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February 16, 2010



So absolutely excited for you!! *hugs*


You are getting all famous! I can say "I *knew* you before..." lol. Still waiting for my autograph from you ;)


That is SO exciting! Can't wait to watch the clips! You are going to charm their socks off!

Angel/TaDa! Creations

Oh how exciting! I'll be sure to tune in tomorrow. And if you ever get to talk about "sewing/creative" blogs, I've got one and I'm in MN. :)


I read your title in my feed reader and was like omg thats me!! I love it and jean has to be counted as a color. lol.

Congrats on the tv thing! wow!! It seems to me when i first "met you" you were just a normal blogger and now your like a superstar blogger!!! When you move on from tv to books can i have an autographed copy? (since i dont think my parents would like it if you autographed my tv, lol)

I cant wait to see the segments! Good luck!!!


Are you kidding???
Amanda, that is so totally cool! I'm with Renee, will be shouting out, "I knew her before she got all famous!" *grin*
Congrats, friend. That's awesome!


that's just so exciting! You will be awesome. Yay for you!!! xxxxx

Carrie @ Martin Manor

Yay! How exciting and fun! Be sure to check my blog for more info on know if you need any 'before' dilemmas and what NOT to do! LOL! ;) Can't wait to hear more! Really awesome! Congrats!


Wow how exciting lady!!! I'll be setting my DVR again. Good for you!!! See ya Thursday hopefully.

Amanda Rettke

Thanks for much for the suggestion Angel!!  I love it and I am going to make a note!   I can imagine that crafts or sewing will come up at some point.. so its good to info to know!!

Be blessed-

Holly Neaton

How fun, can wait to watch tomorrow! God bless - Holly


Yay! Congratulations, you will be wonderful!


I can't wait to see the link! So excited for you and thanks again for your love and support earlier today.


I think you would look fabulous in red or green. Green would look amazing with your red hair! You would look like Christmas only prettier!! :) Maybe this community of bloggers would sponser you to be on "What not to wear" !!!!

You know what? Wear whatever you want, because I think you're beautiful and amazing and fabulous! You go girl.


How Exciting and AWESOME! I told you that you were in the cool crowd! You know what I just noticed? You must like James McDonald from Walk in the Word (i see his name on your sidebar). I love love listening to James MacDonald!


SO excited for you! Wish I could watch, but alas I am not a local... I will definitely watch later!


how exciting!
good luck :)


Amanda that is SO exciting, and you will be an excellent addition to the show! I'll have to remember to tune in tomorrow and see you!

Pineapple Princess

Amanda, I am so SUPER, SUPER excited for you!! It's been so exciting to watch this all unfold for you. I can't wait to see where the Lord will take you. He has big, big plans for you- in many areas. What an adventure you're on. Put your seat belt on, girl...This is gonna be FUN! :)
With love,

Diane {}

Fantastic News! Have fun:)can't wait to see it when you post the link.


woohoo-check you out! That's amazing!! SO excited for you to have this opportunity!


Hey girl, I gave you an award (well I'm working on that blog right now) anyways...stop by and pick it up later if you want! Love ya


oh hey - for organizing websites, check out
her advice/tips really bail me out when i rarely choose to go all flylady & organize my life/home

Amanda Rettke

GREAT suggestion!!  That site is fantastic!  She does have great tips... thank you so much for sharing that!!


You are going to be so great! They are smart SMART peeps to include you in their show!!
Way to go!


Woo-hoo! Congratulations! I will be tuning in for sure. Very cool.


What a fun and exciting opportunity! have fun with it :-) cause I'm all about the fun!


So exciting! Congrats to you.


Wow!!! This is such a great opportunity for you! You GO, girl!! ;-D Wish I could tune in, but can't! :-( So I will have to hear all about it after the fact. Will it be online at their website?



I am so glad that you will be posting a link!! I am nowhere near warm or Florida, but I love you for doing it all the same! <3


That is awesome!! Can not wait to watch! Good luck!!

Amanda Rhoades

Congrats on the Twin Cities Live gig! That is so awesome and btw I saw your post about people giving you a hard time about the rainbow pancakes and I think they should lighten up. I love doing all kinds of things with my niece - including cutting all her sandwiches into shapes with cookie cutters. People tell me I spoil her, however I tend to think she's just blessed with an auntie who loves her enough to do special things! :) I like your blog. I'm a new reader - but that's so excited I just had to post a comment!

Cop Mama

That's so cool! Good luck, my prayers are with you! organizing...not so much here!


This is so fabulous for you! And so well deserved.

And if you ever need a working mom blog I'll be happy to be your go-to-Minnesota girl ;)

The Lumberjack's Wife

Yay! Congrats!

Amanda Rettke

Oh yeah!!  Great suggestion Molly!!  


Wow! How exciting for you:) Congratulations!


Congrats! You are now waaaaayyyy cooler than I!

Cate O'Malley

Congrats on the wonderful news of being a regular contributor - that's awesome!


Well a very belated congrats to you! I think that's SO awesome....and even more awesome that they you get to feature us SUPER AWESOME MN mommy blogs! I mean come on, even Ellen says we are the NICEST people there are! :-) Sure wish I could recommend myself for the organizational blog, but yeah....not so much. Is it even possible with three kids? Please say no.

Amanda Rettke

You can most CERTAINLY recommend yourself!!  It is the best way for me to get to know you and what your blog is all about!!  I LOVE that and hope that you can set a trend! :)

And No.  Its not possible with 3 kids.  Just as my hubby. hehe



a monthly correspondent!!!!!! You go girl. I love that you are making it happen :D

bridget {bake at 350}

Wait...MONTHLY?!?! I missed this! Oh my gosh, I am so happy for you! :) Look out world, here she comes!!!

r4 gold for dsi

Wow this is really veyr excited and I am glad for your.I also like those features which you have mentioned here.Thank you very much for this wonderful post.


Well... at this point I am behind!! how did it go??!! wait maybe you told us and I over looked it... been known to do that! ha ha! That sounds like a wonderful opportunity! Have fun with it! Do they need a scout in Wa?? ha ha!! =)
Enjoy your new job!
Just Jenn~

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