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February 28, 2010



We've all been there when we've tried to cut our children's hair, I'm sure. Well, not ME of course ;-)

She looks lovely, Amanda! You did a great job!

He & Me + 3 are too funny. She is precious with mommy cut bangs. The haircut doesn't even matter when you have eyes as pretty as Audrey's. Just put a little barrette in there and you won't even know they have been touched. Her hair is so fine and soft looking.


LOL I've seen worse, you didn't do to bad :) I cut my girls bangs all the time. I remember my mom cutting mine as a little girl, she'd put a row of tape across them, and cut under the line of tape for a straight line. Sounds silly but it worked for her.

annalea @ our hartbeat

it does look cute! but better to sic those traits on her bangs now rather than when she is 13. :)

i just cut my 4 yo son's hair last month - not my finest hour. i told myself it was part one in a series of cuts. . .guess part two will be when i take him in to get it cut professionally before his birthday.


She is still so adorable! If it makes you feel any better though, my mom tried to cut my hair when i was little...she thought it had to be even in a pony tail. Lets just say the hairdresser who had to fix it was not happy. lol

bridget {bake at 350}

I think she...and her hair...look adorable!


It's really not too bad. My husband made me start cutting his hair about seven years ago to save money. You should have seen it the first time. I kept telling him he was not allowed to ask how it looked and he was not allowed to tell a soul I did it. Now it's not too bad. I'm no professional but I've finally learned so techniques that work for me. She's not gonna know (unless of course you tell her later on) and if you keep practicing no one will be the wiser when she's older :)


Been there!!! I tried on my first son at about 2.5 years of age when he had a SERIOUS mullet going on ....with extra long bangs. I put him in his high chair, started snipping and it was a disaster!!! Bad enough to learn my lesson for good. I have not touched either child's hair since!! On a positive note...she still looks cute and the bangs with look scraggly again in no time:)


i cut my husbands hair, even been known to whack at my own bangs (many moons ago). i swore i never would do that to my girls. so far i haven't. remember cheap and frugal aren't the same! i think her hair looks fine just like a sweet baby. but if it bothers you...opt for the bang trim next time. many places do it for free!


I think she looks adorable. But we, too, have given the kids bad cuts (or ones we thought were bad). It makes us stronger, right?


As I read this, my 3 year old is sporting some seriously short bangs, courtesy of me. So I just pulled some more hair over the top of them, to disguise it until they grow a little. Ooops!


Eh, we've all had the home-cut bangs (and lots of home perms!) and we got over it. She will too!


At least she's still your sweet giggly
Audrey and still adorable! :) he he he!

Kristin Smith

I cut my hubby's hair once...he wanted me to use the shaver and buzz the back of his hair. I made one sweep up heard a funny - terrible sound and had gouged out a chunk down to the scalp. That was the first and last time I have ever attempted to cut someones hair! :)

Your daughter is adorable and she won't remember bad bangs! :) I think when I was about 5 I let my neighbor cut my bangs and she thought I needed a triangle cut...yes it was that bad! :)

Have a blessd week!


Been there, done that. Except Brianna's was so bad that she will probably need therapy for it one day. It was BAD. I started out trying to trim it, and it slowly turned into a "oh no, she has no hair left!"


Oh, and another recent bad haircut confession. Tyler(17) trims his hair with the clippers. He told me to do his neck (which means there is no guard on it). Before I could cut it, he told me to straighten up his hair (which needs a #4 guard). Anyway. I forgot to put the guard back on and cut a patch right down the middle of his head. I felt so guilty that I bought him a new pair of shoes that day.
So trust me, it could be much worse than bad


*L* I don't think it looks that bad. I've done the same thing because I, too, thought it was a waste of money. That's what hair gel and a little baby bows are for. ;)


I have to laugh! I think every mother has done that. A little leave-in conditioner spray and a bow, and she'll look just as cute as ever. (though the trim really isn't that bad.)
When my daughter was little, my aunt took some scissors to her beautiful blonde hair....and while LesLee wasn't scarred for life, I believe I was. It was that bad.

Cop Mama

I have so done that! But much, much worse!!! She looks fine, actually. What a cutie pie!

mrs. b.

i am right there with ya, girl. but whatever, right? she's still stinkin' adorable!

Diane {}

She is so sweet! Her hair is so cute, you did great!


That's so cute! I cut my brother's hair many years ago and will never forget the telling off my mum gave me. So it's a hairdresser dealing with my kids tresses!

Pineapple Princess

Ahaha! I did that to myself once. Everyone smiled politely at me, but I knew what they were thinking. I wanted to crawl inside my shirt. I also tried scrunching up my forehead really tight so my bangs looked longer, but that just made my eyes look big and weird. Ahh, bangs! Life is tough!

Jamie @ Six Bricks High

I tried cutting my daughter's hair a time or two when she was younger...anything to try and save a few bucks.

Your girl is so adorable!

Ahh, she still looks cute! As long as she's happy with life, who cares what her hair looks like? And she looks very happy. I cut my daughter's bangs too short almost every time I trimmed them. Fortunately, her hair grows really fast so it covers any mistakes I make.


LOL. She looks so cute!
I did this to my son till he was a little over 1 and then my husband forced me to take him for a 'proper' haircut.

mari K.

I did the same thing! My daughter had her first haircut ever and a couple of snips later, she had crazy crooked, bangs that were too short! But it was cute! I took a ton of pics, poor thing, hehe.. Audrey looks adorable! Hair will always grow back!


Oh I don't think you can do anything to make her less cute. She's adorable!

The Lumberjack's Wife

My mom butchered my hair once . . . but I was in the 6th grade! It was certainly scarring. :(


You could just tell everyone she did it herself. That's what I would do. lol
As cheap as I am, home haircuts are the one thing I've always avoided. I just don't trust myself!
Luckily, she'll never even know!


hahaha! It's not bad!! She looks cute, and she definitely won't know the difference!


Awesome pics of your daughter. What type of camera/lens do you use? I like the blur in the background. At least you gave her the cut and she didn't give it herself! ;)

Gardner Momma

I am a licensed cosmetologist and I would never attempt to trim bangs on my squirmy baby don't be too hard on yourself!!! My suggestion... make life easier on yourself and forget bangs all together! Grow her hair just one length. That's what I do with my girls. To get yourself through that awful in-between stage where their hair just hangs in their eyes just pop it in a cute pony on top of her head or even pig tails! I just discovered that Laine's hair would fit in 2 little piggies on top of her head and I'm seriously tickled pink she looks so stinkin' cute!! (I put a pic of it on my facebook page if you're so inclined!). Nice catching up with you!


Oh how I can relate! She is so cute! Those blue eyes...WOW!


She's georgeous Amanda! Those beautiful eyes! I cut my kids hair too mostly because Hubby doesn't like to spend money "just to get a haircut!!" Thankfully they are boys and their hair grows quickly and I just use a hair trimmer.I haven't had to cut my Audrey's hair yet- not looking forward to it and will probably have to just take her in because I'm not so good with a scissors!
You didn't even do a bad job though-better than I would have done! Maybe I'll bring my kids over to your house for their next cuts???


I am sorry but I am laughing at this one! I was one of those that took my kid to get her bangs trimmed. I am not handy with the scissors at all and I didn't want anything awful to happen! My step sister cut her daughters bangs and she looked like Jim Carey's character from Dumb and Dumber for WEEKS!!


She's still adorable! (and I'm cheap too! just so you know...)


Not five minutes after I read your post, my husband suggested that I cut his hair. Ummm.... NO! The last time that he suggested this was 5 years ago before our wedding... apparently he forgot the outcome of that disaster! Luckily, it (sort of) grew out before the big day... Trust me when I say that you fared much better! :)


Oh dear. Well, I don't think that it looks too terrible, but I will say it isn't her BEST look. Hair grows quickly though, and she really doesn't care! I however have NO room to talk as my youngest's hair looks quite a mess right now and the other realtor at our house closing thought he was a girl. Oh dear.


Hey - I actually don't think you did a bad job! And seriously - at least you didn't give her a pencil-tight perm or anything.......not that I'd know what's THAT'S like. Yoi vey. I cut my sons hair now because the last time his father did it he looked like Loyd. It's a pain, but we're saving $10 at a time! :-)

Carolyn Jung

I think the bangs look totally fine. In fact, they're kind of hip and edgy looking. See, you made your baby trendy without even trying. ;)


I think it looks good. And she is so cute no one would notice. Please do not feel bad, I did WAY worse to my precious little boy :)

When Luke first came home from Guatemala his hair looked terrible so DH and I decided to shave his head ourselves. I'm not sure why we thought it was a good idea since neither one of us had cut anyone's hair before and certainly not a 6 month old. Let's just say that people thought he was sick and his hair was falling out because of chemo. And the woman that I took him to to fix it was so upset (she literally had tears in her eyes that he looked so bad) that she did not charge me to correct it but made me promise not to try and do his hair myself ever again.

Thankfully he does not remember but my mom does and every once in a while will remind me...

christy rose

Oh my You are funny! she looks adorable no matter what! I cut my baby's bangs too because I can not imagine paying someone else to do it. It never looks right to me either. But oh well! He is my baby and evidence many times shows that with his hair cut. LOL


Well I think they look darling!

Kristin Smith

Hey friend!

I have nominated you for a blog award - check it out! :) (1 for each blog! ) :):)

Blessings, Kristin

Carrie @ Martin Manor

Seriously, nothing you could do to her will change her adorable, sweet preciousness! It's better than having one of her siblings do the cutting like my sister did to me! Now that made for some awesome pics I'll tell ya! LOL! I think you did a fine job...and what a great story you'll have when she's older ;)


Ha Ha, oh this looks fabulous compared to what I did to Noah's hair last week.
One side of the back is a good half inch longer than the other side. And tonight I noticed he had a long piece down his cheek. It is the worst haircut ever!


She STILL looks adorable - it could have been so much worse.

I feel your pain but in years to come you will be able to laugh about it - in the meantime ....., what great blog fodder!!! Lol!


it looks to me like the new wispy bang look - not bad!! I still have a photo from when I took my son to a professional and there was a huge chuck out of the middle of his bangs. I guess she was afraid to cut it any shorter to fix it


I laughed when I read this. I haven't done this to my kids but I did it to my husband :/
And now I am banded from ever cutting hair...
I was just trying to save money;)
Well your Audrey is STILL so beautiful!
Love the last picture!!


Awww honey, it doesn't look as bad as you think it does. She is adorable. *hugs*


totally would not have known if you hadn't confessed :)


She's positively adorable... Is that an airedale head I see?

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