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February 15, 2010



Beautiful, just like you. <3

Jessica @ How Sweet It Is

Your pictures are beautiful, as usual. We still have about 24+ inches of snow hanging around, and are getting 6 more today. I LOVE snow, but I won't lie - I am sick of it now. Also sick of the sludge and slush that is all over the roads and walks.


I agree - winter wasn't quite as um, ugly, as it has been, and can be...
such a beautiful beautiful morning we had!
GREAT pics!


Over the weekend, we had snow here in southeast Georgia for the first time in 8 years. It was magnificent!!


Great Pictures - I must admit - as much as I love snow and the beauty of it - I'm tired of it!! :) All snow should be gone on Valentine's day - ready for warm spring breezes and green grass! :)

God Bless!


Such gorgeous photos, Amanda. That really is a wonderland!


What a beautiful post! I've fallen in love with the snow this weekend and wish I lived somewhere that snowed more often. I think I could even handle being barefoot in it for about 2.3 seconds!


Wasn't it beautiful! As we drove around on Saturday I just couldn't stop saying "wow, look at that!". Amazing. I love the pictures you got of it!


Right now the view outside is blah. We've had several feet of snow in the past weeks, but now it is all melting and slushy and gray. Come one, spring! :-)

Cop Mama

Beautiful! Isn't He amazing!

I too threw on my boots and jacket, grabbed the camera, and left my kiddos fussing behind the baby gate to run out and capture a very similar scene in my neighborhood Sat. morning. It was just too pretty not to take pictures!


Great pictures. You should check out Indy Photography. It's a pro photographers blog who happens to be a friend of a friend. She took some amazing pictures of hoare frost this past week. I missed it! :( But my kids slept in late that morning! :)


Cool photos! Lots and lots of snow here today...still coming down!


I LOVE winter! (most days)


I left the house early Saturday morning heading for my daughters swim practice, and didn't have my camera!! I think I will have the vision of that morning etched in my memory for quite some time though, it was bea-u-tiful! Thanks for sharing the pics!

Laura Fiskin

First time visitor. Enjoy your blog.
I can sympathize with the indoor activities for kids during winter problem. We moved here from Texas a few years ago and the weather wasn't so hard to get used to but the idea that the boys were stuck inside was horrrible.


Very cool pictures!
(Pun TOTALLY intended! LOL)
My kids enjoyed some sledding today, but we're ready for the warm weather, too. Wanting to get outside and run around without FREEZING in the process. *sigh*


GOrgeous pictures! My love of winter tho is waxing thin... I'm saturated with its beauty... and shivering from its bite...
I'm ready for some sun.

Samantha @ Mama Notes

so gorgeous! Why can't you get out there? Here in Alaska we got outside even when its 20 degrees.. or colder! Just bundle up! The fresh air and cold air feels so good for walks and playing. :)

Amanda Rettke

Oh my gosh this comment was poetry to me!!  SO well said!!


My landscape is hot, sunny and incredibly beautiful. Think crystal blue ocean and golden sands. I'm so blessed.

The Lumberjack's Wife

My landscape is blue skies and sunshine and not one bit of snow on the ground-which is weird for the Pacific Northwest!!!

Kristin Smith

Beautiful pictures...everytime our trees have looked like that I have wanted to take pictures and have been too lazy to do inspired me time I am going to do it!

Thanks for sharing!!

Jamie @ Six Bricks High

Beautiful! Those are great pictures! Sunshine and blue skies for has been an unusually mild winter for us with very little snow.


I would say you are catching on to this photography thing! I'm very impressed with the gorgeous picture you took! I had piles and piles of snow. But beautiful temperatures!


Love these pictures girl!! We had a few inches of the white stuff around here this weekend as well (NC) Spring will be here before we know it (hopefully!) and all those kiddos can get out and play!


Amazing! Those are incredible photos.


Oh very nice! I wish I knew how to take pictures like that.
I am LOVING the snow this winter...but bumming a bit for the Olympics where they can't keep the snow enough/cold enough like they need. I think there are some folks out East who would gladly share theirs. I guess I'd share my snow too...if I had to :o)


Hey Amanda. We have had several mornings here in Northern MI that look exactly like this! Those are the mornings I thank God for winter - nothing could be more beautiful and serene than those trees and landscapes covered in sparkling crystals. I actually took some great photos this winter as well, I should share them on my blog!

He & Me + 3

Amanda...absolutely beautiful pictures! I have been wanting to capture the snowflakes in such detail. Great job!

mrs. b.

alright, just when i was ready to punch winter in the face, you make it seem all pretty again. i guess i'll let it run it's course. but seriously? beautiful pictures, mama.

Carrie @ Martin Manor

Gorgeous, Amanda! I took some similar pics the other day's so amazing, I love the frost! We received about 8-10 inches more snow today and had yet another snow day today, and already one planned for tomorrow! I know how it feels to be trapped inside! Our house is quite a disaster right now...whew! The cats are running around like crazy because everyone's home all day! Help, please! LOL!


Beautiful! I posted something similar today on my blog! I just found your blog (from MckMama's) and have enjoyed reading!! I especially love seeing your yummy creations!! Thanks for sharing!


Beautiful photos!
God is Awesome :)


I think the exact same thing when it snows...or ices..


Thanks for visiting my blog... I thought I'd return the favor and visit... what beautiful photos... love the ice crystals.


Beautiful. I love it. Our landscape is covered in snow as well, we have about a foot on the ground, the boys are outside playing in it.

Snow reminds me of GOD's renewal and promise to us.


Thank you for your awesome reminder--my perspective sees gray and gloom, but God's perspective is white, glorious, and grand! I want to see my life with His Glory! Beautiful pictures!!!


If we woke up to that, we would be in SHOCK! That is so beautiful! I mean, we all get excited when there is hail! And it's not even big hail. It's like the size of peas! LOL


Gorgeous pictures!! I am so thankful for all of the seasons, and I love winter. The quiet beauty it provides, a rest from the busy hustle bustle go here run there, time for quiet, inner, reflection with the holidays that we enjoy during it. To admire beauty like this, spurs on all of those feelings.

Cate O'Malley

Great pictures! Woke up to more snow today.

Mama Zen

Gorgeous pictures!


your photography is superb!! My landscape today is reflecting dullness as I am stranded at work - will get a lot more vibrant in about 3 hours when I am back in the free world :D

Amy from She Wears Many Hats

Beautiful photography! Parting from you, o winter, is such sweet sorrow...

nah, not really. Ready for some warmer weather - except for the short sleeves.

Not ready for the short sleeves yet.



Your photography is beautiful. Thank you for sharing.


Mowie Kay

Those photos look absolutely stunning - what a gorgeous sight to wake up to =)


Those are some beautiful pictures!


I was up bright and early to view this amazing scenery as well! It was beautiful:)

r4 gold for dsi

Those are really nice photographs of ice crystals.I like snow very much and I like your photography very much.I always like winter.Thank you for showing these beautiful pictures.


These pictures are beautiful! As a native San Diegan I am very jealous of your seasons. The snow looks amazing (even though you ARE stuck inside - just let me be jealous. lol)

Gardner Momma

These pictures are gorgeous!

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