute and fun and you are a good mommy. Those of us who read your blog regularly know that.

It probably comes with the territory. I have seen PW get some critical comments before. I don't know if she reads all 9000 but there are some in there!

Lucky for me, I don't think more than 50 people know my blog exist. :)

Jennifer Henderson

Oh bless your heart. This is my first trip to your blog and I already like you because of your honesty. I have never gotten negative comments on my blog so I' m not sure how I would handle it but kudos to you for calling it what it is: "bad" and "nasty". Some people have no class.

Best to you sister,

Kat Hollifield

I was one of those people that was drawn in by rainbow pancakes!!!!!!! My initial thought was "why didn't I think of this???" Your posts are adorable, and I even told my husband (who doesn't know it, but we're making these pancakes soon) that I can't wait until I can have kids and do these fun things with them! You seem to be an amazing mom, and I remember my mother letting me do fun things like this.

As for the 'evil' people. I am a journalist and a blogger, and when you open yourself up in a public forum, you do have to deal with those that want to 'save the world' and 'save your dye-eating-soul' LOL. Just remember, you KNOW who YOU are, and remember, you have a following of wonderfully devoted readers now who are enjoying rainbow pancakes!!!!
Hope your day is blessed!


Awww don't take it personally girl! I know that is harder said than done. I moderate all my comments on my blog in case someone says something I don't want posted, but I guess you couldn't help it when someone else posted about your picture. =/ I think it was a fun idea that you wanted to introduce to your girls. I definitely think when you are in the limelight like that there will always be people who try to bring you down. I mean look at celebrities... with good words also comes bad gossip/press/pictures of them too even if they are the kind, sweet, pretty, etc.


I too came here because of the rainbow pancakes. I'm a mom of two young kids and I'm an admitted food Nazi. I try to make sure my kids are eating as much healthy, whole foods as possible. That said, I LOVED the idea of the rainbow pancakes. I don't know that I would want to make them on a regular basis, but as a special treat, why not? They are an adorable idea, and I know my kids would love them. Thanks for sharing!


I'm so sorry Amanda!! It's amazing that people could be so hurtful and judgemental. I just don't understand why anyone would even bother to comment if they only had rude things to say. I only discovered your blogs a few weeks ago but I find your work beautiful, inspiring, and it always makes me smile! I can't imagaine a single child who wouldn't be thrilled to have those pancakes! My first thought when I saw them was "Wow, so cool!". Please don't let a few people's opinions make you feel bad!!


Wow! You and the queen mama are hooking up! So excited for you both. :) She picked good when she picked you.
Yeah, some people are going to say whatever unkind things they feel like. Some people are going to censor it a little and some people are going to be nice. It's just life. I personally wouldn't worry about it. Somebody (once ;)) found a post on my blog written way back they disagreed with. I didn't care, because it wasn't accurate. Have fun doing what you're doing. You stick enough green stuff in their smoothies to make it all even out. :) And even if you didn' are the mommy God wanted, desired, planned, appointed, declared perfect (through His grace) for your children.


Wow. I mean like WOW. I shouldn't be surprised, but I am - at the fact that people have the BALLS to say some of the things they say online and I bet 98% of them wouldn't have the nerve to say to your face. Clearly they only spent 3 seconds on your blog because if they were to look for even one more second they'd realize you're an EXCELLENT mama!

Unfortunately I agree, it comes with the territory :( But you know what? I still feel special because even though you are quickly climbing the ranks of "successful bloggers" (which includes an impressive following) I still get personal replies to my comments. And that means a LOT.

So pish posh to the dingbats who have nothing better to do than rain on a rainbow parade ;) We love ya - LOTS!!


There's always going to be the "meanies". Don't let them get you down. Cute blog!


When reading anything... first consider the source. No, not everyone is going to love everything about you. But guess what? That's okay. The One that really, truly matters loves you, all the time, no matter what. Everyone can have their opinion. It’s theirs you don't have to take possession of it! And wow 15000 hits! AMAZING! Whether good, bad or ugly! God has provided you with an audience. Do good works for His glory!!

Sarah Robbins

Boo for them! I have a really hard time with that, too. So I am glad not many people read my blog who aren't related to me!!

I also changed my comments so that people couldn't leave anonymous comments and that really helped. . .

I love you, sweet friend. Remember your hope and joy is found in the Lord and not in men. Praying God reminds you of his unending love.

Diane {}

I love you rainbow pancakes!
I love the pretty colors! Food coloring is FUN!
I like that you posted it all the good, bad and ugly and if I lived next door I'm come right over and whip up a batch to enjoy and have a good laugh together :) Your a great MOM!!!!!
It's so sad people who don't like things don't know the golden rule!


WoW! Seriously?? People are unreal sometimes. Quite honestly, you prob had a millimeter size drop of food coloring to get that color! Secondly, it has to be a blast to surprise your kids with something so fun. I highly doubt you do this on a daily basis, even if so, its none of anyones business how you parent. Quite frankly I think you need to shrug off the nasty comments!


I didn't read all the comments, but from skimming them, I second the fact that you are a great mom and a wonderful blogger! And rainbow pancakes are fun! I don't have many blog readers, and can't say for sure how I would react to that type of criticism in comments, but my initial reaction was that it was being passive aggressive to write such hurtful things. If you were to meet that person in person, would s/he say those things to you? I doubt it.
Keep on blogging, baking, and being a great mommy! :-)

Mama M.

Oh, wow. You's sad. It's a sad, sad world that we live in, when people feel like they can take someone down a notch to their level.

Know what I say? Look down on them from your high horse Amanda! Know that you are a wonderful mom who does things like make pancakes with her kiddos...(can you imagine THEIR breakfasts? Tofu, probably...)...don't let them take you down.

Don't let them ruin your's true, the more successful you are, the more likely you'll have the nasties coming out of the woodwork...just keep doin' your thing...'cuz you got it, girl! (And they don't!)

Take pleasure in the fact that YOU are a delightful, upbeat, positive person...and hold your head high!

Hugs to you!!!


Boo on all of those negative nellies!! They probably don't feed their kids cake and ice cream for their birthdays either. You know, what with all the colors and processed things in them.. seriously though, my mother taught me like so many other mothers taught their own, "If you don't have anything nice, don't say anything at all." We do put ourselves out there when we blog, but others don't have to agree or voice their disagreement in such a way that it tears someone down. I don't believe it is a matter of being thick (or thin) skinned. We just don't have to be so rude in this society! Why not look at the positive, and if there isn't any for you to focus on, click on that red "x" in the upper right. :)
(I think you are a great mommy!)


wow. that's just mean. Keep your head up, doll. You know WE LOVE YOU!


Usually, a popular blogger with a huge following is often targeted by some insecure and narrow-minded people. You can see it everywhere, in all popular blogs, no matter what genre. So, ignore these things, delete the comments and concentrate on positive ones!


oh amanda i'm so sorry...i figured it was just a matter of time before you would be hit by these sorts of comments...i think you are right that when you go big you get all sorts of people...most of the mean ones just very insecure or wanting to judge you because they are jealous of your success or not happy with themselves so it is easier to try and break you down that look at their own problems...

there was another blogger i really enjoyed following who was basically crushed one day due to similar attacks that were just ridiculously personal...(she ended up abandoning blogging for awhile even...she used to blog daily) and she wanted to say something like "you are judging my entire character based on this one have no context and do not KNOW me..." etc. ideas i was screaming in reply about you while reading the mean comments...but these people are just dropping in and obviously haven't been "following" you nor are they trying to connect or excuse to be mean and attack you personally...i hope you will continue to blog for the people who do care about you and hopefully this wave of meanness will move on to new popular blogs (or check this post to at least put themselves a little in, people who write things like that will very unlikely take responsibility for their actions or feel remorse)...i'm totally rambling and i think you are right to expect more of this when you are "successful" in the quantity sense...i'm so glad you are successful in the quality sense...


I also had my first really negative comment the other day and it hurt, but at the same time, differences are part of what makes the world go round. What is great for someone is not great for someone else. I don't really understand why bloggers feel the need to attack people who are just sharing part of their lives and their thoughts. I think someone's blog is a sacred place where they should be free to share their world for the good and the bad. If someone doesn't like it, then they don't have to read it. It is hard not to take it personally, but I think you have to laugh at a person who takes several minutes from their day to write something critical to someone happy you are the nice person that you are!

Some moms don't make breakfast at all for their kids. Some moms don't spend time with their kids. Some moms don't pass on any skills or information to their kids. Don't let anyone hurt you by judging the kind of mom you are from one stinkin' photo of pancakes.


I would just try to shake off these negative comments. I've noticed that with any blog that has a following, people will ridicule and voice their own judgmental ideals. They are ridiculous and obviously do not have much going on in their lives. People like to pick things apart to make them feel like they are relevant in some form.

Keep creating some awesome ideas so those less creative (like myself) can copy!!!

Personally, I think the pancakes are AWESOME!

PS. I HIGHLY doubt some food coloring would do someone serious damage. Food coloring is in many foods, sweets, candy, drinks, etc.

Leslie Jackson

First, I love the idea of the pancakes. (Totally coudn't do it myself because I burn boiling water! lol)

Second, just because you took the pic of all the pancakes stacked together doesn't mean you are feeding them ALL to one kid! lol You MIGHT have 6 kids.... each gets ONE color! Or... they could be SMALL pancakes! Either way.... it's YOUR family... feed them what they want/like sometimes! I'm sure it's not an everyday thing! :)

Third, I think that the more popular the blog becomes, the more opinions you are going to get....good and bad. So... if you want to have a successful blog, you have to know that. But... just remember that as the blogger, you have the power of the DELETE button! :) (Just ask MckMama about people's opinions! That's where i found you by the way....through her blog!)

I hope you have a great day! And... if you need to make Rainbow French Fries or Mashed Potatoes.... just do it! :)


Some people seem to think that there is no reason for a verbal filter on the internet. I bet 1/2 of those people would have NEVER said that to your face in real life. Or, if they had disagreed with your use of food coloring, they would have politely said, "Those look great! Unfortunately, we don't eat food coloring in our family, so I'll just have to admire your pictures and creativity from afar"

But, instead, you got a slew of crappy comments. I'm sorry :( Yes, it happens. Just delete them and let it go.

I've only been reading your blog a week and I love it!


People are so mean! Especially online when nothing is policed. I just HATE food snobs too. Sometimes people forget the importance of having a sense of magic - especially with children. What wonderful and special memories you've created for your kids!
Last week I featured blue velvet cupcakes on my blog (a trend here in the South) and I received a mostly positive response. I did have on or two negative comments about the artificial color. One commenter even said they looked like smurf excrement. Lovely! (I did have to chuckle at that a bit.)
I think people who comment in this way are looking for a response, and have too much time on their hands waste. Trolling.
I agree with the above commenter - DELETE! It's in your power! Shake off those bad Mama comments too. If they(even)have kids, they are probably missing out on some of the excitement and joy of childhood. Best of luck, and great job on those pancakes!

janmary, n ireland

Great mum, great photo, great pancakes!

But you need me to tell you that! :)

I have got the odd "odd" comment if you know what I mean - including one unsolicited comment that I should not watermark my photos - apparently I should be more "trusting" of the blogging world and less precious about them. I watermark them because they sometimes include kids, and I want to reduce the possibility of someoneone wanting to "borrow" them, and not in a good way!

Please don't let this deter you from inspiring and brightening our cookie or pancake at a time!!!


I've got a couple of things to say.
1. When I did my WIC post, I didn't think ANYONE would argue with me about the idea that all people had worth. But instead it started to be this HUGE political battle.
2. When I was reeling from that (because I don't have think skin either AN
D because it was between some good friends of mine and my brother mostly), I had a friend tell me not to let it get to me too much since they were just ignorant.
(this friend by the way is from up in your area--the good friend). Those people who went off on you about how much food coloring it took don't KNOW ANYTHING! They have obviously NEVER used anything from Lynn's (which happens to be now like less than 4 miles from my house. YOU HAVE TO COME VISIT ME! Especially after the baby is born). they don't understand that less that a drop or 2 makes those pancakes that vibrant. THEY are ignorant.
3. You are NOT the only one with paperthin skin. It's okay to be hurt. It stinks that people have to be so mean!


Wow, Amanda! What a lot of comments you are getting these days. :-) I kind of feel lost among so many and wonder if I should even say anything. But I guess I will.

I think leaving mean comments is unacceptable anytime. If someone must disagree, it should be said tactfully and kindly, but mean things are better left unsaid. Does it really matter what I think about what someone else feeds their kids??!! However, I do think that the more exposure you have, the more likely you are do get the dirt. When you have a small blog, it is mostly friends reading or people who are reading because they like you. When you get big hits, you are getting the friends and not-so-much-friends1


Awe Amanda. I'm so sorry. I do believe you that you are a terrific mommy and have so many wonderful talents. Why on earth would you intentionally feed your children something that is knowingly unhealthy? C'mon people! It's just sad that others have to write things like that to make themselves feel better, and get attention. Pay them no mind! You keep being you girl!


Amanda--see how loved you are from these comments? It's good that we're not all on a school playground with those comments flying or there might have been a little brawl!
Seriously, you are the sweetest most thoughtful blog friend! I've never met you, yet you take the time to comment on my blog. Your kind words mean SO much!
Unfortunately, because of sin, negative remarks might come with the territory. Please delete them! God says to think on things that are lovely, pure, right, of good delete them! They're not worth your time and definitely not worth the hurt they leave! God has made you an awesome, talented, creative, loving mom! Your children are adorable and look loved! It makes my day to read your blog...and makes me fat to read your baker blog! Hang in there!!!


I'm a new reader and I LOVE your blog! I think it's awesome that you make fun pancakes on occassion for your kids! After all, we only live once, so HAVE FUN while you're doing it! It's the little things like that that will hold a special memory in your kids for years to come!

Some people are just born to be rude and negative. Some use it as a defense for jealousy, envy, etc. I know it's easier said than done, but don't let it bother you! You have so much in your life to be thankful for! You know who really matters in your life and its NOT those kind of people! I'd bet money most of those people would NEVER have the nerve to say that to your face! They hide behind the internet world. I've also come to realize, that a majority of those people that are so quick to judge and ridicule others, are often hiding something themselves!

Keep up the blogging....I LOVE IT!


Do not take it seriously or personally. Especially from the people who are "just dropping in from xyz" site.
They have no clue who you are.
Since the internet is so anonymous, people feel the freedom to be jerks.
Seriously, do we not remember Thumper's great words?
"If you don't have nuthin' nice to say, don't say nuthin' at all."
These people, in my not so nice, opinion are cowards plain and simple.
Don't let the jerks get you down.


I gotta say - I'm one of the first to think, ugh, all that food coloring! But I certainly wouldn't comment on your blog just to tell you (well, I kinda guess I did).

Having a successful blog does mean that you're going to have to take the good with the bad. There are just meanies out there who feel the freedom to say what they want, because the blogosphere has become that way. There's no consequences, no reaction, no direct line of a relationship, so their not so polite side takes over.

However, you have won a follower in of those just passing by bloggers who stopped long enough to read, and while I won't be serving the pancakes to my family, I'm enjoying other things you have to offer!


Some people have far far too much time on their hands.

I think once you start getting all those hits you are bound to bring out some of the crazies of which there are many.

I would say just focus on the positive and maybe the constructive but the downright mean and nasty do your best to ignore.

Mandi S.

You are a good mommy!

Unfortunately, with increased readership, you are going to get a lot more negative comments. It's hard to believe that so many people waste their time passing judgement and being really really rude, but they do. I will pray that you will develop a thickier skin.


Everyone above has pretty much said the same thing it looks like. I guess you just have to evaluate yourself what you want...if you want to be a big name blogger with lots of traffic, which seems to me where you are headed, then you are going to have more chance for people who don't agree with you. And if you don't want that then you probably won't have as many disagreeing comments.

Have a good weekend. Do you have any Super Bowl treats to share?


Oh, Amanda...just tell them to stick it where the sun don't shine. They have no business telling you what to do...I hate that people think because they are pseudo-anonymous that they can just say whatever they feel like and get away with it. These are obviously people that are either cowards in real life so have to come online and be bullies to satisfy their ego, or just really mean-spirited folks. Either way, ignore them.

I've only received one slightly negative comment before, from someone I didn't even know, criticizing my blog for being too "busy and colorful" for her. If you don't like it, don't read it, is my opinion. You are a fabulous mommy and those are fabulous pancakes!

*gets off her soapbox and shuffles away*


Do you know the crabs in the bucket story? If you put a bunch of crabs in a bucket, you never need put the lid on it to contain them. Why? Because they will continually pull each other back down. I'm afraid that negativity is going to be par for the course. Apparently even nienie gets hate mail.

While I can empathize with your commenters beliefs, I don't always think it's necessary, and rarely kind, to voice our contradictory concerns or beliefs. I don't like feeling criticized myself and am particularrly sensitve about the things I create and anything to do with my mothering.

I think you're awesome and I made a five layer cake with red velvet crumbled on top for my daughter's birthday. It was awesome and I was like the best mom in the world that day. Thanks for the great ideas. Your creativity is enjoyed!

Erica B.

The pancakes look like so much fun. I don't understand mean people, I mean what fun do you get stealing people's joy. Just forget about them!


oh my gosh! i don't mind differing opinions, but if you have something mean to say, do it tactfully.

A) i hope these people know that it's not like you're feeding ALL 6 of those pancakes to your kids!! i'm sure you stacked it like that for picture purposes.

B) it's not like you're feeding these to your kids on a daily basis. yes food coloring probably isn't the best, but i'm pretty sure those same people are giving their kids fruit snacks and other junk that have food coloring. all of our food is so processed that everything is a little unhealthy.

C) yes, i think it comes with the territory of being a big blogger. i don't think i could handle it either. so, maybe it's better that people like you and me stick to our little happy blogs. the way i see it... if you don't like my blog, don't read it!! (but wait... don't go too far, cuz i like having readers!)

it's a catch 22, friend.... a catch 22.


ha! these look like fun! i made the cake before.

see, i really did! i love all your goodies!!!

Katie@ The Baby Factory

WOW.......why don't people just keep their thoughts to themselves...seriously! Good grief!
I think it probably unfortunately is part of it. When I posted about Tim Tebow, I expected to get negative feedback and didn't, I was relieved but knew several who didn't comment because they didn't agree with me.
I think it's the midwesterner in us, the "get along with everybody" type who is suprised by people with zero tact.
I think they're adorable!


I just have to tell you, as one of the people who just visited your blog for the first time yesterday, I love it!

I am in love with all your goodies on iambaker and can't wait to try some of your recipes. You have some awesome ideas!! Your family is beautiful and you seem very grounded. There will always be negative people out there but don't let them stop you from being who you are.

I'm looking forward to following you. :)


It blows my mind that people would use so much time and energy to just spread hate around. I am so glad I found your blog thanks to your now infamous rainbow pancakes. You've got another reader now, and I'll tell you what--I can't wait to make those pancakes for my crew! Pancakes aside, you just need to focus on doing what you do best, and letting those immensely lame people say what they will. Good luck to you!

He & Me + 3

Yes can not please everyone. It is just so hard to try and tip toe around blogland so as not to offend anyone or ruffle anyones feathers. SHeesh! Blog for you and your family. I am not a famous blogger & I have had a few comments that have hurt my feelings, but that is just their opinion. No need to defend. You are doing what is right for you and your family and you are blogging your life and heart. Go with it and forget everyone else:)
If you get a chance to stop by, I am having a giveaway at my blog & the 5 moms blog today.

Amanda Sikes

Most of those hits were probably first time visitors and they haven't even taken the time to get to know you before they said those things. If they "knew" you like some of us who have been reading for awhile do, they would never have said those things.
Hang in, and be confindent that you are a good mommy who loves your kids and wants them to enjoy life to its fullest!

Your work is great, your kids are beautiful, and your blog is an inspiration to others. You are a wonderful person!


If it makes you feel any better, you're on my TO DO list for the weekend. Well, your sugar cookies and icing are. My kids don't really eat pancakes, so I probably won't be making these. They do LOVE cookies. I'm going to make a batch and get them all hopped up on the unprocessed goodness that is homemade cookies and icing. I revel in being a "bad mommy."


That sucks. I wish you didn't have to take the ugly and bad with the good.

Erin C.

I am in shock that there are such mean people in this world. I love the pancakes. And what you feed to your kids is your own business. Sorry that you had to deal with such awful people. Keep posting your great ideas!


Well remember what I said on Twitter. You are a great mommy.
Forget those crazies...
P.S. 85 comments you are one successful Blogger ;)

Michael Lehet

Screw the negative commenters! Most of them will never EVER take the time to read the rest of your blog or EVER come back to your site. They just go to Digg or whatever popular site there is, find the things that make them mad and go and spill their vitriol all over the place and judge your entirely on one blog post.

But embrace the publicity because the people that are happy about it WILL come back, WILL read your other posts and who knows may even add you to their RSS Reader!

BRAVO on raising some controversy!!!


Oh, come ON - a little food color once in a blue moon doesn't harm anyone. I thought it was such a fun idea - I stumbled across your blog just 2 days ago via those pancakes! Love it!
Keep up the good work and switch the 'IGNORE' button on ;-)


I see 'dumb people' comes to mind! how rude!
really... "Those" bloggers leaving behind nasty comments should learn to keep their mouths shut! We all have bad days... but that is down right mean... They should ... TREAT OTHERS as they would HAVE THEM TREAT themselves!!!! Encourage - do not discourage! rude. rude. rude!

Water off a ducks back! That is a clever idea! ;) Be proud of being a 'fun' mommy!

Just Jenn~


For what it's worth, I think those pancakes are the most awesome things that I have ever seen and the people who left bad/mean comments are jerks!


I think the quality of my character is more important to my kids that what I feed them. Now, I do feed my family as healthy as I can afford, but these kinds of meals create memories and happy kids that grow into happy, healthy, well adjusted adults that have great memories of the fun surprises Mom did every now and then.
What I do and say to others is more important to my kids than what is on the table. I have never once heard of someone becoming a murder because they were feed “junk” growing up but have heard the lack of “appropriate” parenting sometimes will!
This is the only sad part of blogging and unfortunately we do take these comments to heart but know that what you have done for your kids in irreplaceable and unforgettable. They will thank you for that! Though this they will see your quality of character and so has everyone else! Keep up the good work because I love reading about it!

A fan of yours!

Melissa T.

This is what I say-screw em'! There are always going to be haters out there that not only think the glass is half full but also rotten.

The beauty of this country is we have free speech unfortunately some people have to share their opinions as negatively as possible.

If you disagree share alternatives, share insight, don't degrade a person that is clearly a good mother and person. Also, if you feel the need to be a jerk don't read your blog.

Keep in mind there are those out there that are trying to gain attention to themselves through negativity.

Life is too short, if you want to make rainbow pancakes (btw-no joke I just texted my sister to p/u food coloring for me) for your kids do it!

But because of the success of your blog you have to be prepared to take the good with the bad.

xoxo- Melissa


Amanda, this is YOUR blog hon. You post about your life, your kids, your family, etc. You shouldn't let anyone make you feel judged.

No, being a blogger does not open you up to other people's negativity. It's like you're printing your posts and hand-delivering them to their homes. They are choosing to come here. And while everyone is entitled to their opinions, we should all be respectful to one another.

Your negative criticizers would have be better off teaching THAT to their children instead of fussing about food colouring.

anna g

they are just jealous!! I love the rainbow pancakes and have made your rainbow cake and got so many great comments about it!!

Sarah Ruch

IGNORE THEM!!!!! You know who you are & where your heart is. Who cares if you feed your kids rainbow pancakes!!! Some people need to lighten up. I would love to be a fly on the wall of their kids' dorm rooms & see just how healthy they eat.
MckMama has linked to me a couple of times & each time I get crappy comments! I always just delete them. The latest was someone looking at pictures with my son in his booster seat & I'm such a horrible mom b/c he's not in a five point harness anymore, sorry but my 6 1/2 year old is NOT going to sit in a carseat! He'd refuse! So yeah, don't listen to them!


It is terrible to receive ugly comments. I would love to suggest that you do your best to move past that stuff - but why should you listen to me any more than them, right?
Because I am right!(ha, ha). Your blog is great, your ideas are creative & fun. Your kids will (and do) love you for it. Aside from all that - no one else's comments should deter you from doing what you do.
Remember "Grandma's advice" about if your don't have anything nice to say? Well, channel your inner Grandma and think about her scolding them! (works for me.)


Amanda, I don't have a blog, but if people were mean to me, I'd take it personally too. Unfortunately, I DO think it comes with the territory. I know you are a PW fan, and girl, so am I. We know how much traffic her blog gets, and I've never seen her acknowledge a negative comment, and she ~must~ get them sometimes, right? Too much butter, too much fat, too much red meat, don't say calf-nuts, blah get my drift? Ignore mean people. Put on some comment moderation or whatever bloggers do (I'm ignorant)and keep doing what you do best, Being a great Mom, baker, and Blogger. If anyone can't dislike/disagree with something nicely, they are welcome to move on, right?


Some people have nothing better to do but say the negative...I think the pancakes look and probably taste awesome. There are FAR worse things to be doing beside feeding your children a little bit of food coloring for pete's sake!


That is just ludicrous and I am literally openmouthed at some of those comments!
I think you'd have to be pretty insecure about yourself and your parenting abilities to make such ridiculous criticisms.
These days it's pretty rare to see mothers regularly spending time cooking for their kids - I fully admit to relying too much on convinience food for my own kids - so you should be congratulated for setting such a great example. And the most healthy attitude you can teach your kids foodwise is BALANCE and MODERATION!
I guess it does come with the territory of having so many hits - out of 15,000 people, unfortunately you will get some who just aren't that nice. But they certainly aren't representative of your readers - I know it's much easier said than done but please don't allow these nasty comments to get you down.


Oh my gosh!!! Seriously??????

I'm not a big blogger compared to so many out there, but I have yet to receive a rude comment. Honestly, I think some people are just jealous, and want to be rude. I would take it with a grain of salt, because those people who left you those mean comments probably wouldn't have enough guts to say it to your face.

I think you're fun & creative! My kids would love all those things you make!!! I'm glad I found your blog through Mckmama's!

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