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February 22, 2010



Why are you denying owning that shirt? You know I gave it to you last Christmas.

Amanda Jo

I have no idea who that lady is but you look GREAT in that picture!

Jessica @ How Sweet

I have never met anyone famous, but I'd like to meet you Amanda. :) You are famous in my book!

Amelia Sprout

I have not met her yet, but I have heard from everyone I know who has that she is incredibly nice. She doesn't just do it lip service, she really is a nice person.
Of course being on the opposite side from you politically, I like some of the other things she's done, but honestly nice matters most to me.


How did she like the dessert? Love the hair by the way...lookin' good!


Cool! Another autograph in that book of yours! Too bad you didn't wear the shirt tho... funny!


You are so FUNNY! I would be the exact same way.


So cool!
And your hair looks awesome :)


I think that's great. It's always exciting to meet someone "famous."


Heehee! Thanks for the laugh, Amanda.
Another baking segment? Would this be with the same program as before? They really like you!
So do I. *grin*

Cop Mama

That's quite interesting...funny, but interesting too. I guess God can still use us to reach others who may have different beliefs than ours to witness to them. How else will they ever hear the Truth? I'm glad you got to meet her.

He & Me + 3

That is very cool. How neat that you got a picture with her too. I can't wait to see the segment.


Wow! I'm a sucker for anyone famous! :) One of our Iowa Senators visited our church once and I was pretty much geeking out the whole time!
By the way--you look beautiful! I love that green necklace!

m3 ds

Wow I am glad that you are with Minnesota State Senator.You look nice in this photograph and I really like that you have shared this with all of us.I think it was a good moment for you.Thank you..


Don't know the other woman from Adam but you look good! And I too like the green necklace.


How neat

When I went to Girls State when I was in high school, we visited the state capital and George Bush was there b/c he was our TX Governor at the time. He signed my Girls State book and shook my hand and talked to me.


so cool! i'm not in to politics either but it is nice to meet people making decisions in your area and see their personal've had so many wonderful opportunities lately!


You were fabulous! Your buddy Tom got right into it, didn't he? I was afraid he'd run out of frosting for a minute there ;-)

What is that regular out of the can frosting or your buttercream frosting?

We say "icing" here in the great white north, but you have me saying frosting all the time now. I'm getting Americanized ;-)

Emma Bean

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You are so stinkin' cute!


Well for some reason my computer doesn't like that link right now, but I'm sure you were great!


How awesome for you!!! Love to see such true talent recognized!


congrats on your brush with fame (although I don't know who she is-- I'll take your word for it :D )

I love that picture of you giggling in the food segment. You have got an adorable personality.

and your hair turned out great!! I did not know the flat iron was your trusty secret

Diane {}

You were fantastic! What a natural you are on camera! Great job :)


Amanda, you are VERY photogenic!!


Stopping by from Lynnette's bloggie.

I have to say, I like your blog a lot--the overall look and feel is very appealing. :)

Love & Blessings,

Lynnette Kraft

Surprise! Getting to know YOU this week! You are too funny! Just what I needed tonight. :) I enjoyed my visit so much and I know my other Dancing Barefoot chums will too. You are quite a lady.

Have (more) fun "helmet head"! Oh My Goodness! I couldn't resist! And I told my chums NOT to say that to you! ha ha ha! By the way, I think your hair looked cute. I couldn't tell it was stiff - looked perfectly soft and bouncy.
Dancing Barefoot on Weathered Ground


Heehee...I loved your helmet hair...;)


Lynette was right, You are FUNNY! I'm stopping by from Lynette's to say Hi and congratulate you on being the featured blogger. I have really enjoyed my visit. You made me smile more than once and, like Lynette, it's just what I needed today. I will be stopping by frequently. BTW, I also really liked your hair style... it didn't look stiff at all.


Stopping by via Lynette's "Getting to Know You"... congratulations on being this week's featured blogger!

I have to tell you.... I so LOVE your humor! Just reading back through a few of your recent posts... well I am hooked! I will be back to visit more, for sure!

By the way, I think your hairdo is lovely... just like you :)


Just came by from Lynette's blog. I have to tell you that I think your hair would look just like Lauren Conrad's if you grew your bangs out. I did like how your hair looked on the fox news clip. Anyway you're very funny and courageous in speaking your truth and I plan to keep checking in here.


I'm also stopping by from Lynnette
Kraft's blog. I love your site... so fun!! :)

~ God Bless,

Just stopping in from Lynnette's blog. Will be lloking around, so don't be surprised if you have a random fish commenting on your blog.

I'm just saying.


Liz FitzGerald


Lynnette sent me, and I have to say I've truly enjoyed reading your blog this evening. I like your style and your thoughts. The segments on your local show were fun. How cool is that?

I've printed out the recipe for those cinnamon cookies (that's my husband's favorite flavor of all time), and plan to make those soon. I was a cupcake maniac for Valentine's Day, so we still have some frosting ingredients in the house. Yum!

Thanks for sharing your life and those amazing pics of your kids. Those blue eyes are gorgeous!

Liz in CA


Visiting from Lynnette's, Wow that is so cool you meeting all those people now I'm off to read more of your post!


I am a Minnesotan!!

One time I was at s fabric store and ran into a Care 11 news person and babbled a bunch of goofy things because I was so exited. I think I was a few feet behind Prince once too but I am not totaly sure about that. Those were my two brushes with fame. Ok not including Casey Jones when I was little.

I enjoy your blog!


I'm stopping by from Lynnett's blog.


I'm stopping by from Lynnette's blog! You are so funny! Thanks for the laugh today :)

Amy @ Girlfriends Get Real

Stopping by from Lynette's blog. Great post and how fun for you! I have never met anyone famous before. Going to check out more of your blog. Have a great day!


I am stopping by from Lynnette's "Getting To Know You" to say Hi. Congratulations on being featured today!

Your blog is just great! You are a lot of fun and I have enjoyed reading!


Mrs. McFadden

Headed over from Lynnette's blog to say hi. You are a very entertaining blogger! :0)

Janet Cowan

I stopped over for Lynnettes Blog to say hi. L love your site.

Janet Cowan


stopped by from Lynnette's. I totally understand about the curls falling out after only a little bit of time. Have a blessed day.


I'm from Lynnette's blog just saying hello! congrats on being "famous"!!!

christy rose

Hi Amanda! I am just stopping by from Lynette's. She was right! You are funny! I think I will come back for some more laughs later. :) It was nice meeting you!

Karen Carillo

At the suggestion of Lynnette from Dancing barefoot on weathered ground, I stopped by your blog and am glad I did. And whatever that hair stylist did to you in the previous blog, it looks great in the picture here..cutie patootie...cheers, Kare


Well you sure are making the TV rounds... good for you Amanda. And you look beautiful. :)


Here from Lynnette's! Yeah, I don't know her but that's pretty cool how you got to do the show.

You look beautiful! And I love that green necklace you're wearing.
I think it'd be more interesting meeting politicians than other celebrities, simply because I pay far more attention to politics than Hollywood and sports. Although, I freely admit to not wanting to meet particular politicians because I want to punch them in the face.
But, hey, you're a celebrity now! You've been on TV!

He & Me + 3


That segment was wonderful. You truly are a local star. You look beautiful on camera.


I'm so excited for you! And you look fabulous, I have to agree...

Coleene VanTilburg

Hello, nice to visit here, and Lynette (visiting from her blog, Dancing Barefoot...) was right, you write with quick wit and sassy style. I see you love to bake/cook. You have your own show? very cool. Mu husband also loves to cook. I am glad to meet another sister in the Lord and sister Blogger always. Coleene VanTilburg

Carrie @ Martin Manor

so FUN! I love your laugh :) Those look so delicious! He is so lucky to be able to taste those in person! I love watching these little segments! Really cute! Can't wait to see more! GREAT job!

Morgan Goracke

Hello Amanda!

Stopping by from Lynnette's (though I've been here before!)!

Your hair in the last post looks adorable!! It may have felt ick..but it looks wonderful!

Also, I made the rainbow cake. That's quite the undertaking, isn't it?



I also am visiting from Lynnette Kraft
Dancing Barefoot on Weathered Ground!
First time visitor and I have to say I read your list of 100 things about you (great idea, I think those are fun) but the connection was there when I read #13. I am a freak about "unattached hair" yuck! I inspect hotel beds, towls, etc with great caution!!


How much fun!!! You're a celebrity - helmet hair and all! (actually it didn't look like helmet hair).

Popping over from Lynnette's blog to say HI! I can't wait to read the rest of your stuff.

Many blessings,


What a beautiful picture of you! That green necklace looks great too! Excited to see the opprotunities the Lord is giving you:)

Jeff Hickmott

Nice job on TV Amanda! The cookies look amazing. I have only met celebs that no-one outside of the UK will have heard of!

Mandi S.

Well, at least you looked amazing when meeting her. And a baking segment on TV, too! Wow! You are amazing! And I love the necklace!

The Spocks

Visiting from Lynnette's blog. Congrats on your moment of fame.


That photo of you is soooo cute! I love that you are getting these well-deserved opportunities!

Unplanned Cooking

Very cool! Can we see your baking segment?


I just love your blog and as I have stated are my sugar cookie/royal icing hero! I just checked out your appearance on are so cute! I just love your green necklace...matching your shamrock cookies so well! Keep up the great work, Amanda! Your baking and blog are truely wonderful. I just love hanging out here!

ellie and abbie

what a fun experience!

love your pretty green necklace.

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