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February 08, 2010



Am I first? WOOOOT!!!!


Dontcha feel like a big-time blogger now? ;-) Happy birthday btw.

The Lumberjack's Wife

Cute cupcakes! Glad you are feeling better. :)


Cute always. :) I spent a good 30 minutes browsing through your baking blog this morning. Wow! I can cook, but I would love to be able to bake like that. On the agenda this week is Becca's birthday and a castle cake. I think I'm gonna cheat and use ice cream cones. :)

I hope you still were able to make church. :)


Aww, happy birthday to Colten too! Do you 2 share a birthday or just close together?

So glad you've been encouraged!



i get so inspired by your yummy treats! i love coming here for ideas!


White tulips are my very favorite! They look gorgeous in that mason jar. Happy birthday!


You have cute kids :) Pretty flowers too! The cupcakes look scrumptious :)


Love the flowers. I love Spring flowers... would prefer a dozen tulips or daffodils to a dozen roses. :) Love the cupcakes too. I've got to stop letting the kids look at your blog. They somehow think I ought to be able to make whatever you make. LOL... after all Mommies can do anything (when your are a little kid!). Maybe I'll cheat and just order some cookies from you. :) Do you ship to MA?

I tried to get myself psyched up to make sugar cookies today... was home alone with the kids with some extra time... I wimped out and made valentines with them instead. :) We're expecting snow on Wed, so maybe Wed will become a cookie baking day....

Glad you were encouraged by feedback from you last post. Praying for you to be able to hang onto the Truth and remember who you are.



Looks like fun!


I really like the cupcake flags! Great idea! :)

Mowie Kay

Happy Birthday to the both of you! Those white tulips are gorgeous - high up on my list of favourite flowers!

Cop Mama

Um...can my son be in your son's class? I bet your cupcakes ROCK! Send home extras for mom, too!


Awww what a sweet hubby! :)

The cupcakes are just TDF! I could just dive right into the frosting. Yum yum.

I *just* bought that same little Disney dress for my girls 3 weeks ago! I love the colors. Can't wait for my little ones to wear it.

Have a blessed day!


My kids LOVE Space Aliens. We go there (in Albertville!) often. :)

Beautiful flowere. WTG hubby!

Diane {}

I love tweeting with you!


So... this is not related to this post what-so-ever, but I must ask.. what kind of camera do you have? Your pictures are always so nice:)


I don't want my kids to grow up too fast, but the days of birthday parties not in our kitchen and sending birthday cupcakes seem SO fun! What is Speace Aliens? Is it like Chuck-E-Cheese?


I love the flowers. I too would have fresh flowers all over my house if I could afford it (that and new sheets that someone else put on my bed everyday). Love the pictures of the cupcakes. They put the ones I'm bringing in to John's class to shame...

Also, I'm sorry you got mean comments on your blog. I think some people just like to be mean to be mean. And I hope you can learn to let go of those types of comments. You know you do not deserve them and it is true - You are a GOOD mommy!


I'd like flowers around my house all year long, too. I love flowers. My birthday is a week after Valentine's Day, so the prices aren't jacked up...but he best not bring me a valentine on my birthday! lol
I love that you did that for Colton's birthday. You are building memories...that's so special.
I have a twitter account, I just don't think I do anything exciting enough throughout the day to tweet about. I'd really show how boring I was! I have a blog that I can prove that in!!


Beautiful flowers, beautiful kids, yummy cupcakes. LOVED the flags!

Where do you get your ideas from? Are they all from your head or do you come across some of them in magazines, etc?

Oh, my twitter name is Katianb. Will you follow me so I can feel important?

;-) Love you!!


Lovely fresh flowers! I'm getting anxious even for the dandelions to show up in my vases again!
If you lived close, we'd totally be recruiting you to our Sunday School for the yummy cupcakes! How cool of a mom are you--treats even for church!
PLEASE don't even give those snarky commenters a second thought! Remember--delete button--in case they ever show up again!
I love following you on Twitter...I just need to get an exciting life to tweet about!

Carrie @ Martin Manor

Those cupcakes are awesome! So fun to personalize them at the very last minute...what a great mom! The flowers are beautiful...what a sweet guy you got there :) I don't twitter...I haven't fallen for that one......yet! haha! ;)

mrs. b.

your hubs is such a keeper, splurging on flowers so close to v-day! glad that you had a good birthday! i have been so MIA from your blog lately! i miss you! anyway, i tweet - @nanobuck - i'ma look you up!


The flowers are beautiful and the cupcakes are darling! All things pretty and fun! Happy birthday wishes!


After reading though some of your blog (especially your post on the vitamin D/sunscreen scam), I thought this article might interest you. But than again, you probably already know.:)

Their family also has a ministry and they send out free bimonthly newsletters. They contain helpful and supportive articles for Christian homeschoolers. You can sign up for them here:

btw:happy b-day to your boy!

Mama M.


Do you have any idea what you just did to me?

Cupcakes are my kryptonite. I can feel myself getting weaker and weaker!

Ugh. I need a cupcake...

janmary, n ireland

I am janmary3 on Twitter, but I am very sporadic in my twittering!

Great cupcakes as always, and love the flowers.

He & Me + 3

Beautiful flowers, yummy cupcakes, time with grandparents. Doesn't get much better than that anytime of the year! Happy Birthday to you both.


How lucky Colton is to have such a great baker for a mommy! We prefer Space Aliens to Chuck E. Cheese any day. We just went there last week for my son's birthday too! Small world.


Happy Birthday to you and Coltan. The cupcakes look AMAZING!!! @chaycesmomma56 :-)




Love the cupcakes and beautiful tulips!!

Cate O'Malley

Love the flags! And the flowers! Perfect ways to celebrate.


The flowers are gorgeous...I'd have fresh flowers in my house all the time too if it weren't so pricey. Happy Birthday wishes!

Amanda Sikes

Oh I love fresh flowers! Isn't one on one time great! I love the rare times when I get that with one of my children. But with four it seems to be less and less that it happens.


CUTE cupcakes!!! follow me on Twitter!!! @lindsayje


My bday is Feb too!! After valentines so everything is on discount! Ha!

Cupcakes are so cute!! Love the "flags"!

I read your post before and wow, some mean people. I do not feel that blogging makes you fair game to haters. Seriously think what you want to think but control yourself people!!

Sorry you had to go through that but hey yay for the much popularity!!

r4 dsi

Hey I also like those white flowers.Those sup cakes are very nice.I like all photographs.I really like that you shared your happiness with us.Thanks..


I am glad to hear you had a delightful birthday. I'm sheepishly sneaking back into blogging. And trying to avoid future hasty decisions.

Colton looks so much older in the pic. I can't believe how fast everyone is growing up at your place!


How sweet of your hubby!!!!

And I love how you personalized his cupcakes!!


Happy, happy birthday. Love those little flags. What a good idea. You would be more than welcome to come over to our little part of the world and share our pool. xo


i love the tulips...and the personalized cupcakes...i've been sick and so behind on following your birthday is the day AFTER valentines so i so feel you! my hubby was taking care of the children while i was sick in bed both days but i'm better to get some sleep and catch up with you later this week...oh wait, the week is gone...i guess this weekend?

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